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Restaurants Offering Car dining in Karachi (June 2023)

There is a rapid increase in the cases of Corona Virus all across Pakistan. This surge has
Due to the pandemic, there has been a drastic change in our lifestyle. Many businesses have been
Most of the fast-food chains in Pakistan are serving frozen potatoes in the name of French fries.
Are you a coffee person or a Chai person? If your vote is with coffee then you
Are you looking for cheesy, full of meat burgers topped with tempting sauces and freshly cut veggies?
Everyone loves pizza. In the US alone, the pizza industry is worth $35 billion per year. This
Many of us have an inherent love for ice cream, particularly those with a lot of flavor
Do you crave the rich aromatic cinnamon-spiced cinnamon rolls when you need something sweet and savoury? I
For decades, we have developed our taste buds based on KFC for Fried Chicken. We mostly judge the quality
Nando’s started its story many years ago with Portuguese explorers and managed to discover the Peri-Peri chili

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