Gourmet Bakery Menu Items with Price List (November 2022)

gourmet bakery menu items

Written by Umm e Swaiba

December 7, 2021

Gourmet Bakery started out as a single confectionery shop in 1987 with a vision of providing quality food to its customers. The bakery has now become the largest retail chain of food products in Pakistan. The ethos of integrity, sincerity, and strong faith in the benevolence of Allah Almighty is deeply enshrined in the day-to-day dealing of Gourmet bakers and sweets. Gourmet Bakery menu items are full of high-quality, fresh, and mouthwatering products that you can enjoy.

The Orange entity has more than 100 bakery outlets and restaurants in Lahore alone and seven processing units throughout the country. Other outlets of Gourmet bakery are now opening in the neighboring cities as well. Similar to Tehzeeb Bakers Menu and Prices,

Gourmet Bakers offers a range of affordable food products. It daily serves delicious and fresh products that include Bakery Items, Cakes, Pizzas, Sandwiches, and more. Indeed, Gourmet bakery champions at bringing people together through strong links of quality, taste, and credibility. The highly acclaimed food chain also carries the 3 consecutive brands of the year awards. Besides Lahore, Gourmet bakery outlets in Islamabad and Rawalpindi as well. In this article, we bring all the Gourmet Bakery menu items along with the price list for 2022 for you.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 4th November 2022.

Gourmet Pizza

Gourmet Cheesy Pizza Image of Gourmet Pizza from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Seekh Kebab Pizza (small)Rs 300
Chicken PizzaMini: Rs 50 Medium: Rs 100 Large: Rs 300
Oregano Pizza (1PC)Rs 160
Chicken Tikka PizzaSmall: Rs 300 Large: Rs 550

Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches

Gourmet Burger with Cola Photo of Gourmet Burger from Facebook

Items (Serve 1)Prices (Including Tax)
Chicken Tikka Sandwich Rs 150
Chicken Burger Rs 120
Chicken Zinger BurgerRs 100
Chicken Boti Burger Rs 115
Chicken Tikka Club SandwichRs 130
Tikka SandwichRs 130

Gourmet Bakery Menu Items

Tasty Bakery items with tea Photo of Gourmet Bakery Items from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax) 
Chicken NuggetsRs 50 
Mixed Biscuits 1KgRs 650 
Vegetable pattiesRs 40 
Gourmet Mixed Fruit Jam 440gRs 120 
Sheermal (Large)Rs 30 
Gourmet Apple JamRs 120 
Chicken BreadSmall: Rs 75 Large:Rs 150 
Slice RuskSmall: Rs 85 Large: Rs 130 
Gourmet Tomato Ketchup500g: Rs 110 1Kg: Rs 200 
Brown Rusk (Large)Rs 130  
Milky Bread (Small)Rs 80 
One Bite Chicken Patties (1)Rs 30 
Plain BreadSmall: Rs 80 Large: Rs 130 
Gol Rusk (Large) Rs 170 
Fruit Bun (Large)Rs 40 
Plain BunSmall (2Pcs): Rs 40 Large: Rs 32 
Gourmet Sandwich Bread (1 serve)Rs 100 
Bran BreadSmall: Rs 65 
Chicken Patties (1PC)Rs 45 
Chicken Samoali (1PC)Rs 75 
Chicken Shami kebab (1PC)Rs 100 
Sada tie 1KgRs 825 
French Heart  1KgRs 825 
Biscuit Makroni Finger 1KgRs 825 
Sweet Finger  1KgRs 825 
Ring Vanilla 1KgRs 800 
Peanut butter Biscuit 1KgRs 775 
Coconut Biscuit 1KgRs 775 
Cake Plain Small (1 PC)Rs 140 
Almond Finger Biscuit 1KgRs 800 
Cake Plain LargeRs 275 
Almond Cracker 1KgRs 775 
Cake Fruit LargeRs 275 
Almond Biscuit 1KgRs 775 

Gourmet Nimko

Gourmet Special Nimko Photo of Gourmet Nimko from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Special Nimko 1KgRs 1300
Mixed Nimko 1KgRs 500
Daal Moong 1KgRs 700
Karachi Daal Moth 1KgRs 700
Karachi Nimko 1KgRs 700
Gourmet Special Nimkoo 40gRs 60

 Gourmet Pastry

Tasty Gourmet Chocolate Pastries Image of Gourmet Pastry from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Mixed Dry cake Pastries (5PCs)Rs 350

Gourmet Halwajaat

Gourmet Halwajaat Photo of Gourmet Halwajaat from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Multani Sohan HalwaRs 600 (out of stock)
Gajar Halwa 500gRs 400
Daal Halwa 500gRs 400
Petha Halwa 500gRs 400

Gourmet Mithai

Delicious Gourmet Gulab Jaman Photo of Gourmet Mithai from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Mixed Mithai 1KgRs 880
Moti Choor Ladoo 1kgRs 900
Patisa Almond 1 KgRs 850
Paan Paira 1 KgRs 880
Kalakand 1 KgRs 880
Sohan Halwa 1 kgRs 880
Doda Halwa 1 KgRs 880
Shahi Tukray 1 KgRs 880
Patisa SAda 1 KgRs 880
Loqi Qalaqand 1 KgRs 880
Ladoo 1 KgRs 900
Ladoo Milky 1 KgRs 880
Jaman Siah 1 KgRs 880
Jaman Malie 1 KgRs 880
Jaman Brown 1 KgRs 880
Chum Chum Malie 1 KgRs 880
Chum Chum Madrasi 1 KgRs 880
Chum Chum Coconut 1 KgRs 880
Barfi Baisan 1 KgRs 880
Chana Patisa 1 KgRs 880
Bangali Ras Gullay 1 KgRs 880
Amretty 1 KgRs 880

Gourmet Bakery Tea Cakes

Mouthwatering Gourmet bakery Praline Cake Image of Gourmet Cake from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Fruit CakeSmall: Rs 160 Large: Rs 300
Plain CakeSmall: Rs 140 Large: Rs 250
Praline Cake6 Inch: Rs 550 8 Inch: Rs 1100

Gourmet Bakery Bon Vivant cakes

Gourmet Chocolate Cake Image of Gourmet Bakery Cakes from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Toblerone Chocolate Cake1 Pound: Rs 700 2 pound: Rs 1400
Death By Chocolate cake1 Pound: Rs 700 2 Pound: Rs 1400
Cadbury Chocolate Cake1 Pound: Rs 700 2 Pound: Rs 1400
Snicker Chocolate Cake1 Pound: Rs 700 2 Pound: Rs 1400
Bounty Chocolate Cake1 Pound: Rs 700 2 Pound: Rs 1400

Gourmet Bakery Dry Cakes

Image of Gourmet Bakery Dry Cakes from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Almond Syrup Cake1 Pound: Rs 450 2 Pound: Rs 900
Almond Cake1 Pound: Rs 450 2 Pound: Rs 900
Tutti Frutti Cake 1 Pound: Rs 350 2 Pound: Rs 700
Almond Roasted Chocolate Cake1 Pound: Rs 450 2 Pound: Rs 900
Almond Dry Special 1 Pound: Rs 400

Gourmet Bakery Classic Cream Cakes

Delicious gourmet Cream Cake Image of Gourmet Cream Cake from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Classic Chocolate Heart Cake1 Pound: Rs 500 2 Pound: Rs 900 
Classic Dark Chocolate Cake1 Pound: Rs 500 2 Pound: Rs 900
Classic Fruit Trifle Cake1 Pound: Rs 500 2 Pound: Rs 900
Classic Chocolate Macaron Cake2 Pound: Rs 900 1 Pound:Rs 500
Classic Fruit and Nut Twist Cake1 Pound: Rs 500 2 Pound: Rs 900
Classic Black Forest Cake1 Pound: Rs 500 2 Pound: Rs 900
Classic Pineapple Cake1 Pound: Rs 500 2 Pound: Rs 900

Gourmet Bakery Milk and Dairy

Gourmet Bakery Milk Photo of Gourmet Milk from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Gourmet Milk (Pasteurized) 1LRs 150
Butter 100 gmRs 110
Gourmet Skim Milk 400 gmRs 400
Meethi Lassi 325 mlRs 35
Zeera Raita 250 gmRs 70
Desi Ghee 1 KgRs 1200
Yogurt 400 gmRs 130

Gourmet Beverages

Gourmet Bakery Pulpy Orange Image of Gourmet Beverages from Facebook

Items Prices (Including Tax)
Gourmet Milk (Pasteurized) 1LRs 150
Gourmet Cola300ml: Rs 35 500ml: Rs 45 1L: Rs 75 1.5L: Rs 100 2.25L: Rs 130
Gourmet Lemon Up300ml: Rs 35 500ml: Rs 45 1L: Rs 75 1.5L: Rs 100 2.25L: Rs 130
Gourmet Malta300ml: Rs 35 500ml: Rs 45 1L: Rs 75 1.5L: Rs 100 2.25L: Rs 130
Gourmet Apple 300ml: Rs 35 500ml: Rs 45 1L: Rs 75 1.5L: Rs 100 2.25L: Rs 130
Gourmet Twister300ml: Rs 35 500ml: Rs 45 1L: Rs 75 1.5L: Rs 100 2.25L: Rs 130
Gourmet Red Anar1 Liter: Rs 70 1.5Liter: Rs 100 2.25Liter: Rs 130
Gourmet Mauj Mango300ml: Rs 35 500ml: Rs 60 1 Liter: Rs 120
Gourmet Orange Pulpy300ml: Rs 35 500ml: Rs 60 1 Liter: Rs 120
Gourmet Water600ml: Rs 30 1 Liter: Rs 55

Who is the owner of Gourmet Pakistan?

Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz envisioned Gourmet Food and established its first Food outlet in 1987. He ingrained the values of integrity and sincerity in the food venture. His two sons are now the current owners of the Gourmet industry and have successfully stayed true to the ethos and values of the food network.

How can you deliver food from Gourmet Bakery?

You can utilize Gourmet Bakery Home delivery services from the Gourmet App.  You can go to this app and check out the latest Gourmet bakery menu items including a list of Pizza, Sandwiches, Bakery items, cakes, and more with updated prices while sitting at your home.

What is Bon Vivant at Gourmet Bakers and Sweets?

It is the premium cuisine of Gourmet Pakistan and is available at all Gourmet bakeries. Bon Vivant consists of premium breakfast delicacies, drinks, and a large collection of delicious cakes. Gourmet Bakery menu items also consist of customized product services that you can put to use and customize a Bon Vivant cake to your liking.

Location of Gourmet Bakery Rawalpindi

Branch AddressContact Number
Gourmet Bakery RawalpindiPlot No. 8, Ground floor, A.Q Plaza, Marhaba Town، Service Rd W, Kuri Road Area, Rawalpindi, Punjab0320 7355374
Gourmet Bakery Rawalpindi32 Saidpur Rd, Block E Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab0323 4917160

Location of Gourmet Bakery Islamabad

Branch AddressContact Number
Gourmet Bakery IslamabadLehtrar Rd, near Ghouri VIP،, Khanna Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory0320 0816211
Gourmet Bakery IslamabadCollege Rd, F-7 Markaz F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 0322 2227777
Gourmet Bakers and Sweet IslamabadGold plaza،, Main PWD Rd, PWD Housing Society Sector C PWD Society, Islamabad, Punjab 45720
Gourmet Bakery IslamabadMeer plaza opposite Meezan Bank, Phase 5 Ghauri Town, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory0320 1812098
Gourmet Bakery Islamabad Lower Ground floor، askan center، Street 63،, MPCHS E-11/3 MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 0320 0816210

Location of Gourmet Bakery Lahore

Branch AddressContact Number
Gourmet Bakery Lahore  62 Main Shadman Market Rd, Commercial Area Shadman 1 Shadman, Lahore, Punjab 540000302 4531704
Gourmet Bakery Lahore Zahoor Elahi Rd, Block B Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab0323 4917024
Gourmet Bakery Lahore F8RQ+642, Bhabra Block M Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab(042) 35851496
Gourmet Bakery Lahore H97R+X8F, Nabi Pura Lahore, Punjab0322 2227777
Gourmet Bakery Lahore 1 Tajpura Main Rd, Ghaziabad, Lahore, Punjab0333 4455162
Gourmet Bakery Lahore  G89C+W94, Muslim Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000042) 32227777
Gourmet Bakery Lahore H8XQ+GF2, Shad Bagh, Lahore, Punjab0323 4917023
Gourmet Bakery LahoreBlock A Faisal Town, Lahore, Punjab
Gourmet Bakery LahoreFerozepur Rd, Nishtar Town, Lahore, Punjab(042) 35808256
Gourmet Bakery LahoreGourmet Bakers Walton Cantt Bedian Road Near Hafiz Electric Store، Bedian Rd, Nadirabad, Lahore, Punjab0323 4966669
Gourmet Bakery Lahore76 Pak-Arab Housing Scheme Main Rd, Block B Pak-Arab Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab 54000(042) 32227777
Gourmet Bakery LahoreGhazi Rd, Gulshan e Ali Colony, Lahore, Punjab0322 2227777
Gourmet Bakery Lahore Gulberg Rd, Iqbal Colony, Lahore, Punjab
Gourmet Bakery LahoreModel Town Link Road, Block K Model Town, Lahore, Punjab(042) 35851126
Gourmet Bakery LahoreBedian Rd, Lidher, Lahore, Punjab0322 2227777
Gourmet Bakery LahoreRailway Plaza, Allama Iqbal Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab(042) 36314656
Gourmet Bakery (Samanabad Branch) Lahore476-N, 476-N Samanabad Main Boulevard, Samanabad Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000(042) 37561002
Gourmet Bakery LahoreShama Road, Ichhra Lahore, Punjab 540000348 4370201
Gourmet Bakery LahoreAyubia Market, Ayubia Market, Chaudhry Anwar Ali Rd, Block A, Mulsim Town, Lahore, Punjab(042) 35866741
Gourmet Bakery LahoreBagh Ali Rd, Falcon Complex, Lahore, Punjab(042) 36661239

To summarize

In this article, we have talked about Gourmet bakery menu items with a price list for 2021. If you find it useful, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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