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best cafe in lahore

The latest article of Roaming Pakistan was on the Trendiest Dessert Cafes in Lahore. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and got some useful information. Our purpose of providing thoughtful details is to help you stay updated if you live in the city or the country and if you don’t, we won’t let you get stranded in Pakistan!

Lahore has uncountable cafes. Many of them are loved dearly by their customers. Some are coping quite well with the changing scenarios every week because of Covid restriction while others are facing pretty hard times. Today, we want to talk about a list of the best cafes in Lahore that have not failed to impress their loyal customers even at this time.

We see a drastic change in our lifestyle after the pandemic but this is the new normal right?. Let us take a look at what these cafes have to offer and what changes they have made to adapt to the post-Covid-19 world.

Best Cafe In Lahore: Arcadian 

Best Cafes In Lahore: Arcadian 
Photo by Arcadian Cafe Lahore on Facebook

Arcadian Cafe is located on MM Alam Road in Lahore. Like many other cafes in Lahore, It’s a cafe cum restaurant, specializing in multiple cuisines. The arcadian cafe offers Continental, Thai, Italian and French cuisines under one roof.  The long bar in the center of the space offers a variety of mocktails, drinks, and coffees. The dark teal walls with a touch of gold give a warm and cozy atmosphere.

They have divided the cafe into different types of seatings. You can have a meal on chairs or enjoy some good old party time with friends and family on their comfy sofas. The specific corner for birthday celebrations is decorated with props and balloons. The menu at the Arcadian Cafe is versatile. You will definitely get stuck with what to order as there are so many options to choose from. Chefs at Arcadian cafe believe in updating their menu with new and innovative flavors.

However, some of their chef recommendations are Dragon Chicken, Weaveball Prawns, Basil Leaf Chicken, Feng Shui, and Three Cheese Chicken. The food is delicious, carefully cooked with fresh ingredients. The staff is polite but should be more attentive while taking orders to avoid any mistakes. However, they are always ready to compensate if anything goes wrong. Arcadian Cafe is up for arranging small party gatherings for its customers.

They have a Hi-Tea Buffet with a wide range of dishes served between 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM, 7 days a week at Rs 1495+tax. Other than that, they are ready to serve you lunch and dinner. As per government orders, the cafe has resumed serving customers for outdoor dining, carhop, takeaways, and delivery. 

Arcadian Cafe Contact Details:

Address: Sir Syed Rd, 28-K Gulberg 2, Lahore

Contact Number: 0321-9555400

Arcadian Cafe Menu

Antique Cafe

Lahoris are always in search of new places to eat and relax. People are attracted to Antique Cafe because out of all the best cafes in Lahore, it’s the only one that has a live aquarium floor. There are two baby sharks too which is why they say ‘come and meet sharks’. Started in 2017, the Antique Cafe promises to provide a fine-dining experience to its customers with diversity in its menu.

Their menu includes Continental, Chinese, Pizzas, Steaks, Sea Food, as well as various stuffed Chicken entrees. At the Antique cafe, you can reserve a table for a romantic candlelight dinner. They are offering multiple packages with a basic dinner for two, with added decorations, and a secluded table. You can avail of whichever package best suits you depending upon the price and amenities that are included in each one of them.

Moreover, they offer almost everything you may wish to have a perfect birthday party. Birthday packages are crafted wisely to cater to the needs of everyone. There are a lot of options there too, you can always visit their website to see what they have for you.

Other than Birthday parties and candlelight dinners, you simply can’t ignore their buffets or Hi-tea. With a perfect combination of all cuisines, you get the option of themed decor as well the opportunity to have memorable friends or family gatherings complemented by their delicious food. As per the government’s latest restrictions, the cafe is open for dining, deliveries, and takeaway from 12:00 Pm to 10:00 PM.

Best cafe in Lahore: Antique Cafe Contact Details:


Address: Ground Floor، ALI TRADE CENTER, MM Alam Rd, Gulberg 3, Lahore

Contact Number: 0321 1129395

Antique Cafe Menu

Best Cafe In Lahore: Aylanto 

Best Cafe In Lahore: Aylanto 

Are you looking for a fancy place that could offer your palette something different than usual? Or you don’t agree with your friend’s choice of cuisine? Then we know where you can go! Cafe Aylanto believes in presenting all kinds of treats that one can wish for with ever-evolving recipes. The successful experiments in creating new flavors are delivered to the customers with a dining experience you would die for.

Located at the heart of DHA, the ambiance is carefully designed to welcome the clientele here. The menu has almost everything on it; the Mediterranean to Italian and Western iconic cuisines. We are huge fans of their beef carpaccio salad! You’ll find the place bright in daylight while and warm under dim lights at night. The interior of the restaurant is according to the latest designs.

With indoor seating, they have outdoor space that is equally well thought of as indoor space. Other than breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they have a Hi-Tea menu as well. Since Cafe Aylanto is pricey and considered as a hi-end cafe compared to others, customers prefer their hi-tea menu where you can try different things for less price.

As for now, only the outdoor seating is functional obviously to control the spread of Covid. Like most of the best cafes in Lahore, Cafe Aylanto follows all the SOPs as instructed by the government. Keeping the staff and customers safe is their first priority. The cafe is open from 7:45 AM to 10:00 PM. Their breakfast and Gourmet menu is only available for outdoor and indoor dining while they have made a customized menu that is perfect for takeaways and deliveries. 

Cafe Aylanto Contact Details:

Address: 12 C1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1, Gulberg 3, Lahore

Contact Number: (042) 35751886

Cafe Aylanto Menu

Best Cafe In Lahore: Cafe Zouk

Best Cafes In Lahore: Cafe Zouk
Photo by Cafe Zouk Lahore on Facebook

Have you heard of Cafe Zouk; a cafe that is taking culinary expertise to an unimaginable level? People living in Lahore are quite wealthy I assume. The reason for such a judgment is because you’ll see everything massive here as compared to most other cities. Be it fashion designer outlets or fancy eateries and it is one of the best cafes in Lahore.

You’ll notice that Lahoris have a lot to spend. That is why cafes like Zouk; the first-ever boutique-style restaurant, have opened up in Lahore. They have undoubtedly won everyone’s heart. Their ultimate dining experience will let you travel throughout the world. Right after entering this place, the incredible white linens on every table, the unique lighting, and everything else will catch your attention immediately, taking you to a magical world.

They claim to serve the most carefully crafted entrees and have kept their words by serving heavenly delicious food. I’m not the only fan nad by simply visiting their reviews, you will get to know people who are just loving this place. Coming to their specialties, Mediterranean Platter, Thai Fiery Beef, and Riveria Chicken are a few of them coming out of their modern kitchen.

Steaks, Burgers, Stuffed Chicken, you name it and they have got you covered. Even in the current situation, Cafe Zouk is keeping its spirits high by serving delicious food in perfect outdoor seating. Don’t forget to sanitize yourself, people!

Cafe Zouk Contact Details:


Address: 43 L, Complex Plaza, MM Alam Rd, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore

Contact Number: (042) 35750272

Cafe Zouk Menu

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore

Butlers Cafe is an Irish chocolatier famous for its handmade delicacies made from the finest chocolates. Nothing tastes better than smooth, silky chocolate desserts. Oh my! I’m craving already. If you do not live in Lahore, no worries. You can enjoy butlers in Islamabad and Karachi too.

Almost any confectionery, dessert, or chocolate you can imagine is being served here. The versatile menu for your sweet cravings has everything on it. All are made to perfection by carefully choosing fine ingredients. You might be thinking that it’s a dessert place but no! They have some savory items too and their awesomeness can’t be ignored. Chefs at Butler’s have mastered the breakfast and snack items as well.

Wide range of eggs, sandwiches and paninis, waffles, and whatnot. Simply amazing! Their outlets are designed with up-to-date trends, such as incorporating glass windows through which you’ll be able to enjoy the whole view. This high-end and a little expensive cafe is what you need if you are looking for an elite experience.

People coming here are another set of clientele and according to their likings, the cafe has been crafted beautifully. It can most certainly be a wonderful place to chit-chat with your friends as well. Don’t forget to have a look at their chocolate collection because it’s a perfect gift box for your loved ones!

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Contact Details:

Address: Fortune Mall, 20C Block A M.M Alam Road, Lahore

Contact Number: 0300 020 4615

Butlers Cafe Menu

Peeru’s Cafe

Peeru’s Cafe
Photo by Peeru’s Cafe on Facebook

If you have a creative mind and a love for arts and crafts then you should have a go at Peeru’s Cafe. It is the most unique of all the best cafes in Lahore. With all kinds of interesting creations, Peeru’s will give you an exquisite traditional dining experience.

The serenity in the air and the beauty of this place will tempt you on another level entirely. Music in the background just adds up to the whole vibe. An absolute lit place it is! What a perfect combination of vibrant colors paired with an antique look. The indoor dining area is basically a hut that is bombarded with hundreds of ceiling colorful lamps.

They offer outdoor dining as well with an equally tempting setup. By looking at these pictures you must be excited to visit Peeru’s cafe. Right? The cafe offers Chinese, Thai, and Continental cuisines but their specialty is traditional Pakistani foods. Other than that, it is the right place for tea, coffee, and other beverages. They not only serve food to the visitors but entertain them with mesmerizing musical nights, puppet shows, and other family activities.

Thursday nights are for Sufi music, Fridays for old and new songs, Saturdays are Qawali night specials and finally, Sundays are meant to be for activities for kids. In the current times where indoor dining is restricted, places like Peeru’s cafe get an edge as they specialize in an open-air atmosphere.

Peeru’s Cafe Contact Details:

Address: Green Acres Main Road, Lahore

Contact Number: 0300 8432626

Peeru’s Cafe Menu

Freddy’s Cafe

Freddy’s Cafe
Photo by Freddy’s Cafe on Facebook

A simple yet decent place; Freddy’s Cafe is a traditional cafe mostly having Pakistani and Continental dishes on their menu. If calmness is what defines you then Freddy’s Cafe would be your go-to cafe as it has a very light vibe in the atmosphere where you can eat and relax.

The cafe has indoor dining but because of the current situation, they have started serving in open-air seating. The chairs and umbrellas give a perfect spot to sit on slightly sunny days but as you know, Lahore gets really hot in summer so it will be preferable at night. Freddy’s, like most of the best cafes in Lahore, is an all-rounder.

You’ll find burgers, steaks, pasta, and even afghani specialties all in one menu. Other than their A La Carte menu, they serve Tea Time Buffet with a mixture of all tea-time snacks for just Rs 1295+tax. They offer discounts for children between 3 to 10 years. Their food is considered average to good by most reviewers. In Lahore, there are hundreds of options and if you are running out of options, you can certainly come here.

At Freddy’s cafe, you can enjoy outdoor dining, car dining, deliveries, and takeaways. Indoor dining is still restricted almost everywhere in Lahore and other cities. On weekends only car dining, takeaway, and delivery service are available till 10:00 PM.

Freddy’s Cafe Contact Details:

Address: 2, C II، MM Alam Rd, Block C 2 Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact Number: (042) 35754416

Freddys Cafe Menu

Well, these were some really awesome places in Lahore that you need to consider visiting at least once. Lahore is such a big city with thousands of eateries; all unique and serving different items. It’s very difficult to talk about all of them in just one article. So, if we missed out on anyone we’ll make sure to cover you in our next writing. As we would never stop and there is so much to write about our beautiful country Pakistan. Keep visiting Roaming Pakistan, your support matters a lot. Bon Appetit!

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