The Best Cafes in Lahore For Working Remotely

best cafes in lahore

After talking about The Best Cafes In Lahore, Everyone Must Try, let’s talk about a type of cafe in Lahore that is the best place for you to be productive and relaxed at the same time. Yes! You can manage both things together. Working or even studying at one spot gets frustrating, the mind doesn’t remain active and you simply cannot give your best.

However, a little change of environment, fresh air, and a cup of coffee can make a great difference.  Here we have listed some of the outstanding cafes in Lahore that will give you a nice calm place to work. You don’t have to worry about low batteries because they provide enough charging portals for everyone to share.

The wifi behaves too but on the safer side keeping your wifi devices won’t harm you at all. It’s time to change the way of meeting deadlines or impressing your bosses. These cafes in Lahore will help you think outside the box! Not only can office work be done here but a friendly chit-chat with your friends or making up to your mum with a nice sweet treat would be a great idea too!

Coffee Planet

Photo by Coffee Planet on Facebook

Coffee Planet is a famous coffee cafe in Lahore and other cities. Most of us have been to Coffee Planet at least once in our life. They have multiple branches across Lahore as well as many other cities in Pakistan. They are known for fine-quality Arabica coffee beans that are roasted in their own roastery by the experts to deliver the best, aromatic coffee in Pakistan.

The concept behind the cafe is to give a hot cup of coffee, a simple coffee shop vibe, and a calm place to work remotely. If you are looking for a break from your monotonous work routine, come sit in a Coffee Planet nearby as it will relax your mind, and you get to enjoy the day. Along with a perfect cup of coffee, cold or hot, they have some simple, yummy snacks and desserts too. Their walnut, Nutella filled or fudgy brownie is the best combo you can ever have! And you know what?

Photo by Coffee Planet on Facebook

Coffee Planet is offering a mouthwatering deal that says that you can get a cup of coffee with their moist cupcakes for just Rs 499, that too with free delivery. Do you really wanna miss out on this one? It’s a limited-time deal so hurry up, order now! Also, if you are a Standard Chartered Credit/Debit cardholder, you can enjoy the Buy One Get One Free Offer every Tuesday on all hot drinks. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions first!

Unfortunately, to enjoy a comfortable work environment we all have to wait for this pandemic to get under control. But hey! You can always enjoy their scrumptious food and drinks through home deliveries or takeaways. On pleasant weather days, you can always consider car dining and enjoy your cup while getting lost in the rain. Sounds like a plan!

Coffee Planet Contact Details


Contact Number: 0320 222 4446


Coffee Planet Menu

Gloria Jeans Coffees

Photo by food__pharma on Instagram

Gloria Jeans Coffees is by far the largest coffee chain in Pakistan with almost 30 outlets in 12 cities. It was introduced in Pakistan by an Australian Pakistani in 2007. They promised to give a perfect blend of quality roasted beans with just the right place to be at. It’s a brand that immediately clicks in people’s minds when it comes to coffee.

From classic to unique flavors, they serve a pretty decent cup of coffee all over Pakistan. It’s the best spot to call official meetings, evening chats with friends, or as your day starter. The place has a semi-formal vibe, perfect for almost everything. Gloria Jeans can be seen everywhere, participating in different types of events.

You can find it at food festivals as sponsors, supporting health workers, arranging creative competitions with cash prizes, and much much more. Their efforts in doing social work are appreciable. Recently they have opened up a branch in Malam Jabba. A hot cup of coffee in snowfall sure does sound amazing.

As dine-ins are restricted in this pandemic, you will have to pick up your phone to place an order. They are open for pickups and deliveries. Taking your coffee to a nice park or a picnic spot would be a wise idea. Right? 

Gloria Jeans Coffee Contact Details


Contact Number: 042 35713172

Gloria Jeans Menu

Locate a Branch

Second Cup Cafe Lahore

Second Cup Cafe:Lahore cafes
Photo by choti.choti.khushiyaan_ on Instagram

Second Cup is another most known cafe in Lahore to get premium quality coffee beans blended to perfection. It’s a global coffee brand and admired around the world. There is a wide range of coffees, from strongest to very mild, that come in many flavours such as caramel or hazelnut essence. With so many options available, we want to know which one is your favourite?

As the summer is nearby, their tropical icy drinks will help you get through the hot days. The Second Cup Cafe could be another option to work from. The bright outlets with sunshine and soft music in the background would be the kind of environment you need for brainstorming. Who knows, you might end up with the best plan for your next project!

A day at your favourite place is just good for health too. Pair your mug of coffee with their amazing confectionary treats. Their New York Cheesecake and Bread Pudding are a must-try. Do check out their savory items too. If you are on a diet, their salad is a good pick. All of their food items are freshly made on a daily basis. Did I mentiona that their frappes are to die for?

Make sure to stay updated with their timings. For now, Second Cup Lahore branches are open for patio and outdoor dining from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM every Monday – Friday. Whereas only takeaways and deliveries are open on weekends from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM. 

Second Cup Contact Details


Contact Number: (042) 35790026

Second Cup Menu

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Mocca Coffee 

Lahore Cafes: raoming pakistan
Photo by Mocca Cafe on Facebook

Mocca Coffee cafe is relatively new in the market but up to date at the same time. It is one of the most liked coffee cafes in Lahore and Islamabad. Their minimal bright white interior can make your day fresh. The cafe gives a nice background for your picture of the day and of course a yummy meal with a nice cup of coffee. Mocca Cafe is an all-rounder when it comes to food.

They have quite a range of beverages, coffees, and light snacks as well. You can’t really go wrong with their hi-tea platter. Small portions of finger-licking food will put your unpredictable cravings at peace. Always take a look at the chef’s recommendation for a good experience.

This place is worth visiting even on weekends as they have arranged all you need to work remotely. The peaceful ambience with just enough charging ports and speedy wifi is all you need to make the deadlines.

Photo by Mocca Cafe on Facebook

The staff makes sure that there is no disturbance at all. They would never ask you to leave even if you sit during the entire 9-5 work window. Some sweet little treats can help stimulate your mind and unlock those creative ideas. Their Macaroons are just heavenly delicious and colourful. Do try them!

Please remember to stay safe through the third wave of this pandemic and follow all the SOPs. The cafe is open for limited time slots and days so make sure you know what’s allowed these days.

Mocca Coffee Contact Details



Locate a Branch

Coco Cubano

Lahore Cafes:raoming pakistan
Photo by hungrypotatodiaries on Instagram

There are many cafes in Lahore that give food and a place to sit but if you want something other than the usual, take a look at this cafe in Lahore. Straight from Cuba, Coco Cubano landed in the city of foodies. Obviously, I’m talking about Lahore. Cuban-inspired cuisines will offer you a completely different palette with unique spices.

The Cuban Street’s colorful Tacos, Burgers, Nachos, and irresistible Mujitos is all you need on a fine evening. And what a simple yet elegant seating they have. The extravagant treats will make you come here again and again.  Coco Cubano can be your next spot for a friends gathering or a meeting with your investor because they’ll surely be impressed with your choice.

Photo by foodiemaskgirl on Instagram

They offer packages for parties and gatherings for groups of more than 6. Some of their new arrivals include a breakfast section in the menu with freshly brewed coffee, a Hi-tea platter with a variety of items, Grilled Chicken and Chai Latte. So, if you have visited this cafe before, make sure you try their new editions on your next trip. 

If you are a photographer/blogger, Coco Cubano is giving you a chance to feature your photo on their website. That means, don’t forget to click a nice picture and send it to the official pages of Coco Cubano Facebook and Instagram. Ready to get featured? The cafe is open for outdoor dining. 

Coco Cubano Contact Details


Location: 14-C 1 MM Alam Rd, Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact Number: 0308 9094094


Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

Lahore Cafes:Roaming pakistan
Photo by zksvlogs on Instagram

You can add another cafe in Lahore to your list of spots for working remotely. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is just another amazing place to sit and take a sip of their aromatic coffees. Their latest and simple outlets would make you sit for the entire day. The staff welcomes every person entering with such an energetic greeting.

They have a charging portal on every table and the wifi is just good enough. However, you have to log in with your credentials to get access. The variety of hot drinks are phenomenal but their Ice-Blended drinks are to die for. You should try Vanilla Cookies and Cream as well. Oh!

That soft and sweet whipping on top is amazing. No one can make better Ice-Blended cold coffees than Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. For outlets in Lahore, they are available for only deliveries and takeaways. The cafe has introduced a takeaway menu with snacks and desserts that will stay fresh till it reaches your doorstep.

Make sure you wear a mask and sanitize yourself before and after interacting with the cashier or the delivery boy. We gotta stay safe, please!

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Contact Details


Contact Number: 0302 5455448

Locate a Branch

Takeaway Menu

Lahore Cafes for Remote Work

We have listed some of the top cafes in Lahore which not only serve delicious snacks and desserts but specialize in teas and coffee which are the most consumed drinks to stay energized and focused. These cafes give their customers the opportunity to meet all their deadlines in a much more relaxed environment.

They are designed to target a specific clientele which includes students, businesspeople, and professionalists. The work-friendly cafe is not only a place to work but to socialize with new people and who knows, you might find the right person you were looking for.

After reading our informative article, comment below and let us know your feedback. Follow Roaming Pakistan for reading more informative articles coming your way. Explore the official website to read more about Islamabad, Naran, and other beautiful places in Pakistan. And don’t forget to share!

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