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In Pakistan, the second largest industry is food and beverages which accounts for 27% of value-added production. A high market share is due to the quality food and services offered by various restaurants sprinkled across Pakistan, and Wild Wings Islamabad is one of them. 

It’s hard to find seating as diners prefer spending their evenings at Wild Wings to unwind after a tiring day. n this article, we will talk about everything, its meals, ambience, services, and we will strive to shine a light on the most basic details you need to know. Let’s get to the meat (or wings)!

Wild Wings is Pakistan’s first and only sports lounge and restaurant, is the place to revel in your love for food. This time, we’ve found the best place for you, where you may find all the meals you’ve been craving all along. Whether it’s the weekend or weekdays, whether you’re hungry or not, whether you need food or not, Wild Wings Islamabad is a place you’ll want to visit again and again.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

The Wild Wings Islamabad Menu

wild wings options

Wild Wings is a go-to place if you’re looking for fast food options near you. This restaurant serves much more than just wings. 


Daily Special Soup₨ 449
Cream of Mushroom₨ 499
Thai Chicken Soup₨ 449
Broccoli SoupRs 449


The Three Sliders₨ 699
FireCracker Fondue Fries₨ 749
Louis Wing Poutine₨ 749
Mexican Chili Fries₨ 749
Chicken Tenders (5 Chicken Strips)₨ 699
Chicken Quesadilla₨ 749
Plain Fries₨ 229
Loaded Chicken Philly Fries₨ 749
Ultimate Garlic Ranch Fries₨ 549
Cajun FriesRS 449


Naked Wings₨ 699
Traditional WingsRs 649
Boneless Wings₨ 699

Bangin’ Burgers

The Big Zing Burger₨ 949
Beef Burgeroni₨ 1099
Chili Cheetos Burger₨ 949
Spicy Grilled Chicken Burger₨ 949
Tandoori Chicken₨ 949
Nashville Crisp Chicken₨ 949
Classic American Beef₨ 1099
Mushrooms Swiss Beef₨ 1099
Nacho Libre₨ 1,049
Beef Philly Cheese Steak₨ 1099
Wild Wings Hot Dog₨ 849

Sandwiches, Paninis & Wraps

Roast Beef Sandwich₨ 899
Grilled Chicken Sandwich₨ 849
Roast Beef Panini₨ 999
Grilled Chicken Panini₨ 899
Zinging Paratha₨ 549
Rolling Tandoori Paratha₨ 549

Chef’s Specials

Louisiana Chicken Pasta₨ 1099
Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine₨ 1099
Peri-Peri Chicken with Cajun Rice₨ 1099
Stuffed Chicken₨ 1,249
Chicken Parmesan₨ 1,249
Fish N Chips₨ 1,249
Wild Wings Bites Bowl₨ 999
Beef Chili Dry₨ 1049
Chicken Chili Dry₨ 1049
Chicken Fettuccine NapolitanaRs 1049

Go Healthy

Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladRs 699
Wild Wings Special SaladRs 799
Sautéd VegetablesRs 499
Grilled Lemon FishRs 1249

Kids Menu at Wild Wings Islamabad

Mini Zinger With French Fries & Drink₨ 699
Chicken Nuggets With French Fries & Drink₨ 699

Hot Beverages

Cappuccino (Small)₨ 299
Cappuccino (Large)₨ 399
Espresso (Small)₨ 249
Espresso (Large)Rs 349
Black Tea₨ 199
Americano (Small)₨ 299
Americano (Large)₨ 399
Cafe Latte (Small)₨ 299
Cafe Latte (Large)₨ 399
Green Tea₨ 99

Cold Beverages

Seasonal Fruit Juice₨ 499
Water (Small)Rs 90
Oreo Shake₨ 499
Water (Large)₨ 160
Kit Kat Shake₨ 499
Soft Drink₨ 150
Mango Smoothie₨ 499
Fresh Lime₨ 200
Apple Smoothie₨ 499
Fizzy Lemonade₨ 349
Mint Margarita₨ 399
Mocca₨ 499
Vanilla Cold Coffee₨ 499
Pina Colada₨ 499
Banana & Date Shake₨ 499
Seasonal Fruit Smoothie₨ 499
Banana Smoothie₨ 499
Peach Smoothie₨ 499
Red Bull₨ 399

Sauces At Wild Wings Islamabad

wild wings sauces

The all-time favourite sauces at Wild Wings can enhance the flavour of the food you plan to order.

Dry Rubs

Salt & Pepper₨ 350
Cajun₨ 350

Sweet & Tangy

Honey BBQ₨ 350
Honey Mustard₨ 350
Smokey Ranch₨ 350
Sweet Chili₨ 350
Ultimate Garlic Ranch (New)₨ 549


Garlic Parmesan₨ 350
Jalapeno Cheddar₨ 350


Chang’s Special₨ 350
Spicy Mayo₨ 350
Wild Wings Original₨ 350
Gold Glaze (New)₨ 350
Spicy Garlic₨ 350
Kim Jong’s Dynamite₨ 350
Spicy Korean₨ 350
Fiery Fajita₨ 350
Tomatina Extreme₨ 350
Wild West (New)₨ 350
Chipotle BBQ₨ 350
Chipotle Glaze₨ 350
Wild Thai Honey₨ 350


Mango Habanero₨ 350
Snake Bite₨ 350

Wild Wings Hi-Tea

wild hi tea

When talking about the Wild Wings Pakistan menu, we cannot forget its highly recommended Hi-Tea. If you are searching for a cheap Hi-Tea deal, you can get it at Wild Wings for PKR 1,400 + Tax for two people. You can get yourself and a friend this deal from Monday to Thursday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Location of Wild Wings Islamabad


The Wild Wings has three branches currently operating in Pakistan, and all of them are in the capital Islamabad. 

  • The Centaurus Mall in F-8/4 on Jinnah Avenue hosts the main branch of this restaurant. 
  • Wild Wings Islamabad F-6 is where its second branch is operating. It is in the Beverly Center, on Jinnah Avenue.
  • The third branch of Wild Wings Islamabad is in F-11 Markaz in the Olympus Mall.
  • Central Park DHA Phase-II Sector G has one of the branches.
  • You can visit Wild Wings I-8 Markaz. It is in the Fantom Mall.

At What Time Is Wild Wings Islamabad Open?

The different branches of Wild Wings Islamabad have their schedules to operate. 

  • The branch in Centaurus Mall is open from Monday through Sunday from 12.00 pm to 2.00 am.
  • The Wild Wings Islamabad f-11 serves the customers from Monday to Sunday from 11.30 am to 12.00 am.
  • You can check the Wild Wings DHA 2 menu at any time between 12.00 pm to 12.00 am, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Beverly Center starts its operations from noon until 11.30 pm from Monday to Sunday.
  • Fantom Mall is at your service from Monday to Sunday. The timings are from 12.00 pm to 12.00 am.

How to Contact Wild Wings Islamabad?

Here are the Wild Wings Islamabad contact numbers for each branch. Just ring a call on the number of any branch near you. And your queries will be answered by the Wild Wings representatives on the other end.

The Centaurus Mall0348 1116667
Olympus Mall0348 1116667
Central Park DHA Phase II0315 9999071
Beverly Center(051) 8891106
Fantom Mall I-8 Markaz(051) 8350005

Do I Need to Reserve Tables Prior to the Visit?

Tables cannot be assured during your visit to Wild Wings Islamabad because customers keep coming to the place. As a result, it is recommended that you check for available tables and reserve them online so that you do not have any problems once you arrive. The table may be reserved by going to the Wild Wings official site. All you have to do is fill in the required information, such as your name, contact, email, number of persons, and a personalized message to reserve a table instantly. You may also call the relevant branch and reserve a table over the phone.

What Does the Interior of Wild Wings Islamabad Have?

The restaurant interior is adorned with brick-like tiles, and yellow lamps light up the eating area. The wood furniture is chosen to complement the place’s serene, tranquil, old-school yet modern feels. LEDs are mounted on the walls, allowing you to eat while watching television. Furthermore, a foosball table is available near the restaurant’s entrance and there are furthermore fun activities to enjoy , where you may play and have fun.

Furthermore, this location includes an outdoor sitting arrangement on the rooftop where you may enjoy the nice weather.

In conclusion, Wild Wings Islamabad is a must-go place for at least one time. After the visit, you will be able to decide if this restaurant is worth spending your money on. But one thing is certain: if you fall in love with this eatery, there is no going back.

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