The Complete Ginyaki Menu & Ginyaki Price List (June 2023)

Are you done with traditional Chinese restaurants with red lanterns and boring white crockery? Are you tired of sacrificing your favourite Chinese gravy? The solution to both these problems have been introduced in Islamabad a few years ago. Ginyaki is a Pan-Asian restaurant that will serve extremely hot and fresh food in bright and colourful bowls. And because of their single serving, the Ginyaki menu can satisfy every family member.

Their food is affordable and you will experience that the restaurant is mostly occupied by students in the daytime and friends and family at night. In short, it is never empty and always lively and running. Ginyaki being one of the best restaurants in Islamabad, is all about fresh and colourful vibe and flavourful, affordable food which is much better than having burgers right?

The giant mural on the wall is something that urges people to take photos and upload them on social media which spreads like fire. As a result, everyone gets to hear about it. While going through the Ginyaki menu, you’ll see that you can create your own bowl which makes it even more interesting and playful. Check out what they have for you to plan your next outing with friends or family!

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Ginyaki Appetizers

French Fries199
Spring Rolls199
Pan-Fried Dumplings199
BBQ Wings199
Chicken Drumsticks249
Prawn Toast249
Thai Spicy Wontons199
Stuffed Chilli299
Fish n Chips299
Butterfly Prawns299
Dynamite Prawns299
Chicken Drumstick199
Ginyaki Appetizers

Ginyaki Soups

Chicken Corn Soup249
Hot n Sour Soup249
Thai Soup249
Ginyaki Special Soup299
Tom Yum Goong299
Tom Yum Gai299
Eight Wonder Soup299
Special Wonton Soup299
Extra Crackers299
Ginyaki Soups

Drinks at Ginyaki

Kiwi Delight299
Mint Margarita249
Fresh Juice299
Soft Drink90
Water Small59
Water Large99
Green Tea90
Drinks at Ginyaki

Desserts at Ginyaki

Matcha Cheesecake Slice399
Cheesecake Brownie399
Desserts at Ginyaki

Ginyaki Make Your Own Bowl

Economy Bowl1 main + 1 side649 (main)699 (main)770 (main)
Deluxe Bowl1 main + 1 side + 1 addon149 (Addon)199 (addon)249 (addon)
Ginyaki Make Your Own Bowl

Ginyaki Main Course

Cherry Chilli ChickenCrispy Beef Chilli DryGinyaki Special Fish in Apple Salsa
Kung Pao ChickenHunan BeefRed Sticky Fish
Chicken ManchurianClassic Beef Chilli DryTamarind Fish
Chilly Chicken DryKung Pao BeefFish Chilli dry
Szechuan ChickenBeijing Crispy BeefPrawn Chilli Dry
Sizzling ChickenSizzling BeefHot Sauce Prawns
Dragon ChickenMongolian BeefThai Basil Prawn
Flaming ChickenHoney Glazed BeefThai Red Pepper Prawn
Three Seasoned Chicken Lemon Fish
Cashewnut Chicken Kung Pao Prawn
Garlic Chicken Thai Spicy Prawns
Thai Red Curry Juha Fish
Thai Green Curry  
Thai Pepper Chicken  
Korean Spicy Chicken  
Crispy Honey Chicken  
Mango Habanero  
Almond Chicken  
Sweet n Sour Chicken  
Ginyaki Main Course

Who owns Ginyaki?

Mr Adil Khalid is the head of the brands at Ginyaki. With 23 years of relentless experience, he has worked as a journalist. He also gained experience in an advertising agency and learned skills like brand management, strategic planning, communication design, and ad-filming and production. With such a vast portfolio, he has managed to make Ginyaki the most successful Chinese restaurant in Islamabad.

What is Ginyaki Famous for?

Ginyaki menu offers Pan-Asian style food that is unique because of its serving style at very affordable prices. They serve one-person bowl serving that you create on your own. There are very simple steps in which you can choose your main gravy with one side and may get an addon. People love it because of customization and the ability to order according to their own palette. You will get a variety of main courses featuring chicken, beef, and seafood.

Does Ginyaki deliver?

Yes, Ginyaki offers a delivery service. You can call at (051) 2710007 or  (051) 8484888 and place an order from the Ginyaki menu. The delivery might be restricted on the basis of distance however, you can check. They offer free delivery within the 8 km radius for both the outlets. If you live a little far away then there are delivery charges. While, if you live completely out of the range then you might go for a takeaway.

How many outlets of Ginyaki?

Ginyaki has so far three outlets. Ginyaki F7 Islamabad, Ginyaki Bahria Town phase 4 Rawalpindi and Ginyaki Peshawar. The restaurants are running in both locations successfully. There is no time in a day when you will find Ginyaki a little less crowded. This is because of the fresh ambience and steaming hot mouthwatering food at a very affordable price. It’s better to have a proper Asian meal than any other fast food. 

Ginyaki Locations In Islamabad

Ginyaki Islamabad

Branch Address Contact Number
Ginyaki Islamabad Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad

 (051) 8484888

Ginyaki Bahria Town

Branch Address Contact Number
Ginyaki Bahria Town  Main Boulevard, 5, Bahria Town Phase 1 Civic Center Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad (051) 2710007

Ginyaki Peshawar

Branch Address Contact Number
Ginyaki Peshawar Noor Plaza, University Rd, Tahkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan +92 91 7252000

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