Top 16 Places To Get the Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad (June 2023)

Best hi tea in Islamabad

Are you looking for spots that offer the best hi-tea in Islamabad? Here is a solution to your problem. In this article, we will highlight some of the best establishments offering the best hi-tea in Islamabad, providing the perfect environment for you to be productive and relaxed all at the same time.

Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, has a great variety of hi-tea houses, which, of course, can change your mood. A great selection of Hi Tea is available in the city, with a wide variety of choices. Indeed, the humble cup of tea each day keeps worries at bay.

Of course, the cheapest and tastiest way to alleviate mild headaches or depression is to drink tea. Tea helps boost serotonin and melatonin levels in your body, resulting in a relaxing feeling without drowsiness.

In summary, tea can be a good idea for mild mental stress and issues. You can find below the best places to spend your family and leisure time in an environment with high-quality hi-tea, delicious deserts a peaceful atmosphere, as well as attractive building infrastructure. They have almost all the features that make them unique.

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English Tea House’s Hi-Tea in Islamabad

English hi tea
Image by English Tea House, Islamabad from Facebook

Here’s another great place where you can enjoy a hi-tea buffet in Islamabad. Indeed, this tea house serves some of the best tea in the city, as its name implies.

Their menu offers various hi-tea platters that include different cuisines such as Simple Hi-Tea Platter and Scones Platter and a new one named Windsor hi-tea platter.

The English Tea House serves two-person Hi Tea Platters for PKR 1300 plus tax, including a variety of sweet and savory products and a cold and warm beverage.

Windsor hi-tea platter consists of a pot of tea or coffee, Quiché slices, fruit, cheese, grilled fish, chicken skewers, mini chicken puffs, pizza slices, mini pastries, chicken sandwiches, and other assorted items.

There is also an indoor as well as an outdoor dining area. Additionally, it is one of the best places to gather with your family and friends because it provides you with a decent and friendly atmosphere to enjoy hi-tea. In addition, the staff is friendly and helpful.

Furthermore, they offer home delivery, and you can place an order through their official website or phone. You are sure to enjoy hi-tea and your leisure time when you visit their restaurant.          

Hi-Tea Menu By English Tea

Items IncludedItems Included
Tea/ CoffeeDesserts
Tea SnacksChicken Warps
CakeChocolate Eclairs
Mini PastriesChocolate Bonbon
EmpanadaChicken Sandwich
BattenbergMini Chicken Puff
Grilled FishChicken Satay

English Tea House Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address: Street 16, Sector F-7/2 next to Rana Market, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: 0311 1122102 Hi Tea Timing: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

The Monal: Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Monal best hi tea in Islamabad
Image by Monal Islamabad from Facebook

Monal is rated the best hi-tea restaurant in Islamabad, offering the best hi-tea platters in the city. A popular tourist destination in Islamabad, the Monal Restaurant is located on the lush green Margalla Hills.

Furthermore, its terrace dining area offers stunning views of the federal capital. The restaurant offers a variety of international, continental, and fast food choices.

Indeed, It is well-known for its Hi Tea and Coffee. A delicious Hi Tea platter is served at the Monal Islamabad in addition to a meal buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

On the Continental hi-tea platter, you will find chicken wings, spring rolls, samosas, hamburgers, French fries, and a cupcake, as well as a choice of tea or coffee.

On the other hand, the Pakistani hi-tea platter includes naan, samosas, chutney, gulab jamun, fritters, barbecue items, and more. It’s served with coffee or tea. It costs approximately PKR 895 plus tax for one person to enjoy their hi-tea buffet.

Obviously, Hi-tea is more enjoyable when you know they have open-air seating where you can enjoy Islamabad’s pure and beautiful view while having your tea. Check their Facebook page and website for full hi-tea menu details. The Monal Restaurant is open to attend their customers. 

Hi-Tea Menu By Monal

 Platter Pakistani (Served with Imlee & Mint Chutni ) Platter Continental (Served with Salsa Sauce)
Tea/ Coffee Assorted Sandwich
Mni LahoriFrided chicken Strip
Chicken Boneless BotiCrispy Wings
SamosaChinese Meatball
Gulab JamanQeema Samosa
PakoraSpring Roll
Mini Chicken Seekh KebabCream Puff

The Monal Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address:  Pir Sohawa Road, Margalla Hills, Islamabad. 
  • Contact Number: 051 2898044 Hi Tea Timing: 3 PM To 7 PM

Nadia Café Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Nadia cafe
Image from Foodnerd

One of Islamabad’s best hi-tea spots and most elegant restaurants is Nadia Café, located in the Marriott Hotel. It is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy some comfort food in a casual setting. Indeed, its menu has a fantastic ambience, as you would expect, and the food quality is top-notch.

In addition to Pakistani, Continental, and Chinese dishes, there are several mouth-watering desserts to choose from. You can also have breakfast, dinner, and hi-tea at Nadia Café. 

A divine hi-Tea buffet is served at this elegant venue. In its wide variety of desi and continental delicacies, the hi-Tea is a definitive version of the shaam ki chaye that you can get anywhere in the city.

You can choose from a variety of hi-Tea options, including traditional Pakistani food like seekh kebabs and fast food like burgers, wraps, and shawarmas.

This hi-tea costs approximately PKR 1850 plus tax. It is ideal for business dinners and family gatherings. Moreover, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very calm and soothing. The restaurant often hosts live musical performances.

Furthermore, it offers indoor and outdoor dining to its customers. The lavish interior and exceptional menu make the hi-tea at Nadia Café Islamabad an unforgettable experience.

Hi-Tea Menu By Nadia Café

Items IncludedItems Included
Tea/ Coffee Smoked Salmon Open Sandwich
Classic Toast Vegetarian Tortilla 
Buffalo Wings Coffee Shop Triple Decker Club Sandwich 
Saloni Fish Tikka Marriott Beed Burger 
French Fries Mexican Fajitas 
Opera CakeChicken Burger 
Gulab Jamun Breaded Spicy Chicken Burger With Jalapenos 
Cheese CakeTiramisu

Nadia Café Contact Detail

  • Address: Aga Khan Road, Shalimar 5-PO Box1251, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: (051) 2826121 Hi-Tea Timing: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Chaaye Khana: For the Love of Tea

hi tea in Islamabad
Image by Chaaye Khana from Facebook

Chaaye Khana is one of the best and most famous cafés in F-11, Islamabad, for tea lovers. Chaaye Khana was established in 2016. Since then, it has gained loyalty from its patrons. Further, Chaaye Khana’s diverse menu is nowhere to be found.

Of course, a cup of tea here will warm your heart during the cold winter nights when you spend time with your loved ones. Moreover, the café provides free Wi-Fi service so that you can complete an assignment while having tea.

The Hi Tea has all the delicacies they offer, and at a great price, too. A hi-tea platter here is big enough to feed two people. You can choose from 65+ items, including salads, BBQ, Chatkhara Corner, starters, main courses, and desserts. Kashmiri Tea, Tandoori Chai, and Peshawar Khawa are just a few of its specialities.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining. In addition, the atmosphere is ideal for informal business meetings, family breakfasts, or friends outings since it is neither formal nor casual, but a vibrant setting where you love coming over for a cup of tea.

You can order their menu product online at their website or by calling them. Furthermore, their hi-tea menu is available on their website and their Facebook page.

Hi-Tea Menu By Chaaye Khana

Items IncludedItems Included
Fresh JuicesSamosa
MilkshakesSpring Rolls
SoupsChaat Platter
Halwa Puri Cheese Sticks, Strips
CroquettesChocolate Mud Cake
ParathaBlueberry Cake
Chocolate BrowniePizzas
Assorted PakorasHot Chicken Wings

Chaaye Khana Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address: 1st Floor, Crown Plaza, Mehr Ali Rd, Islamabad.
  • Contact Number: (051) 2224300 Hi Tea Timing: 4 PM to 7 PM

The Hangover Café Hi-Tea in Islamabad

hangover cafe
Image by The Hangover Café from Facebook

There has been a lot of buzz about the Hangover Cafe, located in E-11 Markaz Islamabad. When you enter this café, you’ll feel how it’s all about its vibe, and it serves equally mouth-watering food as well. Additionally, the quantity and quality of the food are pretty exceptional.

Moreover, the staff is humble and cooperative. At “The Hangover Café,” you’ll find a variety of authentic French fast food and fresh sauces using only the finest ingredients.

Additionally, it serves the best hi-tea in Islamabad. There are various tasty items on its hi-tea menu, and this hi-tea platter for two will cost just Rs 1499+tax. There are several bite-sized delights to choose from.

The menu includes everything from margaritas to Mozzarella Sticks to wings and chocolate mousse. On this hi-tea platter, there were only chocolate desserts. If someone is not a chocolate fan, there should be some non-chocolate options. 

This place is decorated with bright, fresh colours and has modern tables and chairs. Additionally, the staff at this establishment can help you organize a particular day; customers ask for unique decorations. You are given a corner along with the entire set up including balloons, cake, and food.

Further information is available on their Facebook page, and you can order food through Foodpanda.

Hi Tea Menu By Hangover Cafe

Items IncludedItems Included
Mint MargaritaChocolate Mousse
Mexican CupDahi Bhalay
Ceaser SaladBBQ Wings
Cheese BallsChicken Skewers
Mozarella StripsMini Pizza & Burgers
Fudge CakeFruit Granola

The Hangover Café Contact Detail

  • Address: Ground Floor, Grand Islamabad Hotel, MPCHS, E-11/1, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: (051) 2305674 Hi Tea Timing: 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM

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Street 1 Café: Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Street 1 cafe
Photo by Street 1 Café from Facebook

The Street 1 Café specializes in Chinese, Pakistani, and Italian food. It is well known for offering finger-licking food at an affordable price at a place known for its lovely dining experience. Additionally, it serves the best hi-tea in Islamabad.

There are various tasty items on its hi-tea menu, which is sufficient for two people. It costs PKR 1695 remitted plus tax. At Street 1 Café, the tempting hi-tea platter includes savory items, sweets, and cakes.

Many other foods are available on the hi-tea menu, including buffalo wings, shawarma, chicken skewers, falafel, finger fish, chana chaat, and Mexican cups. Moreover, Brownies, Coconut pastries, Éclairs, Lotus Cheesecake, Café 1 Cake, and many more are among the desserts offered in the hi tea menu.

They are served with a choice of tea or coffee. Aside from its fantastic food, this place is also known for its beautiful surroundings.

As an added benefit, it is ideally located in the heart of Islamabad so that you can bring your family and friends for a lovely experience. Additionally, you can organize your birthday celebrations, engagements, and many other memorable events through their services.

Thus, if you consider celebrating your event, you can reserve a table by calling Street 1 Café Islamabad’s contact number.

Hi Tea Menu By Street 1 Café

Items IncludedItems Included
DessertsChicken Products
Beef ProductsPanini & Sandwiches

Street 1 Café Contact Details

  • Address: Kohsar Market, Sector F-6/3, Islamabad.|Building#1, Diplomatic Enclave, Sector G-5, Islamabad.
  • Contact Number: 051-2823430 Hi Tea Timing: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Atrio Café And Grill Hi-Tea in Islamabad

best hi tea in islamabad
Image by Atrio Cafe and Grill from Facebook

Atrio Café and Grill is located in Jinnah Super Market in F-7 Markaz, providing the best hi-tea in Islamabad. Indeed, the ambiance is casual, but it has the elegance of fine dining and a great menu with barbecue grill items, highly recommended.

There is an extensive selection of hi-tea and food items on their menu, covering nearly everything you can imagine before entering a multi-cuisine café.

In addition to their extensive menu, you can take advantage of their delicious and exciting hi-tea platter for two. This hi-tea costs approximately PKR 1295+ tax.

Its Hi Tea Platter includes a variety of coffee, including chicken and fish strips, BBQ wings, grilled skewers, penne pasta, egg pudding, half-slice cake, blueberry mousse, and stuffed cheese balls.

Cold coffee is also included. One of the best things about this place is that it has two floors. The restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Margalla Hills, especially at night, when you can see the lights from Pir Sohawa.

Moreover, guests can choose to sit inside or outside to take in the view and weather at this two Storey and Rooftop Restaurant, as is common in Capital cafés and restaurants. Also, you can organize events at this location in addition to serving food.

Hi Tea Menu By Atrio Café

Items IncludedItems Included
Tea FamilyCold Coffee

Atrio Café and Grill Contact Detail

  • Address: College Rd, near Saeed Book Bank, Jinnah Super Market F-7 Markaz Islamabad
  • Contact Number: (051) 8319999 Hi Tea Timing: 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Tuscany Courtyard: For Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad

best h tea in islamabad
Image by Tuscany Courtyard from Facebook

The Tuscany Courtyard, located at Kohsar Market, Street 10, Islamabad, is another restaurant that makes our list of the best hi-tea in Islamabad. Three friends decided to open this restaurant to bring Italian cuisine to Pakistan and named it after Italy (Tuscany).

They have kept the color scheme and architecture close to Tuscany, so you would feel as though you were walking through the streets of Italy.

Moreover, On-site is an Italian bakery where you can get desserts and other bakery items. You can also enjoy their three menus on the Ala Carte menu and hi-tea Buffet during your evenings at Tuscany Courtyard.

The hi-tea buffet includes soup, five different salads, cold mezzeh, ten delicious entrées, chaat corner, dessert, beverages, and a dessert bar. It costs PKR 1295 plus tax for hi-tea.

The inside and outside dining experiences at this restaurant are genuinely surprised. Because of this, there are umbrellas and tables out too. In fact, having a restaurant in Islamabad is like having an advantage, as the weather is always lovely and adds to the ambiance.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of one of the best and safest restaurants here with your family and friends. Reservations can be made by phone.

Hi-Tea Menu By Tuscany Courtyard

Items IncludedItem
Mint MargaritaPrawn Tempura
Cream of Chicken SoupFinger Fish & Chips
Ceaser SaladGrilled Chicken
Pasta SaladBeef in Oyster Sauce
Russian SaladThai Spicy Fettucine
Red Bean SaladBaked Chicken
Chickpea Mediterranean SaladHoney BBQ wings
HummusChicken Flatbread
TabouliChicken Sliders
LabnehChicken Lollipops
MotabalChicken & Vegetable Pockets
Grilled Pita BreadIrish Potatoes
Grilled Pita BreadVegetable Rolls
Bhel PuriGarlic Rice
Pani Puri ShotsAssorted Sandwiches
Dahi BhallayBread Pudding
Chana ChaatChocolate Brownie
Fruit ChaatTiramisu
Chocolate MousseAssorted Pastries

Tuscany Courtyard Contact Detail

  • Address: No. 4, Kohsar Market, Street 10, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: (051) 8445544 Hi Tea Timings: 4 PM to 7 PM

Des Pardes Hi-Tea in Islamabad

des pardes
Image by Des Pardes from Facebook

Indeed, Des Pardes is an ideal place for those who cherish and appreciate Desi cuisine and culture. It was established in 2009 within a beautiful view of the Margalla Hills. Its menu is composed of traditional recipes that have been around for centuries.

Their famous Mughlai, continental, and hi-tea dishes are some of their greatest hits. It costs PKR 875 for a hi-tea buffet plus tax per person. You can choose from seven different food items on its hi-tea menu.

The hi-tea includes Chatkhara live counters, salad varieties, Chanties, Sandwiches, and hot drinks like green tea and black tea. Some of the dishes on its hot menu include Chowmein, Fettuccine Alfredo, Finger fish, Seekh Kabab, Vegetable spin rolls, Nan, and roti.

Moreover, desserts are available along with your evening hi-tea, such as pastries, cake slices, kheer, and other sweets. An authentic desi feel permeates the ambiance. Moreover, It provides hiking opportunities.

Furthermore, during the winter, the restaurant sets up bonfires to make the atmosphere even cozier. In fact, In the Saidpur branch of Des Pardes restaurant, you can enjoy outdoor dining from the very beginning.

Alternatively, you can make your reservation by phone or create it online via their contact number or Facebook.

Hi-Tea Menu By Des Pardes

Items IncludedItems Included
Dhoot Patti
Kashmiri Chay
Karak Chay
Adrak Wali Chay
Desi Ghee Ka Paratha
Fresh JuicesTandoori Paratha
Fresh ShakesBarbecue
Fruit SmoothiesPizza
Gulab JamonAppetizer
SoupsBBQ Pizza

Des Pardes Contact Details

  • Address: Saidpur Road Branch, Pwd Branch, F-10/3 Branch, and E-11 Branch
  • Contact Number:(051) 2320008. Hi tea Timings: 3 PM to 7 PM.

Maira Restaurant’s Hi Tea in Islamabad

best hi tea in islamabad
Image by Ramada Hotel from Facebook

In the Ramada Hotel, Islamabad, there is a multi-cuisine restaurant called Maira Restaurant. There are many cuisines served there, including continental, multi-cuisine, hi-tea, and dinner buffets.

Moreover, Maira Restaurant features an array of international cuisines and Pakistani delicacies prepared by in-house chefs. Indeed, this restaurant ups the dining experience to an altogether new level.

The hi-tea menu includes approximately five different main courses, including soups, salads, and desserts. Its hi-tea is known for its quality and quantity.

Also, the hotel offers complimentary wireless Internet access, concierge services, and babysitting/childcare (surcharge).

Moreover, shuttles are available for guests to use (tax) to reach nearby destinations. Family gatherings here are a pleasant experience.

Hi-Tea Menu By Maira Restaurant

Items IncludedItems Included
ContinentalLive Charcoal Grill
La Cucina ItalianaSandwich Choice
Burgers and SandwichesPakistani Specialties

Maira Restaurant Contact Detail

  • Address: Ramada Hotel, Islamabad.
  • Contact Number: (051) 111379379
  • Hi tea timing: 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM Maira Restaurant Menu

Rakaposhi Heights Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Rakaposhi Heights
Photo by Rakaposhi Heights on Facebook

Rakaposhi Height is an Afghani restaurant situated at the height of F7 Markaz Islamabad. It is built on the rooftop so that you can enjoy the authentic dishes of Afghanistan while enjoying the view. The best thing about them is that they have brought an Afghani Chef who knows the real taste and spices that need to be incorporated with the right method to make an authentic dish.

Not just this, but you can also enjoy some live music going on every night. What a perfect experience one could actually get. An ideal escape from the hectic and busy routines of work and universities. 

At Rakaposhi, you can avail lunch Buffet, Hi Tea, as well as a Dinner buffet at unbelievably reasonable prices.

Their menu includes everything, from starters to salad bars, Afghani specialties, BBQ to Chinese Counter. With such a variety of items under such reasonable price, who wouldn’t want to dine out?

Talking specifically about their hi tea, you can avail enjoy 35 dishes in just Rs 600 per person with tax inclusive.

The timings are from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM. Please note that children up to 5 years old can come free of cost.

However, children above 5 will be charged fully. Enjoy the fantastic food with an aromatic ambiance in just the perfect weather you like. Make your reservation now.

Hi-Tea Menu By Rakaposhi Heights

Items IncludedItems Included
BiscuitsEgg Fried Rice
Cake SliceHot Garlic Chicken
Dahi BhalayChicken Chowmein
Chana ChaatDumplings
Gol GappyMini Burgers
Spring RollsCold Sandwiches
SamosaSheer Khorma
Aloo ParathaGreen Tea
Roghni NaanPasta Salad
Kalonji NaanApple Cabbage Salad

Contact Details Rakaposhi Heights

  • Address: College Rd, opposite to Flower Market،, F-7 Markaz Islamabad
  • Contact Number: (051) 2723085
  • Hi Tea Timings: 4 PM – 6:30 PM

YUM Chinese & Thai

YUM Chinese & Thai
Photo by Yum Chinese and Thai on Facebook

Whether you sit inside, which is usually fully packed before Corona, or sit outside or even at the rooftop, the ambiance is always lively. People chit-chatting all around you. The whole atmosphere would give you are very family-oriented homey vibe to it. Which is perfect and exactly what you look for—a comfortable place to sit and have hot and delicious food with friends and family.

The best and one of the most running Chinese and Thai restaurants in Islamabad are Yum Chinese and Thai. Since its inception, it has been able to keep winning the heart of customers by not letting its service down even in the challenging situation for the entire restaurant industry.

The restaurant offers the finest dining experience along with the ambiance and food you will die for. Not just the fact that it has been located on the prime location of F -7 Islamabad, their heavenly good food has been able to keep people coming here again and again.

Now, coming to their Hi-Tea, it is one of the best ones so far in the entire city of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and most of you would agree to it.

If you diehard a fan of Chinese cuisine, then this is the right place for you as you get to try everything in just one evening. So their Hi-Tea buffet would cost you Rs 1195 + tax per person.

Hi-Tea Menu By YUM

The menu has all the variety from Chinese dishes obviously to dessert counter and salad bar. There are two slots that you can get your table in. The first one is from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM and the second one from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. You can also avail discounts on a few bank cards so ask your waiter for that.

Items IncludedItems Included
Pina ColadaEgg Fried Rice
Mint MargaritaSpecial Pizza
Assorted SaladsPasta
Chaat BarMini Sandwiches
Prawn TempuraMini Burgers
Drum SticksChocolate Mousse
Honey WingsMousse of the Day
Soup Of The DayPastry Platter
Chicken ManchurianFruit Pastry
Black Pepper ChickenCreme Brulee
Fish Ho Garlic SauceCake Slice
Vegetable ChowmeinTea
Beef Chilly DryGreen Tea

Contact Details YUM Chinese & Thai

  • Address: Street 16, F-7/2, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: (051) 2609361
  • Hi Tea Timings: 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM

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The Capital Grill Islamabad

The Capital Grill
Photo by The Capital Grill on Facebook

Another restaurant located at the heart of Islamabad is The Capita Grill. It is a relatively new restaurant opened at Beverly Center. The Capital Grill was introduced as a reasonable place where you can enjoy all those items found at a high-end restaurant at much higher prices.

Their menu is full of variety such as steaks and seafood, burgers, and Chinese cuisine.]You can avail of their lunch deal which says 50% off on the second entree. Due to the pandemic, there was a massive break for the entire restaurant industry, but some of the cafes or restaurants did not lose hope and played strategically. The Capital Grill is one of them.

Moving on to the restaurant’s ambiance, it’s a bit dark, more like a cafe. The indoor sitting area has dim lights with a dark color scheme.

However, indoor dining is not allowed, so they have set up a few tables on the footpath outside the restaurant, which is pretty much more fresh and bright.

They can also provide event decors, so if you are looking for a family place where you can celebrate birthdays or anniversaries of your loved ones, contact The Capital Grill.

The restaurant offers a hi-tea platter for two, which has been on top of the list for The Capital Grill. People are loving the price and what the platter has to offer. The portion size is impressive and enough for two people.

The platter costs Rs 1199 + tax and can serve two people. You can avail anytime between 4 PM to 7 PM. You will find drinks, snacks, and desserts all in just one platter, so don’t miss out on this one.

Hi Tea Menu By Capital Grill

Items IncludedItems Included
Margarita ShotsFried Fish
Salsa & ChipsChicken Samosa
Chicken StripsMac n Cheese Balls
Chicken SliderMocha Cake Slice
Buffalo WingsChocolate Mousse
Prawn tempuraBread Pudding With Icecream

Contact Details Capital Grill

  • Website:
  • Address:  Beverly Centre, Shop No. 6, Ground Floor, 56G, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: (051) 2726998
  • Hi Tea Timings: 4 PM – 7 PM

Arabian’s Chef

Arabian Chef
Photo by Arabian Chef on Facebook

Arabian’s Chef is an Arabic restaurant, as the name suggests, located on the service road of E-11/4 Islamabad. We are seeing an immensely increasing trend of Arabic restaurants opening, and people are loving Arabic Mandi.

Since our nation is a meat lover and Arabic cuisine is basically all about meat and different cooking methods, it has been trending these days.

So Arabian Chef is another one in the market. These restaurants aren’t very lavish, but they are unique in their own way. Starting from their spices on the meat to how it is served.

Recently, they have introduced their lunch cum Hi tea menu, so if you are looking for a place for yourself and friends to hang out, check out this place as it’s unique, and you might get to try something you have never tried before.

You can avail of their buffet menu every day from 1 PM – 5 PM only at Rs 786+tax. Their menu has everything, from salads to live BBQ and desserts, so check them out.

Hi-Tea Menu By Arabian’s Chef

Items IncludedItems Included
Chaat CornerChciken SandwichesMii Sandwiches
Mini-BurgerTomato Sandwiches
Chicken BiryaniAC special Sauce
Kababish HandiMint Sauce
Egg Fried RiceGreen Chilli Sauce
Chicken ManchurianBBQ Tikka Boti
Kaghazi SamosaBBQ Seekh Kabab
PastaShahi Kheer
PakoraFruit Cake
Mix TandoorPineapple Pastry
Russian SaladChocolate Fudge Pastry
Apple Cabbage SaladFruit Trifle
Macaroni SaladJelly
Kachumar SaladChocolate Balls
Fresh SaladTea

Contact Details Arabian’s Chef

  • Address: 4 Service Rd E, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: 0309 3600054
  • Hi Tea Timings: 1 PM – 5 PM

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Heavy Muamlat Cafe

Heavy Muamlaat
Photo by Heavy Muamlaat on Facebook

Scrumptious Food with a scenic view, that’s how dining out is like in Islamabad. And there is a big chunk of people who actually love Tea, so we restaurants are popping up that specialize in all kinds of tea.

The idea behind it is to welcome everyone, sit down at a table and have gup shup with your loved ones while they take care of all your cravings.

So Heavy Muamlat is one of the tea focusing cafes opened on a rooftop in F7 Markaz Islamabad. It served with a majestic view of Margalla Hills that lit up at night.

On chilly nights, hot tea or coffee with snacks and a piece of live music along with such a view is everything you need. Their menu is all about snacks that you would like to have at evening tea. They also serve a variety of fast food for all burger lovers.

Along with these, they also serve some traditional desi food and desserts. So, they got you covered in all possible ways.

They recently came up with their Hi-Tea Platter, which is the best combo of all the things you would want to try at Heavy Muamlat. It has everything on the platter, from brownies to sliders and even fried fish. All of this in just Rs 1199+tax and can serve up to two persons.

Their hi tea platter can be availed from 4 P – 7 PM with live music, so what are you waiting for? Head over to your amazing evenings with Heavy Muamlat.

Hi-Tea Menu By Heavy Muamlat

Items IncludedItems Included
TeaChicken Wings
PaniniVeg Rolls
Mini BurgersChocolate Brownie
Chicken StripsDips
Finger FishStuffed Chilli

Contact Details Heavy Muamlat

  • Address: Markaz F-7, Islamabad
  • Contact Number: 0300 5109495
  • Hi-Tea Timings: 4 PM – 7 PM

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Over The Top Restaurant’s Hi Tea

Photo by OTT on Facebook

This newly opened restaurant, Over The Top  (OTT ) in PWD Islamabad, is literally winning the hearts of their customers visiting by. So many reviews on the food blogs and Facebook groups can be seen on the latest posts.

You are wondering what’s good about them? OTT is a restaurant that provides food items taken from all over the world, which means their menu has multiple options available.

With a bright yellow and black indoor setup, the restaurant is pretty lit day and night. It gives an environment where you would actually want to sit and eat something.

Over The Top restaurant is all about a good dining experience. They have desi food to Pizza and steaks on their menu. You can actually visit them at any part of the day. Not just for the Ala Carte menu but also for the Lunch cum Hi Tea Buffet menu as well.

For the first time, a live station for steaks has been introduced in any Hi Tea Buffet, which is the best part of having food at OTT.

Talking about their Lunch cum Hi Tea Buffet, you can enjoy up to 45 items at a price of just Rs 999 + tax, which is quite reasonable. Again, there are two timing slots; the first slot is 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM, while the second slot is 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM.

If you have kids along with you, then note that under the age of 5, they can enter for a free while from 5-9 years old would be charged 50%. Children above 9 years will be fully charged. So, call 051-8899768 to make your reservations now.

Hi-Tea Menu By OTT

Items IncludedItems Included
Dahi BhalayRoti
Chana ChaatRoghni Naan
Assorted PakorasRussian Salad
Mini SamosaMacaroni Salad
Spring RollsKachumar Salad
Cold SandwichesMint Sauce
Potato CutletsChilli Garlic Sauce
Live Chicken SteaksKetchup
PastaOTT special Sauce
PizzaTartar Sauce
Chicken BotiGarlic Mayo
Seekh KababKheer
Chicken KarahiFlavoured Jelly
Fried RiceBiscuits
Veg ChowmeinStrawberry Pastry
Fried FishFresh Cream Pastry
Mix TeaChocolate Pastry
Green TeaBlue Berry Pastry

Contact Details Over The Top Restaurant

  • Address: OTT 370-R Police Foundation, O9 Main PWD Rd, near Bahri Town, Block D Police Foundation, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000
  • Contact Number: 0335 1688688
  • Hi Tea Timings: 2 PM – 7 PM

Tea for people of Islamabad

 Islamabad weather
Image by Islamabad Weather from Facebook

Islamabad has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. The temperature in Islamabad varies from cold to mild, regularly dropping below zero. Slight snowfall occurs in the hills. Therefore, the weather is usually cold.

Especially when you’re fighting a cold, you need to drink plenty of caffeine-free fluids that keep your body hydrated. Tea is a smart choice when you have a sore throat or congestion since it can soothe your throat.

It is possible to reduce the risk of colds like chest congestion, fevers, and the common cold by consuming at least 2-3 cups of tea each day. Because of this, Islamabadi’s appreciate and love hi-tea.

That’s why Islamabad has a wide number of tea houses and cafes that provide the best hi-tea.  

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Here are the famous cafés and restaurants in Islamabad that provide the best hi-tea. The menu and buffet rates of hi-tea in Islamabad are given along with their contact information. We hope it will be comfortable for you, and let us know if it has any shortcomings or other famous hi-tea spot. Please provide us with feedback.  

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