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Sakura dishes in PC hotels

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May 10, 2021

There are very few options available for perfect sushi in Islamabad and Lahore. However, you might find some good places in Karachi. Well, if you are a Sushi lover and have a palate for Japanese food then you must know Sakura. Sakura is a Japanese restaurant at one of the five-star hotels i.e. PC Hotels and Resorts. It is an authentic, fine-dining restaurant that serves true Japanese flavors. Their chefs in Japan are called Itamae and becoming one takes years of hard work and experience to develop required skills. Sakura Menu is the true depiction of Japanese cuisine.

As soon as you enter the place, a lot of green planters complimenting the wooden architecture can be seen. They have secluded some of the tables for privacy if the customer demands for it. The live Sushi station actually mesmerizes the visitors with the unique skills of chef to make a perfect one.

The menu offers a variety of Tempura, Sushi, Sashimi, Maki Rolls and few dishes for chicken and beef entrees. You’ll be able to find an array of seafood items that are not very commonly found elsewhere. So let’s take a deep look the Sakura menu shall we?

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 4th November 2022.

Sakura’s Soup Menu

Item Price
Miso 950
Kani Tama 950
Dobin Mushi 1350
Sakura’s Soup Menu


Sakura’s Salad Bar

Item Price
Salman, Crab and Avacado 2225
Volcano Salad 1725
Gomoku Salad 2225
Sakura’s Salad Bar

Menmono at Sakura

Item Price
Tempura Soba Or Udon 1510
Nabeyaki Udon 1790
Yaki Udon Or Soba 1610
GYU Curry Ramen 3200
Yaki Udon 1490
Zarusoba 1150
Kaki Udon Kaki Soba 1150
Menmono at Sakura


Gohan (Rice Dishes)

Item Price
Fried Rice 510
Garlic Rice 510
Steamed Rice 470
Gohan (Rice Dishes) at Sakura PC



Item Price
US Beef Tenderloin 6550
Local Beef Tenderloin 1650
Chicken Teriyaki 1150
Salmon Teriyaki 3875
Red Snapper Teriyaki 1975
Teriyaki at Sakura PC


Teppanyaki A La Carte

Item Price
Lobster Tail 4150
King Prawn 2200
Fresh Salmon 3575
Fresh Hummour 1490
Chicken Boneless 1700
US Angus Beef 6550
Local Beef Tenderloin 1750
Lamb Chop New 3950
Teppanyaki A La Carte menu at Sakura


Sakura’s Samurai Special

Items Price
Miso Soup or Crab Soup
Green Salad
US Beef Tenderloin or US Beef Sirloin
Teppan Vegetable
Steamed Rice or Mixed Fried Rice
Assorted Fresh Fruit Salad
Japanese Green tea
Sakura’s Samurai Special at Sakura


Sakura’s Kaisenyaki Special

Items Price
Miso Soup or Crab Soup
Green Salad
Prawn & Vegetable Tempura or Assorted Sashimi
King Prawn, Hummour, Salmon & Scallop
Steamed Rice or Mixed Fried Rice
Assorted Fresh Fruit Salad
Japanese Green tea
Sakura’s Kaisenyaki Special at Sakura


Shogun Special at Sakura

Items Price
Miso Soup or Crab Soup
Green Salad
Prawn & Vegetable Tempura or Assorted Sashimi
Beef Tenderloin and Lobster Tail or Scallop, Salmon & Beef
Steamed Rice or Mixed Fried Rice
Assorted Fresh Fruit Salad
Japanese Green tea
Shogun Special at Sakura



Item Price
Matcha Icecream 530
Fried Icecream 510
Black Miso Icecream 670
Wasabi Icecream 590
Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate Icecream 490
Desserts at Sakura PC


Sakura’s Appetizers

Item Price
Banzai Prawns 930
Edamame 1050
Spicy Edamame 450
Blue Chilli Crab 1590
Japanese Gyoza 1050
Chicken Tatsauge 810
Rock Shrimps 1525
Beef Tataki 1550
Shake Foiru Yaki 2400
Negimayaki 790
Yakitori BBQ 950
Ebi Filo 1150
Ebi Furai 1110
Kani Kara Age 1110
Salmon Tataki 3650
Fried Crispy Sesame Chicken 1050
Asif Sanna Beef Gyu Wasabi Yaki 990
Agidash Tofu 1250
Sakura’s Appetizers

Tempura Specials

Item Price
Ebi Tempura 600
Wasabi 1725
Kaki Age 1025
Tempura Moriawase 2250
Tempura Specials at Sakura


Main Course at Sakura

Item Price
Unagi Kabayaki 3875
Gyu Yaki 1675
Gyu Or Tori Shogayaki 1325
Gyu Wasabi 1675
Gindara Saiko Yaki 5050
Main Course at Sakura



Item Price
Pink Fizz 370
Pina Colada 490
Cherry Blossom 370
Passion Fruit Mojito 370
Lychee Peral Cooler 370
Lemongrass Cooler 370
Frozen Green Apple Daiquiri 370
Frozen Cranberry Daiquiri 370
Sakura Fruit Punch 370
Fresh Lemon & Mint Soda 470
Sakura Beverages Menu


Sakura Sushi Menu

Nigiri Sushi

Item Price
Unagl Eel Sushi 1750
Kanistikku Carb Stick 1750
Ebi Prawn 1025
Shake Salmon 1550
Nigiri Sushi at Sakura


Makimono Sushi

Item Price
California Maki 1650
Kappa Maki 950
Spicy Tuna Maki 1250
Spicy Salmon Maki 1625
Makimono Sushi Menu at Sakura


Sakura’s House Special

Item Price
Volcano Maki 2325
Crazy Maki 2025
Spider Maki 2275
Amna Maki 1475
Cappuccino Maki 3025
Crunchy Maki 2950
OJ Maki 2950
Sakura’s House Special

Rice & Noodles

Item Price
Garlic 725
Sushi 650
Yaki Soba or Udon (Noodles) 1575
Nabeyaki Udon (Noodles) 1875
Steamed Rice 650
Sakura’s Rice & Noodles


Sashimi Moriawase

Item Price
Sakura Platter 2950
Special Sushi & Sashimi Platters 4050
Takada Platter 2200
Take Platter 2200
Lime Platter 2200
Salmon Only 5950
Sashimi Moriawase at Sakura



Item Price
Chilled Juice 430
Canned Soft Drink 280
Fresh Lime 320
Mineral Water L 290
Mineral Water S 190
Perrier Water L 750
Perrier Water S 490
Iced Tea 390
Non-alcoholic Beer 470
Sparkling Grape Juice 750
Coffee 430
Cappuccino 470
Expresso 450
Decaffeinated Coffee 470
Tea 370
Jasmine Tea 370


Deals & Discounts

Discount On Faysal Bank Cards

Enjoy unbelievable 42% off while using your Faysal Bank card on your order from any restaurant including Sakura. This offer is valid for takeaways and dine-in for all the PC hotels and resorts in Pakistan. Under the current situation of the pandemic, all the restaurants are open for takeaway only so call at (042) 111 505 505 and order anything from Sakura Menu. This offer is valid till 30th September 2021.

Fantastic 40 with UBL

PC hotels and resorts have something grand to offer. You can now avail the biggest discount of a flat 40% off with your UBL cards. This offer can be availed at any PC restaurant including Sakura and PC laundry services. The offer is applicable nationwide. So what are you waiting for? take out your UBL card and place the order now. This offer will end on 31st December 2021.

Get up to 45% Off on Credit & Debit Cards

Avail up to 45% off on all the restaurants of PC hotels and resorts nationwide. This offer is for the debit and credit card of HBL, Faysal Bank, UBL, Askari Bank and Bank Alfalah. You can check out each website to know the exact off on each bank. So, take a look at Sakura Menu and order your favourite Japanese dish now.


What does Sakura mean?

In Japanese, Sakura refers to the cherry blossom flower. The flower is the symbol of Spring and is very special for the people and the country. The flower gives the sign of renewal as it has a very short life. After two weeks of beauty at its peak, the cherry blossom starts to fall. While your visit at Sakura restaurant, you’ll see these cherry blossom flowers on their walls and other decor as it represents Japan.

What is Sakura famous for?

Sakura at PC hotels is a Japanese restaurant that brings authentic Japanese taste to the country. The restaurant takes pride in serving the special delicacies that are cooked by certified chefs having years of experience. They serve a great variety of sushi, sashimi and many other Japanese specialities. The ambience takes you deep into the streets of Japan.


Who owns Sakura in Pakistan?

Sakura Restaurant is a part of PC Hotels and Resorts in Pakistan. Sadruddin Hashwani is the CEO and founder of Hashoo group which is primarily known for PC hotels and resorts. The business tycoon Hashwani is a Pakistani billionaire who also owns Marriot Hotel Islamabad. He also got his book published recently.

Does Sakura deliver?

Sakura Restaurant does not have its own delivery. However, if you live nearby PC hotel in Rawalpindi, Lahore or Karachi then you can order online through FoodPanda. Currently, Sakura restaurant is only offering takeaways due to the ban on indoor and outdoor dining. Avail amazing discounts on the bank cards at any restaurant at PC hotels.


Sakura PC Locations In Pakistan

Branch Address Contact Number
Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi The Mall، National Hwy 5, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000 (051) 111 505 505
Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, G.O.R. – I, Lahore, Punjab (042) 111 505 505
Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi PC Hotel Marquee, Club Rd, Civil Lines, Karachi (021) 111 505 505


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