Khalifa Bakers Menu and Khalifa Bakers Price List (March 2023)

khalifa bakers menu

Are you the ultimate sweet lover but can’t figure out which bakery serves the sweetest bites? If so, then you have landed on the right guide! Khalifa Bakers is the sweetest option that you’ll ever find in Lahore. It is well known for making magical biscuits that melt in your mouth effortlessly. This sweet hub has served the people of Pakistan for four generations. The Khalifa Bakers menu will continue to satiate your taste buds and bring smiles to your face.

This guide will provide you with information related to Khalifa Bakers. This includes their menu and price list, working hours, contact details, and more.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 07th March 2023.

Khalifa Bakers Menu & Price List 2023














Inspired by healthy snacking, Khalifa Bakers only bakes with fresh ingredients. Whether you choose naan khatai or bakarkhani, every item is filled with crunchy goodness. These mouthwatering treats are perfect for everyday tea parties and special occasions alike. Share your sweet moments with these fresh and crunchy baked items. They are in line with health standards as well as your budget.

Everything is baked on the premises using natural and fresh ingredients. It offers a diverse range of biscuits and snacks fused with traditional and a unique touch. You can find everything from crispy cake rusks to Khalifa Bakers’ special Almond naan khatai. The Khalifa Bakers menu has numerous tasty treats to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Khalifa Bakers Biscuits













Items Price
TKR Special Matka ( Lamb 1 kg)PKR 2399

Khalifa Bakers Location

Currently, Khalifa Bakers has only one location in Lahore, Pakistan. Khalifa Bakers Lahore offers high-quality bakery items. They are affordable as well as fresh, and full of nutrition. 













Items Price
Special Sulemani Karahi ( Full )PKR 2,449.00
Special Sulemani Karahi ( Half )PKR 1,249.00
Lamb Karahi ( Full )PKR 2,449.00
Lamb Karahi ( Half )PKR 1,299.00
Mutton Namkeen Karahi ( Full )PKR 2,449.00
Mutton Namkeen Karahi ( Half )PKR 1,249.00
Chicken Namkeen Karahi ( Full )PKR 1,349.00
Chicken Namkeen Karahi ( Half )PKR 749.00
Chicken Makhni Karahi ( Full )PKR 1,449.00
Chicken Makhni Karahi ( Half )PKR 849.00
Chicken Makhni Karahi ( Half )PKR 849.00
Chicken White Karahi ( Full )PKR 1,399.00
Chicken White Karahi ( Half )PKR 799.00
Chicken Sekh Kabab KarahiPKR 899.00
Beef Sekh Kabab KarahiPKR 899.00

Khalifa Bakers Working Hours

  • Monday to Sunday
  • 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Khalifa Bakers Contact Information

Items Price
TKR Special Platter4699
Chef Special Platter3799

Khalifa Bakers Home Delivery

khalifa bakers menu














Khalifa Bakers delivers its items that arrive straight to your doorsteps. The prompt delivery service will provide you with mouthwatering biscuits. These delectable bites are not just for the residents of Lahore. Khalifa Bakers delivery system is valid for anyone sitting anywhere in Pakistan.

Whether you are in a metropolitan or a small town, these magical bites will indeed find ways to reach you. You can use Khalifa Bakers’ contact number to order it directly. Additionally, you can use their user-friendly website and order your favorite snack. Moreover, the cash-on-delivery system puts customers at ease while placing orders.

Items Price
Afghani NaanPKR 55.00
Peshawari NaanPKR 40.00
Tandori RotiPKR 30.00


Does Khalifa Bakers deliver fresh items?

Khalifa Bakers is well-known for delivering fresh and healthy baked items. Every item is baked to high-quality standards. Moreover, the online delivery system of Khalifa Bakers is impressive. Delivery will is on the same day of the order if you are in Lahore, and safe packaging will keep your food intact.

Does Khalifa Bakers deliver items anywhere in Pakistan?

Yes, Khalifa Bakers delivery system is all across Pakistan. No matter where you are in Pakistan, order your favorite biscuit from the range of snacks. Enjoy delicious bites during your trip.

Do Khalifa Bakers have positive customer reviews?

Yes! Khalifa Bakers are very popular because of their unique taste and prompt delivery. This place has 2525 and 115 customer reviews on Google and Facebook, respectively, with a 4.8 rating. Customers take pride in sharing the experience they had with Khalifa Bakers.

Who established Khalifa Bakers in Pakistan?

Master Baker Baba Umar started Khalifa Bakers inside Mochi Gate Lahore in 1925. This place has a long history of serving its customers delicious bites. Today, the fourth generation of Khalifa Bakers is managing the business.

Final Words

Khalifa Bakers are your ultimate spot if you want to try the delicacies of baked items. They have classics such as cake rusks for Khalifa Bakers Special Almond Naan Khatai. Each item adds an elegant touch to your occasion. High quality and unique taste are the essentials of this fantastic place.

All items are prepared with fresh, healthy, and pure ingredients. You won’t have to worry about your health as every item aligns perfectly with your well-being. Above all, affordability is a significant reason to give them a call. If you try their delicacies, send us a comment at Roaming Pakistan. And keep reading for more great food recommendations!





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