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desi food restaurant in islamabad

Recently, Islamabad has become a hub of restaurants, cafes, and eateries. You will probably find anywhere from small stalls to big restaurants on every corner. Due to COVID 19, the industry has been shaken badly. However, most of the restaurants have copped up with the situation.They came up with new ideas for serving their customers and are still in the market. Islamabad, being a beautiful capital of Pakistan with breathtaking views and pleasant weather, offers exceptional outdoor dining experiences that are a sure cherry on top if you are visiting this beautiful city.

People are loving this new idea! Roaming Pakistan already covered a few of the restaurants that offer outdoor dining earlier. But we had so many more options to discuss that we absolutely had to write another one! We invite you to read about some top trending restaurants, each unique in its own way.

Islamabad Restaurants

The Monal Islamabad

A wonderful drive along the Margalla Hills will lead you to a one of a kind restaurant; The Monal. Situated at a height of 1173 meters above sea level. The Monal is located roughly 9 kilometers away from Islamabad. What a remarkable ambiance they provide with delicious cuisines, all in the heart of Pir Sohawa.

Photo by Monal Islamabad on Facebook

Visit Monal for Sunday brunch or at night for a dinner feast with musical events. Your eyes will be amazed with the glorious view of the city below. They offer a variety of cuisines but specialize in their desi platters. You can’t miss out on their flavorful kebabs they cook to perfection.

They offer both indoor halls and outdoor seating. Since many people prefer sitting outdoors, it can be really hard to get a table sometimes. That is why we recommend making a reservation in advance. Also, it gets extremely chilly at night so you might wanna dress up accordingly!

The Monal Islamabad can be a great one-day trip on your weekends. They offer A La Carte menu with many breakfast options, a variety of lunch platters, and a buffet at the Sunday brunch. They can even arrange your big events with special party menu packages.

Let’s not get carried away and forget the Covid situation. Keep in mind that you cannot enter the premises without wearing a mask.. The restaurant is taking all the necessary precautions as recommended by the Government and we certainly want to help them!. 

The Monal Islamabad Contact Details:


Location: 9 KM Pir Sohawa Rd, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact Number: +92-51-2898044

Covid Timings: 9 AM – 10 AM

Asian Wok Islamabad

Asian Wok by The Monal is a Chinese and Thai restaurant. It is located in Beverly Center Islamabad with another outlet in Bahria Town Phase 7. Although it is not as old as other established restaurants however, it is one of the most running restaurants in Islamabad. Not just the food is delicious but the ambiance is well thought of decent and comfy.Did I mention their unique crockery? As a really nice gesture, they offer complimentary Margaritas, Crackers, and a per-person serving of green tea. Since the restaurant is quite trending in Islamabad, you might want to reserve your table in advance. Even if you don’t, the staff will make sure that you are served well and efficiently.

Chinese in islamabad restaurant
Photo by Asian Wok on Facebook

Asian Wok offers a live kitchen experience. It not only gains the attention of customers but also creates a trustful relationship. They are offering a great variety of dishes from Chinese and Thai cuisines. Their one serving is enough for 2-3 people. It is considered a high-end Chinese restaurant in Islamabad

Chinese in islamabad restaurant
Photo by Snapcrafterr on Instagram

When COVID 19 was on its peak, many restaurants were struggling. Asian Wok managed to come up with innovative ideas. They started the concept of car-dining which went really well. Now, since indoor dining is not allowed by the Government yet, they have arranged a sitting area in the lobby for the Beverly Center branch. Whereas, right now, the Bahria Town branch is only open for deliveries and takeaway.

Asian Wok Islamabad Contact Details:


Location: Beverly Center, Blue Area, Islamabad        Plot # 6, Phase 7, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi      

Contact Number: 051 2206988                                   051 8840180

Covid Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM


Ginyaki has been in the limelight ever since it opened its doors in 2017. It’s one of the best restaurants in Islamabad offering oriental cuisine. Their unique bowl-serving of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food is very economical. Because every individual gets to order for themselves, the idea of one person serving is preferred than the family size servings.

You can now enjoy your very own bowl with any flavor and size you like. There is a wide range of flavors with sides and starters you can choose from. Their colorful presentation tempts you every time and without a doubt, you will never get tired of having Ginyaki!

Ginyaki Islamabad restaurant
Photo by themamaishblog on Instagram

The ambiance is lovely. It’s a family place but is often mostly occupied by students as it’s easy on the pocket. They offer takeaway and delivery too. The packing is also very unique as it keeps the food fresh and hot. Indoor seating is closed at the moment due to covid restrictions from the government. As a result, they have a good outdoor seating area. You can also get your food delivered by Foodpanda. They are located in F-7 Islamabad and Civic Center Bahria Town.

Ginyaki Contact Details:

Location: Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz Islamabad        

Main Boulevard 5, Bahria Town Phase 1 Civic Center Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Contact Number: 051 8484888 (Islamabad),  051 2710007 (Bahria Town)

Covid Timings: 12 PM – 10 PM


Francos is a relatively new place located in the hub of eateries in F-7 Islamabad. They offer a variety of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. You will find many options if you are looking for starters, steaks, burgers, pasta, and much more.

On a regular basis, Franco’s roll out different affordable deals that you can avail. They are famous for their Parmos which is a divine chicken and cheese platter. They have a breakfast platter as well which is reviewed and recommended by many bloggers. The serving size of every dish is phenomenal. 


The staff is welcoming and very friendly. They make sure to take good care of their customers. Franco’s management team has implemented all the safety rules in response to Covid-19. Right now, they are only open for outdoor dining, takeaways, and deliveries. Foodpanda also delivers food from Franco’s.

Parmo at islamabad restaurants
Photo by Francos on Facebook

Franco’s Contact Details:

Location: Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz Islamabad    

Contact Number: 051 2656919

Covid Timings: 12 PM – 10 PM

Howdy Islamabad

Islamabad has many burger places but who can beat the Howdy’s huge char-grilled gourmet burgers? Since 2012, they have been serving the most promising yet flavorsome quality burgers, steaks, pasta, and rotisserie chicken. The place is always lightened with joy, people can be seen enjoying with family and friends.

The focus of their theme is American-Western. Staff wearing hats, rustic tables, and chairs gives quite the country vibe. You will find their outlets in other cities too. Each serving the same quality products. They now offer setups for birthday events and parties with a corner decorated specifically for this purpose in the F7 branch in Islamabad.

Burgers at islamabad restaurants
Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Make sure you book your table in advance to avoid waiting in queues. Also, don’t forget to keep your distance and sanitize your hands. Without the mask, you can’t enter the restaurant so be safe and keep others safe too!

Howdy Islamabad Contact Details:


Location: Gol Market, Shop 6، F 7/3, Islamabad   

Contact Number: 051 2611182

Covid Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Des Pardes Islamabad

Another famous restaurant in Islamabad built within a perfect view of Margalla Hills is Des Pardes. They offer a unique mix of Mughlai Cuisine with fine dining services. Des Pardes is a perfect place for those who like to explore the desi food experience with a historic background. It started almost 8 years ago and has slowly developed a loyal following in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The food is prepared according to the traditional recipes that were made centuries ago. The restaurant follow these methods even today. Des Pardes has managed to keep its customers happy more than their expectations by serving food made with ancient methodologies. It is famous for Mughlai cuisine and Namak Mandi. 

Des pardes islamabad restaurants
Photo by Des Pardes on Facebook

The ambiance gives you a full desi vibe. On a good weather day in Islamabad, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes with antique buildings nearby. There is a small trail for hiking as well. In winters, the restaurant sets up bonfires which makes it even more comfortable. Saidpur and other branches of Des Pardes restaurant offer an outdoor dining experience from the start. They did not have to make a lot of efforts to get up to date with Covid-related guidelines.

Des Pardes Islamabad Contact Details:

Location: Saidpur Road Branch, Pwd Branch, F-10/3 Branch, and E-11 Branch

Contact Number: 051 2320008, 051 8442666, 051 8890661

Timings: 11 AM – 12 PM

Ox & Grill steakhouse

Are you craving steaks? Looking for options in Islamabad? Do you want authentic beef steaks with the perfect temperature you like? Ox & Grill steakhouse is one of the most exquisite restaurants offering a wide variety of steaks in both beef and chicken options.  Along with the steaks, they have many other options to look for. They also specialize in Italian and Mexican recipes.

They are located in F-7 Markaz in a very secluded area in the same plaza as Gourmet Bakers. The Upper Deck restaurant used to be at the same place. Does anyone remember? It is not a crowded place. They also have a cozy little branch in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

steakhouse in Islamabad
Photo by Ox & Grill Steakhouse on Facebook

The waiters and staff are very cooperative. Service is quick and amazing. Food is delicious. What else do you need? Plan your meal at Ox & Grill today and enjoy a wholesome experience. 

Ox & Grill Islamabad Contact Details:

Location: F-7 Branch, Bahria Town Phase 4 Branch, Saddar Rawalpindi Branch

Contact Number: 051 2650792, 051 5734114,  051 5130023

Timings: 12 PM – 10 PM

Bait Al Arab Islamabad

The new trend of Arab Mandi is rising in Islamabad.  Bait Al Arab specializes and serves Arabic cuisine. The recipes are traditionally prepared with special devotion and never -ending love. Was that too poetic? Okay. maybe it was. But the food is that good! Promise!  As a result, they have been one of the top Arabic restaurants in Islamabad and are highly regarded by customers. They have their own spices, way of cooking and even their style of serving is very unique. 

The ambiance, the decor, and the theme would give you a unique vibe. Mirror work on walls and vibrant colors of decor will mesmerize you even more. The food is served on a dastarkhwan as well as on the tables. They have a branch on GT Road Rawalpindi and have recently opened another in F7 Markaz which is running flawlessly. 

arabic cuisine in islamabad restaurants
Photo by tuamalmashriq on Instagram

Due to current restrictions by the government, they are serving their customers outside their restaurant and on the terrace. Don’t forget to try this restaurant, the Arabic cuisine is still new to our taste buds but you will definitely fall in love with it. 

Bait Al Arab Islamabad Contact Details:

Location: NH 5 Islamabad, F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Contact Number: +92 310 5248888

Timings: 12 PM – 10 AM


What is the famous food of Islamabad restaurants?

Islamabad offers a combination of different cuisines. People from different cities settle here bringing specialties from all over Pakistan. Islamabad restaurants offer diversity. There is a vast variety of eateries serving the best food in Islamabad.

What are the safety measures implemented by Islamabad restaurants?

COVID-19 has made all the Islamabad restaurants introduce sanitization in their daily routines. Wearing a mask is compulsory for the staff and customers. As per government regulations, only 50% of the total space can be occupied to maintain the required social distance. Currently, indoor dining is closed so restaurants are serving food in open air.

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