Jamil Sweets Menu & Jamil Sweets Price List (May 2023)

Jamil Sweets is one of Rawalpindi’s oldest and most renowned sweets shops. Specializing in Pakistani sweets, they have gained a reputation for their inventive treats. The Jamil Sweets menu is broad, ranging from a variety of sweets and desserts to snacks and drinks. What truly distinguishes them from the competitors is their attention to detail. Every sweet is beautifully decorated, thus delicious and a feast for the eyes.

Their incredible journey started at the small breakfast shop in Rawalpindi in 1964. But Jamil Sweets soon expanded to include a variety of traditional Pakistani sweets. Today, they’re among the leading Pakistani confectioners and have outlets in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They have always tried to maintain the highest standards in all their products. This has resulted in a large and loyal customer base for the company. The strong competitor of Jamil Sweets is Fresco Sweets.

Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a special treat, Jamil Sweets is sure to have something to your taste.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 03 May 2023.

Jamil Sweets Menu

Jamil Sweets prides itself on using only the finest ingredients and traditional methods. Hence, they can create beautiful and mouth-watering sweets. Their mithai menu contains an array of tempting options. From gulab jamun and kaju barfi to chamcham and badam patisa, there is something for everyone. The Jamil Sweets menu also includes several halwas. Their variety includes anjeer, sohan, and dooda halwa. Moreover, they offer numerous refreshment options, such as channa chat, gol gappay, etc.

Jamil Sweets Mithai Menu with Prices

Amritsari Patisa 1 KgRs. 920
Amrati 1 KgRs. 820
Anda Mesu 1 Kg Rs. 1100
Anda Qalaqand 1 Kg Rs. 1100
Anjeer Barfi 1 kg Rs. 1200
Apple Chamcham 1 kgRs. 920
Arbi Roll 1 KgRs. 1400
Badam Arbi Roll 1 KgRs. 1800
Badam Barfi 1 KgRs. 1400
Badam Patisa 1 KgRs. 920
Badam Pak 1 Kg Rs. 1200
Baisen Barfi 1 KgRs. 920
Baisen Ladoo 1 KgRs. 920
Balooshahi 1 Kg Rs. 820
Bangali ChamchamRs. 1100
Bangali Rasgulla 1 KgRs. 1100
Chipti Chamcham 1 KgRs. 1100
Chocolate Patisa 1 KgRs. 920
Choti Chamcham 1 KgRs. 920
Coconut Chamcham 1 KgRs. 920
Coconut Jaman 1 Kg Rs. 920
Coconut Patisa 1 KgRs. 920
Cup Patisa 1 KgRs. 920
Cutlus Sweets 1 KgRs. 920
Garam Jamun 1 PieceRs. 160
Gol Jaman 1 KgRs. 920
Gujiyan 1 KgRs. 920
Jalebi 1 KgRs. 480
Kacha Gulla 1 KgRs. 1350
Kaju Barfi 1 KgRs. 3000
Kaju Arbi Roll 1 KgRs. 2000
Kaju Pairay 1 KgRs. 3200
Kaju Patisa 1 KgRs. 920
Kalaqand 1 Kg Rs. 1300
Khoya 1 KgRs. 1400
Khubani Chamcham 1 KgRs. 920
Lambay Jaman 1 Kg Rs. 920
Man Pasand 1 KgRs. 1200
Mardani Paira 1 Kg Rs. 1200
Makhlawa 1 Kg Rs. 1100
Milky Patisa 1 KgRs. 1100
Moti Choor Ladoo 1 KgRs. 820
Mumbai Patisa 400g Rs. 560
New Roll Patisa 1 KgRs. 1400
Paitha Mithai 1 KgRs. 920
Paneer Jaman 1 KgRs. 1100
Paneer Kalaqand 1 KgRs. 1200
Paneer Pairay 1 KgRs. 1300
Paneer Puff 1 KgRs. 1100
Pista Barfi 1 KgRs. 1400
Pista Roll 1 KgRs. 1400
Rasgullay 1 KgRs. 920
Roll Patisa 1 KgRs. 1100
Sadah Barfi 1 KgRs. 1150
Sadah Khajoor 1 KgRs. 920
Sadah Mesu 1 KgRs. 820
Sadah Patisa 1 KgRs. 1100
Special Ladoo 1 KgRs. 1100
Special Plain Barfi 1 Kg Rs. 1150
Sweet Pak 1 KgRs. 1200
Till Ladoo 1 Kg Rs. 920
White Rasgulla 1 KgRs. 920
Mix Sweets 1 KgRs. 980
Mix Sweets Special BasicRs. 1020
Barfi Jaman MixRs. 1040

Halwajaat Menu with Prices

Jamil Sweets Menu halwa
Items Price
Anjeer Halwa 1 Kg ₨1,200
Akhrot Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Coconut Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Coffee Halwa 1 Kg ₨1,200
Cherry Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Daal Halwa 1 Kg Rs. 2000
Dooda Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Fruit Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Gajjar Halwa 1 KgRs. 1400
Habshi Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Kamarkas Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Karachi Halwa 1 Kg Rs. 820
Khajoor Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Mango Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Orange Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Peach Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Pineapple Halwa 1 Kg₨1,200
Pista Halwa 1 KgRs. 1400
Salmani Halwa 1 KgRs. 1200
Sohan Halwa 1 KgRs. 920

Desserts Menu with Prices

Items Price
kheer Cup₨130
Kheer 1kg₨ 640
Kheer 2kg₨ 1280
kheer 1/2 kgRs. 320
Qulfi largeRs. 130
Qulfi smallRs. 70

Ice Cream Menu with Prices

Jamil Sweets menu ice cream
Ice Cream Double ScoopRs. 120
Ice Cream ½ Ltr Rs. 300
Ice Cream 1 Ltr Rs. 600
Ice Cream BowlRs. 1050
Ice Cream Scoop DoubleRs. 140

Refreshment Menu with Prices

Aloo ChipsRs. 480
Channa Chat 1 PlateRs. 160
Dahi Bhallay 1 PlateRs. 160
Fruit Chat 1 Plate Rs. 200
Gol Gappay 8 Piece Rs. 160
Namak Paray Rs. 400
Nashta PuriRs. 70
Mix PakorayRs. 520
Panjeeri 1 KgRs. 2000
PaparhRs. 70
Qulfi FaloodaRs. 150
Samosa Chat Single Rs. 90
Samosa Chat DoubleRs. 140

Namkeen Menu with Prices

Aloo Samosa 1 PieceRs. 50
Chicken Dye Samosa 1 Piece Rs. 80
Chicken Kachori 1 Piece Rs. 90
Chicken Roll 1 Piece Rs. 70
Chicken Samosa 1 Piece Rs. 70
Hyderabadi Nimko 125gRs. 120
Hyderabadi Nimko 250gRs. 240
Qeema Roll 1 PieceRs. 70
Qeema Samosa 1 Piece Rs. 70
Malai Butter Puff 1 KgRs. 1200
Nimko Others 125g Rs. 80
Nimko Others 250gRs. 160
Special Nimko 125gRs. 130
Special Nimko 250gRs. 260
Vegetable Roll 1 PieceRs. 50
Salanty Rs. 70
Baisen Mongpali 125gRs. 80
Baisen Mongpali 250gRs. 160
Dry Fruit 125gRs. 275
Dry Fruit 250gRs. 550

Drinks Menu with Prices

Jamil Sweets menu for drinks
Water 0.5 LiterRs. 40
Water 1.5 LiterRs. 70
Drink Bottle 0.5 LiterRs. 40
Drink Tin 250mlRs. 70
Juice Drink 250mlRs. 30
PulpiRs. 60
StingRs. 80
NFV Juice Tin 250mlRs. 110
Malt 300mlRs. 70

Dairy Products Menu with Prices

MilkRs. 200
Desi Ghee 400gRs. 700
Desi Ghee 800gRs. 1400
Ice cream scoop doubleRs.140

Nashta Menu with Prices

Jamil Sweets nashta menu
Single Serving NashtaRs. 180
Nashta HalwaRs. 600
Pineapple Halwa Nashta (1 kg)Rs. 1200
Cherry Halwa Nashta (1 kg)Rs. 1200
Nashta Channy Plate Rs. 140
LassiRs. 130

Jamil Sweets Near Me

If you are a resident of Rawalpindi or Islamabad, Google “Jamil Sweets near me.” That will help you view outlets close to your current location and the directions to get there. There are several Jamil Sweets throughout the twin cities, such as F-10 and Saddar.

Jamil Sweets Islamabad Locations

Branch AddressContact Number
Jamil Sweets F-106-Kashmir Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad 051-2292145
Jamil Sweets E-11Northern Heights, Markaz E-11/3 MPCHS Islamabad 051-2228965-6
Jamil Sweets Blue Area6-Shalimar Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad 051-2347071
Jamil Sweets DHA Phase 2 6-Al Ghani Arcade, Near DHA Phase II Gate, GT Road, Islamabad 051-8465243-6
Jamil Sweets PWD6-Friends Plaza, Block A, NPF (PWD), Islamabad 051-8441439

Jamil Sweets Rawalpindi Locations

BranchAddressContact Number
Jamil Sweets Scheme 36-Rasheed Plaza, Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi 051-5766267
Jamil Sweets Saddar6-Majeed Plaza, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi 051-5567091
Jamil Sweets Peshawar Road 6-18-D Plaza, Near EME, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi051-2227533
Jamil Sweets Bahria Town Phase 7 Shop No. GF-01, Plot#4,5, Theme Park Avenue Phase 7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi 051-8433961

Jamil Sweets Home Delivery Service

Jamil Sweets also offer a home delivery service. If you live in Rawalpindi or Islamabad, you can get Jamil Sweets delivered to your doorstep. Home delivery is easily accessible through phone, WhatsApp, their website, and Foodpanda. You can order by whichever method you find easiest for timely delivery. Jamil Sweets brings delicious treats right to your doorstep.

Contact Details

Website: jamilsweets.pk

Email: info@jamilsweets.pk

Contact Number: +92-335-5552645

Address: 6-Majeed Plaza, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi (Main Branch)

Facebook Page: @jamilsweets.pk

Instagram Page: @jamilsweetsstore      


What are the timings of Jamil Sweets?        

Jamil Sweets opens every day from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. It’s the perfect place for anyone with a sweet tooth!   

What are Jamil Sweets baby boxes?                                   

Jamil Sweets understands that happy occasions are even sweeter with a delicious treat. That’s why they offer signature boxes, perfect for a special event like a baby’s birth. These baby boxes are available in 250 grams and ½ Kg sizes.

Is Jamil Sweets’ food healthy?

Jamil Sweets take great pride in serving delicious and healthy food items. Their recipes use fresh, high-quality, and nutritious ingredients. They believe that good health is the foundation of happiness.


Jamil Sweets is a well-known confectionary brand with branches in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They have been in the business for decades now. A customer favorite, Jamil Sweets offers high-quality products at affordable prices. The complete menu is available above for your convenience. With plenty of great food items to choose from, you will find many things you will love. If you want more recommendations for what to eat, our foodie writers compile the best of the best!

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