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Ginsoy Chinese

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June 14, 2021

Ginsoy Chinese restaurant is one of the very popular restaurants that is also offering outdoor dining in Karachi. The restaurant is known in Karachi only. Ginsoy’s menu has vibrant colorful dishes, rich in flavor has managed to grab the attention of Karachites.

Since its inception, it has been going pretty well. Their restaurants are unique and spacious, giving people ample room to talk freely. Overall, you will get good vibes at this place. Since a lot of people were actually talking about this place, we thought of getting everything in place for our readers.

So here is the Ginsoy menu, you can have a good variety of options. On their online order, get 15% off as well. So what are you waiting for? Order now! Don’t forget that outdoor dining is closed on weekends all across Pakistan

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 07 th March 2023.

Ginsoy Meal Box

One Meal Box
Box Contains. Egg fried rice, any chicken gravy, 2 pieces spring roll, veg chow mein, cupcake, & sauce dip.
Two Meal Boxes
Each box contains. Egg fried rice, any chicken gravy, 2 pieces spring roll, veg chow mein, cupcake & sauce dip
Three Meal Boxes
Each box contains. Egg fried rice, any chicken gravy, 2 pieces spring roll, veg chow mein, cupcake & sauce dip
Ginsoy Menu Meal Box

Ready To Cook Ginsoy Menu With Price 

Prawn Balls – 6 Pcs (uncooked)755
Butterfly Prawns – 6 Pcs (uncooked)845
Chicken Drumstick – 6 Pcs (uncooked)395
Chicken Wonton – 6 Pcs (uncooked)295
Chicken Spring Roll – 6 Pcs (uncooked)295
Chicken Egg Vegetable Rolls – 6 Pcs (uncooked)455
Dhaka Chicken – 6 Pcs (uncooked)450
Stuff Chilli Chicken – 6 Pcs (uncooked)425
Stuff Chilli Prawns – 6 Pcs (uncooked)710
Finger Fish – 6 Pcs (uncooked)965
Fish & Chips – 4 Pcs (uncooked)930
Ready To Cook Menu

Ginsoy  Soup

Chicken Corn Soup – single395
Chicken Corn Soup – family990
Thai Soup – Single412
Thai Soup – Family1007
Tom Yum Gai Soup – Single387
Tom Yum Gai Soup – Family978
Tom Yum Goong Soup – Single395
Tom Yum Goong Soup – Family1016
Wonton Noodle Soup – Single327
Wonton Noodle Soup – Family863
Schezwan Soup – Single387
Schezwan Soup – Family999
Manchow Soup – Single327
Manchow Soup – Family799
Hot & Sour Soup Red – Single395
Hot & Sour Soup Red – Family1007
Hot & Sour Soup White – Single395
Hot & Sour Soup White – Family1007
Ginsoy Soup

Ginsoy Starter Menu With Price 

Ginsoy Starter

Photo by Ginsoy Chinese on Facebook

Dynamite Chicken – Single697
Dynamite Chicken – Family1267
Dynamite Prawns – Single846
Dynamite Prawns – Family1488
Prawn Chilli With  Veggies- Single829
Prawn Chilli With  Veggies – Family1122
Prawn Balls – Single667
Prawn Balls – Family1080
Butterfly Prawns – Single714
Butterfly Prawns – Family1135
Prawn On Toast With Sesame Seeds – Single604
Prawn On Toast With Sesame Seeds – Family978
Chicken Drum Sticks – Single774
Chicken Drum Sticks – Family1109
Steamed Wontons – Single436
Steamed Wontons -family833
Chicken Wontons – Single561
Chicken Wontons – Family883
Chicken Egg Vegetable Roll – single565
Chicken Egg Vegetable Roll – family846
Spicy Garlic Wings – single540
Spicy Garlic Wings – family829
Fish & Chips -single846
Fish & Chips – family1364
Crispy Fish In Sticky Red Sauce -single790
Crispy Fish In Sticky Red Sauce -family1024
Dhaka Fish – single837
Dhaka Fish – family1245
Basket Of Fries – family582
Ginsoy Starter

Poultry Ginsoy Menu With Price 

Birds Nest Chicken1177
Black Pepper Chicken – Single774
Black Pepper Chicken – Family1135
Cherry Chilli Chicken – Single816
Cherry Chilli Chicken – Family1194
Chicken Chilli With Lime – Single803
Chicken Chilli With Lime – Family1177
Chicken Chilli With Vegies – Single820
Chicken Chilli With Vegies – Family1203
Chicken In Hot Plum Sauce – Single778
Chicken In Hot Plum Sauce – Family1156
Chicken In Sweet Chilli Sauce – Single795
Chicken In Sweet Chilli Sauce – Family1177
Chicken Manchurian Red – Single820
Chicken Manchurian Red – Family1194
Chicken Manchurian White – Single795
Chicken Manchurian White – Family1169
Chicken Shashlik With Rice1211
Chicken Spicy Lemon Sauce – Single8121
Chicken Spicy Lemon Sauce – Family1194
Chicken With Almonds Or Cashewnuts – Single820
Chicken With Almonds Or Cashewnuts – Family1194
Chicken With Bone In Mandarian Style – Single786
Chicken With Bone In Mandarian Style – Family1165
Classic Chicken Chilli Dry – Single812
Classic Chicken Chilli Dry – Family1194
Classic Chilli Chicken Gravy – Single820
Classic Chilli Chicken Gravy – Family1203
Dragon Chicken – Single774
Dragon Chicken – Family1135
Dried Red Pepper Chicken – Single825
Dried Red Pepper Chicken – Family1207
Fried Grilled Chicken With Green Chillies & Onions – Single820
Fried Grilled Chicken With Green Chillies & Onions – Family1194
Ginsoy Special Chicken – Single820
Ginsoy Special Chicken – Family1203
Honey Chilli Chicken – Single795
Honey Chilli Chicken – Family1177
Hot & Spicy Chicken – Single786
Hot & Spicy Chicken – Family1165
Kindo Supreme Chicken – Single812
Kindo Supreme Chicken – Family1194
Kung Pau Chicken Gravy – Single829
Kung Pau Chicken Gravy – Family1211
Mongolian Chicken – Single820
Mongolian Chicken – Family1220
Pineapple Chicken Dry – Single812
Pineapple Chicken Dry – Family1194
Schezwan Kung Pao Chicken – Single808
Schezwan Kung Pao Chicken – Family1228
Sliced Chicken With Ginger Oyster Sauce – Single820
Sliced Chicken With Ginger Oyster Sauce – Family1194
Sliced Chicken With Mushroom & Young Corn – Single786
Sliced Chicken With Mushroom & Young Corn – Family1165
Sliced Chicken With Pineapple – Single795
Sliced Chicken With Pineapple – Family1165
Spicy Garlic Chicken – Single820
Spicy Garlic Chicken – Family1194
Spicy Schezwan Chicken – Single812
Spicy Schezwan Chicken –  Family1203
Sticky Chicken990
Sweet & Sour Chicken – Single778
Sweet & Sour Chicken – Family1156
Poultry Ginsoy Menu

Seafood Ginsoy Menu With Price 

Ginsoy menu with price

Photo by Ginsoy Chinese on Facebook

Classic Chilli Prawn (dry) – single893
Classic Chilli Prawn (dry) – family1207
Chilli Prawn (gravy) – single837
Classic Chilli Prawn (gravy) – family1131
Prawn Chilli With Lots Of Veges -single829
Prawn Chilli With Lots Of Veges – family1121
Spicy Schezwan Prawn – single931
Spicy Schezwan Prawn – family1245
Spicy Garlic Prawns – single922
Spicy Garlic Prawns – family1245
Dragon Prawns – single820
Dragon Prawns – family1114
Ginsoy Special Prawns – single893
Ginsoy Special Prawns – family1207
Kindo Supreme Prawns – single905
Kindo Supreme Prawns – family1220
Kung Pau Prawns – single846
Kung Pau Prawns – family1143
Hot & Spicy Prawns – single931
Hot & Spicy Prawns – family1207
Dried Red Pepper Prawn – single833
Dried Red Pepper Prawn – family1126
Black Pepper Prawns – single897
Black Pepper Prawns – family1194
Classic Chilli Fish (dry) – single842
Classic Chilli Fish (dry) – family1148
Classic Chilli Fish (gravy) – single774
Classic Chilli Fish (gravy) – family1058
Fish Chilli With Lots Of Veges – single778
Fish Chilli With Lots Of Veges – family1063
Spicy Garlic Fish – single842
Spicy Garlic Fish – family1131
Spicy Schezwan Fish – single842
Spicy Schezwan Fish – family1131
Sweet & Sour Fish – single812
Sweet & Sour Fish – family1092
Dried Red Pepper Fish – single791
Dried Red Pepper Fish – family1080
Kindo Supreme Fish – single803
Kindo Supreme Fish – family1084
Hot & Spicy Fish – single795
Hot & Spicy Fish – family1075
Black Pepper Fish – single812
Black Pepper Fish – family1092
Canton Fish2486
Deep-Fried Red Snapper With Ginsoy Chilli Sauce2376
Ginsoy Whole Fish2469
Spicy Honey Finger Fish – Single820
Spicy Honey Finger Fish – Family1101
Fish in Garlic Pepper – Single846
Fish in Garlic Pepper – Family1207
Seafood Menu

Ginsoy Beef Menu With Price

Stir Fried Beef In Almond – Single905
Stir Fried Beef In Almond – Family1271
Sliced Beef With Young Corn – Single837
Sliced Beef With Young Corn – Family1058
Sliced Beef With Pineapple & Ginger – Single837
Sliced Beef With Pineapple & Ginger – Family1058
Sliced Beef Green Shallots & Onions – Single888
Sliced Beef Green Shallots & Onions – Family1258
Sliced Beef In BBQ Sauce –  Single888
Sliced Beef In BBQ Sauce – Family1258
Shredded Beef With Ginger & Green Onion – Single905
Shredded Beef With Ginger & Green Onion – Family1271
Classic Beef Chilli Dry – single785
Classic Beef Chilli Dry – family1045
Beef Chilli Gravy – single785
Classic Beef Chilli Gravy – family1045
Beef Chilli With Lots Of Veggies – single785
Beef Chilli With Lots Of Veggies – family1045
Beef & Broccoli – single785
Beef & Broccoli – family1045
Crispy Beijing Beef – single922
Crispy Beijing Beef – family1288
Beef In Black Bean Sauce – single837
Beef In Black Bean Sauce – family1148
Dried Red Pepper Beef – single803
Dried Red Pepper Beef – family1131
Black Pepper Beef – single761
Black Pepper Beef – family1041
Spicy Schezwan Beef – single803
Spicy Schezwan Beef – family1131
Beef In Oyster Sauce – single837
Beef In Oyster Sauce – family1148
Hot & Spicy Beef – Single820
Hot & Spicy Beef – Family1139
Mangolian Beef914
Ginsoy Beef Menu

Noodles & Rice

Beijing Rice – Single 837
Beijing Rice – Family1207
Fried Rice Chicken With Chilli & Basil – single893
Fried Rice Chicken With Chilli & Basil – Family1207
Tom Yum Rice – Single987
Tom Yum Rice – Family1296
Hot & Spicy Chowmien – Single 846
Hot & Spicy Chowmien – Family1245
Sizzling Noodles – Single987
Sizzling Noodles – Family1335
Spicy Garlic Noodles – Single761
Spicy Garlic Noodles – Family1156
Fried Rice Chicken – Single 752
Fried Rice Chicken – Family1156
Fried Rice Beef – single744
Fried Rice Beef – family1148
Fried Rice Egg – Single610
Fried Rice Egg -family895
Fried Rice Vegetable – single693
Vegetable Fried Rice – Family969
Fried Rice Shrimp – single846
Fried Rice Shrimp – family1207
Fried Rice Mix – single846
Fried Rice Mix – family1207
Chicken Masala Rice – single667
Chicken Masala Rice – family1003
Garlic Fried Rice – single667
Garlic Fried Rice – family1003
Steamed Rice – single441
Steamed Rice – family633
Chinese Chopsuey969
American Chopsuey1284
Chicken Chowmein – single752
Chicken Chowmein – family1156
Beef Chowmein – single761
Beef Chowmein – Family1165
Vegetable Chowmein – single659
Vegetable Chowmein – family1058
Shrimp Chowmein – single761
Shrimp Chowmein – family1165
Mix Chowmein – single774
Mix Chowmein – family1182
Chicken Schezwan Noodles – single761
Chicken Schezwan Noodles -family1156
Noodles & Rice

Drinks Corner Ginsoy Menu With Price 

Soft Drink130
Mineral Water – small95
Mineral Water – large170
Seasonal Fresh Juice495
Mint Lemonade485
Lychee Daiquiri485
Strawberry Daiquiri465
Pina Colada495
Blue Colada470
Lemon Grass Twist480
Blue Lagoon Margarita470
Drinks Corner

Ginsoy Dessert Menu With Price 

Chocolate Fudge Cake455
Dessert Menu

What is Ginsoy?

Ginsoy is a fine dining restaurant that serves extremely Chinese food. Their colorful dishes with a sleek presentation will blow your mind. Their restaurants are only in Karachi but have multiple outlets so you can visit whichever is nearby, Ginsoy meu has a huge variety from starters to rice and curry. Call on 111-446769 to make your reservation today.

What does the Ginsoy menu have?

Ginsoy menu has a good variety of Chinese food. On the menu, you will find a lot of options in soups, starters, curry, rice, and noodles. They also have a range of ready to cook food that is frozen and you can simply buy and cook them at home. For family deals, they have introduced meal boxes to satisfy your Chinese cravings with Ginsoy.

Does Ginsoy deliver online?

Yes, Ginsoy offers a delivery service at your doorstep. They have an online menu where you can see all the possible options to choose from. Keep adding the items in your cart, add required information and proceed to check out. Your food will be delivered from nearby outlets. You can also enjoy 15% off on all online orders.

Ginsoy Locations In Karachi

Ginsoy BranchGinsoy AddressGinsoy Contact Number
Ginsoy Khayaban e Shahbaz46c, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Phase 6, DHA021-35345362
Ginsoy S.M.C.H.S122, Block-A, S.M.C.H.S021-34398831
Ginsoy Gulistan e JauharA2 Rabia Garden, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Block 17, Opposite FBR021-34198787
Ginsoy Lucky One HallLucky One Mall Food Court. LA-2/b Opp. Ubl Sports Complex Rashid Minhas Road, Block 21 Gulberg, Karachi021-37181182
Ginsoy Gulshan e Iqbal3/FL-6, BL-4, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi021-34992170
Ginsoy Bahria TownPrecinct 1, Near Camp Office, Bahria Town Karachi021-37187399
Ginsoy CliftonBc 11 Mehmood Arcade, Block 09, Clifton021-35181300
Ginsoy MalirJinnah Avenue Road Plot # 2, Gulshan e Jami Model Colony Karachi021-33111111
Ginsoy HyderabadG.O.R Colony, House Number 65/A Latifabad Unit # 1,







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