The Complete Texas Chicken Menu In Pakistan (November 2022)

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April 29, 2021

For decades, we have developed our taste buds based on KFC for Fried Chicken. We mostly judge the quality and taste keeping KFC as the standard while trying a new place.

This is because it’s strong presence and the only brand present in the market. However, now Texas Chicken has recently joined in. It is a good option for the customers who want to try a new version of Fried Chicken based on authentic Texas-style.

Texas Chicken Pakistan believe in delivering a simple but unique recipe that is impossible to be replicated. Their menu has a lot of variety of burgers, wraps and sidelines.

Based on high demand and a huge success for Texas Chicken in Pakistan, we wanted you all to take a look at what they are offering. Here is a detailed Texas Chicken menu that you can find on the internet so check it out.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 4th November 2022.

Texas Chicken Sandwiches & Wraps

ItemPrice (sandwich)Price (small meal)Price (large meal)
Tex Supreme Burger445550695
Mexicana Burger475595635
Double Classic Burger445540580
Classic Burger210249439
Crunch Burger250299489
Tex Wrap395550695
Tender Wrap180249439
Mexicana Wrap445595635
Sandwiches and Wraps menu at Texas Chicken Pakistan

Texas Chicken Individual Meal

ItemPrice (small meal)Price (large meal)
2Pc Chicken Combo399479
3Pc Chicken Combo499579
3Pc Tender Combo350430
Tex Sampler Combo390470
6Pc Chicken Nuggets Combo380420
Individual Meals at Texas Chicken Pakistan

Family And Shared Meals

4Pcs Chicken and Variety Fiesta1595
10 Pcs Tender Combo1100
6 Pcs Chicken Combo1050
8 Pcs Chicken Combo1250
Family and Shared Meals at Texas Chicken Pakistan

Sides And Desserts

Honey Butter Biscuits95 (1pc)
Fries175 (small)
Coleslaw85 (regular)
Mashed Potatoes180(regular)
Nuggets295 (6pc)
Tenders195 (2pc)
Icecream Sundae185
Icecream Cone100
Short Cakes290
Sides and Desserts at Texas Chicken Pakistan

Beverages at Texas Chicken

Soda Float200
Water Bottle50
1.5 Ltr Drink150
Beverages at Texas Chicken Pakistan

Juicy Deals

Classic Burger Combo285
Tender Wrap Combo285
1 Pc Chicken Combo315
Chicken Burger Combo315
1 Pc Tender and 2 Pc Nuggets Combo315
Juicy Deals at Texas Pakistan

How many Texas Chicken in the world?

The Texas Chicken has opened up a restaurant on 1700 locations with its presence in 23 countries around the world. Some of the countries are USA, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

How to order Texas Chicken online?

For ordering Texas Chicken online, you will have to visit delivery services like FoodPanda or Cheetay. The online ordering through official website of Texas Chicken Pakistan is under progress. However, you’ll be able to use it soon.

Who owns Texas Chicken in Pakistan?

The Texas Chicken franchise in Pakistan is owned by Adnan Asad who has decades of experience in food industry and cold logistics in Pakistan. Texas Chicken after its new entry in Pakistan managed to capture attention of its customers in very less time.

When did Texas Chicken start in Pakistan?

Texas Chicken entered Pakistan in 2019 with a restaurant at Centaurus Mall Islamabad. According to the Vice President of Texas Chicken Pakistan has an exciting economy that keeps evolving and is a big market place where everyone loves fried chicken.

Is Texas Chicken better than KFC?

KFC offers fried chicken but it doesn’t have that rich spicy taste if you are fond of spicy food however, Texas has that kick in their chicken margination. Since, Texas has started recently in Pakistan their outlets are more clean and the ambiance is very good that has managed to attract customers.

Texas Chicken Locations In Pakistan

Texas Chicken Lahore16M Abdul Haque Rd, EMPORIUM MALL Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore(021) 323-0328
Texas Chicken LahorePlaza No. 11 Commercial Market A/8, Block H Valencia Housing society”(021) 323-0328
Texas Chicken Lahore89, Block R1 Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan(021) 323-0328
Texas Chicken Islamabad4th Floor, Food court Centaurus Mall, F 8/4 F-8, Islamabad(021) 323-0328
Texas Chicken Karachi2 Saba Ave, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi(021) 323-0328

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