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Are you having a rough day? No issues, we got your back!  Habibi Restaurant is here to give your lunchtime a savory and delicious twist. Name a desi dish, and you can bet it’s on the menu. This chain offering finger-licking desi cuisine is operational across the country, especially in Islamabad.

Our goal is to improve accessibility for users searching menus and services online. In this article, Habibi has made our list, and we will tell you everything you need to know before stepping into the restaurant and enjoying your quality family time.

It’s been quite a while since Habibi has been on the market. Ever since it came into clients’ eyes, it has become their blue-eyed guy, and they are still buying their lunches from the Habibi Menu. Let’s straight away dive in to see what is on the platter menu to fill your belly.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

What’s available at Habibi Restaurant?

Habibi restaurant seating


There’s no Pakistani food table complete without rice or biryani. So Habibi Restaurant has: 

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Biryani 690
Mutton Biryani850
Chicken Fried Rice690
Egg Fried Rice650
Chicken Masala Rice720
Vegetable Fried Rice650
Plain Rice250


The restaurant has the following to offer you in salads:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Habibi Special Salad550
Fresh Salad180
Kachumer Salad220


How are you planning to consume the delectable karahis and handis? The Habibi has got the best Nans for you.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Plain Nan45
Roghni Nan70
Qandhari Nan70
Garlic Nan70

Desserts & Icecream

Treat your sweet tooth with the best desserts and ice cream on the Habibi menu.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Gajar Halwa390
Icecream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango)280
Tutti Frutti410

Beverages on Habibi Restaurant Menu

Here are some cool beverages to go with your meal.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Soft Drink80
Soft Drink with Fresh Lime100
Diet Drink100
Fresh Lime Water70
Mineral Water (Large/Small)100
Lassi (Sweet/Salty)250
Milkshake with Ice Cream470
Tea 80
Green Tea70

Habibi Deluxe Lunch Box

This lunch box may be eaten in or taken away to help you get through a busy day at the workplace.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Kabuli Pulao (half plate), Chicken Tikka/Chicken Roast (1 pc), Zafrani Seekh Kabab (2 pc), Nan, Raita (half), Fresh Fruit (1 pc)1050

Habibi Standard Lunch Box

Fill your tummy with a lunch box from the Habibi menu.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Biryani (Half Plate), Zafrani Seekh Kabab (1-Pc), Chapli Kabab Muthi Style 2 Pcs, Raita (Half)580

Hababi Starters

Here are some items to get you started:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Fish Cracker280
Chicken Wings470
Finger Fish 970/1790
Russian Salad520
Cole Slaw200
Chicken Pineapple Salad550

Soups available at Habibi Restaruant 

Winter is officially the soup season, and the place has got plenty of options for you.  

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Habibi Special Soup690
Chicken Corn Soup640
Hot & Sour Soup640
Chicken Thai Soup610
Chicken Vegetable Soup650
Chicken Ginger Soup610

Top 10s

Here are the 10 most popular food articles on the Habibi Restaurant menu:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Special Bar-B-Q Platter (full)7000
Special Bar-B-Q Platter (half)4500
Special Namkeen Mutton Karahi (full)2800
Special Namkeen Mutton Karahi (1/2 kg)1600
Special Namkeen Mutton Tikka (1 kg)2800
Special Namkeen Mutton Tikka (1/2 kg)1600
Malai Tikka1050
Chicken Nawabi1500
Chicken Makhni Handi1500
Mutton Roast Botti1500
Sesame Fried Chicken680
Special Tak a Tak1600
Special Kabuli Pulao690

New Additions

Take a peek at these latest additions to Habibi Restaurant menu:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Karahi Makhani (full/half)1600/950
Mutton Karahi Makhani (full/half)2950/1550
Dal Karahi Makhni660

Seafood (Seasonal)

The seasonal seafood is also added to their menu to serve you with different tastes and varieties: 

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Bar-B-Q Fish1750
Dhaka Fish1050
Fried Fish1720
Charcoal Grilled Fish1720
Finger Fish (half/full)700/1300


What to look out for on the Habibi Restaurant menu is the Bar-B-Q:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Fish Tikka1090
Chicken Tikka380
Chicken Botti990
Chicken Seekh Kabab950
Mutton Seekh Kabab1050
Chicken BBQ1080
Mutton Ribs2200
Zafrani Seekh Kabab750
BBQ Quails850

Mughlai Delights

Mughlai Delights are also offered at Habibi Restaurant menu: 

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Hari Mirch 1150
Chicken Bharta1150
Chicken Shah Jahani1150
Zeera Chicken1150
Madrasi Chicken1150
Murgh Makhni1150
Chicken Hariyali1150
Chicken with Lemon1150

Habibi Restaurant Handi Selection

Habibi Restaurant’s menu has the Handis, a traditional Pakistani meal.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Handi (with bone)1250
Chicken Handi (boneless)1440
Chicken Achari Handi (boneless)1480
Mutton Handi1590
Mutton Handi (boneless)1750
Mutton Achari Handi (boneless)1800

Karahi & Curries

Satisfy your desi cuisine urges by ordering some delicious karahi from the Habibi menu.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Karahi (half)1600
Chicken Karahi (full)950
Seekh Kabab Karahi890
Mutton Keema Karahi780
Chicken Jalfrezi Karahi1050
Chicken Ginger Karahi1050
Chicken Masala 650
Mutton White Special1550
Palak Paneer650
Mixed Vegetable650
Shahi Daal Mash650

Roast Corner

Here are two varieties of roasts available at the restaurant.

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Steam Roast1100
Full Lamb Roast28000

Chapli Kabab

Chapli Kababs are a must-try from Habibi. 

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chapli Kabab (per piece) 350
Special Chapli Kabab 390

Habibi Restaurant Tak Tak Bazar

The menu at Habibi Restaurant is brimming with delicacies from Pakistan, so how could we overlook one of the all-time favorites, Tak Tak?

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Tawa1150
Mutton Chops Tawa1550
Mixed Badami Tak a Tak1650
Mutton Brain Masala1040
Fish Tak Tak1050

What Can Customers Expect From Habibi Restaurant F-8?

You will never find a boring meal in this restaurant. Habibi has a lot to offer to its regular customers, who visit their branch. The ambiance provides a strong sense of heritage and culture, from the desi food on the Habibi menu to the architecture. Their restaurant has a lot of woodwork that exudes it as ancient and vintage. However, a splash of color is added to the interiors to make it an ideal spot to dine in. The vibrant colors windows at Habibi f-8 restaurant will instantly lift your spirits. 

The other branches like Habibi = Hayatabad will also offer you similar experiences. 

Where Is the Habibi Restaurant in Islamabad?

hababi location
  1. Johar Road, Ayub Market, near Silk Bank, F8 Markaz, Islamabad. All of the mentioned dishes are available on the Habibi Restaurant F8 menu
  2. Executive Center, Tipu Sultan Road, Habibi Restaurant I-8 Markaz.
  3. Street Number 1, Near Main Gate Highway, Habibi Restaurant PWD Housing Society Civic Center, Islamabad.

Is There a Habibi Restaurant Branch in Rawalpindi?

While visiting Rawalpindi, you can visit the Habibi Restaurant on Cricket Stadium Rd, Shamsabad. It’s located within the popular Rawalpindi Food Street, where people are standing in queues to eat their favorite food. 

What Is the Address of Habibi in Peshawar?

If you’re in Peshawar and in the mood to visit Habibi, then you should head over to the Army food court in Bashirabad to get a bite of your favorite BBQ. Peshawar is known as the City of Flowers, where you can enjoy the hospitality of the Pashtoons surrounded by beautiful flowers. 

When Is Islamabad’s Habibi Restaurant Open?

From Monday through Sunday, all the outlets serve the Habibi Restaurant menu. However, you should note that Habibi is normally jam-packed due to popular demand, so please try to get a reservation well before you plan to dine in. 

Habibi Restaurant Contact Number

Each branch has its phone number. For queries concerning Habibi Restaurant platter prices from the F-8 hotel, please call (051) 2854747.

Serve the Best Desi Food in Town to Your Taste Buds!

Wrapping up the article on the Habibi menu, we would suggest you give your taste buds a break from the nutritious meal for today. Visit the branch closest to you; the staff there are waiting to serve you!

Please share your thoughts about the place in the comments area below if you’ve already visited it.

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