Complete JuiceLand Price List (June 2023)

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When folks in Islamabad want something wholesome and pleasant, they go to Juiceland. Customers can choose from a variety of fresh and healthy juices at Juiceland. In addition to juices, they serve smoothies, Coladas, shakes, and homemade ice cream. Not only that, but to satisfy Pakistani tastes, they serve Desi snacks such as chana chaat, gol gappy, and salads. The Juiceland price list is also affordable for anyone. They have a wide menu of juices and smoothies for healthy snacking!

Not only that, but they have Desi snacks to go with your halki phulki bhook. Their best-selling items are papri chat, gol gappa, and dhai bhaly. Aside from that, there are numerous drinking and snacking options available.

Juiceland only uses pure and fresh fruits in its drinks, which is why its juices are considered the best nutritious juices in Islamabad. They provide both sit-in and take-out services. You can also order their items online through the FoodPanda app.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

JuiceLand Menu

juiceland featured items

The Juiceland menu is very extensive; they include fresh juices, blended juices, ice-cream milkshakes, Coladas, slush, and even special Pakistan’s favorite doodh pati chai to their customers.

Juiceland Featured Items

Mosambi Juice ₨ 330.00
Orange Juice ₨ 330.00
Grapefruit Juice ₨ 330.00
Strawberry Juice ₨ 330.00
Praline Ice Cream ₨ 120.00
Blueberry Ice Cream ₨ 120.00
Caramel Ice Cream ₨ 120.00
Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream ₨ 120.00
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream ₨ 120.00
Coffee Ice Cream ₨ 120.00
Juice Land Special Ice Cream₨ 350.00

Fresh Juices

juiceland fresh juices menu and price list
Apple Juice₨ 330.00
Apricot Juice₨ 290.00
Carrot Juice₨ 290.00
Cheeku Juice₨ 330.00
Cherry Juice₨ 380.00
Falsa Juice₨ 330.00
Fruit Punch Juice₨ 420.00
Garma Juice₨ 290.00
Grapefruit Juice₨ 330.00
Grapes juice₨ 370.00
Guava Juice₨ 250.00
Jaaman Juice₨ 380.00
Juice Land Special Juice₨ 390.00
Kiwi Juice₨ 390.00
Lychee Juice₨ 380.00
Mixed Pomegranate Juice₨ 530.00
Mango Juice₨ 290.00
Mosambi Juice₨ 330.00
Orange Juice₨ 330.00
Peach Juice₨ 290.00
Plum Juice₨ 380.00
Pineapple Juice₨ 330.00
Strawberry Juice₨ 330.00
Water Melon Juice₨ 290.00
White Pomegranate Juice₨ 530.00

Juiceland Fresh Juices

Quality Shakes

Juice land quality shakes
MenuPrice in PKR
Almonds Wonder Shake₨ 510.00
Bounty Shake₨ 510.00
Brownies Shake₨ 510.00
Butter Cooksey₨ 510.00
Cadbury Shake₨ 510.00
Five Star Shake₨ 510.00
Hot Fudge Shake₨ 510.00
Juice Land Special Shake₨ 560.00
Kit Kat Shake₨ 510.00
Krazy Kat Shake₨ 510.00
Maltesers Shake₨ 510.00
Mars Shake₨ 510.00
Mocca Shake₨ 510.00
Oreo Shake₨ 510.00
Perk Shake₨ 510.00
Snickers Shake₨ 510.00
Wafer Shake₨ 510.00
Walnut Shake₨ 510.00

Juiceland Quality Shakes


juieland shakes
MenuPrice in PKR
Anjeer Shake₨ 420.00
Apple Shake₨ 330.00
Banana Candy Shake₨ 330.00
Banana Shake₨ 290.00
Banana Strawberry Shake₨ 330.00
Cheeku Shake₨ 330.00
Kaju Badam Shake₨ 520.00
Khajoor Shake (plane)₨ 330.00
Khoya Khajoor Shake₨ 390.00
Kiwi Shake₨ 390.00
Love Story Shake₨ 350.00
Mango Shake₨ 330.00
Papaya (Special Shake)₨ 350.00
Peach Shake₨ 330.00
Pineapple Shake₨ 330.00
Strawberry Shake₨ 330.00
Special Cocktail Shake₨ 460.00
Super Mix Shake₨ 350.00

Juiceland Milkshakes

Ice Cream Shakes

juiceland ice cream shake
MenuPrice in PKR
Banana Split Dish₨ 410.00
Blueberry Shake₨ 410.00
Cake Laska Dish₨ 410.00
Chocolate Shake₨ 410.00
Cocktail Shake₨ 410.00
Coconut Shake₨ 410.00
Coffee Toffee₨ 410.00
Fantasy Dish₨ 410.00
Fruit Triffle Dish₨ 410.00
Jungle Joy₨ 410.00
Luby Duby₨ 410.00
Mango Madness₨ 410.00
Mango Shake₨ 410.00
Pineapple Shake₨ 410.00
Rainbow Shake₨ 410.00
Rambo Dallied Dish₨ 410.00
Strawberry Shake₨ 410.00
Vanilla Dream₨ 410.00
Vanilla Shake₨ 410.00

Juiceland Ice Cream Shakes

Juiceland Ice Cream (Homemade)

juiceland icecreams
MenuPrice in PKR
Blueberry Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Caramel Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Coconut Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Coffee Ice Cream₨ 120.00
JuiceLand Special Ice Cream₨ 350.00
Kulfa Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Mango Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Pistachio Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Praline Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Tutti Frutti Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Strawberry Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Vanilla Chip Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Vanilla Crunch Ice Cream₨ 120.00

Juiceland Ice Cream (Homemade)

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Hot and Cold Coffee

Juiceland Hot and Cold Coffee
MenuPrice in PKR
Black Coffee₨ 200.00
Cold Cappuccino Coffee₨ 360.00
Egg Soup₨ 240.00
Espresso Coffee₨ 200.00
Hot Cappuccino Coffee₨ 250.00
Hot Chocolate₨ 250.00
Ice Blended Coffee₨ 200.00
Jasmine Tea₨ 60.00
Kashmiri Chaye (Green Tea)₨ 140.00
Milk Tea₨ 100.00
Ovaltine Coffee₨ 200.00
Soup₨ 200.00

Juiceland Hot & Cold Coffee

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Chat and Salad

Juice land snacks
MenuPrice in PKR
Chana Chaat₨ 170.00
Chicken Apple Salad₨ 210.00
Chicken Pasta Salad₨ 210.00
Chicken Pineapple Salad₨ 210.00
Chicken Russian Salad₨ 210.00
Cream Chaat₨ 210.00
Dahi Bhallay₨ 170.00
Fruit Chaat₨ 210.00
Fruit Ice Cream Chaat₨ 240.00
Gol Gappay₨ 240.00
Papri Chaat₨ 170.00

Juiceland Chat & Salads

Fresh Juice Land Quality Coladas

Juiceland Quality Coladas
MenuPrice in PKR
Berry Colada₨ 360.00
Coffee Colada₨ 390.00
Cold Coffee₨ 410.00
Cold Coffee Crunch Kulfa₨ 410.00
Love Story₨ 350.00
Mango Lassi₨ 350.00
Pina Colada₨ 360.00
Red Lady₨ 350.00
Strawberry Colada₨ 360.00
Strawberry Lassi₨ 350.00

Juiceland Quality Coladas

Juiceland Gola and Faluda

Juiceland Gola and Faluda menu and price list
MenuPrice in PKR
Gola Faluda (Single)₨ 220.00
Gola Faluda (Double)₨ 290.00
Ice Cream Faluda₨ 350.00
Ice Gola (Large)₨ 210.00
Ice Gola (Regular)₨ 170.00
Kulfi Faluda₨ 230.00
Special Ice Gola₨ 280.00
Special Kulfi Faluda₨ 330.00

Juiceland Gola & Faluda

Juiceland Soda

Juiceland Soda
MenuPrice in PKR
Lemon Soda₨ 140.00
Ice Cream Soda₨ 220.00

Juiceland Soda


Juiceland Smoothies menu and price list
MenuPrice in PKR
Mango Smoothie₨ 380.00
Peach Smoothie₨ 380.00
Strawberry Smoothie₨ 380.00

Juiceland Smoothies

Ice Blended Juices

Juiceland Ice Blended Juices menu and price list
MenuPrice in PKR
Chop Apple Punch₨ 320.00
Flout Drink₨ 320.00
Marc Lepta Drink₨ 320.00
Orange Mode₨ 320.00
Pin Pine Plot₨ 320.00
Pink Lemonade₨ 320.00

Juiceland Ice Blended Juices

Slush Drinks

Juiceland Slush Drinks menu and price list
MenuPrice in PKR
Lassi₨ 180.00
Lemon Slush₨ 180.00
Orange Slush₨ 180.00
Peach Slush₨ 180.00
Pineapple Slush₨ 180.00
Strawberry Slush₨ 180.00

Juiceland Slush Drinks

Juiceland Best Selling

Juiceland Best Selling item
Lemon Soda₨ 140.00
Papri Chaat₨ 170.00
Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream₨ 120.00
Milk Tea₨ 100.00

Juiceland Location in Islamabad

BranchesAddressContact Number
Branch #1Civic Center, Juiceland Phase – 4
Bahria Town, Islamabad
(051) 5732189, 0300-8169968
Branch #2Express Way, Juiceland Phase – 7 Bahria Town, Islamabad(051) 5172040, 0333-8169968
Branch #3Juiceland F-10 Markaz Islamabad(051) 2222958
Branch #4City Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad(051) 8911800
Branch #5Jinnah supermarket, Juiceland F-7 Markaz, Islamabad051-8898910

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Juiceland Online Order, and Delivery Services

Juiceland currently does not offer delivery services, but they collaborate with Foodpanda to deliver your drinks and snacks to your doorstep. You can order your items directly on their social media, website, or food panda app. 

Order Juiceland Items Online from

Contact Details

Juiceland official website:

Main Branch Address: Bahria Town Civic Center Phase 4 Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan-46000

Tel: (051) 5732189

Opening hours: 7 days per week 10:00 am – 03:00 am

Email address:

Facebook’s address: @juicelandOfficial

Instagram page: juiceland_official


Does JuiceLand add sugar?

Juiceland Pakistan adds sugar to its juices to keep the flavor. However, if you wish to avoid the sugar, tell the staff not to add it to your juice. 

Does juiceland use real fruit?

Indeed, yes! Fresh Juiceland uses real and fresh fruits to make juices, smoothies, ice-creams, and other items. That’s why their items are nutritious and healthy for everyone. 


In this hot summer, nothing can beat the glass of chilled fresh juice. Juiceland is the exclusive spot in Islamabad that offers its best pure fruits juices and other hydrating items at reasonable prices. Therefore, if you are in Islamabad, you should check it out!

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