Where Can You Go For Outdoor Dining In Lahore? (June 2023)

outdoor dining in lahore

A week before eid, the Government of Pakistan imposed a complete lockdown nationwide to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus. The third has been even more dangerous with different variants and symptoms. In order to minimize the pressure on the health care sector, indoor and outdoor dining were banned.

However, takeaways, Car dining, and deliveries were open by the restaurants in Lahore. From 24th May onwards these restrictions have been relaxed, allowing outdoor dining options.

As a result, restaurants are now serving their customers in the outdoor areas, patio, and rooftops. We thought why not compile all these restaurants together that are offering outdoor dining in Lahore. So read ahead and see what is available near you. 

Tuscany Courtyard Lahore

Tuscany Courtyard outdoor dining in Lahore
Photo by beelo.foodclub on Instagram

After Islamabad, Tuscan flavors are now available in Lahore too. The minute you enter Tuscany Courtyard you will be hit by the wave of amusement and elegance. It is an Italian restaurant that has kept everything exactly according to its style and taste.

The restaurant was opened for the first time in Islamabad in 2012. After a huge success, they came to Lahore with their Italian cuisine. Now, you can get Italy-inspired food at the most lively place in Lahore, which is MM Alam Road.

The ambiance is very vibrant but at the same time very pleasing as well. The colors are rich and the furniture has an imprint of Italian architecture. Your eyes will be wandering for the art on walls all around. The whole interior of the restaurant is done by Ali Umer Alvi.

Whereas, the entire team has played an amazing role in coming up with a restaurant like Tuscany Courtyard.  Just like the indoor setup, Tuscany Courtyard is the best option for outdoor dining in Lahore. 

Coming to their food, if you are a salad lover then this is the right place for you. As Tuscany Courtyard makes the best salads in town. Their second-most selling item is Steak. If you are craving a good steak, order pepper steak by Tuscany. And you will get the perfect temperature you are looking for.

With the best seasoning and perfect sidelines. Other than that try out their Wasabi Prawns, Grilled Chicken In Lemon Butter Sauce, Pollo Tuscan, New York Steak, and Skillet Brownie for dessert.

Whatever you order, Tuscany Courtyard will give you a fine dining experience with your loved ones. Serving the yummiest food with style and sophistication. Not to forget, their presentation skills are phenomenal. 

Contact Details Tuscany Courtyard Lahore

Address: 16-C-1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Contact Number: (042) 35754980

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Tuscany Courtyard Lahore Menu

Urban Kitchen Lahore

Urban Kitchen outdoor dining in Lahore
Photo by by.momina on Instagram

Another very trendy cafe called Urban Kitchen could be your next option for outdoor dining in Lahore. The reason is their edgy tin walls with historic moments of Pakistan captured and placed on them which you would want to go through while waiting for delicious courses.

Urban Kitchen has a very rustic and unique vibe to it where you would see mostly Lahoris flocking in. Not just the setup that is enough for attracting and then maintaining customers but you need something different on the menu.

That too gives the perfect dining experience. Well, this cafe does so by offering delicacies like Parisian Apple Crumble Tart, Oishii Katsu Curry, Peanut Butter, and the creamiest Cheesecake. 

After stepping inside, you can see in walls surrounding you to give it a warehouse look. The furniture and everything else are designed according to the rough vibe. Similarly, lightning is warm and dark. All of this adds up to a fine dining experience.

While the outdoor dining at Urban Kitchen is even more delightful. The fairy lights all across the sky and big umbrellas right above you for a cozy atmosphere perfect for a family dinner or friends’ get-together.

Urban Kitchen serves everything you can ever crave for. From appetizers to main courses and then desserts, there is so much to choose from. The restaurant is expensive but very similar to what all the other cafes would charge you for steaks or pasta.

So, some of their running dishes from the main courses are Mac n Cheese, Corden Blue Chicken, and Parmesan Chicken. You can look out for other delicacies in the dessert section. Your overall experience will be amazing for sure. Talking about the manager and staff, everyone is playing a role in serving the customers the best. 

Contact Details Urban Kitchen Lahore

Address: 20 L College Rd, near Mini Market Park, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: 0332 8722656

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Urban Kitchen Menu

Heights n Delights Rooftop Restaurant

Heights n Delights rooftop
Photo by lahore_food on Instagram

Heights n Delights is a rooftop restaurant in Garden Town Lahore. It is located near the Gaddafi Stadium and from its rooftop, you can see the stadium and its flashing lights.  The restaurant serves a combination of Continental, Chinese and Pakistani cuisine with live BBQ.

They have an indoor hall as well as two levels of the rooftop as an outdoor dining solution in Lahore. The moment you enter the restaurant, the staff will make sure to serve in every possible way. Resulting in a very comfortable and soothing environment.

Their serving is efficient. So, you can get your order delivered to your table within 15 minutes. This is worth mentioning because when it comes to the BBQ items, takes time more than that.

By opening their menu, you’ll see that they don’t serve one or two cuisines. Rather, they have multiple options for you to choose from. Their specialty is Pakistani cuisine so their Malai Boti and Chicken Handi are a must. Also, their Chinese Chilly dry is worth trying.

Heights n Delights Restaurant is even more impressive in terms of its moderate pricing. The delicious dinner can be enjoyed under the lit sky at very affordable prices. That is a plus point as most of the restaurants today are mostly overrated.

Coming to the space they have, there is a big indoor hall and two rooftops. The indoor hall is not as pleasing as their outdoor dining. The inside hall can accommodate up to 100 dinner tables at a time whereas, the rooftops can cater to 25 and 50 people each.

However, you would have to still make a reservation for yourself. Dinner under those fairy lights in pleasant weather is all that you dream of. Thus, Heights n Delights could be the perfect option for outdoor dining in Lahore.

Contact Details Heights n Delights

Address: 11 Abu Bakr Block New Prince Hall, Service Rd, next to Hameed Latif Hospital, Abu Bakar Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: 0322 3335588

Timings: 4 PM – 12 AM

Heights n Delight Rooftop Menu

Memsaab Of Lahore

outdoor dining in Lahore

Most of you would be aware of the big cluster of restaurants on MM Alam Road Lahore. The place is always happening and lit because of so many eateries all in one place. It gets extremely difficult to choose where to sit. Also, under the indoor dining restriction, this place is the perfect area for outdoor dining in Lahore.

Memsaab Of Lahore is another beautiful addition to the eateries in Lahore. It is a meticulously crafted luxury restaurant that basically serves Pakistani, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate around 150 people however, for outdoor dining there is a little less space than that.

Memsaab offers a unique, posh environment with a fancy interior, furniture, and crockery. Their separate dining areas and tables give it a spacious look and can accommodate big groups inside. The ambiance gives a statement of the latest trends and fashion. By sitting here, you can relax and get indulged in their scrumptious dishes with a beautiful presentation for each plate.

Since indoor dining is still banned across the country, Memsaab of Lahore is also serving its customer through outdoor dining options in Lahore. While ordering your food, we would like to share some of our recommendations from the menu.

This includes Sticky Chicken Wings, Lamb Biryani, Hot Chicken Karahi, Chicken Tagine, and their very special Chicken Makhanwala with Tandoori Paratha or Roghni Naan. Before stepping into their dessert section, know that their Signature Dessert Lotus is the best.

All of the mentioned items are to die for. They will give a perfect example of a fine dining experience with the most delicious food. With all the style and posh environment, a restaurant has to be expensive. That’s for sure!

Contact Details Memsaab Of Lahore

Website: https://memsaaboflahore.com/ 

Address: C1, 13, Main MM Alam Rd, Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: (042) 36407055

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM (Mon – Fri) and 8 AM – 12 PM (Sat-Sun)

Memsaab Of Lahore Menu

The Brasserie

outdoor dining in Lahore
Photo by ashis_perceptions on Instagram

When we talk about hanging out in Lahore, the most you can do is go watch a movie or dine out. Even if you plan for some sports like bowling or going to theme parks, food is still a major part of any party. People of Lahore have a separate corner in their hearts for food.

They absolutely love traditional and unique cuisines. Taking advantage of this idea, three friends came up with a French and Continental eatery called The Brasserie. They serve a wide menu with multiple options in an exquisite  A La Carte menu, a Hi-tea buffet, and a breakfast menu.

The idea is to serve the perfect balance between food quality and quantity with finesse and a presentation that is appealing to the eyes.

The Brasserie is a very cozy space located in Mall 1 on the second level. It has an indoor area as well as a Pato where people can sit and enjoy food outdoor. The cafe has dark brown and black shades in the interior to give it a rustic look.

The restaurant has been really successful and was opened a few years ago. They have opened up again for outdoor dining in Lahore. This means, unlike many other restaurants, they have survived the third wave of the virus. 

After discussing the ambiance of this place, let’s come to the point. Their food! According to one of the owners of the Brasserie, every dish is carefully crafted after multiple experiments. The experiments are all about deciding which sauce goes with which dish or which sideline would be a perfect combination with what.

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner here. The restaurant is soon planning to add Turkish cuisine to their menu for which a chef from London will train others. 

Photo by ashis_perceptions on Instagram

Contact Details The Brasserie

Website: https://thebrasserie.com.pk/ 

Address: 94 D1, Mall, 1 Main Blvd Gulberg, Block D 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: (042) 35790051

Timings: 12 AM – 12 PM

The Brasserie Menu

Rice Bowl Lahore

Rice Bowl meal
Photo by faisaljq on Instagram

Again located in the heart of the most lit hangout place in Lahore Rice Bowl is a Pan Asian restaurant. It is one of the very first Chinese restaurants that started single-bowl serving. From here the idea spread like a fire and within a few years, we can find multiple options for single bowl serving in many cities of Pakistan.

The Rice bowl is a relatively small setup with indoor and outdoor areas. You might have to wait for the indoor table as it’s usually very busy. However, because of restrictions on indoor dining, they are only open for takeaways and outdoor dining in Lahore.

Looking at the menu of the Rice Bowl, it’s pretty simple and precise. There are different types of bowls depending on the portion size. You can go for the economy, deluxe, and premium bowls. Later two have extra sidelines.

The customized menu attracts most the people majorly students and friends having different preferences, The idea is to select a bowl size, gravy, and the sideline that includes fried rice, chow mien, or both. The staff can also help you with deciding your menu by telling them your liking.

You will notice that most of their courses have 2 or 3 spice levels. Probably because Lahories prefer spicy food. However, if you don’t like that many spices then there are not many options available.

The food is served hot in small separate bowls for gravy and rice or chow mein. Eating in the small bowl gets a little difficult. So, the restaurant should take notice. While the food is delicious and fresh and the portion size is amazing.

Such customizable menus get successful easily because everyone gets their choice of food. Resulting in satisfaction at a higher level. If you love Chinese food then this place is worth visiting. 

Contact Details Rice Bowl Lahore

Address: 95 – B, Block D1, Gulberg 3 Opposite Mall, 1, Block D 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Contact Number: (042) 35789951

Timings: 12 AM – 12 PM

The Rice Bowl Menu

Junoon Restaurant

Halwa Puri outdoor dining in Lahore

Everybody loves authentic Pakistani cuisine with a twist of new flavors. Junoon restaurant is a traditional desi restaurant that has been elevated with new additions. Located at the very famous MM Alam Road in Lahore, Junoon restaurant has been serving its customers what they love to eat in a better way.

Their menu has specialties from all the provinces of Pakistan but with a fusion. So if you are fond of trying delicacies that you haven’t tried but are a part of Pakistani culture then this is the right place. Indoor dining is still banned across Pakistan however outdoor dining in Junoon restaurant Lahore is opening up on 31st May.

The ambiance of this restaurant is the perfect blend of a modern and traditional vibe. Just like their menu. The set-up is very elegant and stylish, according to the latest trends. The wooden floors and doors give it a very cosy atmosphere. Moreover, the big Mona Lisa painting just adds up to the elegance.

Usually, desi restaurants do not pay much attention to the interior. However, if any restaurant does elevate its decor while serving Pakistani dishes, the buzz is for real. The same is the case with Junoon restaurant.

On your visit to the restaurant avail of their vast hi-tea buffet with over 20 items. Raging from snacks to BBQ bites, everything is on the menu. While for A la Carte, do give a try to their Sonehri Champ, Tandoori Kebab Masala, Garlic Naan.

If you have the guts to handle spice to the next level then go ahead with their Extra Spicy Texali Chicken. Who does not crave for on the grill menu? Reserve your table from 31st May onwards to enjoy the experience you haven’t had before.

Contact Details Junoon Restaurant

Website: https://www.junoonrestaurant.pk/ 

Address: Plot-1, Block C1 C-1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Contact Number: 0333 4363996

Timings: 12 AM – 12 PM ( opening from 31st May)

Junoon Restaurant Menu

Tajine Restaurant Lahore

Tajine restaurant is located at Ramada Hotel Lahore. They specialize in Morrocan cuisine. However, they have Chinese, Japanese, Pakistani and Continental cuisines on their menu. Being a part of a luxury 5-star hotel, it is mostly visited by businessmen and foreigners.

The lavish dining experience has been carefully designed to attract the elite class. The hotel is opening its doors again for indoor and outdoor dining n Lahore from 31st May. So, book your table now with your business partner, family or guests.

To enjoy the finest Moroccon cuisine in Lahore head over to Tajine Restaurant. The restaurant is not very expensive as compared to 5-star hotels. The menu has nig sections of Appetizers, Salads, Soups, and Main courses with Moroccon, Continental, Local and Chinese specialties.

You can also enjoy a variety of perfectly seasoned Pizza and Pasta. Always end your meal with a dessert to satisfy sweet cravings. Visit the hotel for outdoor dining in Lahore in the coming week.

The ambience of Tajine restaurant is inspired by the elegance of Morocco. The stylish and antique furniture paired up with the warm colour scheme makes the place very comfortable and cozy.

People from all over the world come here and applaud for its simple yet attractive vibe. Most of you must be waiting for relaxation on the indoor dining restriction to enjoy a meal at Tajine. They serve breakfast, Lunch, Hi-tea and dinner menu.

Contact Details Tajine Restaurant Lahore

Website: https://tajinerestaurant.business.site/

Address: 24, Block N Gulberg ll, Lahore, Punjab 54660

Contact Number: (042) 111 600 111

Timings: 7 AM – 10 PM

Tajine Restaurant Menu

Cafe Beirut

Cafe Beirut
Photo by feelingit_today on Instagram

For the people who love Lebanese food, it has come all the way to Lahore. Cafe Beirut is one of the very few restaurants that are serving authentic Lebanese cuisine. One has to develop a palette for liking famous items like Hummus.

Located at the main hub of eateries in Gullberg Lahore, it is handled by a Lebanese chef so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the flavours. You won’t be disappointed with some Lebanese-Pakistani version!

The buzz is real. The entrance to the restaurant is very welcoming. Leading to the inside hall and rooftop sitting. The interior of the restaurant is close to those you can find in the Middle East but those who have been there would agree that there is something missing.

The ambiance is not as warm as it should be however the hanging lanterns would definitely grab your attention. There is an indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor space is on the rooftop so you can enjoy a happening, lit atmosphere at night. 

On your visit to Al Beirut, try their Hummus. It has that right texture and flavor to it. Also, you will find their Chicken Shawarma very close to that in Lebanese cuisine. Some of their dishes like Baba Ghanouj, warm Bread with the Mezze, and Fatoush needs a little improvement in terms of flavor.

However, at the end of the meal, they will serve you with a complimentary Kehwa which is indeed the most authentic one on the menu. So if you are a true Lebanese food lover, Al Beirut might be a good option that too with outdoor dining in Lahore. Nevertheless, you can find a better option as well. They have their branches in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. 

Contact Details Cafe Beirut

Address: 151-H, Block H Phase 1 DHA, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab 54810

Contact Number: (042) 37392757

Timings:  12 PM – 12 AM

Al Beirut Menu

Butt Karahi Lahore

Butt Karahi outdoor dining in Lahore
Photo by letsmakeitbetter_ on Instagram

This local desi restaurant can be found on almost every corner in Lahore. After successfully running in Lahore, the restaurant has expanded to Islamabad. The restaurant serves authentic Pakistani items that are loved by every Pakistani and even foreigner.

Butt Karahi started with a small setup, however, within n time it got its fame. They have made their sitting areas big and up to the mark with time. More comfortable and suitable for family gatherings. Now, you can see a big change in their newly opened restaurants such as the one in DHA or Bedian in Lahore. The restaurant offers outdoor dining in Lahore.

If you plan to visit Butt karahi, ordering their special Karahi is a must. Those rustic pans and dining in just one serving is the best way to enjoy their food. Some of their specialties include Mutton Karahi, Chicken Karahi, and on the grill menu. Once you get into the menu, you would want to order everything.

Because the place is filled with aroma and you can literally smell everything. Before the current pandemic, Butt Karai used to run till late at night and used to be crowded all the time. Especially their rooftop sittings with bonfires is the favorite area of all.

As per Government regulations, Butt Karahi has opened its doors again for outdoor dining in Lahore. You can again enjoy their scrumptious food under the starry nights. However, there are few rules to be followed. Firstly wear a mask and keep sanitizing. Secondly maintain your distance so avoid the crowd.

The restaurant itself has been following the SOPs strictly. So plan your friends to get together now because it’s fun and easy on pockets.

Contact Details Butt Karahi Lahore

Address: UET Bus Stop, Bedian Rd, Sector A DHA Phase 6, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Contact Number: 0309 3788885

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Butt Karahi Menu

Here we have mentioned most of the restaurants that are offering outdoor dining in Lahore. Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation and to avoid the spread of the virus Government has only allowed outdoor dining in all the cities of Pakistan. So, if you are dying to go out and have a good meal then above mentioned restaurants could be the best options. Plan and visit today.

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