Best Hi-tea in Rawalpindi: Top 6 Places

A cup of tea indeed makes everything better. If that’s what you believe in, too, then let’s explore that different Hi-tea culture together. This article explores the best places for Hi-tea in Rawalpindi with delectable snacks with perfect dining to meet your tea cravings.

Rawalpindi is next to the Capital of Islamabad in Pakistan. It is also the fourth largest city in the country. The city also has strong intertwined economic and social ties with Islamabad. Thus, together they make the twin cities of Pakistan. The culture of tea is prevalent in the city neighborhoods. The people also like to enjoy tea with yummy snacks in outdoor dining with family and friends. By this time, you might already be familiar with the best Hi-tea places in Islamabad.

In simple words, tea is the ultimate companion to pass leisure time or the stressed phase. You can enjoy it on rainy days with homemade snacks. Of course, a serotonin boost through tea uplifts your mood during stressed times. So, let’s explore food outlets that offer superb hi-tea in your neighborhood.

 Mei Kong’s Hi-tea in Rawalpindi

Mei kong Hi-tea menu

Image of Mei kong from Facebook

Next up is Mei kong restaurant, another best place for Hi-tea in Rawalpindi. Due to enticing delectable and fusion cuisine, their Hi-tea has become the talk of the town. The renowned Chinese restaurant is in the main commercial area of Sadar in Rawalpindi. Although, you can also read our article to find the best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad you can try. 

Their lunch cum hi-tea buffet attracts crowds, as the menu includes both Chinese and local dishes. You can start off your Hi-tea venture with Mei kong Special soups or Pineapple lemonade. Continue to explore the variety of delectables on the salad bar and starters. The Hi-tea menu includes main course dishes, so you have a full lunch buffet experience at Mei kong. Obviously, there are various bite-sized desserts that try to please your sweet tooth with the compulsory Hot beverages.

Furthermore, the Hi-tea at Mei kong per head costs around Rs 1250/ + tax. Besides Hi-tea, the restaurant offers fine dining for family get-togethers or corporate-style gatherings. They always aim at bringing picture-ready delicious food to your table. You can also contact them and get their reservation services. Thus, we believe that it is a must-go place for Hi-tea in Rawalpindi.

Mei kong’s Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Special Hot & Sour SoupHoney Wings
Beef Vegetable SoupGol Gappa
Cocktail ChowmeinChicken Samosa
Dhaka FishChicken Pakora
Chicken PizzaChenna Chat
Honey WingsMuffins
Chicken SandwichCookies
Chicken Spicy BurgersFruit Chat
Students Biryanipastries
Chicken NihariGulab Jaman
Chicken BotiPink Tea
Channa ChatGreen/ Black Tea

Mei Kong Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address: 32 Haider Rd, Saddar, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000
  • Contact: (051) 5566577
  • Hi-tea Timing: 2pm-6pm

Monal Down Town: Best Hi-tea in Rawalpindi

Superb Hi-tea in Rawalpindi

Image of Monal Downtown from Facebook

Monal downtown is another superb restaurant for the best Hi-tea in Rawalpindi. If you have tried Monal Downtown for the best high tea in Islamabad, then you cannot miss their Rawalpindi Food outlet. Besides Hi-tea platters, the restaurant also offers Individual platters and breakfast platter deals. The famous Restaurant is present on Murree Road, Sadar in Rawalpindi.

, no one can match flavors, variety, and services for the Hi-tea Buffet of Monal Downtown. As the hi-tea is available in two slots during lunchtime, you have to make a reservation to secure yourself a table. Also, the hi-tea buffet per head costs Rs 1350 Plus tax. The hi-tea menu offers a full-fledged variety of Welcome drinks, soups, starters, oriental options, and more. You can also visit their website to have a look at their complete Hi-menu. Another attribute that sets Monal downtown apart from other Hi-tea restaurants is its services on the table to assist the visitor.

What’s more, you can continue your Hi-tea journey with main course dishes. Finish your meal with mouth-watering desserts and also a cup of your favorite drink. The staff at monal downtown is very cooperative, and services are of premium quality. Hence, we believe that you will enjoy every minute of your Hi-tea experience at Monal downtown beyond any doubt.

Monal Downtown Hi- tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Frosted LemonadeAssorted SAndwiches
Mint MargaritaMini Burgers
Hot and Sour SoupBlack Pepper Chicken
Cheese NaanVegetable Fried Rice
BBQ Chicken WingsChana Chaat
Chicken Cheese TikkaGol Gapay
Chicken KarahiDahi Baray
Mutton BiryaniAssorted Salads and Chutneys
Assorted Mini SamosaGulab Jaman
Chicken Spring RollsSizzling brownies
Assorted PizzaCakes/ pastries/ brownies
TagliatelleTea/ Coffee/ Green tea

Monal downtown Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address: Murree Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.
  • Contact: 051 5130304/5/6/7
  • Hi-tea timing: 1st Slot 4pm-3pm, 2nd Slot 4pm-6pm

Blue Lagoon: Offering Best Hi-tea in Rawalpindi

Tasty Hi-tea in Rawalpindi

Photo of Blue Lagoon from Facebook

Blue Lagoon is also among restaurants famous for Buffets and HI-tea in Rawalpindi. Besides Hi-tea, it offers Sunday brunches, executive lunch, breakfast, and lunch buffets. Established in 1950, the restaurant is in the Rawalpindi Cantt area. With the premium service and delicious food, the food outlet attracts large crowds.

The Hi-tea Menu at Blue-lagoon consists of Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental dishes. As, you can enjoy soups, sandwiches, Appetizers, Continental and Asian dishes, and more. There are also separate stations and bars for sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Obviously, a hi-tea buffet is incomplete without Tea or Green Tea. Visit their website or Facebook Page to get more information about the restaurant.

Moreover, the restaurant offers Hi-tea in two slots and costs around Rs 995 per head along with tax. It is the best restaurant in Rawalpindi because of the amazing services. Their services include Birthday Parties, Engagement Parties, Corporate functions, takeaways, and more. So, do try Blue Lagoon’s Hi-tea Buffet and savor yourself with delicious food in Rawalpindi.

Blue Lagoon Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Thai SoupKachumer Salad
SamosaPlain Yogurt
Spring RollsChicken Mayonnaise Sandwich
Chicken QormaVegetable Sandwich
Rogni NaanFruit Trifle
Smoked Chicken ChowmeinFlavors of Souffle
Egg fried riceShahi Kheer
Chicken wingsBread and butter Pudding
Skeekh KabadChana Chaat
Dahi BalayTea /Green tea

Blue Lagoon Contact Details

  • Website: Blue Lagoon
  • Address: Off The Mall Masood Akhtar Road, Rawalpindi Cantt(Near CSD)
  • Contact: 051-5519377
  • Hi-tea Timing: 1st Slot 12:30-3:00 Pm, 2nd Slot 4:00-6:00 Pm

Delicious Hi-tea at Marco Polo in Rawalpindi

Superb food at Marco Polo

Photo of Marco polo Hi-tea from Facebook

Another food outlet for the best Hi-tea in Rawalpindi is Marco Polo. The upscale restaurant is in the Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi. The restaurant aims at providing an international dining experience throughout the day. Their hi-tea menu also combines continental flavors with tasty Pakistani culinary dishes.

Furthermore, the Hi-tea menu at Marcopolo includes delicious finger food and bite-size desserts. You can relish on small traditional snacks like samosa parties and more. This is one such Hi-tea place where you can eat confectionary items to your heart’s content. It is because there is a range of tars, cupcakes, and fruit that you enjoy with your favorite drink. The Hi-tea rate at Marco Polo per head is rs 1725 plus tax, which is a little out of the affordable range.

The excellent services and tasty food make it suitable for and Business luncheons. They are also practicing strict WHO-approved Covid-19 prevention guidelines of Physical distancing. Hence, you can give them a try and enjoy their Hi-tea with your family and friends.

 Marco Polo Contact Details

  • Website: Marco Polo
  • Address: The Mall Road, Peral Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi
  • Contact: 051 111 505 505
  • Hi-tea Timing: Weekend only, 04:00-06:30 Pm

Chaaye Khana’s Hi-tea in Rawalpindi

Hi-tea Platter of Chaaye Khana

Image of Chaaye Khana from Facebook

The next restaurant that made it to our list of best Hi-tea in Rawalpindi is Chaaye Khana. With a variety of finger food choices with an affordable price range, you must try their Hi-tea Buffet. It offers fine dining, a cozy environment, and tasty Pakistani and continental food. Thus, the restaurant also enjoys a respectable reputation throughout the country.

What’s more, their hi-tea platter is going to meet your tea cravings and make you go for it many times. It is because their hi-tea platter consists of a range of bite-sized food. It concludes with a dessert section followed by snacks and main course sections. You can also enjoy food with warm two servings of tea or chilling Mint Margarita; the choice is yours.

Moreover, the Hi-tea platter at Chaaye Khana costs Rs 1290 with tax for people. The restaurant is also famous for its excellent services and comfortable dining areas. Visit their Facebook page for further details on Hi-tea and food delivery services.

Chaye Khana Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Pineapple DelightsClub Sandwich
Chocolate Brownie BitesShahlick Sticks
Centre Filed Chocolate EclairsChicken Olive Spaghetti
Hot Chicken Honey Wings2 Cups of tea
Dahi Phulki2 Mint Margarita
Chicken and Potato Samosas

Chaye Khana Contact Details

  • Website: Chaaye Khana
  • Address: 1st-Floor Building 41, Hardees Plaza Haider Road Saddar cantt، Rawalpindi, 46300
  • Contact: (051) 5700450
  • Hi-tea Timing: 4 Pm-7 Pm

Kallisto’s Hi-tea in Rawalpindi

Outdoor dining in Rawalpindi

Image of Kallisto from Facebook

Kallisto is a multi-level food outlet that offers a scenic fine dining experience. We added it to our list of best Hi-tea in Rawalpindi because of its tasty food and exceptional venue. The terraced restaurant with two indoor seating rooms is in Bahria Town.

The hi-tea menu of Kallisto consists of delicate bite-size food items that you can enjoy with tea. Kallisto offers a hi-tea experience that you can enjoy with your friends and family. As you can enjoy various yummy snacks while enjoying the refreshing terrace view.

Moreover, the Hi-tea platter at Kallisto costs around Rs 1249 per head. There is also a separate coffee shop beside the scenic dining area and fusion cuisine food. Kallisto’s Hi-tea Platter with a spectacular outdoor lounge is a must-try in Rawalpindi.

Kallisto Hi-tea menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Chicken WingsChicken Sandwich
Finger FishMini Beef Burger
Chilli PopsVeg Spring Rolls
Chicken ShashlikChicken Patties
Skewers4 types of pastries
Black CoffeeMix tea/ Green tea

Kallisto Contact Details

  • Website: Kallisto
  • Address: Bahria Spring North، Shaheen Chowk، Phase 7 Bahria Town Intellectual Village, Rawalpindi
  • Contact: 0332 6251111
  • Hi-tea Timing: 03:30 pm- 06:30 pm

To conclude:

Tea is a hot drink that people like to consume many times within a single day. the HI-tea culture is quickly evolving in twin cities. Thus, it is impossible to explore the best Hi-place in Rawalpindi. Please give this article a read and provide your feedback in the comments below.

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