The Complete Chaaye Khana Menu, Deals & Discounts (2022)

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May 28, 2021

In old times, tea sellers used to have small kiosks in an open area. In other words, tea junctions were all about takeaways or sitting on a footpath in an unhygienic atmosphere. Identifying this gap, Chaaye Khana came up with the idea of creating a unique social place where people could sit, talk and have a refreshing cup of tea to energize their day.

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Chaaye Khana is one of the best Chai spots that can be found in major cities of Pakistan. After opening doors in 2016, it has created its loyal customers. The vibe of this place is very addictive. Moreover, the diverse Chaaye Khana menu is nowhere to be found.

Despite all the challenges these days where many restaurants are struggling, Chaaye Khana is still celebrating women on Tuesdays with a free cup of tea. The current timings for outdoor dining, takeaways and delivery is from 8 AM to 12 AM (midnight). To check out their full menu, deals and discounts read ahead as we have put together all the information you would need about Chaaye Khana

Egg Station At Chaaye Khana

Sunny-Side Up460-495
Scrambled Eggs460-495
Spanish Omelette495-550
Plain Omelette455–490
Mushroom Omelette545–565
Cheese Omelette545–565
Pakistani Omelette495-520
Poached Eggs425
Mexican Omelette570–665
Sour Cream Omelette435
Egg Station At Chaaye Khana

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Breakfast Menu

Chaaye Khana Menu

Aloo Paratha215
Meetha Paratha155
Chicken Qeema495
Beef Qeema505
Puff Pastry Baked Egg325
Garlic Mushroom On Toast495
Croissant With Egg & Cheese445
Nutella Stuffed French Toast725
Plain Pancakes415
Crepes with Whipped Cream and Bananas495
Nutella Crepe665
Crepe Stuffed With Scrambled Eggs & Sausage765
Plain Crepes330
Waffles With Ice Cream & Chocolate Syrup575
Halwa Puri475 – 975
Breakfast Menu

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Sandwiches & Burgers

Pulled Chicken Burger + 1 Free Drink625
Grilled Chicken & Cheese Sandwich595
Bun Samosa425
Bun Kebab695
Club Sandwich845
Hot Dog 595
Beef Burger695
Sandwiches & Burgers

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Chaaye Khana Specials

Chicken Parmesan1295
Chicken Noodles In Oyster Sauce980
Fettuccine Alfredo1090
Diced Stuffed Potato590
Chicken Fajita Wrap795
Moroccan Chicken925
Chicken Steak795
Spicy Grilled Chicken725
Spaghetti in Marinara Sauce995
Spicy Chicken Fettuccine1105
Swiss Polo Chicken1295
Grilled Fish Steak *1495
Fish & Chips *1195
Chaaye Khana Specials


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Pizza Menu at Chaaye Khana

2 Pizzas + 2 Free Drinks1700
Chicken & Jalapeño1150
Olive & Mushroom1150
Pizza Menu at Chaaye Khana

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Snacks at Chaaye Khana

Cheese Sticks1065
Chaat Platter545
Chicken Strips750
Spring Rolls395
Potato Samosa450
Beef Samosa475
Cheese Samosa625
Chicken & Jalapeño Samosa625
Mushroom & Cheese Samosa580
Chicken Samosa625
French Fries475
Hot Chicken Wings1295
Assorted Pakoras485
Snacks at Chaaye Khana

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Bakery & Desserts

Crème Caramel225
Toffee Walnut Crunch875
Apple Pie295
Bread Pudding with Ice Cream745
Honey Walnut Pastry360
Tiramisu Cake Slice490
Carrot Cake Slice310
Coffee Cake Slice310
Chocolate Mud Cake190
Blueberry Cake320
Banana Bread140
Date & Walnut Bread195
Chocolate Brownie155
Red Velvet Cupcake105
Chocolate Croissant120
Bakery & Desserts

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Cocktail Bar Chaaye Khana

Pina Colada475
Lemon Fizz295
Mint Magic390
Cocktail Bar Chaaye Khana

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Milkshakes on Chaaye Khana Menu

Oreo Shake495
Chocolate Brownie Shake495
Nutella Shake575
Espresso Shake575
Caramel Praline575
Oreo Espresso675
Banana Milkshake425
Milshakes on Chaaye Khana Menu

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Fresh Juice Menu

Lassi Sweet325
Namkeen Lassi325
Bottled Orange Juice265
Bottled Mango Juice265
Soft Drinks105
Diet Soft Drinks135
Mineral Water Large150
Mineral Water Small95
Fresh Juice Menu

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What is Chaaye Khana?

Chaaye Khana is a cafe cum restaurant for all tea lovers. A carefully designed environment that compliments the selected menu items and delivering at the right time is what made Chaaye Khana a successful cafe. It was established in 2016 when there was no concept of having tea in a friendly atmosphere where you can sit and relax all day.

When is outdoor dining opening at Chaaye Khana?

As per Government regulations, the outdoor dining was opened on 24th May. Like most of the restaurants, Chaaye Khana is also offering outdoor dining. However, this facility is not available at all the outlets. You can still enjoy their food by takeaway and online order.

Outdoor dining at Chaaye Khana

Does Chaaye Khana offer indoor dining?

Currently, indoor dining is closed across Pakistan however it will be open soon. Chaaye Khaana indoor area is closed as well for a limited time. After relaxation on the restriction, people can enjoy the serene and friendly ambience of the cafe. Along with a great atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy scrumptious food hot and fresh with the presentation.

What does Chaaye Khana menu offer?

Chaaye Khana is a place for all tea lovers, specializing in different sorts of flavours. Other than that, their breakfast menu is perfect for Sunday brunch or weekend meetings. Not just that, the Chaaye Khana menu offers amazing snacks, pizza, sandwiches and much more. Apart from hot beverages, there are multiple options in cold beverages and shakes.

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Chaaye Khana Locations In Islamabad/Rawalpindi

BranchAddressContact Number
Chaaye Khana F-11 Markaz1st Floor، Crown Plaza،, Mehr Ali Rd, Islamabad, 44000(051) 2224300
Chaaye KhanaShop # 11, Block B United Bakery Plaza Super market،, F-6 Markaz(051) 8312193
Chaaye Khana Gulberg Greens Business Square, 1st Floor, Plot 21, Gulberg Greens, Islamabad(051) 8470194
Chaaye KhanaMain Blvd, Bahria Town Phase V Phase 5 Punjab Phase 4، Rawalpindi(051) 5733673
Chaaye KhanaMain Blvd, Bahria Town Phase V(051) 5733673
Chaaye Khana Saddar Rwp1st-floor Building 41, Hardees Plaza، Haider Rd, Saddar cantt، Rawalpindi, Punjab 46300(051) 5700450

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Chaaye Khana Locations In Lahore

BranchAddressContact Number
Chaayé Khana LahorePearl One, 94 MM Alam Rd, Block B1 Block B 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab(042) 35778284
Chaaye Khana DHA Lahore43 Street 18, Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab(042) 35728284

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Chaaye Khana Locations In Other Cities

BranchAddressContact Number
Chaaye Khana Karachi Lucky MallAddress: Shop# FS 9-11, Food Street Ground Floor, Lucky One Mall Rashid Minhas Road, Karachi(021) 37181226
Chaaye Khana Karachi DHAAddress: Shop # 1C, Bukhari Commercial Lane 13, DHA Phase 6, Karachi(021) 35848204
Chaaye Khana AbbottabadAddress: Awan Shopping Center, phase 2, opposite Daewoo bus station, Mansehra Road, Mandiyan.(092) 3823232
Chaaye Khana MultanAddress: 24-A Gulghasht, Opposite City school, Peer Khursheed Morr, Tehsil Chowk Multan(061) 6520333
Chaaye Khana JhelumNear PSO Pump, Main GT Road, Jhelum Cantt.(054) 4610711

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