Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package is another one of the weekly packages Jazz offers its customers. It includes a combination of Off-net Calls minutes, On-net Calls minutes, SMS and Data MBs that you can use throughout the week.

Roaming Pakistan strives to help its readers access useful information that can make their lives easier. Knowing about the different mobile packages available is extremely important because without a suitable mobile package, even the shortest of calls can be very expensive. This article explains in detail the contents of a weekly package and how to subscribe to it.

Below are the full details of the Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package.

  • On-Net Minutes: 1000
  • Off-Net Minutes: 20
  • Data MBs: 1 GB
  • SMS: 1000
  • Validity: Weekly

Activate Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package

To activate this Jazz Package on your mobile phone in Pakistan, simply follow the directions below.

Dial *407#

To check the status of this Jazz package:

Dial *407*2#

To get information on this Jazz package:

Dial *407*3#

To unsubscribe from this Jazz package:

Dial *407*4#

The total price for this Jazz package is:

Rs.120 (Incl. Tax)

The amount of recharge you require to active this package is:


To read the Terms and Conditions of this package, you can go to the official Jazz website.

Upon successful activation, you will be able to avail all that this package has to offer. However, you will have to activate it again every week if you intend to keep using it.

Roaming Pakistan is a website that mainly focuses on giving advice to those travelling to Pakistan. In this age of social media, one very important part of travelling is posting on social media, letting everyone know where you are and how much fun you’re having. Hence, knowing about mobile packages can help tourists stay connected to their social media and their loved ones.

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