The Complete Fri-Chicks Menu (June 2023)

Fri-Chicks Menu

This weekend, visit Fri-Chicks as they welcome their customers to pull up a chair, share emotions and discussions with your loved ones while having the go-to meal. Life is short and delicious food is a must for living a happy one.

The name developed its reputation by choosing the best ingredients for its customers, making just the right combination of spices and herbs so that you can have an experience that is unforgettable and irreplaceable. With such dedication and commitment, FC managed to open up more than 30 branches, mostly in Punjab.

The Fri-Chicks menu offers the usual fast-food with unusually delicious taste. You can find yourself burgers, pizza, pasta, steaks and so much more. Roaming Pakistan has got the full menu ready for you so take a look.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Fri-Chicks Burgers

Zinger Burger390
Junior Zinger249
Double Chapli maza349
Double Reggy Burger390
Zinger Double Dozer499
Reggy Burger290
BBQ Burger299
Chapli Kabab Burger249
Fri-Chicks menu for Burgers

Paratha Rolls

FC Torilla Paratha Roll299
Zinger Paratha Roll180
FC Special Paratha Roll250
Paratha Rolls

Fri-Chicks Shawarma

FC Special Shawarma250
Zinger Shawarma250
Chicken – Cheese Shawarma180
Fri-Chicks Shawarma

Pizza at Fri-Chicks

Flavour7 Inch10 Inch13 Inch16 Inch
Vegi Lover40090012001750
F.C Special Pizza500110015001499
Chicken Fajita4009001200
Crown Crust Pizza500110015002000
Chicken Tikka40090012001750
Seekh Kabab Bihari Pizza500110015002000
Stuff Crust Pizza500110015002000
Chesse Lover40090012001750
Achaari Pickle Pizza40090012001750
Tandoori Pizza500110015002000
Chicken Sumpreme Pizza500110015002000
Lazania Pizza500110015002000
Pizza on Fri-Chicks menu

Steaks at Fri-Chicks

Beef Fillet Steak
Beef Fillet Steak + 1 Reg. Drink + 1 Reg. Fries
Chicken Fillet Steaks
Chicken Fillet Steak + 1 Reg. Drink + 1 Reg. Fries
Steaks at Fri-Chicks

Fri-Chicks Pasta

Creamy Pasta
Creamy Pasta 1 Reg. Drink
Pasta 1 Reg. Drink
Fri-Chicks Pasta

Side Orders

Cheese Slice50
Nuggets 5 pcs210
Nuggets 10 pcs410
Side Orders

Fri-Chicks Combo Specials

Economy Meal
10 Pcs Chicken 4 Dinner Roll 1.5 Ltr. Drink
Combo 1
1Karizma Burger 1 Piece Chicken 1 Reg. Drink 1 Reg. Fries
Combo 2
1 Reggy Burger 1 Piece Chicken 1 Reg. Drink 1 Reg. Fries
Combo 3
3 Pieces Chicken 1 Dinner Roll 1 Reg. Drink 1 Reg. Fries
Combo 4
4 Pieces Chicken 2Dinner Roll 2 Reg. Drink 1 Reg. Fries 1 Rice
Super Family Meal
8 Pcs Chicken 3 Karizma Burger 1 Reggy Burger 8 Reg. Drink 1 Family Fries
Fri-Chicks Combo Specials

Fri-Chicks Mazydar Deals


Economy Meal

10 Pieces Chicken 4 Reg Fries 1 Drink 1.5 Ltrs

Meal 1
3 Pieces Chicken 1 Regular Drink
Meal 2

1 Zinger Burger 1 Pieces Chicken 1 Regular Drink 1 Regular Fries

Meal 3
10 Hot Wings 1 Regular Drink
Meal 4

3 Peices Chicken 1 Regular Drink  1 Regular Fries

Meal 5 (Kids Meal)
5 Pieces Nuggets 1 Toy 1 Regular Fries 1 Drink

Meal 6

1 Reggy Burger  1 Piece Chicken  1 Regular Drink 1 Regular Fries


Meal 7

4 Pieces Chicken 1 Reggy Burger  2 Regular Drink  1 Regular Fries


Super Family Meal

8 Pieces Chicken 3 Zinger Burgers 1 Reggy Burger 8 Regular Drinks 1 Family Fries

Fri-Chicks Mazydar Deals

Fri-Chicks Deals

Double Maza
13″ inches Reg pizza 10 Hot Wings 1.5 LTR Pepsi
Mid-Night 7 inch Deal
7″ Pizza + 2 Reg. Drinks (Starting 9 PM to till Closing)
Mid-Night Pizza Deal
16″ inches Pizza 1.5 Ltr Drink (Starting 9 PM to till Closing)
4 Pe 4
4 Zinger Shawarma 1 LTR Pepsi
Mid-Night 10 inch Deal
10″ Pizza 1 Ltr. Drink (Starting 9 PM to till Closing)
Zinger & Pizza Deal
1 Zinger 7″ Reg Pizza 2 Reg Drink 1 Reg Fries
Fri-Chicks Deals

What does Fri-Chicks offer?

Fri-Chicks is a Pakistani brand that offers its customers an array of fast-food options. All chicken recipes follow international standards and are made according to their procedures.

All the ingredients are selected carefully with the right combination of spices and herbs. Resulting in the best taste that can satisfy your cravings.

When did Fri-Chicks started?

Fri-Chicks was established in 2002 and has managed to expand itself to more than 30 branches. These branches are functional in different cities making billions of loyal customers.

Fri-Chicks menu has the best crumbed fried chicken that can beat all the international fast-food chains working in Pakistan.

How to order Fri-Chicks online?

Visit the Fri-Chicks menu to see what they have on the plate. Choose the deal that works the best for you. Before placing an order, you have to sign up with the required details.

Through the website, you can put all the items you need in the cart. After that, the address information, payment method and few other details will be required. Your order will then be delivered to your doorstep.

Fri-Chicks Locations In Lahore

BranchAddressContact Number
Fri-ChicksMain Boulevard Gulberg, Main Market, Lahore(042) 35750555
Fri-ChicksAl Rehman Garden Phase 2, Lahore, Sheikhupura(042) 37170516
Fri-ChicksPlot No, Dar Plaza, 25 Masood Anwari Rd, Cavelary Extension Cavalry Ground, Lahore(042) 36610040
Fri-ChicksMain Blvd, Block A Valencia, Lahore03241143411
Fri-Chiks620 G1 Market, near BiBi Fashion Avenue, Johar Town, Lahore03405555786
Fri-Chicksmorr main, Ferozepur Rd(042) 37503363
Fri-Chicks79 R-1 Main boulevard, near Shadiwal chowk, Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore 
Fri-Chicks8 km Raiwind Rd, Gul Nishan Society, Lahore03004331166
Fri-Chicks Wapda town598 Service Rd, Airline Society, Lahore03216888699
Fri-ChicksStreet 2, Al Rehman Garden Phase 2, Lahore, Sheikhupura03377170516
Fri-Chicks AnarkaliKatchery Rd, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore03144063094
Fri-Chicks30 Sanda Rd, National Town, Lahore 
Fri-Chicks20, Block D Faisal Town, Lahore(042) 31500553
Fri-ChicksDefence Road DHA Rahbar Block P Shop# 1-2, opposite Mohafiz Town Phase 2, Block P Dha Rahbar Phase 2 Dha Rahbar, Lahore03222222685
Fri-ChicksService Road, Main GT Road03069543120
Fri-Chicks Bahria Townhop No1 Al Fazal Mall, 905 Canal Rd, Canal Gardens, Lahore03214504091
Fri-ChicksLahore Rd, Begum Kot Shahdara Town, Shahdara, Lahore(042) 37921000

Fri-Chicks Locations In Other Cities

BranchAddressContact Number
Fri-Chicks LahoreUniversity Road, Farooq Colony, Sargodha(048) 3727276
Fri-Chicks Faisalabad Satayana Rd, D Ground Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad(041) 8717711
Fri-Chicks FaisalabadSector 308, Main Gulberg Road, Opp; National Hospital، Faisalabad(041) 2606051
Fri-Chicks FaisalabadMisaq Ul Mall, sheikhupura road, Ashrafabad, Faisalabad0300 8479705
Fri-Chicks Faisalabad939 B Ghulam Muhammad Abad Rd, Block B Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Faisalabad(041) 2697077
Fri-ChicksSusan Road Madina Town، Officer Colony 1, Faisalabad(041) 8713539
Fri-Chicks 32 Samanabad Rd, near Jamia Christian, Block B Samanabad, Faisalabad, Punjab (041) 2666670

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