Karachi is for Pizza Lovers. But Who Has The Best Pizza?

Over the years, Pakistan has introduced so many cuisines that are part of our daily lives now. Just like that, Pizza was introduced by Pizza Hut. It took a while to develop a liking for its taste but today it is an important fast food which is loved by all age groups.There are so many pizza brands all over the country. Some are running for years and years and still have managed to remain in the market. While the new pizza parlors are giving a tough competition as well. Similarly, there are a lot of famous places for having a pizza in Karachi. In fact, it must be on the top in opening new ones. That is the reason why Karachi is for Pizza lovers. Karachi is ahead of all the other cities of Pakistan in terms of restaurants, cuisines, and the ambiance for it thus, it has become a foodie’s paradise.When you have so many options to choose from, it gets really difficult to make a decision. Some of you would like to remain old school while some of you like to try what’s new and different. There are many types of crusts, toppings, and cheese that you can choose from. So, let’s take a look at some of the most running Pizza brands in Karachi and how they are unique from others.

Broadway pizza Karachi

Broadway pizza Karachi
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There are a number of branches for Broadway Pizza in Karachi. Some offer takeaway only while other outlets have a very cute but attractive interior. They have a very quite a big range of pizza flavors, each with a very unique name. To understand the flavor, it’s better to read the description carefully. Otherwise, you might just end up ordering something against your likings. The best thing about their pizzas is their crust stuffed with flavorsome cream cheese and overloaded toppings. They serve it with 2-3 sauces including ranch, mayo garlic, and garlic butter. Oh, pizza is just incomplete without garlic butter and garlic powder. 

They serve molten lava cake and chocolate brownie on their dessert menu. Their brownies are just out of this world, it’s a must-try. Believe me, by taking one bite you’ll enter into the chocolaty heaven with big chunks of chocolate. Not only this, there is always some amazing deal going on their website. Don’t miss their Tuesdays as they double the treat for you.

Broadway Pizza is offering amazing deals. Starting off with their Ramzan deal, there are three options with different sizes of pizzas; 10 inches to 20 inches. The deal includes 2 pizzas and 2 sauces and the price range is Rs 1399 – Rs 3499. Another very amazing discount they are giving is a flat 30% off on the entire menu, excluding deals if you go to their website and place your order online. There is a Thursday slice deal as well so order now!

Contact Details Broadway Pizza

Website: https://www.broadwaypizza.com.pk/ 

Contact Number: 021 111 339 339

Broadway Pizza Menu

California Pizza Karachi

California pizza Karachi
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With a wide variety of flavors, California Pizza in Karachi is satisfying the pizza cravings since April 2012. As compared to many pizza brands like Pizza Hut or Dominoes, this one is relatively new in the market but WOW what amazing and flavorsome pizzas they offer. Their specialty Is deep dish and pan pizzas with toppings in a large amount just like people love it in California.

Also, their deals are worth trying because you won’t able to resist them. Their Ranch pizza is hot on demand. Other than pizza, they got really good options in appetizers and sidelines; which is a little rare I suppose. You can also get some burgers or pasta or sandwich from their goodies menu. Don’t forget to check out the dessert menu! In the Holy month of Ramazan, you can order from California Pizza from Iftaar till Sehri time. Do take a look at their delivery timings though but you can also avail of special delivery deals, Ramzan deals, and also their anniversary deal too.

Check out the website as they have all kinds of deals to satisfy your craving and can be availed round the clock. You got to give it a go if you are living in Karachi and Lahore. 

Contact Details California Pizza

Website: https://www.californiapizza.com.pk/ 

Contact Number: 021 111 753 753

California Pizza Menu

New York Pizza Karachi

New York pizza KarachiNew York Pizza Karachi is the leading chain in the Pizza world. They not only bring the authentic flavor of New York but also the crust is made according to their style. Other than that, there are many other varieties of pizzas. The specialty and unique item of New York Pizza is Calzone; liked and recommended by many people. It’s basically a folded pizza with the toppings stuffed in between the two layers of the pizza dough. You’ll also find a good number of flavors in a calzone. It’s highly recommended if you want to try something different than the usual.

New York pizza is trending among the karachites and that is the reason behind so many of their branches are opening all over the city. Also, they are known for some amazing discount deals like pink Tuesdays, 30% off on credit cards, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Make some space for their gigantic 21-inch pizza slice or whole for the family because they got you covered from one person to big gatherings.

They have some deals that are evergreen and then there are a lot of options as midnight deals so you can always have their pizza with some discount.

Contact Details New York Pizza

Website: https://nyp.com.pk/

Contact Number: 021 111 697 697

New York Pizza Menu

Domino’s Pizza Karachi

Domino's pizza Karachi

Domino’s Pizza is one of the oldest pizza chains successfully running throughout Pakistan. They started with a small takeaway window and today they have 7 seven outlets only in Karachi. Their hand-tossed pizzas are famous worldwide. This American Pizza chain offers a diverse selection of pizzas from classic to desi flavors, you can get everything from here.

People were quite fond of Dominoe’s back then when they did not have many options to choose from. Also, the quality and taste were up to the mark as well. However, things are not the same anymore. I believe their quality and taste have dropped to a level where it’s not even a pizza option anymore. You can barely taste the toppings as it is not sufficient. According to their quality, their prices are comparatively low as well. So, if you are looking for okayish pizza is less money, Domino’s you got. 

By looking at their website, you’ll see that they are following the Covid 19 SOPs very strictly, which I like to appreciate as our health really depends on food hygiene.  

Contact Details Domino’s Pizza Karachi

Website: https://dominos.com.pk/Frontend/OnlineOrderMenu/HomeDominos987 

Contact Number: 021 111 366 466

Domino’s Pizza Menu

14th Street Pizza Karachi

14th Street Pizza Karachi
Phot by Bushra Afzaal on Instagram

Are you tired of your siblings who want different toppings than you do? Or are you unable to decide on the pizza flavor because all the options have something that you don’t like or you allergic to a specific topping? Well then, look out for 14th street pizza as it is the most popular New York style, hand-tossed pizza in Karachi. Their menu is quite filled with all the types of flavors you could ask for. Starting from just a delivery service, they have been reached success to another level. Now, there are multiple branches in all metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

They are known for their huge 21-inch pizzas with just the right toppings you like because of it provides customization. Yes! You can now design your very own pizza, starting from the type of crust you like to the sauce you need to the list of toppings where you can select all you want. Isn’t that amazing? Not only this but you can also order just one slice for yourself if nobody is ready to give you company because that’s what 14th street pizza is for. Even after so many new entrants in the market, they have been able to maintain their presence.

While ordering, you can either choose from their standard combination of toppings or make your own. The standard ones are Basically Beef, Chicken Fajita, Chicken Tikka, Creamy Chicken Delight, eastern Seekh Kabab, Hot Chicken Mughlai, and Peri Tikka Fusion. Their tikka and fajita are the most running ones. For creating your own pizza, you have to follow three steps; select your flavor, select your sauce and select your veges. There is an option of stuffed crust add-on with extra charges of Rs 50.

Contact Details 14th Street Pizza Karachi

Website: https://www.14thstreetpizza.com/ 

Contact Number: 021 111 363 363

14th Street Pizza Menu

Italiano Pizza Karachi

Italiano pizza karachiThis pizza parlor has three branches only in Karachi and serves this very unique taste incorporated with shawarma-style chicken on top. One of the branches is in Saddar, Tariq Road, and Clifton. There is a wide range of flavors from classic to premium flavors.

The app is launched recently for making an easier way for you to place your order. In the pandemic situation, the dine-in is closed and most of the pizza points do not have outdoor setups thus takeaways and deliveries are the only options left. Similar is the case with Italiano Pizza Karachi. But you do not have to worry because they have everything sorted for you. From amazing Ramzan Iftar deals to midnight munching, there are some discounts that you can avail of from their menu. Which is pretty extensive. They have obviously pizzas with appetizers and sidelines, you can order some burgers or fries from the fast-food menu.

However, it is always recommended to order pizzas only from a pizza parlor because that’s their specialty. In my opinion, you can find a much better option in Karachi for premium pizzas than Italiano pizza as their menu is very typical. You won’t find anything special about it however, it’s affordable and low on budget. 

Contact Details 14th Italiano Pizza Karachi

Contact Number: 021 32362214

Italiano Pizza Menu

Most of us look up to pizza places as an easy option and a good break from cooking ourselves. It has almost become our staple food since people of all ages like having desi or classic style pizzas. There are so many options available in Karachi not only in terms of brands that are offering pizza but within one brand there is a variety that you can choose from. If you like authentic Italian style, go for Chicago deep dish so in short everyone is being catered according to their likings. If anything new comes to Pakistan I think they take a start from Karachi and that is the reason why it has become the hub of pizza lovers. But most of the restaurants then eventually start moving to Lahore and Islamabad. Well, do let us know your favorite pizza place in the comments down below.

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