Jinnah Park Rawalpindi-Best Things to do (2022)

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If you are seeking respite from the hurly-burly of everyday life and a scenic spot for activities and outdoor picnics, then Jinnah Park is the answer. Jinnah Park is one of the most picturesque amusement parks in Rawalpindi with widespread grass areas, plentiful seating, and extensive tree-lined paths made of marble and tiles. It is located in the Cantonment area on Mushtaq Baig Shaheed Road near Civil Lines Police Station Rawalpindi.

The History

Very few people know that the site of this park was previously occupied by The District Jail Rawalpindi and former Prime Minister of Pakistan and popular leader Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged in 1979 at this site. The jail was then pulverized in 1986 and shifted to Adyala Rawalpindi. The planning for the park started in 1995 by Rawalpindi Development Authority which was then inaugurated in 2006. It is named after the Father of the Nation, “Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah”, and is considered one of the primary amusement parks of the city. Entry is free for the pedestrians while visitors with vehicles have to pay Rs. 30 for parking. There is a huge parking space with proper safety and security check. Timings are from 6 am to 12 am daily as there are regular visitors who come on a daily basis for walks, jogging, exercise, etc.

Cultural Monuments & Greenery

A walk from the entrance inside the park provides enchanting views where you can take unforgettable photographs with fountains, lush green gardens, and cultural monuments. There is a seating area in the park, with Balochi Punjabi and Pakhtoon turbans and a Sindhi cap, which beautifully represents the different cultures of the four provinces of Pakistan. Similarly, there is another monument named ‘Unity Towers’ which also symbolizes the four provinces of the country. The park has a good collection of horticulture work with a wide variety of plant specimens including a cactus section, a variety of roses, and many other beautiful flowers.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Spanning more than 17 hectares of greenery and spectacular scenes, the park offers a wide range of different indoor and outdoor activities. Outdoor activities include a small amusement park with different rides and swings for children at very affordable rates. Moreover, there is a small bird’s aviary with a variety of birds like peacocks, hens, doves, cranes, parrots, etc. A skating rink is another attraction for children inside the park. In addition, there are playgrounds for different games including cricket, football, and basketball.

Indoor activities include a cinema with five screens. Cinepax Jinnah Park is one of the busiest and most famous cinemas in twin cities. Another attraction is the 4D Motion ride which is equally attractive for children as well as adults. There also is an indoor games arena fully equipped with different activities. It is known as ‘The Pearls Restaurant & Bowling Club’. People can eat here and enjoy their leisure time playing bowling. There also is a wonderful soft play area for kids to enjoy and get engaged.

Eating options

There are lots of good eating options, both desi and continental, in the park. Some small cafes and food stalls inside the park are cheaper eating options. Also, many chain restaurants like McDonald’s, Pappasallis, Chicken Mackay, Diva, Chikachino, Second cup, Fruiti 5, etc exist in the park to offer a diverse dining selection. But if you are interested in eating the best pulao in Rawalpindi then you must have a read.

Best Times to Visit

The park is equally attractive round the year with fascinating activities, but spring is the best season to see the real beauty of the park while enjoying the pleasant weather. Daytime is worthy as it is not very busy during day time. Weekends and evenings are relatively busy here. So if one wants to enjoy some serene time from a tiring schedule or a family picnic, it is best to visit during the noon in winter and spring seasons.

To Conclude

Jinnah Park Rawalpindi is amongst the top 10 most reviewed attractions in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad with lots of recreational activities and fun. It definitely is worth a visit and families can spend quality time here.

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