Restaurants Offering Car Dining In Lahore (June 2023)

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Due to the pandemic, there has been a drastic change in our lifestyle. Many businesses have been affected badly. Obviously, people are struggling with this change and whoever responded to this change quickly and effectively, survived the game. Similarly, the food industry had to come up with something new to cope up with the situation.

The government has imposed a ban on all the restaurants of IslamabadLahore, and Karachi for indoor and outdoor dining to reduce the spread of the virus. This rule is for the safety of our people but has a bad effect on the restaurants. In response to this, the restaurants made their delivery and takeaways more efficient.

Moreover, they came up with a solution for car dining in Lahore, Islamabad, and all other major cities in Pakistan. The restaurants are now offering their customers an entirely new experience of car dining.

The customers can have food inside their own safe space i.e. their personal car while having the same experience as indoor dining. For your ease, here is the list of all the restaurants that are offering car dining in Lahore.

Cafe Aylanto DHA Lahore

car dining in lahore
Photo by Cafe Aylanto on Facebook

Cafe Aylanto is situated in a posh area of Lahore where you can see all kinds of restaurants. With such an existing competition, the cafe has managed to make its presence for high-quality cuisine and a sophisticated environment. 

It’s all about culinary sensation in an atmosphere that is extremely elegant and casual at the same time. The cafe has brought a mixture of Mediterranean dishes and a fusionist culinary touch from around the world. The menu primarily focuses on Mediterranean food however, you can find basic items as well like Italian Pasta.

Along with the specialties of Cafe Aylanto, new items are added frequently with time to keep it interesting. So that everyone can enjoy coming here. The ambiance is very comfortable.

They have everything to cater for big family gatherings in their private lounge to romantic couple dinners and people who would like to sit under the starry nights in their patio. There is a non-smoking area that is friendly for your children. 

As per the government rules, the outdoor and indoor dining are closed however you can always opt for delivery, takeaway, and car dining in Lahore when it comes to cafe Aylanto.

They provide a comfortable car dine-in experience that is easy to handle with car tables. As everything is served to make your dinner nothing less than before. Some of the specialties are worth mentioning here.

The Flame Grilled Tenderloin is a prime-cut steak that is drizzled with garlic sauce and served with sauteed mushrooms and vegetables. Or the Fiery Chilli Sole is a piece of sole marinated in garlic, vinaigrette, and red chillis.

You can also enjoy monthly specials designed according to the seasonal trends with top-quality ingredients both sourced from local and international markets.

Contact Details Cafe Aylanto

Address: 12-C/1, M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.

Contact Number: (042) 3-575-1886

Ramadan Timings: Iftar till 3:30 AM

Cafe Aylanto Menu

Tenerife Cafe

tenerife cafe car dning in lahore
Photo by Tenerife Cafe on Facebook

This cafe has opened its doors in 2015 in the poshest area of Lahore and has managed to gain our attention. In such a short time span, the cafe has managed to impress its crowd with its unique Spanish beach style theme that is nowhere to be found in the vicinity.

The Tenerife cafe is all about Pan Asian, Continental, and Middle Eastern cuisine all under one roof. They serve a variety of options here from Japanese Cuisine to Sushi followed by standard steaks, pasta, and burgers.

They also serve Mexican Dishes. So if your family has different preferences then Cafe Tenerife is the right place for you. The cafe has multiple seating areas that are set up differently. If you are visiting with family and kids then the ground floor has the family area.

However, if you want to smoke then the first floor has a smoking area with glass windows and secluded space. The best one is their patio which offers outdoor dining. The beachy theme with big trees and all fairy lights will make you want to sit here and eat.

Here, musical events were organized before the pandemic and used to be such a lively environment. But because of the increase in positive cases across Pakistan, the government has banned indoor and outdoor dining for all the restaurants in Lahore and other cities as well.

There is nothing to be worried about as Tenerife cafe is offering car dining in Lahore. Not just this, last year they started car-cinema too. Where you could enjoy watching a movie while having dinner in your cars by tuning onto FM 108.

Or even if you have come for takeaway, watching a movie could make the waiting time shorter. So visit them now!

Contact Details Tenerife Cafe

Address: 11 Jail Road, Main Gulberg, Lahore

Contact Number: 0333 4426961

Ramadan Timings: Iftar till 3:00 AM

Tenerife Cafe Menu

Koya Restaurant

Koya restaurant car diningin lahore
Photo by Koya Restaurant on Facebook

Koya is also a new restaurant situated in DHA Phase 6 Lahore. The restaurant is serving a mixture of specialties taken and curated carefully from European and Western cuisine.

It offers a cozy setup that would definitely attract the youngster of today as the decor and ambiance attract them the most. Koya is still in a struggling phase both because of its mixed reviews and pandemic, which has made everyone suffer. Especially the food industry.

Coming to their menu, their slow-cooked lamb with mashed potatoes has been getting quite the hype and once you try it, you will agree too.

If you have a preference for a slightly sweet and extremely hot savory entree then Firecracker Chicken is a must-try as it is a perfect blend of spices ( a little too hot to handle) to the tender and juicy chicken bites.

The presentation on the plate will amaze you leading to a well-balanced delicious food. At Koya, you can enjoy some basic dishes too such as their Italian Pizza has been really in demand as their perfectly kneaded dough and the unique combination of toppings will make the experience like never before. 

Photo by Koya Restaurant on Facebook

The entire place has a look that will mesmerize you. The furniture, the layout, color scheme everything fits in the right place. Koya has a bolt of dim lightning to it that mostly attracts the young generation.

While the outdoor is lit with small LED lights. Since indoor and outdoor dining is banned, the Koya restaurants haven’t given up on us yet and came up with this experimental idea of serving us within our cars.

So we can enjoy the decor and keep ourselves safe at the same time within our area following SOPs. 

Contact Details Koya Restaurants

Address: Sector A DHA Phase 6, Lahore

Contact Number: 0344 4489556

Ramadan Timings: 5 PM – 2 AM

Koya Restaurant Menu

Mandarin Kitchen

car dining in lahore by mandarin kitchen
Photo by Mandarin Kitchen on Facebook

Another Asian restaurant Mandarin Kitchen is located in DHA Phase 3 Lahore. This tiny and cozy place is very welcoming, serving its customers delicious Chinese and Korean food.

You can get family serving as well as individual bowls. In rush hours getting a table could take a lot of time as congested space is the only problem here. But don’t get disappointed because they serve the best and delicious Chinese food.

They will also serve you complimentary margaritas and you will never regret coming here. Some of their dishes are spectacular and have on the hotlist as most of the people love them. In bowl serving, try their General Tso Chicken.

It is the best example of the most perfect blend of spice and sweet touch to the gravy served with fresh green beans. The gravy is served with sticky steamed rice or egg fried rice and will cost you around Rs 800-900 per serving exclusive of taxes.

In their family serving entree, Crispy Honey Chicken is the best and most recommended one. The portion size is enough for 2-3 people. Mandarin Kitchen has a very limited Korean menu but their most favorite one is Korean Buldak.

It comes in a crunchy chicken wrapped in thick and dense spicy gravy. Perfect if you are a spice lover. Mandarin Kitchen is serving its customers by taking orders for delivery, takeaways, and car dining in Lahore.

As far as safety is concerned, the staff is very well educated and understands the importance of following all the SOPs under this pandemic crisis. Thus, you can enjoy coming here without any fear.

They are available for your iftar cravings till the Sehri time so what are you waiting for? You got to try this place.

Contact Details Mandarin Kitchen

Address: Building 23، Street 17, Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore

Contact Number: 0310 7771766

Ramadan Timings: 6 PM – 3 AM

Mandarin Kitchen Menu

Fuchsia Kitchen

Photo by Fuchsia Kitchen on Facebook

Fuchsia Kitchen is the sister brand of the owners of Cafe Aylanto that serves a menu entirely opposite to that of Cafe Aylanto. The Fuchsia Kitchen is known for Pan Asian, Vietnamese and Korean Cuisine.

If you are a fan of Cafe Aylanto and want to have Chinese then Fuchsia is the right place for you. The overall reputation of Fuchsia Restaurant is pretty good and is a must-try.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’ll come across a warm welcome by the staff from the Valet parking area to the table.

The staff helps you out with the menu. Although the menu is pretty short and easy to understand, however, you can ask for the chef’s recommendation.

The restaurant is expensive and would cost you 1500-2000 per person. The ambiance is simple and elegant with indoor as well as outdoor setup. The outdoor setup at night is very rich and cozy.

Fried Red Snapper and Pot Thai curry are the top items demanded by the customer. The food quality overall is worth the price. One thing to note is that the steamed rice is served on an individual basis and you can ask for the re-fill as many times as you want.

The generous staff will always be around you to serve freshly steamed rice.

Photo by Fuchsia Kitchen on Facebook

Well because of the pandemic and the government rules imposed on the restaurants, Fuchsia restaurant is also following the Sops very strictly. They are only available for takeaways, delivery, and also car dining in Lahore.

The staff makes sure that your experience even under such circumstances is comfortable enough for you to enjoy their delicious food.

The place is really nice if you are a fan of Chinese cuisine so plan your next iftar here to enjoy their Iftar Dinner Box. Order now!

Contact Details Fuchsia Kitchen

Address: 119 Hali Rd, Block E1 Block E 1 Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact Number: (042) 35762157

Ramadan Timings: Iftar till Dinner

Fuchsia Kitchen Menu

Lal Qila Restaurant

chullu kabab lahore
A photo from Lal Qilla on Facebook

If you are looking for royal hospitality, a place that depicts the Mughal Era and its artistry then you must visit Lal Qila restaurant in Lahore. It is an exceptional example of the traditional esthetical essence that comes purely from our history.

The ambiance is the true depiction of how things were so precious and valuable in the past. It will certainly leave you amazed. And the food here is just cherry on top if you are a desi food lover. 

Lal Qila offers the authentic taste of Mughlai cuisine, traditions live BBQ, and much much more. While continuing the legacy, this place is famous for Pakistani dishes that are extremely loved by everyone.

There are many halls and seating areas in the restaurant. The outdoor set up under the open sky lets you have dinner with fresh air. Different events are organized here.

The indoor halls include Mughali Hall, Bara, and Dewan e Khaas are unique pieces of architecture and decor. You can arrange big family gatherings here. Also, the river Hamna flowing in the Red Fort can be seen from the restaurant which is so peaceful to watch.

It is one of the very few restaurants that offer live BBQ in their buffet. Lal Qila offers a lunch and dinner buffet with a variety of dishes. In Ramadan, you can enjoy Iftar cum Dinner buffet as well.

On regular days, they have a hi-tea buffet for their customers. However, indoor and outdoor seating is banned. But, the restaurant is ready to offer car dining in Lahore.

There is a separate menu for car dining to ensure the quality food is delivered to your doorstep. Check out their amazing Ramadan deals for Sehar and Iftar.

Contact Details Lal Qila Restaurants


Address: 11-A Main Boulevard Garden Town, Babar Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: 0311 1525551

Ramadan Timings: Iftar till Sehar

Lal Qila Restaurant Menu

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