The Complete Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Menu In Pakistan (2022)

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May 12, 2021

Recently you must have noticed that there are many coffee shops being launched in Pakistan including international chains. For quite a while, all of us were pretty much familiar with Gloria Jeans Coffeeshop only but there are so many others in the competition now.

Well, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is one of the leading coffee places now in Pakistan and other countries as well. They are famous for not just their hot beverages.

The ice blended coffees on the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf menu are the show stopper and you won’t be able to find that taste and quality elsewhere. The staff is super welcoming as soon as you enter the shop and generous with the toppings on your mug.

That’s the cherry on top. You can always visit the place for working in a peaceful fresh environment as the place is quite work-friendly. You’ll find free WIFI and sockets for your gadgets.

Their menu is loaded with delicious snacks that would energize your hectic day and take off all the burden. You must be tempted enough to have something from their Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf menu so shall we take a look at what they have!

Bakery Items

Brownie Go Nuts330
Nutella Brownie450
Blackberry Muffin305
Chocolate Muffin305
Banana Muffin305
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie275
Macadamia Nut Cookie275
Double Chocolate Cookie275
My Mom’s Scone275
Apple Cinnamon Roll305
Delightful Croissant275
Nutella Croissant330
The Chicken Puff330
Chicken Quiche330
Mushroom Quiche330
Bakery Items at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cakes

LA Cheese Cake495
Belgian Chocolate Cake495
Homestyle Carrot Cake495
Red Velvet Cake495
Oreo Tiramisu Cake495
Chocolate Mousse Cake495
Lotus Cheesecake595
Molten Chocolate Cake550
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cakes

Pizzas by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Chicken Sausage690
Chicken Jalapeno745
Pizzas by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sandwiches

Cuban Chicken715
Chicken Chipotle715
Italian Chicken715
Chef’s Tuna715
Chicken Mushroom Croissant550
Egg n Cheese Croissant440
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sandwiches

Small Bites

French Fries275
Small Bites

Ice-Blended Drinks

The Original Mocha500545
The Original Vanilla500545
Double Chocolate500545
White Chocolate500545
Cookies n Cream500545
The Ultimate500545
Pure Vanilla500545
Pure Caramel500545
Pure Double Chocolate500545
Pure Cookies n Cream500545
California Sunrise500545
Matcha Green500545
Ice-Blended Drinks

Expresso & Coffee

Espresso Macchiato320365
Caramel Macchiato435495
Hazelnut Americano435495
Cafe Latte415475
Mocha Latte435495
Hazelnut Latte435495
Double Chocolate Latte435495
White Chocolate Latte435495
Spanish Latte435495
Caramel Latte435495
Expresso & Coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Tea Latte by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Matcha Green435495
English Breakfast435495
Tropical Passion435495
Vanilla Ceylon435495
Morrocan Mint435495
Tea Latte by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Iced Tea by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Iced Tea280320
Iced Tea by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Brewed Hot Tea

Hot Teas320
Flavoured Hot Teas320
Green Teas320
Herbal Infusion320
Brewed Hot Tea

How many Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the world?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has expanded itself with 1400 coffee shops in 40 countries over a period of 50 years. The Southern Family owned coffeeshop has been determined to serve the best-brewed coffee worldwide and have been successful ever since its inception.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can be found all the way from California to Arizona and New York. It has its presence in Bahrain, Malaysia, Pakistan and many other countries.

How to order Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf online?

For delivery, you will have to download the food delivery apps working in Pakistan. That can be either Food Panda or Cheetay and even get good discounts.

You can find the complete Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf menu on these apps however, the company itself doesn’t have a delivery system in Pakistan yet.

Who owns Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Pakistan?

Usman Yousuf is the Co-owner of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Pakistan having around 8 outlets in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Sialkot. It was launched by these two entrepreneurs Usman Yousuf and Adnan Azam back in 2017 in Islamabad.

After a long time, an international coffee brand was introduced offering a premium experience with their imported coffee beans and tea leaves directly from the US.

Is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf halal in Pakistan?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is halal certified in all Muslim countries including Pakistan and Malaysia. In other countries it is more preferred than Starbucks however, they haven’t launched yet in Pakistan so this comparison isn’t possible.

The coffee bean team is determined to deliver us the best-brewed coffee with all the ingredients that are 100% halal.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Locations In Pakistan

BranchAddressContact Number
The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafShop 23, Olympus Mall، F 11 Markaz, Islamabad0302 5455448
The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafPlot 16A, Mount View Plaza، F-6 Markaz, Islamabad(051) 8467900
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – I-8 MarkazPlot # 17,18, I-8 Markaz Islamabad0313 5852114
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – PakistanExpressway, Phase 7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi(051) 8355507
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf LahoreFountain Avenue،, Main Blvd Gulberg, Block H Gulberg 2, Lahore(042) 38911007
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf LahorePhase-5 DHA – Entrance, 20A, Sector-A Phase 5 D.H.A, Lahore, Punjab(042) 37182933
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sialkot Sialkot Cantonment0302 5455448


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