Restaurants in Marriott Hotel Islamabad

With Roaming Pakistan, we have talked about many different kinds of restaurants and cafes in Islamabad. Some were focusing on cuisines while others emphasising the type of ambience. How about we take a look at some of the most high-end restaurants.

Somewhere you can enjoy the cuisines of different countries, all under one roof? Yes! We are talking about restaurants in Marriott Hotel Islamabad. If you have been to Marriott, you would have noticed, at multiple locations there is a restaurant following a particular theme.

The Chinese restaurant has a big elephant statue at its entrance. Similarly, the Japanese restaurant has a whole vibe of Japan. Let’s take a look at each one of them individually and how they are famous for their food.

Marriott Hotel Islamabad

Photo by Marriott Hotel Islamabad on Facebook

Marriott Hotel Islamabad is a 5-start international hotel located right at the centre of Islamabad. With a massive building, the hotel has a very trendy look from the outside. While on the inside, Marriott Hotel Islamabad is the most beautiful, luxurious hotel one could find in the capital. They have the most up-to-date rooms, an indoor pool, 7 different restaurants of top quality each special in its own way. Marriott Hotel Islamabad is open 24 hours. You can conduct business meetings and conferences. Businessmen, foreigners, politicians and Government and Corporate employees prefer Marriott for official meetups and gathering. Free wifi and 24 hours room service are a few other offerings of this hotel.

Who is the owner of Marriott Hotel?

The owner of the Marriott Hotel Islamabad is Sadruddin Hashwani. He is the seventh most rich Pakistani with a net worth of $ 1.5 billion (May 2020). He is known as the founder as well as CEO of the Hashoo Group. Hashoo group works in the hospitality and oil & gas sector. Some of their main projects are Pearl Continental Hotels & Resorts, Ocean Pakistan Limited and Hashoo Foundation. 

Sadruddin Hashwani has been awarded Pakistan’s top civilian award which is Nishan-e-Imtiaz. He is also an author of the best selling book; Truth Always Prevails which was published in 2014. He started with opening a hotel called Holiday Inn in Karachi and then in Islamabad. Both were then converted into Marriott Hotels in 1990. 

Where is Marriott Hotel located?

Marriott Hotel Islamabad is located in the heart of Islamabad, within the geographical premises of sector F-5 on Agha Khan Road. With the breathtaking view of Margalla Hills and Faisal Mosque, Marriott Hotel is at a distance of 37 kilometres from Islamabad International Airport and Rawalpindi Railway Station. Near Marriott Hotel, some of the important buildings include the Prime Minister and President’s  House, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Bank, Parliament House and Senate. This area comes under Red Zone Area thus security is very high with multiple checkpoints on the way.

Restaurants in Marriott Hotel Islamabad

The Nadia Coffee Shop

Photo by Hira Aziz on Instagram

Nadia Cafe is one of the best and lavish restaurants in the Marriot Hotel Islamabad. It is perfect for family gatherings and business dinners. It is one of the top places serving a divine Hi-Tea buffet menu. There is a variety of Pakistani, Continental and Chinese dishes with a tower of mouthwatering desserts. At Nadia Cafe, you can also enjoy breakfast and dinner buffet. Both are worth trying.

They arrange special nights like KPK and Pakistani night with a menu focusing on the particular theme. So if you like Shinwari and Namak Mandi, book your table this Saturday as they have a dinner buffet inspired by the cuisine of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.  Their chefs are very experienced and so is the staff. Each counter has a chef/helper with 2-3 live stations. It is really fun getting something ready according to your choice.

The ambience of this place is very calm and soothing. On special occasions, there is live music that you can enjoy. With covid restrictions, Nadia Cafe is serving its customers outside the lobby in the open air. 

Contact Number: 051 111223344

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Photo by Marriott Hotel Islamabad on Facebook

Sakura is one of the restaurants in Marriott Hotel Islamabad offering exquisite delicacies from Japanese cuisine. They are famous for a vast variety of food coming from Japan with chefs who are experts in this field and have years of experience. With its exemplary service, ambience and delicious meals, it’s a perfect place to serve your foreign guests.

The menu of Sakura restaurant can be tricky to understand if you are unaware of Japanese food. However, you can definitely go with the chef’s recommendation if you are up for trying something new. Their menu has a great combination of beef, lamb, salmon and other seafood. You can choose to order from a variety of soups, appetizers, salads and tempuras. They serve different flavours of Ramen, Udon and Soba Noodles.

The second menu gives a variety of sushi and sashimi platters. You can choose one of the flavours or you can mix different types of sushi and sashimi in one platter. There is a platter as well based on the chef’s recommendation.  Sakura Japenese Restaurant is one of its kind in Islamabad that you can find. It’s definitely worth trying if you are a die heart fan of sushi and other Japanese food. They are available for lunch and dinner.

Contact Number: 051 2826121; ext= 2325.


Photo by Marriott Hotel Islamabad on Facebook

Among all other restaurants in Marriott Hotel Islamabad, Dynasty is a Chinese restaurant specializing in Chinese cuisine. Their chef has experience of more than 20 years. The chef told in an interview that they used to get ingredients from different countries but now they have got a connection with Chinese vendors directly from Chine. This has given a significant positive change in the taste of the dishes as told by the customers.

At Dynasty you can start off with their special soups, depending upon your preference. They have traditional hot n sour soup as well as wonton soup. It all depends on your palette. Either you can opt for spicy dishes which are closest to our local tastebuds or can get something purely from China. They have exquisite seafood platters and dishes with phenomenal taste and beautiful presentation. Dynasty serves its customers for lunch and dinner timings. The dress code is semi-casual so you don’t need to be all suited.

Expert chefs keep experimenting with new recipes. Then customers give their feedback on the new addition. It is then either improved or added to the menu. The new dishes are then adopted by the other branches of Marriott and Pearl Continental Hotels. 

Contact Number: 051 2826121; ext= 2321

The Royal Elephant

Another luxurious restaurant in Marriott Hotel Islamabad is The Royal Elephant which serves Thai and Asian cuisines. It is a fine dining restaurant perfect for family dinners and business meetings. If you are looking for authentic Thai food, The Royal Elephant is your next go-to place.

A good, luxury food with your family once in a while won’t hurt your pockets. The exotic menu has a lot to offer. From soups, appetizers, salads, seafood and noodles there is so much to choose from. If you ever got a chance to visit Singaporean restaurants in Singapore, you would definitely recommend this restaurant as the closest to the original tastes.

They also serve a buffet as well as A la carte. At the Royal Elephant, you can also plan your iftar dinner as they offer amazing deals in Ramzan. Otherwise, they are open for lunch and dinner.

Contact Number: 051 2826121; ext= 2324

Jason’s Steak House

Photo by Zarmeen Mehmood on Instagram

Jason’s Steak House located at Marriott Hotel Islamabad is an American restaurant. This popular country-style restaurant serves imported-high quality beef cuts. They offer the finest prime cuts for delicious, tender steaks. Cooking methods are according to American standards. Their thick Black Angus Steaks is premium meat, cooked to perfection with just the right temperature you are looking for.

If you are planning to have a high-end fine-dining experience with your business partners or guests from a foreign country, Jason Steakhouse can be a good but relatively expensive option. It is the most costly steakhouse in Islamabad with damage of an average of Rs 3000 per person. 

The ambience gives a vibe of the calm countryside with a typical American look. They have two private rooms available in case you want a separate area for official dinners. Jason steakhouse only serves at dinner time. You need to be dressed formally if you plan to have dinner. As mostly foreigners or businessmen visit this place.

Contact Number: 051 2826121; ext= 2330

Terrace Café

Photo by Marriott Hotel Islamabad on Facebook

If you are looking for a fine-dining experience with an open-air, chic atmosphere then Terrace cafe at Marriott Hotel Islamabad is the right place to go. They offer a serene outdoor environment on the terrace with a beautiful picturesque view. Whether under the sunshine or cold breeze at night, you’ll feel comfortable having a mix of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine. The light and casual place to sit with delicious food at any time of the day can be very soothing.

They have a variety of snacks including Tapas, Gourmet burgers, smoothies and desserts, a range of Turkish Teas and Morrocan Coffees. The chef’s platter could be your choice with a mix of everything delicious. In this pandemic, where you can only opt for open-air dining, Terrace cafe can take all your blues away. Have a breakfast, lunch tea or dinner with a buffet which is launched recently. You can walk in without a reservation in a semi-casual dressing.

Contact Number: 051 2826121; ext= 2327

Lobby Lounge

You can find the lobby lounge at the very entrance of Marriot Hotel Islamabad. People use it as a casual meeting as well as a waiting area. The lobby lounge is one of the many restaurants in Marriot Hotel Islamabad that serves unique delicacies perfect for your snack time with just the right ambience. A sleek casual lounge is the right place for a yummy patisserie, desserts, sandwiches and teas and coffees.

Whether you have a quick follow up meeting with your business partner or going to meet a friend who is staying at Marriott. Lobby Lounge can offer some quick solutions while you chit chat or have a serious discussion on your work plans. The comfortable sofas, efficient staff and waiter and light music create just the right environment you are looking for. For further information, you can call on +92 51 2826121; ext= 2317 but you can always drop in without a reservation.

Photo by Marriott Hotel Islamabad on Facebook


Photo Areesh Imran by on Instagram

Zigolini is one of the restaurants in Marriott Hotel Islamabad. It is a sweet little Italian food place serving classing Italian kinds of pasta and freshly baked pizzas in the brick oven with hand-tossed thin crusts. It is the finest restaurant with authentic Tuscan flavour that has marked its place in the hearts of its customers. They have launched an entirely updated menu in last years. The chefs believe that at Zalgolini, people can connect themselves with delicious modern Italian food. 

Along with their unique variety of handmade pasta and thin-crust pizzas, they have a special range of desserts as well. If you visit you have to try their Panna Cotta with Berry Coulis because it will simply take you to heaven. Other delicacies you need to look out for are Tiramisu with Mascarpone Cream, Leamon delight with lemon curd and homemade gelato icecreams. 

Zalgolini has marked its place in the hearts of the customers since 2012. With the revamped menu and improved quality standards, there is no chance of it going down. They serve at lunch and dinner timings so book your table now.

Contact Number: 051 2826121; ext= 2333

That’s all Folks!

Marriott Hotel Islamabad has so much to offer other than just a luxurious place to stay. With the unique blend of all kinds of restaurants each serving its own speciality people are looking forward to having their meals and meetings here. They have everything you need for family gatherings, business meeting, taking foreign guests for an outstanding dinner in an open place or a secluded rooms. So we just wrapped everything we could in this article on all the restaurants in Marriott Hotel Islamabad. Please comment down below for the feedback and let us know what you think, for suggestions or what you want to read from Roaming Pakistan.

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