Karachi Restaurants that Offer Car Dining Options (June 2023)

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Unlike other cities of Pakistan, Government has not relaxed the restriction on outdoor dining in Karachi. The restaurants are mostly surviving on their takeaways and delivery orders. While some of the Karachi restaurants are offering Car dining solutions.

We have talked about the restaurants offering car dining in Karachi before. Now we would like to add a few more to the list of those restaurants that are giving their customers a car dining experience as it is the new normal.

So hop on and take a look at what options you have for dinner tonight. We have highlighted some new restaurants too that have gained the attention of many people and are successful in coping up with this challenging situation.

Keep reading for up-to-date and authentic information that helps you plan your next outing in Karachi. 

Tao Pan Asian Restaurant

Tao Pan Karachi Restaurant

Authentic Pan Asian cuisine can be found in 5-star hotels mostly. To fill this gap, TAO Pan Asian Restaurant was introduced in Karachi in 2015. They aimed to provide authentic flavors under one roof with an ambiance that is not very formal or casual.

After almost two years, they opened up a restaurant in Lahore too. Local and international chefs have put in their professional experience before designing the menu and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Currently, it is one of the very few Karachi restaurants that is offering car dining solutions in response to the ban on indoor and outdoor dining in the city.

If you are fond of seafood, sushi, and other Asian dishes then Tao Pan is the right place for you. Because they have a wide variety of seafood including fish, prawns, Crab, and Lobster.

Even for fish entrees, they have Red Snapper and many others. These are the elements of authentic Asian food. The rest of the menu is quite diverse with soups, Appetizers, and dessert menus.

Some of their running mains and starters are Hot n Sour Soup, Dynamite Shrimp, Wasabi Prawns, Tuna and Salmon Sushi, Steamed Fish with Lemon Curry, and Crispy Beef.  

Photo by karachifoodadventure on Instagram

There is a drastic increase in the preference for Chinese food in Pakistan. As a result, we see new eateries popping up in the major cities now and then. Most of them try to focus on one specialty.

However, if you like to try new delicacies from Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine Tao Pan has everything on their menu. That makes it unique. You have to be a seafood lover to actually like this place.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is they are offering a flat 30% off on their entire online menu. 

Tao Pan Asian Contact Details

Website: http://www.taopanasian.com/ 

Address: 11-c, Lane 13, Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6 DHA, Karachi

Contact Number: 0345 0826826 

Timings: 1 PM – 12 AM

Tao Pan Asian Menu

Ala Rahi Restaurant Karachi

car din karachi
Photo by a_crazy_duo on Instagram

Many cuisines have been making their place in the minds of people and with time they have developed certain palettes. After Chinese and Japanese, the second most running food is from Arab and the Middle East.

So we see Arabic Mandi quite often. Karachi being the city of lights is usually the first one from where the trend begins. And with time, it passes on to other big cities. Ala Rahi is a Mediterranean cum Arabic restaurant that brings its specialties to Pakistan.

There are so many delicacies that are worth trying and Ala Rahi restaurant is the authentic source. They also have Lebanese and Turkish food, all under one roof.

If you enter the place, a rich sense of art and architecture can be witnessed. There are big hangings on the walls that are paired up with warm, earthy colors. The cuts and crafts in the building make you wander through your eyes.

The furniture also adds up to the look. The ambiance is so royal, you almost feel like sitting in a Mehal (Palace). Such a vibe is very welcoming. Today, people judge a place by its decor and the reason is that it gives us the first impression.

Then comes the food while the restaurant makes you sit and want to have food.

Karachi Restaurant
Photo by nusairteli on Instagram

To enjoy Ala Rahi restaurant, you have to be a meat lover. Most of the Middle Eastern dishes are incomplete without any sort of meat. This restaurant however offers a huge menu.

It includes Soups, Starters, Hummus menu, Chicken and Mutton specialties, Turkish steak, Brick-oven flatbreads, and traditional desserts. Again, it is one of the very few Karachi restaurants serving personal cars as indoor and outdoor dining is banned in Sindh. 

Ala Rahi Contact Details

Website: https://www.alarahi.com.pk/ 

Address: 19-C Lane 4, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6,  DHA, Karachi

Contact Number: 0317 2920065

Timings: 5:30 PM – 12 AM

Ala Rahi Menu

House of Burgers Karachi

Who doesn’t like big burgers with a juicy soft meat patty, some fresh veggies, and amazing Sauces? All of these are paired with thick and crispy Fries. What a heaven on Earth! Karachi has so many of these to offer you guys. Some international chains while others are local.

We believe that our local chain is much more addictive than they are according to our palettes. One of such addictive fast-food restaurants in Karachi is House of Burgers. As the name suggests, it’s a burger place serving gourmet buns with tender meat pressed inside. 

Just like all other fast-food restaurants, HOB has a small and simple sitting area with wooden chairs and tables. Nothing fancy it has a very rough and busy look to it. And that goes perfectly with the messy burgers.

They are not just famous for their burgers but also for their crispy and juicy Chicken wings. They have the perfect blend of spice and herbs topped with signature sauces.

What else do you need? Above all, you can always find amazing discounts and deals running on their menu. As a result, meals can be pretty much affordable as well.

By looking at the menu, you will realize that the prices are very pocket-friendly. Less than most of the other brands. If you plan to visit HOB you must know that it is one of the Karachi restaurants that can serve your order in the car with the comfort of your indoor dining.

Some of their top-running flavors are Messy BBQ Beef Burger and Swiss Mushroom Chicken Burger. Have a go at their wings too. What are you waiting for? Plan your dinner tonight.

House of Burgers Contact Details

Website: https://www.hobpakistan.com/Home 

Address: 14th Commercial Street, D.H.A Phase II Extension Phase 2, Karachi

Contact Number: 03-111-555-462

Timings: 11 AM – 1:30 AM

House of Burgers Menu

Charcoal BBQ and Grill

Charcoal grill

Charcoal BBQ and Grill is one of the best restaurants located at Do Darya Karachi. Do Darya Sea view is the most lively area in Karachi where a lot of restaurants are running the entire night. You won’t ever get this place quiet.

People come here to enjoy delicious meals by the sea, enjoying the cold breeze. Charcoal, however, serves a menu that has multiple cuisines. The open-air outdoor ambiance is very fresh and close to nature.

It’s a good chance of a typical indoor, closed atmosphere. Well, currently all the restaurants in Karachi are still not allowed to open even outdoor dining, unlike the rest of the country. So very few of the Karachi restaurants have the resources to serve its customer with the car dining experience. Charcoal is one of them. 

Charcoal offers a unique variety of on-the-grill BBQ,  Pakistani, Lebanese, Arabic, Italian, and many other cuisines. It gets easier for the customers to get anything they want from one place.

Charcoal gives that opportunity while other restaurants nearby are unable to serve their customers. Car dining gets even more fun when the restaurant can offer a proper setup.

This restaurant will provide you with a portable table that can fit in your car and it will be just like you are having a meal on the table. All the discomfort and difficulty will fly away.

We all have to accept this as the new normal. So, visit them today and follow their social media accounts because they have an interesting activity going on.

Tag your friends on the Charcoal Facebook posts and get a chance to win amazing discount vouchers. It’s a limited-time offer so hurry up!

Make sure you keep a required social distance. Moreover, wear a mask and sanitize your hands regularly.

Charcoal Contact Details

Address: Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue, Pakistan, Zone C Phase 8 DHA, Karachi, Sindh 75500

Contact Number: 0323 2001045

Timings: 4:30 PM – 12 AM

Charcoal Menu

Zeytin Restaurant Karachi

Zeytin Karachi Restaurant

Wow! Another Turkish Restaurant is on the list. When you are looking for a Middle Eastern eatery, you cant pass on the Zeyton Restaurant. They claim to bring the flavors directly from Turkey, add a twist to them and then offer them on the menu.

The food and the Meze concept of dining are also inspired by Turkish culture. All of the dishes on the menu are carefully selected and crafted to make the customers back to the Mediterranean sea.

Most of the items you will get here are cooked to perfection on a Chargrill. The smoky aroma of the meat and veggies is phenomenal.

The indoor dining experience is beyond your expectations at Zeytin Restaurant. The Turkish lanterns and art on the walls immediately catch attention.

The atmosphere however is very calm and peaceful because of the warm/dim lighting. But all of this can’t be enjoyed for some time. Indoor and outdoor dining is banned throughout Karachi which is why customers can’t sit and have a meal inside the restaurant.

For enjoying the Turkish vibe, you have to be patient. However, Zeytin is on the list of Karachi restaurants that are going to offer car dining. So that you have a meal in a more relaxed environment.

Photo by omnomzilla on Instagram

If you plan to visit Zeytin restaurant anytime soon or want to experience car dining then try some of their most in-demand items. This includes Chicken Soup, Zeytin Special Salad, Grilled Chicken with Rice, Bebelli Yogurt, Shawarma Wrap, BBQ Platter, and some sidelines like Turkish flatbreads.

To fully understand these items, you might have to read the description. However, those who like to eat Turkish food must be familiar with the names. So, get your friends or family and have a unique dinner tonight.

Zeytin Restaurant Contact Details

Website: https://www.zeytin.pk/index 

Address: Safa Residency, Shaheed-e-Millat Rd, Maniya CHS (MCHS) PECHS, Karachi

Contact Number: 0331 0223333

Timings: 1 PM – 11 PM

Zeytin Restaurant Menu

Clock Tower; The Food Bazar

car dining karachi
Photo by Clock Tower from Facebook

Karachi being the booming hub of restaurants is not going to stop opening up new places anytime soon. The city has so much to offer its people with innovation and uniqueness.

We see an entirely different concept of food now and then. The city’s new sensation is the Clock Tower which has opened its doors 2 months ago. The big silver walls is a multilevel restaurant, much-awaited by the Karachites.

The reason is its location, near to the seaside. From higher levels, you can enjoy the cool breeze and premium food experience together.

The restaurant offers almost everything. It is mostly known for Hi-tea and dinner buffet that is served on ground level. However, A la Carte menu is taken on the balcony of the restaurant.

The view indeed is the main attraction of the restaurant. Recently many bloggers and influencers were invited to the Clock Tower. So, it is in the eyes of those who look for new places and then talk about it.

Because of the third wave of pandemic situation, Karachi restaurants are not allowed open indoor and outdoor dining areas. Clock Tower has both setups but for fighting against the challenge, they have started Car dining solution.

It is pretty impressive and unexpected from a newly launched restaurant. Anyways, good luck to the owners and staff.

Coming to the food served by the Clock Tower restaurant, the menu has a variety of starters, main course, and desserts. You can order steaks, Grilled chicken entrees, Burgers, or anything from the pasta section.

All of these are included in the lavish buffet menu of the restaurant but it is impossible to execute in the car dining experience. Thus, only the A la Carte menu is open for takeaways, delivery, and car dining.

I’m sure all you would desperately want to be a part of this new sensation so don’t wait, visit now.

Clock Tower Contact Details

Website: https://www.clocktower.pk/#about_us 

Address: Sea View Rd, Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Contact Number: 0300 1112872

Timings: 7 PM – 12 AM

Clock Tower Menu

Here is the list of a few more restaurants that have shifted themselves to car dining solutions in Karachi. So, if you plan to have lunch or dinner outside and are not in the mood for delivery or takeaway, you got a few options now.

Take a look at each of them and see what you are craving for these days and plan accordingly. Roaming Pakistan loves to help you plan even a small occasion for you so keep following for more!

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