Pakistani Restaurants in London

Pakistani Restaurants in London

It’s no secret that London has been long known for its excellent Pakistani food. The Pakistani restaurants in London offer classical cuisines and ambiance.  

London’s Pakistani restaurant scene grows with modern variations and traditional recipes. Delicious Pakistani food is demanding among some of London’s favorite food.  Moreover, some Pakistani restaurants in London provide outstanding cuisine and customer service.

While increasing the demand, many Pakistanis are opening new restaurants. Others are upgrading their restaurants to a modern formation across the city.

If you love traditional Pakistani food, and you are craving a hearty biryani, korma, grilled meats, or karahi, this guide is for you! We have filtered out the restaurants that offer the best Pakistani cuisine. So have a look at this stunning restaurant list.

Karachi Cuisine Restaurant 

Karachi cuisine delivers fine Mughlai Pakistani food at an accessible price in London. This is one of the Pakistani restaurants in London that began as a little take-out restaurant. Furthermore, this restaurant became a favorite among London’s Pakistani community.

It’s on London Road. Most importantly,  it is a lovely, spacious venue where you can enjoy the same hallmark ambiance. You can taste traditional Pakistani food in a classy and relaxing dining environment.

Karachi cuisine started adding intriguing items to its menu based on customers’ ideas. In addition, you can enjoy the Shaan e Karachi, BBQ & Grill, SeaFood, Biryani, and Chicken Curries.

They also have a special menu for the kids to enjoy their meals in a pleasant environment. Moreover, they serve Pakistani breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All have different options on the menu.

Karachi Cuisine Restaurant Contact Details

Address1113-1115 London Rd, London SW16 4XD

Phone020 8689 6868

 Lahore Karahi Restaurant 

Lahore Karahi is serving Pakistani food since 1995. It is a family-run restaurant. Furthermore, it is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in London. They make and serve excellent curries.

Lahore Karahi has a lively environment where you feel good with friends or family. You will love their delicious recipes that make your evening memorable.

While in the evenings you’ll hear friends laughing, glasses clinking, and food sizzling. If that seems like your kind of evening, you’ve come to the right place.

The name Lahore Karahi has emerged on many top-ten lists when it comes to London curry places.

Moreover, they have diverse menu options such as Karahi, Saag, Mashroom, Jalfrezi, and Tikka. You can also taste the rice, paneer, vegetarian dishes, desserts, and more.

Lahore Karahi Restaurant Contact Details


Address: 1 Tooting High St, London SW17 0SN

Phone: 020 8767 2477

Spice Village Tooting

The Spice Village is a concept by Nasir and Suleman. Its purpose was to make overseas Pakistanis feel at home. It is one of the Pakistani restaurants in London. And it defines itself by taste, passion, and excellence.

Spice Village’s cuisine symbolizes Pakistani food evolution. Hot stones, charcoal grills, and traditional tandoori ovens are used to prepare traditional meals. Additionally, it offers a mix of regional, traditional and cultural heritage developed in Pakistan’s communities.

Moreover, the chefs at this restaurant prepare Pakistani comfort meals, like that prepared in Pakistani villages. If you have a residence in Birmingham then you may read our article Best Restaurants in Birmingham, or if you are a residence of Manchester then you may read our article Best Restaurants in Manchester. The traditional approach employs natural flames to enhance flavors. And, provide the proper amount of smokiness to each meal.

Spice Village, with its trademark spicy flavors, takes food enthusiasts from all walks of life on a scrumptious trip to celebrate wonderful cuisine and share unique food love tales. Today, the Spice Village company has grown into a complete restaurant chain as well as the UK’s premier event caterer.

Spice Village Tooting Contact Details


Address: 121 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7TJ England

Phone: +44 20 8672 0710

Dilpasand Restaurant- One of the Pakistani Restaurants in London

The word Dilpasand is a native Urdu term that means “heart’s favorite.” You will be able to relate to this name after dining at this place. Dilpasand chefs are passionate about creating flavors that will remind you of your mother country.
The restaurant is not new to the market. It has been serving delicacies to customers for over two decades. Dilpasand Pakistani restaurant in London is located at 2 locations: Whitechapel and Streatham.
Today, Dilpasand has evolved into a full-service restaurant capable of serving traditional Pakistani, Indian, and Afghani cuisines. These can please your eating senses at both locations with a modern touch.
Spicy seafood, wonderful curries, tasty tikkas, juicy kebabs, and traditional sweets dazzled London’s audience.
Lastly, Dilpasand promotes eco-friendly methods and a zero-waste philosophy.

Dilpasand Restaurant Contact Details


Address: ​​

  • 111 – 113 Commercial Rd, Whitechapel, E1 1RD
  • 151 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 6EG

Phone: +44 20 7247 0285

Lahori Crunch Street

Lahori Church Street is inspired by the city of Lahore in central Punjab. And, it serves genuine Pakistani and Indian food, in the heart of London.

For the past decade, this restaurant on Church Street has been highly renowned for its outstanding food, spices, and unique flavors. It combines classic flavor with a contemporary environment.

The restaurant is decorated in a modern-chic manner, with famous truck art and Lahori accents. It truly delivers a family-friendly environment while preserving the classic flavors of Pakistani cuisine.

The cuisine at Lahori Church Street is traditional. The dishes, for example, include the legendary Tarka daal, which is brimming with smoky garlic, fried onions, cumin, red chile, and ghee.

MattarPaneer or Palak Paneer is a creamy and delicious vegetarian dish.

Not only- but also, the unique lamb and chicken karahi dishes are expertly pickled in Mughlai spices. The dark, aromatic sticky lamb chops seasoned with black pepper and chilies, the skin severely charred but the meat remaining pink, are really tasty.

Further, there’s a lot more on the menu that will make your mouth water and make you want to return again and again.

Lahori Crunch Contact Details


Address: ​​2-4 Gateforth Street Marylebone, London NW8 8EH England

Phone: +44 20 7723 1008

Concluding Note

Pakistani communities are expanding throughout the United Kingdom. While London has the highest proportion of Pakistanis in the UK. In fact, it accounts for around 20% of London’s total population.

To fulfill the needs of this community, there are various Pakistani eateries in London. Certainly, people have found it tough to choose due to the abundance of options. Fortunately, this article may help you choose the restaurant that best matches your needs, from sweet to savory dishes to cool to spicy delights.

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