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Domestic tourism is flourishing in Pakistan at destinations like Murree, the most visited hill station in Pakistan. However, it is not the only place that receives crowds of tourists from all across the country. Different towns and small villages in the mountainous region of Galyat, such as Nathia Gali, feature exceptionally excellent close-to-nature spots that you can visit to recharge yourself.  

Pakistan is a very diverse country in culture, ethnicity, geography and history. It gained more popularity after a recent increase in tourism activity, particularly in the Northern areas. Pakistan features the third-highest potentially adventurous location as well. It was also ranked the best holiday destination in the year 2020. The removal of the No Objection Certificate has also led to an increase in the number of foreigners visiting Pakistan in recent years. 

Nathia Gali is a well-known tourist attraction during the summer season. The high rising pine forest-covered mountain, stunning views and summer resorts attract many local tourists. There are so many fun-filled and adventurous places that you can visit in Nathiagali. A hill station where vibrant and cool spring is not far behind chilly and frosty winter.

All You Need to Know about Nathia Gali

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Unlike Murree Nathia Gali is not overcrowded by tourists and visitors. However, the tourist spot is extremely popular for its picturesque views, nearby hiking tracks, lush green meadows, and abundant natural beauty. Locals belong to Dhund and Karlal ethnic groups and use the Hindko language in daily conversation. 

Mushkpuri and Miranjani peaks are among the popular tourist destinations in the vicinity. A trek from the hill station also leads to Thandiani before passing through the mountainous area of Dagri Naka. People who love to spend time in nature and seek escape from busy routines can also visit Ayuba National Park.

The hill station has diverse flora and fauna. Thick forests of cedar, oak, and pine trees cover the land and mountains, making the views more mysterious yet attractive. Wildlife consists of rhesus monkeys, leopards, and near-to-extinct pi-dogs. The World Wildlife fund played a central role in preserving leopards in this region. You can find the remnants of “Ghost of Galyat” in the Donga Gali wildlife museum.

Nathia Gali weather

The weather here is usually very pleasant during the summer season. It is also the most suitable time for tourism as the weather is cool with foggy nights. Temperature can rise as high as 30 degrees Celsius. During the winter season, there is heavy snowfall in the months of December and January. Roads are blocked, causing extreme trouble for the travellers. Chill winds blow through the whole region during autumn, while spring is comparatively bearable with unfriendly winds.

Nathia Gali Location

It is a hill station in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Nathia Gali is a part of the district Abbottabad, at a distance of 32 Km from Murree, and at an elevation of 2,410 m. It takes only one hour to reach the hill station from Murree. It is the highest hill station in the Galyat region.

Travelling to Nathia Gali from Islamabad

Beautiful view of road to Nathia Gali

Image of the route from Islamabad to Nathiagali from Google

You can take different routes for traveling to Nathia Gali from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Local buses from the Faizabad bus stop bound for Nathiagali leave on a daily basis. You can also initially go to Murree and then hire a bus for the hill station in Galyat. The diving time between Islamabad and the hill station is approximately 3 hours. You can choose to travel Via Kashmir road or by M-15 Express/Hazara Motorway.

The fastest route to reach Nathiagali from the capital is through Kashmir road. According to the road map, the total distance between the two locations is 87.7 Km.  It does not have tolls, and the undulating road with side scenery is absolutely remarkable. On your way to the tourist attraction, you can even stay in Murree. The motorway M-15 route goes all the way to Abbottabad. From Abbottabad, you travel to this tourist spot in the Galyat region. This route is 165 Km long with the same duration.

Nathia Gali to Abbottabad

Route to Nathia Gali from Abbottabad

Image of the road from Abbottabad to Nathiagali from Google

You can travel to Abbottabad from Nathiagali Via Murree road and Nathiagali road. The driving distance between the two destinations is 38.7 Km. According to the roadmap, it will take you around 1 hour and 21 minutes. Mountains cover one side of the road, while the spectacular green carpeted landscape accompanies you on the other side.  Make sure to check the weather updates before planning your tour during the winter season.

Nathia Gali Tourist Spots

Scenic view of Ayubia Pipeline track

Photo of Ayubia Pipeline Track from Google

It is very important to check tourist spots that you can visit while planning a certain trip to any particular destination. It is home to scenic spots where nature truly unfolds itself. Recreational places like Nathia Gali Park and Paradise Point Nathia Gali are the best places to spend time with family and shrug off all worries for the time being.  St Matthew’s church was built in the mountains during the time of British rule. Now, tourists visit the wood structure and enjoy spectacular views of Kashmir beyond.

Ayubia National Park

It is present adjacent to Nathiagali in Abbottabad District in KPK, Pakistan. The national park is currently under the administration of the Wildlife and Park department of the province. It was turned into a resort complex after the burgeoning tourism in the surrounding villages and area of the Galyat region. There are many resorts, picnic points and tourist spots in the national park besides tracks and picturesque views. Tourists travel to the Mushkpuri base by Ayubia chairlift and enjoy the breathtaking view of the nearby mountain range.

Miranjani Top

You can travel to the Miranjani track starting point through Nathiagali road. It is at a road distance of 7.4 Km from the hill station. Mitanjani peak is the highest Peak in Ayubia National Park. Miranjani peak top is at an elevation of about 600 Km. The total length of the track is 4.69 Km. The track consists of small rocks and dirt patches. Tall trees and greenery surround that whole area. The track is not tough, and trekkers can easily reach the top within 2-3 hours. From Miranjani Top, you can spot Mushpuri top, Azad Kashmir and even the killer mountain “Nanga Parbat ”.

Mushkpuri Peak

Mushkpuri is the second-highest peak in the Galyat region. It is at the height of 2,800 meters, and the track is 4 k long. The mountain is covered with subalpine conifer forests. Two routes lead to the Mushkpuri top that you can opt for. The less steep track from the mountain’s western side is more suitable for beginner trekkers. Although it is covered in snow during winters. The track to top zigzags through the mountain, the trees and greenery. You can view Kashmir and Islamabad from the Mushkpuri top during sunny days.

Dunga Gali Pipeline track

The track’s starting point is in Gunga Gali and takes you across the amazing scenery of Ayubia National Park. It is approximately 4 Km long at an elevation of 8200 ft from sea level. You can walk across the whole track within 1 hour, as it is not too tough or steep. The road is covered with frost during winters, but it is a walk through heaven during summer. Trees and green foliage cover the track on both sides. The chirping of charming birds simply adds to the serenity of the whole trekking experience. It is one tourist attraction where you must bring your camera to capture nature at its best. 

Murree Hill station

Murree, among the best honeymoon places in Pakistan, is just one hour drive away from Nathiagali. You can plan a Nathia Gali Murree trip if you are visiting the Galyat region. Murree is ultimately the busiest hill station in Pakistan. If traveling from Islamabad, you can spend time here and visit different renowned tourist attractions. It features Kashmir point, Mall road, Pindi point chairlift and cable car, Bhurban, Golf club Bhurban and more. Patriata Chairlift is in Murree hills at the Patriata Hill station. You can visit Patriata, New Murree, and enjoy the most unforgettable chairlift experience in Pakistan.

Nathia Gali Hotels

Tourists can find various hotels and cottages here according to their budget range. The luxury hotels with premium services come at a high price. Richmond Boutique Hotel, Hotel Elites, Nathia Gali Exclusive Penthouse, Shimla resort and Guesthouse, and Bellevue Luxury Apartment Penthouse are among the luxury accommodations at the hill station. However, there are budgeted Nathia Gali cottages that you can choose to stay. Paradise View Hotel and Restaurant and Breeze Inn Guest House Khanspur Ayubia are far from the main city centre. But these restaurants offer satisfactory services within a moderate price range.


Is Nathia Gali open for tourists?

It is open for tourists in all seasons. Tourists particularly visit the hill station during summer. The weather condition is welcoming with magnificent scenic views of meadows and mountains. The Winter season is bitterly cold, with heavy snowfall that blocks the smooth flow of traffic. However, it remains open for tourism unless there are chances of land sliding or avalanche.

What is special about Nathia Gali?

It offers the most stunning and picturesque view in the whole region of Galyat. It also has a comparatively cold climate due to its location and high altitude. Several hiking treks, thick forest of cedar and pine, lush green meadows make it a very special tourist spot in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Is there snowfall in Nathia Gali?

The hill station receives heavy snowfall during the winter season. There is heavy snowfall during December and January that completely hampers tourist activities. The bone-biting winds and icy cold temperatures of the winter season are perfect for adventure travel.

Why is Ayubia famous?

Ayubia is a nationally conserved territory under the authority of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Ayuna national park is particularly famous for Wildlife and Plant biodiversity. Wild animals such as black bears and leopards roam the mountains. Medicinal plants in Ayubia can be used to treat cancer, diabetes, ulcer, infections from snake bites, and more. There are around 203 bird species and 104 plant species in Ayubia National park. 

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