Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Package

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus

Jazz Super Duper Plus is another monthly mobile phone package by Jazz. This package offers Off-net Calls minutes, On-net Calls minutes, Data MBs, and SMS.

Roaming Pakistan is a website that aims to give useful information on a variety of topics, and that includes the different mobile phone packages available in Pakistan. Since the Monthly Super Duper Package is a huge hit, Jazz has offered this Super Duper Plus package that offers around double the benefits at less than double the cost of the Super Duper Package. Hence, this package is uniquely suited to people who previously subscribed to the Super Duper monthly package but usually ran out of minutes, SMS or data MBs before the month was up.

Below are the full details of the Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Package.

  • On-Net Minutes: 5000
  • Off-Net Minutes: 300
  • Data MBs: 15 GB
  • SMS: 5000
  • Validity: Monthly

Activate Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Package

To activate this Jazz Package on your mobile phone in Pakistan, simply follow the directions below.

Dial *707#

To check the status of this Jazz package:

Dial *707*2#

To get information on this Jazz package:

Dial *707*3#

To unsubscribe from this Jazz package:

Dial *707*4#

The total price for this Jazz package is:

Rs.977 (Incl. tax)

The amount of recharge you require to active this package is:


To read the Terms and Conditions of this package, you can go to the official Jazz website.

By subscribing to this Jazz package, you can enjoy all the benefits it offers. You will have to activate it every month after it expires to continue benefitting from it.

Roaming Pakistan mainly advises travelers and tourists by providing useful travel information like where to eat, where to stay and what to do during a trip. In addition to helping the regular citizens of Pakistan, information on mobile packages is relevant, maybe not directly but indirectly, to tourists too.

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