Outdoor Dining Islamabad -The Top 6 Restaurants with Outdoor Seating (2023)

outdoor dining islamabad

One year has gone and COVID still has many of us down. It is certainly going to take a while for a completely normal world. But good food in these times can certainly help. If outdoor dining Islamabad is what you are after. We, at Roaming Pakistan, have done the hard work by making a list.

You will a variety of cuisines in our selection. The restaurants and cafes we have chosen have done very well by changing with the times. We had the pleasure of visiting these places to check first hand how well their outdoor dining arrangements were.

Obviously, there are many more places in Islamabad with outdoor dining. This post is about the best ones so far. We will certainly be looking at others in a few weeks. You can expect another list very soon! But enough about the future. Let’s talk about now. We hope you enjoy the places we have mentioned. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Best Burgers in Islamabad – Howdy!

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

Ever since Howdy came to Islamabad al those years ago, it completely changed the burger scene. Mouthwatering juicy burgers with the option of single and double patties became the talk of the town. Their volcanda burger is one of my personal favourites. It is a collection of two mutton patties that are sandwiching another patty made entirely out of cheese! Can you imagine it? All that meaty goodness coming together with an immersive blend of cheese and sauce. Yum!

Howdy is still serving their amazing burger filled menu outdoors in Islamabad. I had the chance of visiting them a few weeks ago in the Hot Spot area in F-7 Markaz, Islamabad. Howdy is an excellent choice if you ever run out of ideas for outdoor dining Islamabad. Any burger fan in Islamabad would almost definitely recommend them.

Best Pasta In Islamabad – BLT

outdoor dining restaurant in islamabad
Photo by Winston A. Hide on Unsplash

Outdoor seating in Islamabad is certainly something they have benefited from before. BLT is located in the round restaurant hub of which The HotSpot cafe is one of the oldest members. Many restaurants and cafes have come and gone but HotSpot has stayed. BLT’s ambience is another spot that is quite hot! They have beautiful but subtle floral and lighting arrangements. These days, there is even a cosy little bonfire in the middle. We had a blast toasting our hands while waiting for the food. Speaking of food, did I mention how incredible BLT’s food options are?

BLT’s location makes it quite easy to spot if you are coming down the stairs right besides HotSpot. I had the pleasure of trying out their pulled beef sandwich and I was blown away from the portion size. The sandwich itself was quite huge. But they loaded fries and the fresh salad on the side really added quite a bit to the plate. I admit that I was unable to finish my meal especially since I borrowed a few fried chicken pieces from my company. All in all, BLT’s food is great. It is certainly a worthwhile option as one of the best restaurants in Islamabad with outdoor dining.

Best Sandwiches in Islamabad – Loafology

Photo by Wesual Click on Unsplash

Loafology has quite possibly the best quality bread in Islamabad. I don’t know how else to describe it. Very few places have the same quality of bread, rolls, and focaccia. Bread is quite literally the name of their game. And what does great bread mean? Amazing sandwiches and burgers! They also have a decent bread basket if you want to experience their baking goodness on their own.

Loafology is known for many things besides its bread. They have a large selection of cakes and bakery items. Their coffee is quite simply one of the best in Islamabad

It’s a little sad that we cannot sit inside their very spacious indoor area. Normally, you have a full view of the live menu display from start to finish from your seat. I recently tried their arancini balls and boy were they simply a feast!

Even if you don’t fancy a proper meal. A slice of their cake and a hot steaming cup of coffee can do wonders for a casual evening. They have a cosy little area right outside their café. Obviously, it does seat as many people like the inside area. But I am sure you will find a spot for your next outdoor dining experience in Islamabad.

quiche dining in islamabad
Photo by James Harris on Unsplash

Other items from their menu include fresh juices, quiche, and my personal favourite, the focaccia. It simply is quite heavenly. They recently promoted their coconut cake but I have yet to try it myself. It is most definitely on my list for my next visit. It has been a while since I last had a decent cup of coffee. Perhaps a combination would work best here. A double espresso shot with milk, no sugar. Coupled with a big slice of their coconut cake might just do the trick for my cravings!

Outdoor Dining in Islamabad’s F-7- Shakespeare’s Lounge

outdoor dining islamabad tacos
Photo courtesy of Shakespeare’s Lounge

Still serving the same lovely comfort food we have enjoyed over the years. Shakespeare’s Lounge is one of my go-to places for lunch, especially for their tacos. It is a cosy little café in Islamabad right beside the main Standard Chartered Bank branch. That is where I was in my car when I realised that I had not looked up the COVID-19 Govt guidelines. None of the restaurants was serving in an indoor setting. It didn’t take me long to pick the phone and call a restaurant in Islamabad serving one of its best tacos.

Outdoor Dining on the Rooftop

The guys over at Shakespeare’s Lounge did not waste a second in informing me that they were one of the few restaurants in Islamabad serving in an outdoor setting. I got out of the car and went straight up the elevator. Shakespeare’s Lounge has done an incredible job at making the outdoor seating arrangement nice and cosy. They have the same delicious menu with nachos, tacos, chicken and beef entrees, and their sumptuous sandwiches. If outdoor dining in Islamabad is what you are looking for, Shakespeare’s Lounge is certainly a top choice in the heart of F-7 Markaz.

Photo courtesy of Shakespeare’s Lounge

Budget Friendly Café in Islamabad

Yup! That right there is just one of the many tac options available at this café in Islamabad. But tacos are not their only speciality. Their lunch deal is an amazingly priced option. It boasts a selection of small portions of main dishes. I believe you can request the servers for a mix and match option as well. I got a chicken entree portion as well some creamy alfredo pasts with my order.

Yum Chinese & Thai – Outdoor Dining Islamabad

oriental outdoor dining in islamabad
Photo courtesy of Yum

Perhaps Yum doesn’t even need a mention. Ever since opening its doors in Islamabad, Yum has made quite a name for itself. Granted this restaurant already had a gorgeous outdoor dining area in Islamabad before. That is no reason to not give it the credit it deserves. Yum serves one of the finest selections of oriental cuisine in Islamabad. Tucked away a little on the side of F-7 Markaz, Yum is offering tasty food and gorgeous views.

Oriental Food in Islamabad – Chinese and Thai Under One Roof

The best part about this place is its insanely large and well-developed menu. They have separate menus for Chinese and Thai dishes. If you are not careful, it’s very easy to get lost. We certainly did! They have a variety of soups, dumplings, and a large selection of main course dishes. Yum has spared no expense in making sure you can find every oriental dish imaginable. Did I mention their seafood? I have never seen a mire immersive seafood menu anywhere in Islamabad. They have prawn, lobster, crab, and squid options on both of their menus. Lobster is so hard to find in Islamabad and Yum serves in three different varieties.

Photo courtesy of Yum

Yum is located on the rooftop of English Tea House, right beside the Hardees in F-7 Markaz, Islamabad. If you are looking for a place to dine outdoors, this is the place to be. Their menu isn’t overly expensive for the variety or the quality it offers. Yum is certainly on our go-to list for the month!

Best Steaks In Islamabad – Porterhouse

Photo by Ignacio Correia on Unsplash

These guys know how to cook meat and they do it splendidly well. If you’re from Pakistan, you will know that there are two types of steak dinners here. One is the savoury and filling skillet-based dinner covered in sauce. While the other is a prime cut of meat grilled or seared to perfection without any sauce on it. We love both these steak dinner types. Porterhouse is an expert in the latter.

Photo by Loija Nguyen on Unsplash

What is the famous food of Islamabad?

The best food can be found at Sakura in the Marriott hotel that serves amazing beef and seafood dishes that are prepared right in front of you. The famous food of Islamabad can be found in the many other eateries in the city as well. Islamabad’s food scene is all about continental cuisines but that does not mean desi restaurants are any less frequented.

How did you like our list? Spread the word to make sure everyone is informed about the top 6 places to choose when dining outdoors in Islamabad with Roaming Pakistan!

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