Khanpur Dam: A Complete Guide for a Short Visit

Khanpur dam place to enjoy

Are you looking for a complete guide for a short visit to Khanpur Dam? Worry not, because we will provide you with answers to all of your queries here. From location to recreational activities, we will explain everything to you. Khanpur Dam tour is among the best one-day trips from Islamabad that you can opt for. It is an impressive dam with clear blue water on the Taxila Haripur road.

The emerald water of the dam with the backdrop of Margalla hills is a sight worth visiting. The tourist spot is famous for water sports like boating and fishing. Many tourist companies and industries are investing in the place to increase tourist facilities. Juicy oranges surround the road to the dam on both sides.

Several tourists visit it daily to indulge in water activities. If you are an adventure lover, a day tour of Khanpur Dam must be on your wishlist. It is an amazing site where you can plan to go for a picnic with your friends and family. Without any further ado, let’s discuss how to spend a fun-filled day at the water resort.

Khanpur Dam

Image of Khanpur Dam from Google

Khanpur Dam was built in district Haripur of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It is present at a distance of 50 Km to the north of Islamabad. The project was built on the Haro River at the height of 167 feet. Haro river is a small water body that originates from the Indus River. The water reservoir has a storage capacity of 79,980 acre-feet.

The megaproject was constructed to provide clean drinking water to twin cities and irrigate land in the neighbouring region of district Haripur, Attock, and Rawalpindi. Two canals originate from the Dam, the Right Bank Canal (RBC) and the Left Bank Canal (LBC). The water discharge capacity of RBC is more than LBC.

So, only the Right Bank canal is to meet water requirements. The construction of the dam finished in 1984-1985. The Dam only benefits the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In addition to providing irrigation benefits, it has become a favorite tourist spot in the country. It is among the few places to enjoy exciting water sport activities in Pakistan.

How to get to Khanpur Dam from Islamabad

Map for travelling to Khanpur from Islamabad

Image of Khanpur Dam route from Google Maps

Khanpur dam location is at a distance of approximately 52 Km from Islamabad. You can travel to Khanpur dam through different routes. According to road maps, from Islamabad to Khanpur Dam via motorway takes around 1 hr and 37 mins.

You can also take a separate route that starts from the Islamabad motorway. From there, you can enter Tarnol and go all the way to Taxila and finally Khanpur. This route takes around 1 hr and 16 mins until you finally reach Khanpur Dam.

The road from Islamabad to Khanpur is in inadequately good condition. Orange trees on both sides of the road are a treat for the eyes. A short visit to historical places in Taxila can also be added to your tour. You can travel to the picnic spot in public transport, in a private vehicle, or with a tour group.

When to Visit Khanpur Dam

Visit the amazing water reservoir

Photo of Khanpur Dam from Google

You can visit Khanpur dam both in the summer and winter seasons. The best time to visit Khanpur Dam in the summer is between June and October. The dam is open for recreational activities between 9 am to 5 pm in the evening.

To have a fun-filled experience of sports and boating, we recommend you to visit this resort in summer. But, avoid going there on extremely sunny days as there are many places to provide shade. You can sit under a hut or visit small resorts; the choice is yours.

Groups of friends and families crowd the area to kill the summer heat. The most visited picnic point in Khanpur dam is Khanpur Lake and Khanpur island. Nature and adventure lovers equally go there and enjoy numerous water activities.

Recreational Activities to Enjoy at Khanpur Dam

Competitive water sports at Khanpur Dam

Image of Khanpur dam from Google

Khanpur dam offers the most exciting water activities in the vicinity near Islamabad. You can enjoy all sorts of recreational activities, particularly in summer. The activities include Paragliding, Snorkeling, Cliff diving, Jetski, Parasailing, and boating. You will pay different charges for different activities.

It might appear that you are paying an extra fee for individual sports. But, it is always more exciting to tag along with a group of friends. That way, you can opt for affordable water sports packages to indulge in more activities. The most famous sport that attracts many enthusiastic youngsters is Cliff diving. The height for cliff diving depends upon the water level.

In normal circumstances, the jumping height from the cliff is 10-15 feet. In case of a low water level, the height increases to an extra ten feet. It is one of the most challenging and amazing adventurous activities that you can enjoy. The exciting experience will definitely give you the right adrenaline rush that you need. You can try Zipline within a price range of Rs 5000, but this price is not fixed.

Best Picnic Point at Khanpur DamBirthday parties at Khanpur

Photo of Khanpur Dam from Facebook

It is one of the best picnic points to visit on weekends, especially with your family. Besides amazing water sports in Khanpur lake, there is also a viewpoint and a small island. You can travel to this island via boats that are present at the shore in abundance.

A trip to such a picturesque spot is definitely incomplete without something delicious to eat. At Khanpur Dam, you can go fishing as well. The clear blue lake is a perfect view to enjoy delicious freshly cooked fish. You can sit in stylish huts and accompany your tea with samosa and pakoras. Take in scenic views of the Dam while enjoying warm drinks.

Many families also prefer to bring cooked food from home. That does bring in a traditional picnic experience that you try once in a while. Now you can also organize birthday parties for your dear friends and family members in Khanpur Dam. You can book a raft, a floating water platform, and food catering services to organize such unfilled activities.

Overnight stay at Khanpur Dam

Marvellous view of the old mosque

Image of an Old Mosque from Facebook

Many visitors go to the dam for a short or one-day visit. However, you can plan a longer tour if a single is not enough to enjoy exciting activities. There are several private restaurants, student hostels, and resorts where you can stay. Many resorts also offer an unparalleled scenic view of the whole water reservoir that you can enjoy. You will find many hostels far away from the picnic spots with specific prices and facilities.

You can also explore Taxila city during your overnight stay of the Khanpur Dam tour. We highly recommend you to visit the famous Taxila museum where several interesting artifacts are on display. Several archeological sites in Taxila also attract history pundits from across the country. All-in-all, a longer stay will let you explore more tourist attractions in the neighboring region of Khanpur Dam.


Is Khanpur Dam open?

Khanpur Dam is open with no Covid-19 related restriction on water sport activities. You can visit the recreational site between 09:00 am in the morning to 5:00 pm in the evening.

Who built Khanpur Dam?

Kapur Dam was built on the instruction of erstwhile President Ayub Khan. A total of Rs 1352 million was invested in the construction process.

Where is Khanpur located?

It is a city of Pakistan present in the province of Punjab. More precisely, it is in the Bahawalpur division in district Rahim Yar Khan. It is among the largest cities in the country in terms of population.

When was Khanpur Dam made?

The construction of the Khanpur Dam finished in 1983. It took a total of 15 years to build this dam, with an expenditure of Rs 1385.1 million.

Where is KhanPur Dam located in Pakistan?

You can visit Khanpur Dam built on Haro River in Khanpur city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The city is present at a distance of 50 Km from Islamabad.

Which dam in Pakistan has the largest storage capacity?

Tarbela Dam in Pakistan is the largest filled-type dam in Pakistan. The dam has a storage capacity of 11.1 MAF. Tarbela Dam is built on the Indus River at an elevation of 143 m from the riverbed and has a surface area of 250 square kilometers. The primary function of Tarbela Dam is irrigation of arid lands, production of Hydroelectric power, and preventing flooding.

How many dams are in Pakistan?

Approximately there are 150 dams present in Pakistan, and most of them are in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. They are built along the Indus River and its tributaries as the river flows towards the south and finally drops in the Arabian sea.

Is fishing allowed in Khanpur Dam?

You can go fishing at the water reservoir, as there is a special fishing point. You will find several boats on the lakeshore that you can hire. Get on one and visit different fishing spots in Khanpur Dam Lake.

To conclude

If you plan a day trip from Islamabad, a visit to Khanpur Dam must be on your wishlist. It is a quick escape from the busy life and gives you a nice breath of fresh air. What more can you ask for than amazing blue water views combined with delicious desi snacks. So, we recommend you visit the Khanpur Dam picnic point and share your experience in the comment section below.

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