The Complete Yasir Broast Menu In One Place (June 2023)

There would be a lot of options when it comes to fast food. Most of people would want big burgers with fries and crispy fried chicken. But if you have ever been to Lahore or you are living in Lahore, you must have tried Yasir Broast. Because they serve an entirely different level of fried chicken which is a little different than usual. More towards desi taste that perfectly matches our palette.

This is why people love it and visit Yasir broast again and again. As the name suggests, Chicken Broast is their specialty. However, don’t underestimate them because the Yasir Broast menu is HUGE! if you look at it, there won’t be anything that is not on their menu when it comes to Pakistani cuisine. They also have a Chinese menu, dessert section, and Continental food. They serve high-quality food which is why they are expanding rapidly.

Unfortunately, it’s only located in Lahore. We hope that they plan to come to other cities in the future. But if you plan to visit Lahore, add Yasir Broast to the list of your outdoor dining places. And for that, we have compiled their entire menu with prices and also have added their current deals. So read ahead if you wish to check it out.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Yasir Broast Barbeque Menu

Special Hook Grilled Chicken670
BBQ Fish Tikka ( 8 Pcs )630
BBQ Fish Tikka ( 16 Pcs )1199
Mix BBQ Platter1200
Beef Kabab650
Mutton Namkin Tikka Botti1295
Mutton Champ1389
Mutton Botti1250
Mutton Kabab1300
Chicken Piece ( L & B )380
Special Chicken Malai Piece499
Special Chicken Rajistani Botti520
Chicken Achari Botti750
Chicken Malai Botti800
Ch Afghani Botti1199
Chicken Herb Botti1099
Chicken Botti1099
Ch Cheese Kabab1250
Ch. Harry Bhary Kabab1050
Chicken Kabab1080

Yasir Broast Barbeque Menu

Yasir Broast Menu 2023

Yasir broast menu
Photo by Yasir Broast on Facebook
Mutton Mussalam3500
Mutton Ran Roast1900
Mutton Sajji1900
Garlic Sauce150
Ketchup Bottle120
Chicken Sajji799
Finger Fish600
Chicken Deggi Roast430
Chicken Broast430

Yasir Broast Menu

Yasir Broast Chinese Menu

Yasir Special Chicken1199
Chicken Cashew Nuts1199
Prawn Chowmien1299
Chicken Garlic1199
Prawn Manchurian1600
Drum Sticks Chicken (4 Pcs)800
Chicken Chowmien1199
Chicken Shashlik ( with rice )1199
Chicken Manchurian ( with rice )1199
Chicken Black Pepper1299
Chicken With Pineapple1199
Chicken With Almond and Vegetable1199
Chicken Chilli Dry1199

Yasir Broast Chinese Menu

Clay Oven Menu

Tandori Paratha140
Sada Nan Tawa Fry99
Khameri Roti22
Sada Nan22
Garlic Nan100
Kalawngi Nan100
Roghni Nan95

Clay Oven Menu

Yasir Broast Menu: Cold Bar

Chati Lassi Glass120
Wine ( Red or White )450
Red Bull200
Diet Coke Tin80
Coke, Sprite, Fanta ( Tin )75
Fresh Lime Water50
Fresh Lime Water50
Coke, Sprite, Fanta ( 1.5 Litre ) T.w110
Coke, Sprite, Fanta ( Half Litre )60
Coke, Sprite, Fanta ( NR )45
D.Coke, Sprite Zero55
Coke, Sprite, Fanta45
Mineral Water ( Small )70
Mineral Water ( Large )120

Cold Bar

Yasir Broast Menu: Fast Track

Paratha Roll (Chicken)350
Chicken Sandwich395
Double Decker650
Beef Burger495
Chicken Burger399
Zinger Burger399
Fish Burger595

Fast Track Menu

Hot Tea And Coffees

Kashmiri Tea ( pink )150
Green Tea100
Hot Tea120

Hot Tea And Coffees

Yasir Broast Pakistani Specialties

Mutton Karahi
Photo by Yasir Broast on Facebook
Mutton Kunna ( kg )1150
Mutton Karahi ( kg )1850
Chicken Karahi ( kg )899
Desi Chicken Karahi ( kg)3499
Chicken Karahi White( kg)950
Chicken Karahi Namkeen ( kg)899

Yasir Broast Pakistani Specialties

Yasir Broast Menu: Special Chicken

Fish Ginger Handi1299
Chicken Jalfrezi1299
Chicken Ginger (Boneless)1299
Chicken Makhani Handi (Boneless)1299
Chicken Green Chilli Lemon1199
Chicken Badyora Handi1299
Chicken Rajistani Handi1299
Chicken Shahi Handi1299
Chicken Madrasi Handi1299
Chicken Achari Handi1299
Chicken Handi (Boneless)1299

Yasir Broast Special Chicken

Yasir Broast Menu: Special Mutton

Mutton Kabli Handi2290
Mutton Lahori Handi2290
Badyora Handi2290
Green Chilli Lemon2290
Shahi Handi2290
Mutton Afghani Handi2290
Achari Handi2290
Mutton Handi2290

Special Mutton

Yasir Broast Menu: Rice

Mutton Afghani Pulao995
Steam Rice450
Vegetable Rice550
Egg Fried Rice700
Chicken Fried Rice750
Chicken Masala Rice750
Yasir Special Rice850

Yasir Broast Rice

Smoothies/Shakes/Cold Coffee

Lassi Jug350
Lassi Glass120
Banana Seizer199
Walnut Wonder220
Vanilla Chocolate190
Strawberry Smoothie199
Peach Smoothie199
Blue Lagoon199
Apple Smoothie199
Chocolate Mint Shake180
Chocolate Banana Shake180
Strawberry Shake180

Yasir Broast Menu: Soup 

19-B Soup430
Yasir Special Soup430
Thai Soup350
Chicken Corn Soup350
Hot & Sour Soup350

Soup Menu

Special Drinks by Yasir Broast

Oreo Vanilla Shake250
Vanilla Blue Berry Shake250
Kit Kat Shake250
Mint Margarita200
Strawberry Love250
Pina Colada290
Mix Fruit Punch290

Special Drinks by Yasir Broast

Yasir Broast Tawa Special

Tawa Chicken Qeema Plate1050
Fish Qeema Plate1450
Tawa Beef Masala Plate1099
Tawa Mughlai Champ1800
Tawa Champ Masala Plate1800
Tawa Mutton Masala Plate1199
Tawa Brain Masala Plate1199
Tawa Gurda Kapoora Plate1199
Tawa Chicken Bombay Plate1150
Tawa Chicken Masala Plate1050
Tawa Chicken Piece Plate620
Tawa Yasir Special Mix Plate1550

Yasir Broast Tawa Special

Yasir Broast Menu: Traditional Handis

Fish Masala450
Daal Mash200
Special Qeema Plate250
Chicken Palak450
Mutton Palak899
Mutton Joints1250
Chicken Qorma399
Sada Biryani200
Mutton Biryani1599
Chicken Biryani370

Traditional Handis

Winter Special Menu

Boneless Grilled Fish980
Rahoo Grilled Fish850
Prawns Fried (5 Pcs)650
Prawns Masala (5 Pcs)650
Tawa Finger Fried (kg)560
Baam Fried Fish  (kg)880
Rahoo Tawa Fish Grilled (kg)850
Rahoo Fried Fish (kg)750

Winter Special Menu

Yasir Salad Bar

Aalo Bukhara Chatni900
Special Salad Thall1000
Yasir Raita (Mint/Zeera)95
Kachumar Salad230
Fresh Salad180
Salad Bowl Mixed450
Salad Bowl ( Creamy )500

Yasir Salad Bar

Yasir Broast Menu: Desserts And Ice Cream

Halwa 180
Fresh Strawberry ( Seasonal )220
Banana Split290
Peach Melba290
2 Scoop Ice Cream290
1 Scoop Ice Cream190

Yasir Salad Bar

Is Yasir Broast offering indoor dining?

No, indoor dining is closed across Pakistan for every restaurant and cafe till 30th June. As per Government regulations, only takeaway, delivery, and outdoor dining are allowed. So, Yasir Broast is offering to serve its menu in its outdoor setup. You can also take takeaway and delivery.

What is Yasir Broast famous for?

Yasir broast is famous for traditionally spiced and fried chicken. This is called Chicken Broast. It is close to crispy fried chicken but has a different outer coating. Apart from that, Yasir Broast menu is huge, offering a good variety of cuisines, including Pakistani, Chinese, and fast food.

Does Yasir Broast offer delivery?

Yasir Broast itself does offer an online ordering option and it delivers food to the doorstep. You can also download a delivery app like Foodpanda or Cheetay to order food if any of the branches are located within the range. They will deliver to your doorstep. These apps also provide exclusive deals and discounts.

Where is Yasir Broast located?

Yasir Broast is only available in Lahore as its specialty is basically from Punjab. There are 4 to 5 branches within the city of Lahore, but if you live out of the city, you won’t be able to enjoy Yasir Broast. Their branches are located at Thokar Niaz, Johar Town, Fateh Garh, Anarkali, and Shadhra Lahore. Following are the exact addresses and contact numbers of each branch.

Yasir Broast Locations In Lahore

BranchAddressYasir Broast Number
Yasir Broast ValenciaMain Defence Rd, opposite DHA Rahbar, Block P 1 Valencia, XI, Lahore, Punjab 54000(042) 35225566
Yasir Broast Johar Town Branch48-GPC Scheme Near Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Main Boulevard, Johar Town Lahore.0334-8464447
Yasir Broast Shad BaghQamar Park, 7/C Shadbagh Rd, Shad Bagh, Lahore, Punjab 549500320 4444941
Yasir Broast Faisal Town885 D, Block D Faisal Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000(042) 35173093
Yasir Broast BahriaTown Canal Rd, Executive Lodges Sector B Bahria Town, Lahore, Punjab0300 0205093

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