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Jade Cafe Menu

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May 21, 2021

These days when we rate a restaurant or a cafe, our main focus is the ambience of that place. Because it’s all about the experience. And as soon as you enter an eatery first thing that you observe is how it looks.

So now most of the cafes pays the attention to the theme and vibe that will help them attract customers. And that exactly how it works. Some of the best cafes in Lahore you need to try have that beautiful set up and tasty food at the same time.

This new small eatery Jade Cafe by Chinatown was launched in 2015. Since its inception, people loved it. Why? Because of its fresh feel, bright light and what decent furniture they had.

The giant mural wall had gained a lot of attention. After taking a look at all of the setup, then comes the Jade Cafe menu.

Now the second most important thing is food. People prefer having all kinds of cuisine in one place. Jade thus offers steaks, desserts, burgers, pasta everything on their menu.

And most of their item is too good. Their prices are not very high and not very low so most of the people can afford it. Their breakfast menu has an array of sweet and savoury courses. To know what else they have read ahead the complete Jade Cafe menu.

Also, they offer 10% off on weekdays so don’t miss out. Place your order now.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 4th November 2022.

Jade Cafe Appetizers

Item Price
Nachos Supreme 950
Boneless Buffalo Bites 950
Mozzarella Sticks 950
Jade Cafe Appetizers

Soups at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Mulligatawny Soup 468
Chicken Cream Of Mushroom Soup 468
Roasted Tomato Basil Soup 468
Tom Yum Soup Chicken 468
Tom Yum Soup Prawns 468
Hot & Sour Soup 468
China Town Special Soup 468
Soups at Jade Cafe

Jade Cafe Poultry Menu

Item Price
Szchunan Chicken 750
Chicken Manchurian glazed 850
Yem Yem Che Chicken  790
Thai Basil Chicken 750
Sweet & sour Chicken  850
Chicken Chilly Dry                      790
Chicken with Almonds and vegetables  850
Chicken with cashew nuts 850
Black pepper Chicken 790
Buttermilk Chicken Strips 750
Steak & Eggs Chicken 790
Jade Cafe Poultry Menu

Desserts at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Bread Pudding 350
Chocolate Molten lava 490
Creme Brulee 290
Nutella Crumble Bars 350
Chocolate Sizzling Brownie 690
Chocolate Dome Dessert 490
Churros 350
Apple Crumble 350
Desserts at Jade Cafe

Jade Cafe Coffee Menu

Item Price
Espresso Single 170
Espresso Double 220
Cappuccino Regular 220
Cappuccino Large 270
Cafe Latte Regular 220
Cafe Mocha Latte Regular 270
Americano Regular 220
Vanilla Latte Regular 270
Hazelnut Latte Regular 270
Caramel Latte Regular 270
Irish Cream Latte Regular 270
Vanilla Latte Large 320
Hazelnut Latte Large 320
Irish Cream Latte Large 320
Caramel Latte Large 320
Cafe Latte Large 270
Hot Chocolate 370
Toffee Nut Latte Regular 270
Toffee Nut Latte Large 320
Cinnamon Latte Regular 270
Cinnamon Latte Large 320
Peanut Butter Latte Regular 270
Peanut Butter Latte Large 320
Jade Cafe Coffee Menu


Item Price
Jade Mojito Mint 320
Jade Mojito Lemon 320

Seasonal Juices at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Mango Juice 370
Peach Juice 370
Strawberry Juice 370
Raspberry Juice 370
Apple Juice 370
Grape Juice 370
Pomegranate Juice 370
Orange Juice 370
Guava Juice 370
Falsa Juice 370
Watermelon Juice 370
Seasonal Juices at Jade Cafe

Soft Drinks

Item Price
Fresh Lime 120
Club Soda 150
Nestle Small 60
Nestle Large 90
Perrier Water (Small) 250
Perrier Water (Large) 350
Fresh Lime Diet 130
Coke 120
Sprite 120
Sprite Zero 120
Diet Coke 120
Fanta Can 120
Red Bull 290
Bottled Soft Drink 75
Canned Soft Drinks 120
Soft Drinks

Cakes & Muffins at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Chocolate Fudge Cake Slice 210
New York Cheese Cake Slice 450
Chocolate Fudge Cake 3 Pound 1500
Triple Chocolate Brownie 160
Red Velvet Cupcake 160
New York Cheese Cake (3 Pound) 3200
Lemon Tart 150
Chocolate Fudge Brownie 160
Carrot Cake (3 Pound) 2585
Caramel Crunch Cake (2 Pound) 1200
Chocolate Chip Cookies 60
Caramel Mousse 150
Chocolate Mousse 150
Fondant Muffin 170
Carrot Cake (Mini) 199
Caramel Crunch Cake (Mini) 199
Fondant Cake Whole1 lb 1000
Blueberry Muffin 190
Chocolate Muffin 190
Red Velvet Cake (3 Pounds) 2500
Double Chocolate Cup Cake 160
Red Velvet Cake Slice 345
New York Cheese Cake (1 Pound) 735
Tiramisu Cupcake 190
Chocolate Fudge cake (mini) 299
Chocolate Cake Truffles 299
Mini Mango Cake 299
Dairy Milk Cup Cake 160
Kit Kat Cup Cake 160
Cakes & Muffins at Jade Cafe


Item Price
Southern Skillet with Baked Eggs 7500
Western Skillet with Baked Eggs 690
Spanish Skillet Omelette 550
Poutine Shakshuka 750

Desi Nashta

Item Price
Desi Breakfast Thali 750
Desi Nashta

Jade Cafe Omelets & Eggs Menu

Item Price
Spinach, Mushroom & Cheese Omelette 890
Simply Fit Pakistani Omelette 708
Philly Cheese Steak Omelette 990
Mediterranean Omelette 990
Scrambled Eggs 590
Fried Whole Eggs 590
Poached Eggs 590
Cheese Omelette 890
Chicken Fajita Omelette 690
Jade Cafe Omelets & Eggs Menu

Jade Cafe Salads

Item Price
Caesar Salad 990
Greek Salad 850
Jade Cafe Salads

Jade Cafe Seafood

Item Price
Jade Special Thai Ginger Prawns 990
Grilled Fish in Lemon Caper Sauce 790
Fish & Chips 790
Jade Cafe Seafood


Item Price
Hot Dog 590
Crispy Hot Dog 708


Item Price
Baked Spaghetti with Meatballs 790
Spaghettis at Jade Cafe

Pasta at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo 750
Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pasta 690
Chicken Arrabiata Pasta 690
Pasta at Jade Cafe


Item Price
Classic Triple Decker Club Sandwich 650
California Club Sandwich 750
Philly Cheese and Steak Sandwich 750
Tuna Melt 659
BBQ Grilled Chicken Sandwich 690
Grilled Chicken Sandwich 650
Classic Egg Sandwich 490
Chicken Fajita Sandwich 650
Paratha Panini 490
Chicken Wrap 650
Beef Patty Melt 650

Jade Cafe Thin Crust Pizza

Item Price
Margherita Pizza (Thin Crust) 1020
Chicken Pepperoni Pizza(Thin Crust) 1090
Jade Special Pizza (Thin Crust) 1090
Chicken Fajita Pizza (Thin Crust) 1090
Veggie Pizza (Thin Crust) 1090
Chicken Tikka Pizza (Thin Crust) 1090
Jade Cafe Thin Crust Pizza

Chicken Burgers at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Jade Classic Chicken Burger 690
Chicken Jalapeno Burger 690
Chicken Mushroom Burger 690
Chicken BBQ Burger 950
Chicken Crunch Burger 750
Chicken Burgers at Jade Cafe

Beef Burgers at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Jade Classic Beef Burger 690
Beef Mushroom Burger 750
BBQ Beef Burger  750
Beef Jalapeno Burger  750
Beef Burgers at Jade Cafe

Paninis at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Roast Chicken Panini 650
Roast Beef Panini 750
Chicken Spinach and Feta Panini 750
Parmesan Chicken Panini 750
Paninis at Jade Cafe

French Toasts

Item Price
Jade Special Nutella Stuffed Toast 490
Jade Special Crispy Crust French Toast 490
Classic Honey Toast 490
French Toasts


Item Price
Banofee Waffle 590
Red Velvet Belgian Waffle4 490
Waffles at Jade Cafe


Item Price
Double Chocolate and Salted Caramel Pancakes 490
Cheesecake Pancakes 708
Blueberry Burst Pancake 690

Jade Cafe Tea Menu

Item Price
Jade Special Dodh Patti 190
Mix Chai 170
Masala Chai 170
Pure Green Tea 120
Jasmine Green Tea 120
Cinnamon Green Tea 120
English Breakfast Tea 170
Peshawari Kahwa 170
Kashmiri Chai 170
Karak Chai 170
Moroccan Tea 200
Peach Green Tea 120
Jade Cafe Tea Menu

Frappe Menu

Item Price
Mocha Frappe 370
Vanilla Frappe 370
Caramel Frappe 370
Funky Chocolate Frappe 370
Chocolate Frappe 370
Frappe Menu

Lasagna Classic

Item Price
Lasagna Classic Chicken 750
Lasagna Classic Beef 750
Lasagna Classic

Smoothies at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Peach Smoothie 390
Strawberry Smoothie 390
Mango Smoothie 390
Raspberry Smoothie 390
Apple Smoothie 390
Coconut Smoothie 390
Smoothies at Jade Cafe

Shakes at Jade Cafe

Item Price
Mango Shake 390
Strawberry Shake 390
Raspberry Shake 390
Chocolate Shake 390
Peach Shake 390
Cookies Cream Shake 390
Vanilla Shake 390
Shakes at Jade Cafe

Iced Coffees

Item Price
Iced Mocha Latte 370
Iced Caramel Latte 220
Ice Latte 190
Cold Coffee 320
Iced Coffees


Item Price
Peach Chiller 390
Mango Chiller 390
Green Apple Chiller 390
Lime Chiller 390
Pineapple Chiller 390
Strawberry Chiller 390
Green Dream 390
Grey Fruit 390
Chillars at Jade Cafe Menu

Iced Tea by Jade Cafe

Item Price
Pineapple Ice Tea 370
Green Apple Ice Tea 370
Lemon Ice Tea 370
Peach Ice Tea 370
Caramel Ice Tea 370
Strawberry Ice Tea 370
Iced Tea by Jade Cafe

Special Drinks

Item Price
Mint Margarita 250
Pina Colada 250
Special Drinks

Deep Pan Pizza

Item Price
Margherita Pizza (Deep Pan) 750
Chicken Pepperoni Pizza(Deep Pan) 750
Jade Special Pizza (Deep Pan) 850
Chicken Fajita Pizza (Deep Pan) 850
Chicken Tikka Pizza (Deep Pan) 750
Veggie Pizza (Deep Pan) 850
Deep Pan Pizza

Jade Cafe Beef Main Course

Item Price
Hendry Beef 950
Spicy oester sauce beef 950
Mongolian beef 950
Sesame Fried Beef 950
Jade Cafe Beef Main Course

What is Jade Cafe by Chinatown?

Jade Cafe by China Town is a multi-cuisine restaurant. It is offering a variety of dishes from all around the work under one roof. The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While you can also book a table for a coffee meeting. It is a cafe cum restaurant with a small bakery counter. You can see all the desserts and delicacies here. Thus, the Jade Cafe menu is an all-rounder.

When is outdoor dining opening at Jade Cafe?

The outdoor dining at the Jade Cafe will be open from 24th May. This government relaxation applies to all other cafe and restaurants in all of the cities across Pakistan.

For now, only car-dining, takeaway and delivery is open. All these precautions are for the betterment of our nation by reducing the spread of the Corona Virus.

Does Jade Cafe offer deliver?

No, Jade cafe does not offer a delivery service. However, a takeaway option is available. To place your order call 042 357546601 for Lahore and 051 2728812 for Islamabad branches. From 24th May 2021, the outdoor dining will be open. For online order and home delivery, visit delivery apps.

Who is the owner of Jade Cafe?

Jade Cafe is owned by Tahir Yasin Malik. He has extensive experience in the operating restaurant. He was the owner of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, which was started some time ago but all of the branches have been closed now.

Jade Cafe is part of a Chinese Restaurant chain known as Chinatown. It is quite famous for Asian cuisine.

Jade Cafe By China Town Locations

Branch Address Contact Number
Jade Café by Chinatown Gullberg III Jade Café by Chinatown
13-A-3 Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Block A3 Block A 3 Gulberg III, Lahore,
042 357546601
China Town / Jade Café Lahore DHA China Town / Jade Café
DHA 215, Sector FF Dha Phase 4, Lahore, Punjab
042 357546601
Jade Café – Chinatown Bahria Town Islamabad Plaza # 32, Civic Center Bahria Town Civic Center Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad 051 2728812
China Town Jade Cafe Giga Mall Giga Mall, Sector F DHA Phase II, Islamabad 051 2728812
China Town Jade Cafe Multan Abdali Rd, Altaf Town, Multan, Punjab 061 4570078

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