The Complete Kaybees Pakistan Menu, Deals &Discounts (November 2022)

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June 10, 2021

Through the platform of Roaming Pakistan, we have talked about hundreds of different restaurants, hotels and cafes. Some of those were very common like KFC or McDonald’s while others were new to you like Sakura at Pc Hotel or Baskin Robbins. Today we have another very popular and running fast-food chain that we are going to talk about. It’s called Kaybees. Kaybees has been a very old and famous chain for all the Karachites. They are known for quality food at amazingly affordable prices.


Also, the Kaybees Pakistan menu is so so diverse that you can almost everything you can think of. There is no way chance that you are craving something and you won’t see that on the menu. Even after their amazing prices, they are offering flat 15% off on their entire menu for online orders. Other than that, you can also find economical deals and combos, family treat and much much more. Kaybees Pakistan menu has all what you can ever need at low prices. However, with time there has been quite a change in their food quality.

Some branches are still servig up to the mark while others need to work hard. Their restaurant are not too fancy or the ambience is not very unique nor trendy but if you are school going kid and have to manage in your limited pocket money then Kaybees has got you covered. All the Karachites are big fan of this chain and that is the reason behind their success of so many decades. Still expanding like never before. So, want to checkout Kaybees Pakistan long menu? Read ahead for more!

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 4th November 2022.

Kaybees Restaurant
Photo by HMS Foods

Kaybees Talk Of The Town Deals

Item Price
Chicken Burger with Fries and Juice
Hot Shots (8 Pcs) with Fries and Juice
Double Decker Crispy Burger with One Pcs Broast (Leg), Fries, Coleslaw and Drink
Qtr Crispy Broast (2 PCS) Fries Coleslaw and Drink
Crispy Chicken Burger, Fries, Coleslaw and Drink
Crispy Fish Burger, Fries, Coleslaw and Drink
Jalapeno Burger, Fries, Coleslaw and Drink
Half Chicken Boneless Handi, 2 Chicken Tikka, 4 Pcs Seekh Kabab, 1 Paratha , 4 Naan, Raita, Salad and 1.5 Litre Drink
Half Achar Handi, 1 Chicken Malai Boti 4 Naan, Salad and 1.5 Litre Drink
2 Qtr. Crispy Broast, 2 Crispy Chicken Burger, 1 Club Sandwich, Fries, Coleslaw
Half Chicken Karahi, 2 Chicken Tikka, 4 Pcs Seekh Kabab, Paratha, 4 Nan, Raita, Salad and 1.5 Litre Drink
Kaybees Talk Of The Town Deals


Kaybees Economical Combos

Item Price
1 Pc Fried Chicken (Leg) Beef Burger w/ Fries Coleslaw & Drink
Chicken Club Sandwich w/ Fries Coleslaw & Drink
Chicken Jumbo Burger w/ Fries Coleslaw & Drink
Chicken Shashlik w/ Rice & Drink
Kentucky Chicken w/ Fries Cole Slow & Drink
Beef Seekh Kabab (4pcs) Salad, 2 Nan & Drink
Chicken Burger w/ Fries Coleslaw & Drink
Chicken Tikka, Chutni, Salad, 2 Nan & Drink
Chicken Cutlet w/ Fries Slice & Drink
Chicken Jalfrezee w/ Rice, Drink
Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich with Fries & Drink
Half Chicken Karahi 2 Nan & 2 Drink
Kaybees Economical Combos


Bhaari Scene By Kaybees

Item Price
1 Double Decker Crispy Burger with Fries & Drink
Bhaari Scene By Kaybees


Budget Deals

Item Price
Deal 1
1 Zinger Sub, 1 Pc. Drumstick & Drink 345 ml
Deal 2
Value Crispy Burger & Drink 345 ml
Deal 3
2 Pcs. Club Sandwich, 1 Pc. Drumstick & Drink 345 ml
Deal 4
4 Pcs. Of Chicken Strips & Drink 345 ml
Budget Deals


Family Bucket Ice Cream

Kaybees menu
Photo by Kaybees Pakistan on Facebook
Item Price
Pistachio 650
Fresh Mango 650
Vanilla 650
Strawberry 650
Coffee 650
Oreo 650
Chocolate 650
Blackberry 650
Pineapple 650
Family Bucket Icecream



Item Price
Pizza Fries 424
Garlic Mayo Fries 254
Dynamite Chicken 509
Lahori Fish 723
Chicken Strips 417


Soup Menu

Item Price
Chicken Corn Soup 238
Chicken Corn Soup Family 672
Thai Soup 238
Thai Soup Family 697
Hot n Sour Soup white 220
Hot n Sour Soup Family 697
Hot n Sour Soup Red 238
Hot n Sour Soup Family 697
Soup Menu


Kaybees Fries

Item Price
Plain 230
Spicy 230
Kaybees Fries


Kaybees Sandwiches

Item Price
Chicken Sandwich 383
Chicken Flying Saucer 412
Special Club Sandwich 467
Grilled Sandwich 456
Chicken Tandoori Club Sandwich 442
Chicken Steak Sandwich 459
BBQ Club Sandwich 475
Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich 467
Kaybees Sandwiches


Burger Menu

Burgers kaybees menu
Photo by Kaybees Pakistan on Facebook
Item Price
Fiery Cheetos Burger 450
Chicken Jumbo Burger 564
Chicken Burger 459
Grilled Chicken Burger 442
Chicken Jalapeno Burger 475
Crispy Fish Burger 489
Crispy Chicken Burger 480
Beef Cheese Burger 493
Beef Burger 475
Chicken Cheese Burger 468

Burger Menu


Extreme Chinese At Kaybees

Item Price
Chicken Manchurian With Rice 764
Chicken Chili Dry With Rice 764
Garlic Chicken With Rice 764
Szechuan Chicken With Rice 764
Sweet n Sour Chicken With Rice 672
Beef Chili Dry With Rice 799
Crispy Szechuan Fish 689
Szechuan Fish With Rice 672
Extreme Chinese At Kaybees


Noodles Counter

Item Price
Veg Chowmein 519
Chicken Chowmein 595
Beef Chili Chowmein 672
Noodles Counter

Seafood Menu

Item Price
Fried Fish 679
Finger Fish 679

Seafood Menu


BBQ Menu

Item Price
Chicken Boti 576
Chicken Seekh Kabab 576
Chicken Dhaga Kabab 576
Fish Tikka 594
Chicken Tikka 638
Bihari Chicken Tikka 373
Chicken Reshmi Kebab 588
Bihari Kebab 638
Chicken Malai Boti 679
Chicken Mughlai Boti 807
Sizzling Kebab 807
Fish Rani 723
Smokey Platter 849
BBQ Menu


Kaybees Broasted Chicken

Item Price
Kentucky Chicken 442
QTR Broast 383
QTR Crispy Broast 422
Kaybees Broasted Chicken

Desi Food

Kaybees Karahi menuPhoto by Kaybees Pakistan on Facebook

Item Price
Chicken Karahi 1063
Chicken White Karahi 1182
Mutton Karahi 1615
Balochi Tikka Karahi 1488
Desi Food

Kaybees Chefs Recommendations

Item Price
Chicken Cutlet 468
Chicken Chunk 442
The Chicken Veg With Rice 633
Chicken Ginger 655
The Chicken Ginger With Rice 655
Chicken Shashlik With Rice 696
The Chicken Jalfrezee With Rice 696
Chili Chicken With Rice 696
BBQ Shashlik With Rice 680
Chicken Alfredo Pasta 723
Kaybees Chefs Recommendations


Grilled Steak At Kaybees

Item Price
Mushroom Chicken Steak 1104
Mushroom Beef Steak 1274
Chicken Steak 1104
American Steak 1233
Pepper Steak 1233
Tarragon Chicken 1144
Kaybees Fish Steak 1189
Tarragon Beef Steak 1274
Grilled Steak At Kaybees


Succulent Handi

Item Price
Chicken Boneless Handi 1190
Chicken Achari Handi 1233
Fish Handi 1275
Makhni Handi 1275
Mutton Handi 1572
Kaybees Special Handi 1275
Succulent Handi


Kaybees Kata Kat

Item Price
Dil Gurda Chop 808
Chicken Boneless Karahi 1105
Brain Masala 935
Special Kata Kat 1189
Kaybees Kata Kat


Aromatic Rice

Item Price
Plain Rice 254
Veg Rice 323
Egg Fried Rice 383
Chicken Fried Rice 442
Aromatic Rice


Kaybees Tandoor

Item Price
Plain Nan 50
Garlic Nan 75
Roghni Nan 90
Kandhari Nan 99
Paratha 110
Cheese Nan 443
Kaybees Tandoor


Add Ons

Item Price
Bun 30
Dinner Roll 35
Extra Cheese 70
Raita 150
Green Salad 190
Cole Slaw 190
Add Ons


Kaybees Desserts

Item Price
Hut Fudge Brownie 225
Cake Alaska 283
Super Fudge 650
Scoopy Soft Liter bucket 350
Oreo Cone 200
Kaybees Desserts


Shakes & Juices

Item Price
Ice cream Float 260
Grape Fruit Juice 283
Mango Shake 271
Cheeko Shake 290
Orange Juice 283
Grape Juice Shake 230
Jerry Berry Shake 283
Apple Huice 350
Pomegranate Juice 350
Banana Shake 290
Date Shake 237
Mixed Fruit Cocktail 283
Pina Colada 350
Bounty Chillar 350
Kit Kat Chillar 380
Oreo Chillar 380
Strawberry Ice cream Shake 339
Shakes & Juices


Mocktails By Kaybees

Item Price
Mint Blast 325
Blue Breeze 325
Blue Pina Colada 365
Chocolate Kiss 365
Strawberry Sensation 325
Mocktails By Kaybees


Cold Beverages

Item Price
Fresh Lime 140
Soft Drink 110
Mineral Water 80
Special Faluda 380
Cold Beverages


Hot Beverages

Item Price
Green Tea 110
Cardamom Tea 150
Black Coffee 150
Expresso Coffee 170
Hot Beverages


Kaybees Locations In Karachi

Branch Address Contact Number
Kaybees MACHS  8-F Ghazi Salahuddin Road، Muhammad Ali Chs (Machs), Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh (021) 111 529 233
Kaybees III 10-D Commercial Area A Main Korangi Rd, Commercial Area A Phase 2 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi (021) 35895851
Kaybees Gulistan e Jauhar Block 14 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh (021) 34011335
Kaybees North Nazimabad B 70 Zubaida Comforts, Block L North Nazimabad Town, Karachi 0345 2713552
Kaybees Badar Commercial 39 C, Badar Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500 (021) 35895851


What is Kaybees Pakistan?

Kaybees is a fast food chain started in 1979 in Karachi. The restaurant has multiple outlets all in the city of lights. Kaybees Pakistan offers a menu that is so diversified that you can find all types of cuisines. They have fast food, steaks, pasta and burgers. They have range of milkshakes, cocktails and so much more. The complete menu is added in this article above so check it out.

Where can you find Kaybees Pakistan?

Kaybees is a fast-food chain located in Karachi only. However, there are multiple branches running within Karachi. They have around 5-6 outlets so do check them out and visit your nearest branch. They promise to leave you satisfied as Kaybees menu has got everything for you.


Does Kaybees deliver food?

Yes. Through Kaybees Pakistan online menu you can order food and get it delivered to your doorstep. They are offering an exclusive discount offer of 15% on all online orders. So fill up your carts now and remember they have only a COD payment method. If you don’t have change, you can mention that while ordering online and your rider will solve this problem too. So convenient!

Is there any discount on Kaybees online orders?

Yes, you can avail 15% off on the entire Kaybees Pakistan menu. This offer is not valid on other deals and promotions. If you look at the menu, you’ll find a lot of variety and options to choose from at very reasonable prices. You can avail their amazing deals and combos so plan to visit today.

Tea kaybees pakistan menuPhoto by Kaybees Pakistan on Facebook

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