The Complete Pappasallis Menu, Deals, And Discounts (June 2023)

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Indeed, it is known to everyone that, “Part of the secret of success is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” In fact, choosing the food we like and what we want to eat becomes more complicated when we have an excellent variable menu in front of us and a menu full of aromatic and delicious dishes.

Therefore, In Pappasallis, we have the opportunity to taste and enjoy life. The Pappasallis menu offers mouth-watering products. Moreover, It is one of the renowned restaurants that offer Pizza, lasagna, pasta, and much more. Also, food and music lovers abound here.

However, Pappasallis, an Italian Cuisine, was founded on the map of the Federal Capital on 2nd October 1989, and now, its Owner is Zeenat Ayesha. Pappasallis had only eight tables at its opening, but it quickly became a popular spot of Influence. During this period, Pappasallis emerged as a top restaurant and holds that position today.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Pappasallis menu: Beef Steaks


Mushroom steak2343
Steak Decker2343
Smoked BBQ Steak2343
Stuffed Steak2343

Pappasallis Chicken Product

Product Price
Chicken Stick1535
Jalapenos Chicken1535
Chicken Valencia1535
Chicken Teriyaki1535
Moroccan Chicken1535
Chicken Supreme1535
Chicken Cordon Bleu1535
Chicken Tarragon1535
Chicken Fajita1225
Chicken Fajita Mix1535
Thai Stir Fry1535
Pollo Quattro Seso1250
Chicken Florentine1535
Mediterranean Platter1850
Pappasallis Special 1535


Pappasallis Breakfast

Any Style Two Eggs270
Sausages & Egg Casserole300
Muffin with Coffee250
Buttermilk Pancakes315
Spanish Omelet370
Desi Style Omelet315

Pappasallis Appetizers


Chicks Delight809
Garlic Mushrooms759
Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dressing759
Mozzarella Fritta(4 pcs)875
Mozzarella Fritta(6 pcs)999
Siracha Fries595
Dynamite Prawns999

Pappasallis Pastas

Chicken Mushroom Lasagna1035
Classical Lasagna1035
Chicken Canneloni995
Roman Chicken1035
Chicken Ravioli Mushroom sauce995
Fettuccine Alfredo995
Tour of Italy1265
Penna Arrabiata995

Pappasallis Spaghetti


BBQ Chicken Spaghetti1250
Spaghetti Oglio Olio1140
Spaghetti Bolognese1250
Spaghetti Alla Funghi (single)1250

Pappasallis Sandwiches and Burgers

Products Price
Club Sandwich795
South Western Panini895
Grilled Steak Sandwich895
BBQ Chicken Panini895
Chicken Fillet Burger755
Jalapeno Burger860
Mushroom Melt Burger860

Pizza Pappasallis menu

Serves 1-4 persons

Product6 inches (personal)8 inches

10 inches

12 inches

14 inches

20 inches
Beef Pizza5509851380188522253250
Sausages Pizza5509851380188522253250
Fajita Mix Pizza5409401320177521253250
Four Seasons Pizza5209351320177521253250
All Topping Pizza56510001405189022303250
Chicken Fajita Pizza5008951255170020253250
Chicken Pepperoni Pizza5509851380177522253250
Grilled Chicken Pizza5108951255169520253250
Hawaiian Pizza5209351320177521253250
Margherita Pizza4706801130139517152665
Wing Bite Pizza5109101285172020303250
Vegetarian Pizza4858951255170020302970
Chicken Tikka 5108951255170020253250
Country Feast5109101285172020303250
Extra Topping
Sweet Corn140160180205235350
Black Olives140160180205235350
Greek Olives 140160180205235350

Pappasallis Salad 

Greek Salad660
Thai Spicy Salad660
Salad Bar769
Caeser Salad660

Pappasallis Desserts

Molten Lava Cake550
Tiramisu Cake365
Sizzler Browniie With Ice_Cream 565
Apple Pie410
New York Cheese Cake550
Death By Chocolate495
Death By Chocolate495
Chocolate Brownie622
Seasonal Desserts495

Pappasallis Menu Sea Foods

Sea Food Platter1999
Tilapia Fish1395
Fish Milanese1395
Shrimps on the Sizzler1495
Fish n Foil1395
Greek Style Fish1395

Pappasallis Soups

Minestrone soup450
Royal Mulligatawny430
Chicken vegetable430
Soup of the day430

Pappasallis Coffee 

Long Black210
Cafe Latte355
Flavoured Coffee380
Hot Chocolate380
Black Tea230
Green Tea180


Mineral Water Small70
Mineral Water Large130
Soft Drink120
Soft Drink Can140
Diet Can165
Fresh Lime with Sprite130
Sparkling Water165
Club Soda215
Lime Soda205
Non-Alcoholic Red Wine340
Ice Tea230
Margherita (Strawberry, peach, and Lime)299
Seasonal Fresh Juice395
Pina Colada345
Blue Colada380
Milk Shake415

( Strawberry, Mango, Banana, Pineapple)
Peach Malt165
Lemon Malt165

Kids Menu

Personal Size Pizza with Soft Drink625

Pappasallis Deals

Exclusive Deal 1 ( 6 inches personal pan pizza with 345 ml soft drink)499
DEAL 1 ( 14 inches of pizza, half salad, and 4 pieces of garlic bread)1999
DEAL 2 ( 6 inches pizza, 2 pieces chicken delight, and brownie)875
DEAL 3 ( 8 inches pizza, 6 inches pizza, and 1.5-liter soft drink)1275
DEAL 4 ( 12 inches pizza, 6 inches pizza, and 1.5-liter soft drink)2021
DEAL 5 ( 8 inches pizza, 4 pieces garlic bread, and fizzy drink)999
Munchy Monday 1 ( Chicken Chipotle burger and 345 ml soft drink )799

Where to Get Pappasallis menu?

Surely, Pappasallis, an Italian Cuisine, began with a minimal menu. Nowadays, it offers a broad mix of tasty and delicious food products such as Pizza, desserts, salad, soup, coffee, kinds of seafood, sandwiches, and burgers. 

 Surely, you can find Pappasallis menus at their respective restaurants and the locations mentioned in the table above. As well as, you can also find it on Pappasallis’s official Facebook page. Furthermore, you can also find the latest Pappasallis menu price on Food Panda.

Does Pappasallis Offer Takeaway and Delivery Services

The most important advantage of a food takeaway is its increased customer satisfaction.

Indeed, the takeaway is a decent service, also, it offers consumers a wide range of cuisine and food options to choose from. Pappasallis offers a Takeaway service, which is a benefit.

Delivery Service Expand your customer base. Indeed, in this day and age, everyone is occupied with their jobs and businesses and has less free time to enjoy themselves. Therefore, delivery service is one of the most essential things for making them happy. Pappasallis provides delivery services so customers can remain comfortable.

How Will Pappasallis Receive my Order and Payment?

You can place your order by making an order call, and they will deliver your favorite food items to your doorstep. You will be required to provide all the information. If you don’t receive your respective order, you can drop a call at (051) 111 172 772. Your customer representative will be glad to assist you.

The payment of your order is straightforward. When your order arrives, you can simply give cash to the rider.

What are the Pappasallis delivery charges?

The best thing about it is there are no delivery charges. Thus, you can browse the Pappasallis menu and place everything you wish in your cart, and get it delivered to your doorstep within minutes. All of this will be easy on your pocket as Pappasallis offer amazing deals and discounts for their customers.

How can I find a Pappasallis outlet near me?

There is a ‘store locator’ tab on Pappasallis’ official Facebook page. You can use this locator to see all the Pappasallis restaurants in your area. Find out where the closest branch is by checking these locations. However, the locations of Pappasallis stores are mentioned below in the table for your convenience.

Pappasallis Branches in Pakistan

BranchAddressContact Number
Jinnah Super Market,

Islamabad Branch
13-E, Jinnah super market، F-7 Markaz F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000(051) 111 172 772
Giga Mall, Islamabad BranchGiga Mall, Sector F DHA Phase II, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory(051) 8312612
Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi BranchCinepax Jinnah Park, Jinnah Park, Beside، Airport Rd, Chaklala Cantt., Rawalpindi, Punjab 46510(051) 8731020
Commercial Market Road, Rawalpindi BranchB-405 Commercial Market Rd, B-Block Block B Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46300(051) 111 172 772
DHA, Rawalpindi BranchShop No، 13 A Bahria Expy, Sector F DHA Phase 1, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory 46220(051) 5400242
The Corner Deli by Pappasallis, Islamabad BranchBlock 13E, Quddus Plaza, College Rd, F 7 Markaz F-7,

Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
(051) 2650550
G_13, Islamabad BranchEmaan Arcade, Plot # 4A, Market # 7, Street 124, G-13/4 Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000(051) 2154800

Why People like to Eat Pappasallis menu Products

Indeed, the food lover is always attracted to the side which offers more menu products with good taste and remarkable taste and skills. Pappasallis comes to mind with all these qualities, which is the turning point of your bad mood. Pappasallis Dine-in service is provided to you in a clean and peaceful atmosphere. Its most beloved aspect is its free delivery. Therefore, Pappasallis is always an excellent choice for its customers.

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