Pakistani Restaurants in Birmingham 2023

Pakistan restaurants

Birmingham is one of the most diverse cities in the United Kingdom, and its restaurants cater to a wide range of Pakistani dietary needs. Many Pakistani restaurants in Birmingham serve delicious traditional foods in a modern ambiance.

The best thing about the city is that there are many restaurants that offer various delicious cuisines. Moreover, the new generation of chefs establishes the unique taste of traditional foods. It also gives people a twenty-first-century twist in taste.

Furthermore, some restaurants provide superb Peshewari kabab, Lahori charga, and more exciting dishes. So we have listed some of the best restaurants which offer different combinations of delicious Pakistani foods.

Taste of Pakistan Restaurant 

Taste of Pakistan Restaurant Pakistani Restaurants in Birmingham

Taste of Pakistan in a dynamic setting with beautiful old traditional songs and an environment. It also has a lovely private dining room with 8-10 people seated on the first floor. The private room is perfect for your special occasion, birthdays, or social get-together.

However, you’ll find the diverse options of traditional Pakistani foods such as Nihari, Paya, Haleem, Chicken karahi, and more. They also have many traditional Pakistani drinks and desserts. But, many people love their Falooda and drink Lassi.

Do you know what Falooda and Lassi are? Falooda is a Pakistani version of a cold dessert made with noodles. Whereas, the Lassi is a regional name for buttermilk, the traditional Dahi-based beverage in the Indian subcontinent.

Taste of Pakistan is just two minutes walking distance from Ladypool Rd, Sparkbrook, Bus stop. If you want to visit in your car, there is a parking space behind the restaurant. So, no worries about approaching this restaurant and you’ll enjoy your food in a classic environment.

Taste of Pakistan Restaurant Contact Details 


Address: 6, Highgate Business Centre, Ladypool Rd., Sparkbrook, Birmingham B12 8DP

Phone: 0121 448 0470

Biryani Guys Restaurant 

Biryani Guys Restaurant 

Karachi is a city in Pakistan, and it’s well-known for its diversity of various foods. Biryani is one of the famous food in Pakistan, and their making procedure varies from city to city. Karachi Biryani is most papular because of its unique taste and colorfulness.

They have diverse Biryani options, such as chicken, vegan Biryani, memoni dall chawal, and more. But, you need to try Lamb Biryani they recently added to their menu, which has a delicious taste and it’s enough for two-person.

Do you know what Lamb Biryani is? This lamb biryani recipe consists of two different dishes – aromatic rice and succulent lamb curry. You can enjoy the Biryanis at a cheap cost, and the price range is £7.99 to 8.99.

However, the Biryani Guys provide Karachi Biryani and promise to give you Karachi’s food taste.  After their hard work and increasing Karachi Birayni demand, they expanded over different United Kindom cities.

Currently, they have two branches in London and one in Birmingham. If you’re visiting Birmingham or London, you must try the authentic Karachi Biryani.

Contact Details Biryani Guys Restaurant


Address: 292 Alum Rock Rd, Alum Rock, Birmingham B8 3DD

Phone: 0121 245 5609

Shahi Qila Taste Of Lahore

Shahi Qila Taste Of Lahore Pakistani Restaurants in Birmingham

Shahi Qila is a Fort in Lahore built in the Mughal Empire in 1566 during the reign of Emperor Akbar. The name “Shahi Qila” reminds ancient times and Lahori food’s taste that makes this restaurant more exciting.

However, the Shahi Qila Taste of Lahore is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of traditional foods, and it is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Birmingham. They are well known for their top-notch service and delicious food.

Moreover, you are in the hands of chefs capable of presenting fabulous foods in a modern manner. They are using only the finest ingredients to make delicious recipes.

You’ll have vast options to choose from in their menu, like Balti’s, Karahi’s, Tandoori appetizers, and more. But, must their Lamb Chops and Jug of Mango Lassi, which will make your day.

If you want to visit the Shahi Qila, it hardly takes 10 minutes walk from the Moseley Rd Baths, Balsall Heath, Bus station. Once you’ll there, get the most outstanding customer service and ambiance.

Shahi Qila Taste Of Lahore Contact Details


Address: 256-258 Ladypool Rd., Sparkbrook, Birmingham B12 8JU

Phone: 0121 449 9822


Lal Qela Restaurant 

Pakistani Restaurants in Birmingham

Lal Qela fulfills all those qualities and standards that make it to the list of best Pakistani restaurants In Birmingham. They strive to provide the best cuisine and service to those people who miss the Pakistani food taste.

However, the menu has diverse options of traditional Pakistani foods such as haleem, nihari, paye, karahi, and many more. But, most of their customers recommend trying Mixed Platter and Lamb Sajji.

Moreover, they also have dasi vegetable balties and seafood and dasi beverages like “Lassi.” If you never tase Lassi before, you must try this dasi drink to make your day. Lal Qela’s main menu usually ranges from £12.10 and goes high as £34.5.

However, if you’re in Birmingham, want to visit this restaurant, need to take a bus to Pelham Rd, Bus station, and you’ll be in front of the restaurant.

Lal Qela Restaurant Contact Details


Address: 730-732 Alum Rock Rd, Birmingham B8 3PP

Phone: 0121 328 8555

Taste of Khyber Restaurant

Taste of Khyber Restaurant

Taste of Khyber is one of the most famous for serving delicious traditional foods, and it is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Birmingham. If you are Pashtun, Taste of Khyber restaurant provides cuisine that makes you feel like you’re back in your mother’s kitchen.

However, it provides a lot of different varieties in Pakistani traditional and mixed food. Many customers have been known to enjoy their Afghani Lamb Tikka & Lamb Charsi Tikka. But their Kabuli Pulao is something we strongly recommend!

Their menu is very competitively priced as it features most starters under £3.50 to £22. Their mains usually range between £25 and go as high as £32.

Taste of Khyber is a Limited time offer: If you are in the mood for their special three Chapli Kababs, Peshwari NaN with Salaad, which can cost as much as £12.

If you’re visiting Birmingham and want to try its best Pakistani cuisine, the restaurant is roughly 20 minutes away from the Birmingham New Street station.

Taste of Khyber Restaurant Contact Details


Address: 20 Alum Rock Rd, Saltley, Birmingham B8 1JB

Phone: 0121 328 7733

Shere Khan’s Restaurant 

Shere Khan's Restaurant Pakistani Restaurants in Birmingham

Shere Khan takes you on a journey through the rich tapestry of Pakistani cuisines. They introduce a world of unique, exquisite, and contemporary foods from the subcontinent.

They provide delicious cuisines by using age-old techniques of traditional Pakistani cooking. The chefs made delicious and elegant food delivered in a pleasant and modern ambiance.

Moreover, they provide you with a creative assortment of dishes made by executive chefs with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

You have a vast choice in their menu like Saag wala, Achari, Balti, Bhuna, and many more. But we strongly recommend you to try Lamb Chops and the Butter Chicken.

The average price of their starter is £5.25, and the main course starts from £8.50 to £13.50. However, if you want to visit this restaurant, it’s in the famous place StarCity.

Shere Khan’s Restaurant Contact Details


Address: Watson Rd, Nechells, Birmingham B7 5SA

Phone: 0121 326 0691

Kafe Karachi Restaurant

Kafe Karachi Restaurant Pakistani Restaurants in Birmingham

The Kafe Karachi is one of Birmingham’s best Pakistani restaurants and provides traditional food. The restaurant’s owner strives to provide the finest value of services and food to its customers.

They have comprehensive options on the menu, such as Lamb Chops, Seekh kebabs, and more. We highly recommend the Mix Grill because of its taste and low price. Furthermore, Kafe Karachi is cautious about its service and quality to give consumers a better experience.

Moreover, their menu is very competitively low cost as it features most starters under £2.25. Their mains usually range between £6 and go as high as £20.

If you want to visit Kafe Karachi, you only need two walks from the Ladypool Rd, Sparkbrook, Bus station. However, if you want to visit in your car, there’s a parking space behind the hotel.

Kafe Karachi Restaurant Contact Details


Address: 127-129 Ladypool Rd., Sparkbrook, Birmingham B12 8LH

Phone: 0121 440 6477


Several restaurants offer Pakistani cuisines, but we filtered out and made a list of the best Pakistani restaurants in Birmingham. The restaurants provide a wide variety of traditional Pakistani cuisines such as Biryani, Paye, Karahi, and many more. If you visit any of these restaurants, let us know in the comment section.

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