Travelling To Naran? Roaming Pakistan Explores The Best Places To Visit

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If you are planning to visit the Northern areas of Pakistan, Naran can be your first destination. Its scenic beauty will make you visit all the tourist points of Naran. Roaming Pakistan; your travel guide provides authentic information you need to make your tour effortless, happening, and a complete package.

Traveling to Naran is much easier now after the Motorway M-15 got extended till Mansehra in July 2020. Every year, thousands of tourists rush to this magnificent valley to enjoy Naran’s pleasant weather, especially in the summer. Snowy mountains surrounding lush green valleys will definitely tempt you to pack your bags and take a break from your tough routines. 

Naran Valley
Photo by Rizwan Saeed from Pixabay

Naran Valley

Running alongside Kunhar River, Naran Kaghan Valley is almost 160 kilometers long. It is located almost 119 kilometers from Mansehra city. Some hotels are located on river banks, attracting tourists to the rushing sound of the river. The ideal time to visit Naran is between March and June when the snow starts melting.

Naran Valley in Mid Winters
Photo by Atif Gulzar on on TrekEARTH

The people of Naran are very generous and like to welcome tourists from around the globe. They can be the best tour guides as they know the place very well. You will be amazed by their artistic handicrafts, woolen rugs, and carved walnuts. If you want to have traditional dishes of these areas, don’t miss out on Trout Fish. Tourists are interested in catching trout themselves from the lake, it is then grilled and served. However, restaurants will offer a wide variety of recipes. Top hotels and resorts of Naran include Hotel One Naran, Pine Hotel Naran, Park Hotel and many other providing amazing rates and services for the tourists. 

Some of the must-visit attractions of Naran Kaghan Valley are Lake Saif ul Malook, Saif ul Malook National Park, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, Lalazar, Ansu Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, and Siri Paye Meadows. If you are planning a visit to Naran anytime soon, then read ahead for the top places to visit before sketching down your trip.

Saif ul Malook Lake

Saif ul Malook Lake is 8 Kilometers from Naran towards the North. It will take an hour to reach you there from Naran. It provides the breathtaking sight of Malika Parbat; the largest peak of Kaghan valley. It is recommended to take 4×4 jeeps as the roads are bumpy making it risky if you take your own car. The local drivers are experts on these roads and can be good tour guides as well. Another option going up there is trekking. Lots of young people prefer trekking to the sight of Malika Parbat over going by jeep.

Frozen Lake Sif ul Malook near Naran
Photo by Hassan Bin Jamal on the Wikimedia Commons.

Jheel Saif ul Malook is accessible only in the summers as it remains frozen under the snow in winters, cutting it off from the rest of the valley. This lake is famous for its large sized brown Trout Fish that can weigh up to 7 Kgs. As the water here is crystal clear, trout fishing is the favorite activity for many in Naran and Kaghan Valley. You can bring your own angling gear or just rent it from Naran Bazar. Tourists are recommended to camp on camping sites to feel scenic peace and witness the full moon on starry nights. 

Boating is another exhilarating activity that you will love at Saif ul Malook that is available at very affordable charges per person. While boating, don’t forget to take all the safety precautions like life jackets to avoid any mishap as the lake is very deep. The lake Saif ul Malook is majestic, mesmerizing its audience with its natural beauty. The tale of how it actually emerged on our map will definitely gain your attention

Babusar Pass

Naran Kaghan Valley is a gateway to Gilgit Hunza. Both are connected by a mountainous pass known as Babusar Pass which is easily accessible by car in the summer. But you need to give your car a complete check-up before heading up North as we hear multiple brake failure cases every year. It can be accessed via the road from Islamabad and Peshawar. 

Photo by Attabik Awan on the Wikimedia Commons.

The maximum temperature on Babusar Top is 11 degrees in Summer. The roads are open throughout from mid-July till the end of September but are restricted in Winters and the Monsoon season. In this season, grasslands on mountains are filled with herds of sheep, goats, and other animals grazing and traveling across with their shepherds.  

Tourists stop at this peak to inhale fresh air and are almost always pleased with the natural beauty of Babusar Top view and take pictures. You will find small outdoor spots serving delicious snacks on the way.

Lulusar Lake

Approximately 50 kilometers from Naran comes another beautiful landmark, Lulusar Lake. Lulusar is the name of a mountain thus it is a Lake of Lulusar. It is the main source of the Kunhar River running throughout Naran and Kaghan Valley, going all the way to Balakot till it joins River Jhelum. Every year, thousands of tourists come to visit this popular destination in the upper Kaghan Valley. You can reach here through any mode of transport as the roads are well connected. 


During your stay in Naran, you can visit Lulusar Lake or you can make it a short stop on the way to Babusar Top. Just before the Lake, a refreshment stop at Moon Restaurant is a must for having snacks. Dudipatsar National Park in Lulusar is a habitat for many threatened wildlife species. Rich biological diversity for both fauna and flora can be seen here. You may even come across a species that you haven’t seen before.

At the right bank of Kunhar River, another beautiful town Balakot is worth your attention. This city was completely destroyed after a disastrous earthquake in Kashmir. It serves as the center point for many other northern areas as living at Balakot is much more civilized. Pine Pak Hotel and Resorts, Arcadian Spricewoods, and Pine View Hotel and Restaurant are some of the three-star hotels of Balakot providing you their amazing services to make your trip even better.

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley which is also known as ‘Pakistani Switzerland’ could be your next destination. The Kaghan valley is located in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, covering 155 kilometers across Northern Pakistan. It was built as a result of devastating landslides and is now one of the most populated tourist attractions because of good roads. Rushing waterfalls, blue streams, endless grassland, and lakes in the Himalayan Range are perfect for trips with friends and family. It sure is an escape plan from our stressful lives.

Naran Kaghan Valley

Tourists can reach Kaghan valley from Islamabad or Peshawar either through local transport or by renting a car. The road goes via Balakot through Mansehra and Abbottabad on the way. The right time to travel here is summer as roads are blocked in winter by glaciers. Another miraculous beauty of Kaghan valley is Ansoo Lake; the lake of tears. If you are lucky to see this lake from a distance, it has the shape of a teardrop located near Malika Parbat. You can reach Ansoo lake by Lake Saif ul Malook and by a village named Mahandri which is located in the South of Naran.

Recently, locals have started organizing festivals and musical events as entertainment for the tourists. Famous bands and traditional artists mesmerize the visitors by showing them their culture. People buy souvenirs and handicrafts which tourists find unique and special.

Before starting your journey towards the Northern areas of Pakistan, make sure you pack everything essential and keep a spacious bag with warm clothes, an umbrella, and sunscreen to protect your skin. All the way from Abbottabad to Mansehra till Naran, your eyes will be amazed seeing the miraculous beauty of the landscape throughout your journey. 

Beautiful sunset

How far is Islamabad from Naran?

From Islamabad, Naran is at a distance of 250 kilometers and takes around six hours to reach by road. Roads leading to Naran are easily accessible between June and October. In winters due to heavy snowfall traveling in Nothern areas becomes very difficult. You can take the route from Mansehra city and will take almost three hours to reach Naran.

How far is Babusar top from Naran?

The distance from Naran to Babusar top is approximately 66 kilometers. It will take almost 2 hours to reach the highest point. Taking your own vehicle is more convenient. In these areas, you may find overpriced fuel. Make sure to drive safely as there steep turns on the way. Roads are often busy with Cattle, sheep, and goats crossing roads so drivers must be active while driving.

How far is Swat from Naran?

Naran is almost 353 kilometers far from Swat. Traveling by road takes around 5 hours to reach Naran from Swat. if you travel by air, the flight will be approx 40 minutes long. 

How can I go to Naran from Islamabad?

You can go to Naran by taking your own vehicle which is more convenient. Another mode can be by taking PTDC Bus. For more information, you can simply go to the website of PTDC. Alternatively, you can hire a coach for family trips or rent a car for the complete tour. If you want to enjoy scenic beauty throughout your tour then jeeps are recommended also for an easy commute in Naran.

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