Omore Ice Cream Price List and Menu (June 2023)

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Omore ice cream prices provide great value and flavor for money. Their ice cream menu lists excellent frozen desserts at competitive prices. It is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Pakistan. If you want a refreshing treat or an indulgent dessert, Omore will satisfy your sweet tooth. Therefore, this brand is perfect for hot summer days and special occasions!

FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited manufactures Omore ice creams. They introduced the brand in 2009. Today, it is available at leading bakeries and supermarkets all over Pakistan. Additionally, small and big general stores sell these ice creams to customers. Furthermore, you can also buy Omore products online.

Omore updates prices annually, reflecting Pakistan’s current economic conditions. This article lists the Omore ice cream menu with prices for 2023. Read, buy, and enjoy!

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Omore Ice Cream Price List 2023

Omore ice cream prices and menus

Omore ice cream is available in various flavors, types, and sizes. While price varies depending on the type and size, the company offers options to suit any budget. The cost of Omore family packs starts from 170 rupees to 500 rupees. Ice cream cones start from rupees 40 and go up to rupees 80. Similarly, cups and sticks have different prices according to their size and flavor. Generally speaking, though, Omore prices items very reasonably.

Family Packs

Omore ice cream prices for family packs
Items WeightPrice
Kulfa Brick450 mlRs. 170
Kulfa Brick 800 mlRs. 290
Chocolate Brick450 mlRs. 150
Chocolate Brick800 mlRs. 260
Vanilla Brick450 mlRs. 150
Vanilla Brick800 mlRs. 260
Mango Brick450 mlRs. 150
Mango Brick 800 mlRs. 260
Strawberry Brick450 mlRs. 150
Strawberry Brick800 mlRs. 260
Cookie Mania Brick 800 mlRs. 290
Tutti Frutti Brick 800 mlRs. 290
Pista Brick 800 mlRs. 290
Tiramisu Tub750 mlRs. 450
Chocolate & Vanilla Tub1400 mlRs. 470
Matka Kulfi Tub 700 mlRs. 330
Strawberry & Vanilla Tub1400 mlRs. 470
Mango & Vanilla Tub1400 mlRs. 470
French Praline Tub1400 mlRs. 470
Kulfa Tub 1400 ml Rs. 490
Cookie Mania Tub1400 mlRs. 500
Shahi Mango Tub750 mlRs. 350
Chocolate Royale Tub750 mlRs. 350
Crunch Kulfa Tub750 mlRs. 350


Omore ice cream price list for cones
Items WeightPrice
Strawberry Cheesecake Cone 100 mlRs. 80
Vanilla Choco Nuts Cone100 mlRs. 80
Chocolate Crispies Cone100 mlRs. 80
Double Choco Chips Cone80 mlRs. 50
Pistachio Chocolate Cone100 mlRs. 80
Caramel Crunch Cone100 mlRs. 80
Vanilla Mango Cone80 mlRs. 40
Vanilla Chocolate Cone80 mlRs. 40
Vanilla Strawberry Cone80 mlRs. 40


Items WeightPrice
Vanilla Cup60 ml Rs. 20
Candy Pop Cup 60 ml Rs. 20
Mango Cup100 mlRs. 60
Kulfa Cup 100 mlRs. 60


Items WeightPrice
Mini Kulfi Stick28 mlRs. 10
Choc Stick28 ml Rs. 10
Orange Crush Stick28 mlRs. 10
Mango Crush Stick28 mlRs. 10
Blueberry Pop Stick38 mlRs. 20
Raspberry Pop Stick38 mlRs. 20
Jumbo Chochead Stick40 mlRs. 20
Coffee Chocbar Stick50 mlRs. 25
Orange Chocbar Stick50 mlRs. 25
Vroom Stick55 mlRs. 25
Orange Pop Stick45 mlRs. 20
Chocbar Stick 50 mlRs. 30
Caramel Chocbar Stick50 ml Rs. 30
Cool Omoji Stick55 ml Rs. 30
Love Omoji Stick55 mlRs. 30
Cookie Mania Stick 55 ml Rs. 30
Traffic Light Stick 55 mlRs. 25
Rocket Stick 55 mlRs. 25
Lick-A-Flavor Stick50 mlRs. 25
Candi Stick 55 mlRs. 30
Kulfi Stick50 mlRs. 50
Krunch Kulfi Stick50 mlRs. 50
Core Stick60 mlRs. 60
Choc-O Stick 70 mlRs. 60
A Case of Vanilla & Hazelnut Stick85 mlRs. 180

Home Delivery

You can order your favorite Omore ice creams online through Foodpanda. Also, Naheed Supermarket and Ondoor Store offer home delivery service of Omore ice creams. All you need is to place your order by visiting their website, and they will deliver your selected items to your doorstep in less time and good condition.

Contact Details

Facebook Page: @OmorePK

Instagram Page: omorepk

Omore Ice Cream Website:

Omore Ice Cream Contact Number: 0800-82587

Email Address:

Timings: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Address: FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited 5th, 6th Floor, Harbour Front Building Marine Drive, Block 4, Clifton. Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


What is the price of Omore ice cream?

Omore offers various ice cream flavors and many different size options. Omore ice cream prices in Pakistan vary depending on the specific type and size. You can buy any ice cream from 10 rupees to 500 rupees. The Omore Brick Ice Creams or tubs are available in 450ml and 800ml sizes with different price tags. Also, there are different prices for different flavors. The same goes for cones, cups, and sticks.

What is the price of Choco Bar ice cream?

The price of Omore Choco Bar Stick ice cream (50 ml) is Rs. 30.

Is Magnum in Pakistan halal?

The Magnum ice cream in Pakistan is from Walls, distributed by Unilever Pakistan. All their Pakistani ice cream products are halal certified, just like Omore.

What is the price of Magnum ice cream in Pakistan?

The price can vary depending on the type of Magnum ice cream and its seller. In general, buying Magnum ice cream online tends to be more expensive than buying it from a store. Its price ranges from 200 rupees to 2000 rupees.

What is the quality of Omore ice cream?

Omore has built up a reputation for producing high-quality ice cream. The company makes all of its products with premium and natural ingredients. So, it has a rich, creamy taste that everyone loves. Also, it is a healthier choice as its products don’t have saturated fats.

What are the Best Omore Ice Cream Flavors?

Omore ice cream comes in various flavors, some more popular than others. First, the rich chocolate flavor is perfect for any chocoholic. Second, the strawberry flavor is fresh and fruity. Third, the vanilla flavor is classic and timeless. Everyone loves all these flavors. Other popular tastes include tiramisu, cookie mania, and kulfa.


Omore ice cream is a delicious and refreshing treat perfect for any occasion. Made with only the finest ingredients, Omore ice cream is a truly unique experience. The Omore ice cream price list for  March 2023 is also very reasonable, and it includes a variety of different sizes and flavors. Whether you are looking for a cheaper option or a luxurious indulgence, Omore has you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Make your next event even more special with Omore ice cream.

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