Top 8 Restaurants to Eat Best Nachos in Islamabad (June 2023)

Best Nacho in Islamabad

Nachos satisfy your happy hour cravings better than anything else. In addition to being a delicious salty snack by themselves, tortilla chips are also a perfect vehicle for delivering meat, beans, cheese, or anything else straight to your mouth! In this article, we list the restaurants that make the best nachos in Islamabad.

Nachos never run out of the latest flavors and tastes. Particularly in Islamabad, quality restaurants offer nachos and tacos to millions of Twin Cities residents. 

You will find the most delicious nachos here, including traditional styles as well as modern twists — and yes, even a vegan option. Despite your nacho styles, we think there is something for everyone in the below roundup.

Islamabad Restaurant Nachos Consumers Crave Most:

Food Network-approved restaurants across Islamabad and Rawalpindi have transformed the classic cheese-and-tortilla-chip combo by offering chicken wings, poke, and other surprising twists.

Tayto – Best Nachos in Islamabad

Image by taytocafe on Instagram 

Tayto Islamabad is a new international casual cafe chain in Pakistan. That offers its customers the opportunity to dine festively without getting into Fine Dining mode. Depending on your craving, you can choose from a variety of Tayto Nachos options. 

It’s worth your while to try their Chicken Nachos. Their Nachos are of good quality and cooked efficiently. Tayto tacos, nachos, and tortilla chips are just impressive.

The most awesome about Tayto’s Nachos is that their portions are typically huge and don’t cost a lot! During the 24 hours, this restaurant serves its best nachos in American, Italian, and Mexican style.

Apart from the best-selling Nachos, they also have the Maximus and XXL Burger ranges, including the famous NY Double Beef Burger.

In addition, if you’re a healthy salad lover, they have a selection of Salads. Tayto has added fresh juices to its menu.

In addition to Nachos, Burgers, and Salads. In 350ml glasses, they serve freshly extracted fruits juice to better satisfy their customers’ appetites.

Chicken Nachos, great burgers, and fresh juices have made Tayto a go-to place for stomachs that crave them.

Tayto Contact Details

Address: GT Road GIGA Mall, World Trade Center, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone number: +92 51 8731111

Timing: 10am — 11pm

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Facebook: Tayto Cafe

Instagram: taytocafe

Cafe Trieste – Best Cheesy Nachos

Photo by Cafe Trieste on Facebook

In Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Cafe Trieste is among the best restaurants in town. You won’t be disappointed with this splendour place if you love Italian and Mexican food.

When it comes to Mexican Chessy Nachos, there is no better place than Trieste. Here, Super Cheesy Nachos both look and taste incredible!

There is nothing better than Cafe Trieste Nachos with their Special Mint Margarita, as the Nachos are generous with the cheese- some might even say too generous.

So be prepared to get cheesy hands. Cheesy Nacho cravings are satisfactorily satisfied by Cafe Trieste for years.

Apart from Special Cheesy Nacho, the special chicken steak, chicken parm, Italian pasta, and pizza that Cafe Trieste serves to their customers are among the items that keep their customers happy.

In addition to great Nachos, they provide excellent customer service. A very gracious and welcoming staff awaits you. Moreover, your satisfaction with the service will be enhanced even more by their comfortable sofas.

Cafe Trieste is the best place to go with your family and friends with amazing dining and setting experience. Throughout the 24 hours, Cafe Trieste is open for their guests.

Cafe Trieste Contact Details

Address: Bahria Expy Sector F DHA Phase 1, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone number: +92 51 5400170

Timing: 12:00 PM — 12:00 AM

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Facebook: Trieste Bahria Town

Instagram: Trieste.Islamabad

District 6 – Mexican Style Nachos 

Photo from District Six Official website

The District Six Restaurant in Islamabad is famed for its Nachos. Indeed, it is a venue that serves ‘authentic’ food. A unique blend of rich, tantalizing flavours accompanies the supremely delicious food. Mexican Nachos and Fish Tacos are available here for Nacho fans.

A wood shelf held an arrangement of fish tacos stacked upon a stone platter. Fish fillets are filled with battered cod and topped with sour cream, sriracha mayo, shredded cabbage, lime, and served with corn with Cheetos cheese. Among the best aspects of this taco are its softness and crunchy cod.

As for the service, it is top-notch with well-mannered, trained, and behaved personnel. An appealing ambiance is created by keeping things simple. The interior designs are elegant and posh.

Photo from District Six Official website

Although they are a little more expensive, their experience makes up for it. Taco lovers should check out this place

According to Ms. Rafat __ Chef at District Six:

We make sure the dishes are as authentic as possible. If I am serving fish tacos, we will only use Mexican sauces. It is important to me not to compromise on quality.

Those who want to enjoy a healthy outdoor meal should dine at District 6.

District Six Contact Details

Address: Shop 7 Block C, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad 44000 Pakistan

Phone number: +92 303 7776216

Timing: 10:30 am — 11:00 pm

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Facebook: District 6

Ox & Grill – Supreme Nachos in Islamabad

Photo by Ox & Grill Official Instagram page.

Ox and Grill is an American restaurant outlet located in F7 Markaz, Islamabad. Among the most popular dishes at Ox and Grill are their tacos and nachos.

They prepare so well Nachos that is a unique experience to savour. As well as fresh tortilla chips, tortillas come with cheese, chicken, jalapenos, and salsa.

You can dine out, have it delivered, and take it out. Furthermore, friendly and attentive waiting staff and a great chef make this place a delight.

The restaurant provides complimentary garlic bread to get the customers feeling at ease. And while the customers are enjoying their appetizers, they take orders and prepare your order. 

Ox and Grill have a simple interior, with wooden decor and some wall hangings depicting cowboys wrangling bulls. Moreover, the atmosphere at this restaurant is romantic and tranquil, with a low frequency of background music. 

Photo by Ox & Grill Facebook Page

Although OX and Grill are quite expensive, the amount, quality & taste that it maintains makes it worth every cent. If you haven’t tried their food yet, you should!

Ox & Grill Contact Details 

Address: College Road Sector F7 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone Number: +92 51 5130023

Timing: 12am — 12pm

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Facebook: OX & Grill Saddar

Instagram: oxandgrillsaddar

The Gyro Cafe – Best Tortilla Chips 

Photo by The Gyro on Facebook.

The Gyro Cafe in Islamabad has the best tortilla chips that are less messy and will give you the best nacho experience of your life. Although the menu isn’t very extensive, it also isn’t short.

Despite its modest size, the restaurant is unassuming. There is bar-style seating along one brick wall, and on the left is a table for four.

Grilled meat served on a flatbread, usually with vegetables and condiments, is referred to as a Gyro.

Usually, Gyro is made with onions and tomatoes, green peppers, pita bread, and sauce add sweetness to the dish, although the onions seem overwhelming, nonetheless, the gyros always taste great.

Photo by The Gyro on Facebook.

Zurab (a Gyro employee) said Gyro gets a large number of visitors at night. Diners in Islamabad are happiest with tacos and nachos, while you can find gyros and Mexican-style cuisine nowhere else.

Since Gyro is perfect in flavour and ambience. Hence, I would recommend visiting this place with family and friends.

Gyro Contact Details

Address: Street N0. 100, G-7/4 G 7/4 G-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Phone number: (051) 8430211

Timing: 12am — 12pm

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Facebook: The Gyro

Porterhouse – Best Nachos in Islamabad with Outdoor Seating

Photo by PoterHouse on Facebook

With its opening in 2014, Porterhouse filled the void left by Islamabad’s lack of meat options. Throughout their menu, the Porterhouse Nachos emphasize seasonal and indigenous flavourings. 

Whether you love meat or not, you’re sure to appreciate this place since there is no competition for their Cheesy as well as beef Nachos.

Here, nachos and tortillas are made with corn chips baked in an oven and topped with salsa and melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese. While tacos are top with sour cream and guacamole (house special topping).

Along with Supreme Nachos, Porterhouse offers Thailand, Chinese, and Italian cuisines. Additionally, you can expect to find tasty skewers, steaks, soups, desserts, and a variety of healthy salads.

For those who do not enjoy beef, Porterhouse also offers speciality seafood and chicken dishes. 

Photo by PoterHouse on Facebook

If you want to taste delicious food, try this place. Indeed, the quality of food is always outstanding, and the atmosphere is charming. Here, the special steak and nachos are superb.

With these nachos, you’ll have a great rooftop dining experience, so I recommend you try it!

Porterhouse Contact Details

Address: Kohsar Market Sector F-6/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone number: +92 51 2307703

Timing: 11AM — 12AM

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Facebook: Porterhouse

Italian Oven – Mexican style Nachos

Photo by on their website

If you are craving Mexican nachos, then Italian Oven is the perfect place to go. Furthermore, the Italian Oven serves you the best of Chinese, Mexican and Italian flavours.

Certainly, those who love freshly sliced avocados, jalapenos, and cilantro will enjoy their best Mexican Nachos. 

Moreover, their tortilla chips are deep-fried and topped with cheese, iceberg, salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos. For the perfect nacho experience, we suggest you order their Supreme Nachos if you’re visiting here for the first time.

In fact, Mexican and supreme nachos are not the only items available at Italian Oven. 

Image by Italian Oven On Instagram

There are also a variety of pizza flavours, beverages, seafood, and shrimp, as well as steaks and burgers. Additionally, you can also order from their large Mexican, Italian, and Chinese menus.

Moreover, takeout and dining out are both available at the restaurant. Indeed, the Italian Oven is the ideal choice for families and groups. 

Italian Oven Contact Details

Address: Markaz F-10 Plot# 4-A, Universal Plaza, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone number: +92 51 2103133

Timing: 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM

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Facebook: Italian Oven

Pappasallis F-7- Best Tacos and Nachos in Town

Photo by Pappasallis on Instagram

Pappasallis is one of Islamabad’s oldest restaurants, serving food since 1989 and never running out of flavour. You can get authentic Italian food style from Pappasallis F-7.

Indeed, It’s the ultimate appetizer to have, their wicked Supreme Nachos. For instance, they have served their deep-fried nachos topped with vegetables, Picante, olives, jalapenos, and sour cream for decades. 

Besides nachos, they also have pizza, burgers, and many other items. The cafe’s interior has an advanced design that attracts individuals for regular visits and special events such as birthdays.

In addition, you will find a wide variety of affordable food items that can satisfy your cravings within your budget. 

Photo by Pappasallis on Instagram

At the Pappasallis F7, in addition to Nachos, you can order their super cheesy pizza, special burgers, and many more.

Furthermore, their special pizza is an excellent choice for those who want the best. The fine dining experience at this restaurant is perfect for the entire family.

Pappasallis F-7 Contact Details

Address: 13-E Jinnah Super Market F-7 Markaz, Islamabad 44000 Pakistan

Timing: 12:00 PM — 02:00 AM

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Order Now at:

Facebook: Pappasallis 

Instagram: pappasallis1989

For the love of Nachos

At last, we have to say nachos have a lot to love: the cheese, the combination of savoury and spicy, and the toppings all bundled together in one delectable offering.

No doubt, any occasion calls for a snack like a nacho. Enjoy a bowl of Nachos with your family and friends.

What are your favourite places to get nachos in Islamabad? Comment below and let us know!

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