Food Street Fort Road Lahore Restaurants You Must To Try

Food Street Lahore on Fort Road is the most stunning place in the entire city, especially at night. The colourful ancient building would give you interesting sights of how things were back in the Mughal Era. All of the building on this street belongs to a historic background that has been preserved inside them.

Each one of them has its own significance. Some of them were Havelis and some of them were old houses that have now been refurbished and redesigned into restaurants. And without a double, you will be able to witness art and architecture that is nowhere to be found. This food street is located between Fort Road and Roshani Gate and was converted into a public place in 2012 by Hamza Shabaz Sharif.

This was done to replace it with Gawal Mandi food street which is in extremely bad shape right now. Hence, not a family place to visit at all. In 2013, Walled City Lahore Authority took charge of this area and with the help of the private sector, they have made it heaven on earth, especially for the foodies.

Food Street Lahore Restaurants

Food Street Lahore
Photo byWikimedia Commons 

The entire food street is covered with restaurants that are serving the best Lahori food and Pakistani cuisine in the most authentic form with outdoor dining option. Each of the restaurants is offering its customers a unique experience with fine dining and ancient ambience where people are interested to explore what’s inside. Some of the restaurants have small museums that attract tourists a lot. In short, these restaurants are some of the best restaurants in Lahore that everyone must try. The lively environment and the aroma in the atmosphere will push you to sit and enjoy the miraculous view of might Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Minar e Pakistani and Roshani Gate. It’s a complete package so let’s talk about each restaurant one by one.

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Food street lahore
Photo by Haveli Restaurant

Haveli restaurant located at the very start of food street Lahore has a historical significance as it was known as Haveli Khalil Khan. From the rooftop and balcony of this haveli, you can see multiple historic landmarks that are very important in Pakistan’s history. You can see the Badsahi Mosque built by Aurangzeb and remained the largest mosque for 300 years.

Also, there are tombs of Allama Iqbal and Sikandar Hayat Khan visible from Haveli. The great Minar – e Pakistan and lastly Lahore fort, all can be viewed from this restaurant. From all four sides, you will have an ancient view of the historic building. At night, this view is even more beautiful with small lights as far as you can see.

The restaurant has kept in its original shape mostly. The low doors, wooden work, carvings on the windows, wrought iron rods and handmade tiles. Every piece of this place is so precious and has some kind of story connected. Tourists and even locals love to take pictures here because of its beauty and the old vibe you get.

The owners of this place are two brothers; Habib Khan and Tariq Khan. They have worked wholeheartedly to make this place lively and a great place to have traditional cuisine. A fine dining experience without a doubt.

Let’s talk about Haveli food!

Food at Haveli
Photo by Haveli Restaurant

Talking about the food, which is the second most important factor for Haveli’s success, is heavenly good. They offer all the desi specialities that you can think of. No other restaurant could be better than this one if you are looking for Pakistani cuisine. What huge menu they have. The diversity in their Babrbque menu, the Karahi and Handi is unmatchable.

Not just this, they have burgers, a Chinese menu and other fast food items as well. But people come here for Desi madness. The restaurant is always in a run, never empty but the staff is highly professional and trained. They know how to cater for the crowd smoothly. Each of their customers is treated like a true guest and that’s the best thing about them.

The Haveli restaurant is a fine dining experience that comes with a price too. Their items are relatively high on price but the quality and the atmosphere is worth the price. If you look forward to a lavish dinner at Haveli, it will cost around 2000 per head, that’s expensive for desi food but you would want to go again and again despite the cost factor. 

Haveli Restaurant Contact Details


Address: 2170-A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab 

Contact Number: 0321 4651051 

Timings: 6 PM – 3 AM

Haveli Restaurant Menu

Coco’s Den

Ccoc's Den Food street lahore
Photo by Coco’s Den on Facebook

The second restaurant in the food street of Lahore is Ccoc’s Den. It is an old house that has been converted into a restaurant. Coco’s den was started back in 1996. It has mesmerising cultural heritage locked inside, this museum looking restaurant will take you back to the Mughal era. The place is made up of countless artefacts, that are antique and tourists love to enjoy every bit of such old things. Which is, you will see a lot of foreigners here.

Even the locals are their regular customers. The restaurant has to offer you a mighty view of Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and Roshnai Gate. As soon as you enter the place, you’ll see wooden work everywhere. The setup is on the rooftop where they have arranged tables and chairs and even Charpai where you can sit more comfortably and relax while waiting for hot delicious food.

Coco's Den Food street lahorePhoto by Coco’s Den on Facebook

Coco’s Den not only provides an old building to sit and have dinner. They have a complete package. You can celebrate your special occasion at Coco’s Den where the staff will make special arrangements for you. You can book the place for corporate events, family get to gathers and even small weddings.

The management is skilled in making decorations and other arrangements. Also, you can book Coco’s Den for catering where they will make food at your location with a complete set-up to cater for your guests with the same love and dedication. 

 Let’s talk about Coco’s Den food! 

The restaurant offers all the Pakistani delicacies in savoury and sweet. Their versatile menu tries to cater for all your requirements. And based on customer’s preference, the spice level is decided. If you like your food hot, mild or without spices, your food will be served accordingly.

All the items present on the menu are made to order where you get to enjoy the freshest ingredients that includes all kinds of meat, vegetables and much more. All of their dishes are cooked in clean cooking oil or desi ghee which is good for health.

In short, the restaurant is offering you a good dining experience with a whole ancient vibe and desi food. What else do you need? Coco’s Den believes in making its customers special. This is why they have some amazing deals that are going on every day. Each day has a unique deal that you can avail yourself. These deals are listed down below;

Minty MondayUnlimited Mint Margarita
Tasty Tuesday20% off on Tawa Chicken
Wild Wednesday20% off on Chicken Curry
Tempting Thursday20% off on Mutton Chops
Friday Food20% off on Mutton Karahi

Coco’s Den Contact Details

Address: Roshnai Gate, 2168/A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore

Contact Number: 0300 9472407

Timings: 12 PM – 1 AM

Coco’s Den Menu

Andaaz Restaurant

Andaaz Restaurant Lahore
Photo by Andaaz Restaurant on Facebook

Another piece of art at food street Lahore that serves amazing food is the Andaaz restaurant. It’s another very old house that was refurbished in 2008 and got itself into the list of restaurants that offers food and heritage altogether. The restaurant opened in Walled City, nestled between the historic Mughal era buildings including Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and Minar e Pakistan.

Each of the mentioned historical places has a huge significance in the history of this region. And that is the reason why people all across Pakistan and from other countries travels miles to see this beautiful land. Even the old houses and other building have been restored and kept in the most original form and Andaaz restaurant is just one example of these artefacts. 

Food street lahore

Photo by Andaaz Restaurant on Facebook

The restaurant has three floors. The ground floor serves as a small museum where you can find architectural pieces and other precious things. The restaurant can serve 170 guests at a time. All the floors are connected by an easy staircase as well as a lift. The restaurant is well furnished, decorated with local art and heritage.

Every single thing of the restaurant just adds up to the entire vibe. Andaaz restaurant has its second branch located in Saidpur Village Islamabad. It has its uniqueness in terms of location, surrounding areas and the ambience of the restaurant.

Let’s talk about Andaaz Restaurant food! 

The entire team of the restaurant puts effort into delivering the best on our tables. Their menu is compiled with the famous dishes from all over Pakistan such as Hunza, Waziristan and Punjab They call local chefs to come and train the staff and give them expertise so that they can deliver what the authentic food of the areas tastes like. In return, the staff of Andaaz restaurant train these local chefs for Punjabi Cuisine.

And hence, the restaurant has trained a great number of people. Andaaz Restaurant has designed its menu using a lot of slangs that local people can easily relate to and understand. It’s just a small gesture to connect with your customers. The menu itself is very limited and adds only the specialities that they have excelled at which includes barbeque items, traditional gravies and local drinks and desserts.

The restaurant has slightly high prices when compared to any other desi restaurant but the ambience, the atmosphere is nowhere to be found. That is why every single penny spent here is worth it. For bookings and reservations, visit Andaaz Restaurant or call at +92 301 8445511 for further details and menu.

Andaaz Restaurant Contact Details


Address: 2189 A Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab 

Contact Number: 0300 0263229 

Timings: 6 PM – 12 AM

Andaaz Restaurant Menu

Riwaj Restaurant

Riwaj Restaurant Lahore
Photo by Riwaj Restaurant

Another restaurant in the famous food street Lahore on fort road is Riwaj restaurant. It is located at the centre of the long street and you can find it easily as they have red tables and chairs arranged on the pavement. And this runs along the street. While sitting here, you can enjoy the livelihood of every restaurant as the place is always in the hustle.

At night everything looks extremely pretty because of the colourful old buildings that are generously lit at night. The restaurant itself is not very fancy but is good if you want to enjoy local authentic food at a good price.

While waiting for your food, you can also enjoy the stalls around the street. Some of them have traditional antique jewellery that attracts foreigners a lot. There is a kulfi stall and you can find various local dessert stalls which are simply the best way to end your dinner meal.

So, the restaurant offers a lot of variety on its menu. Their menu is written in English as well as Urdu so that everyone could easily understand. They accept cash payments as well as through Visa or Master debit and credit cards. This makes it a lot simple for most people.

Food street Lahore

Photo by Riwaj Restaurant

Let’s talk about Riwaj Restaurant food! 

Coming to the food offered by Riwaj restaurant, there is a lot of variety in Pakistani cuisine. There is a whale corner for barbeque, Chicken and Mutton Karahi, Tawa specials, Fish and even Chinese food. Then you have the Tandoor menu and dessert section. In short, they have got you covered in the most and the best way possible.

Even the prices are a lot more affordable. You can easily enjoy a good amount of food in 2500-4000 for 4-6 people which is great. Because most of the restaurants nearby are quite expensive. The set-up is not up to the mark but if it’s not your priority then could be the best option for dinner this weekend. Enjoy!

Riwaj Restaurant Contact Details

Address: food street fort road Lahore Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54000

Contact Number: 0304 0117218

Timings: 6 PM – 12 AM

Riwaj Restaurant Menu

Shahi Bawarchi Khana

There is a recent addition in the food street Lahore on Fort Road with a traditional outdoor set-up called Shahi Bawarchi Khana/ The restaurant has a vibe of royal palaces in old times. Like all other restaurants mentioned above, this restaurant has its architecture and vibe filled with vibrant colours.

Like all others, this too has a historical significance with the view of nearby Mosque and fort etc. The wooden work and the vibrant artwork is worth mentioning because that’s the main reason why people want to sit here. It’s because of the painting on the walls that customers enjoy looking at while they wait for their order.

You can get all kinds of traditional items on the menu of Shahi Bawarchi Khana as they promise to make you experience real street food. They have a live kitchen where experts cook your orders. All the ingredients being used are fresh and of good quality.

Let’s talk about Shahi Bawarchi Khana food!

Shahi Bawarchi KhanaPhoto by Shahi Bawarchi Khana on Faceook

The restaurant has a good variety menu where you can order from different cuisines. However, Pakistani cuisines and Barbeque items are their specialities. But if you don’t wish to eat that, you can always order from their Chinese or Continental options. There is a lot of variety in Fish and Sajji corner.

Moreover, there are more than 1 flavours in their special Handi. So check them out and plan your visit here because it’s worth it. This restaurant is a lot more affordable as compared to Haveli or Coco’s Den and you can easily enjoy it within Rs 1000 per head. 

Shahi Bawarchi Khana Contact Details

Address: Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: 0331 8135499

Timings: 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Shahi Bawarchi Khana Menu

Sweet Tooth

Sweet tooth food street lahore
Photo by Sweet Tooth Lahore

There are a lot of Sweet Tooth branches in Lahore and other cities including Hunza. The passion behind this dessert parlour was to create an Ice cream line that is different from most of the available options. Also, the ideas were to create unusual desserts like Chocolate gol guppy or Cramal Lava cake and so on. The Sweet Tooth located on Fort Road near food street Lahore is very unique.

Other outlets are very creative too but this one has its own significance. Like many other restaurants in the location, this sweet tooth is also opened in an ancient house. The building has been refurbished, redecorated and restyled. The main outer look has been kept the same however if you enter the place, it is the most colourful dessert parlour you could find.

The face of the parlour is very vibrant with colourful wall paint. While inside you can see different forms of artwork. There handmade decoration items, there is a wall of wishes where you can make a wish tie knot. All the rugs, crockery, paintings and hanging are carefully chosen while keeping the cultural theme in mind.

There is a small lounge if you go upstairs, very modern with dim lights and a vibrant look. The place has an extremely unique vibe. Among all the desi food restaurant on the food street Lahore, Sweet tooth has been a great addition to satisfy after dinner cravings for something sweet.

Let’s talk about Sweet Tooth food! 

Photo by Sweet Tooth Lahore

Coming to the Sweet Tooth menu, it’s all about creativity. Something out of the box, something that is not easily available elsewhere. The first page of the menu is all about making your very own shakes. These are customizable so you can select your type of milk, the base flavour and finally the toppings. There are more than 10 flavours and toppings to choose from. You can opt for low fat milt or full cream milk and even yoghurt. The idea is to satisfy the cravings in the best way possible.

Some of their items are extremely unique like Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate Gol Guppay, and Chocolate Burger. They have other standard desserts as well like Skillet brownie, fruits tarts and much more if you are not comfortable with experimenting with something new. Last but not the least, they have a live ice cream counter where you can get yourself freshly made ice cream. You can choose from a list of flavours and can enjoy your live ice cream. 

Sweet Tooth Contact Details

Address: Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: 0316 1422584

Timings: 5 PM – 1 AM

Sweet Tooth Menu

Fort View Hotel & Restaurant

Foos dtreet LahorePhoto by Fort View Hotel & Restaurant

Fort view Hotel is located on the opposite side of Badshahi Mosque near the food street Lahore on Fort Road. From one side of the restaurant you see the illuminated Badshahi Mosque and from the other side, you can see the famous Lahore Fort. While from the back of the hotel, you will get a view of the old Lahore city. This is why the name of the place is Fort View Heights Hotel and restaurant.

They provide a hotel, accommodation and a restaurant all under one roof. The hotel is built on 5 floors and have the latest technology for the lift when compared to others in the locality. The restaurant is located on the rooftop and the view from here is just amazing. The restaurant provides all the necessary facilities and a restaurant the serves delicious cuisines.

Since the government announced a food street in the vicinity of Fort view hotel, the team is dedicated to catering for tourists with complete satisfaction. The area is frequently visited by locals and foreigners which is good for the hotel.

They have rooms and suites available if anyone is interested to stay. All their rooms are fully furnished with essentials. Similarly, the restaurants are also decorated quite well. The ambience is comfortable but not very fancy. The hotel provides service for catering and arranging events in the hotel. Visit their website to know more.

Let’s talk about Fort View Restaurant food! 

The restaurant provides authentic desi cuisine that serves the best taste in barbeque, their special handis and Lahori dishes. They are known for Tawa Takka Tak and much more. The restaurant is present on the fifth floor and they can accommodate 40 guests at a time. So make your reservations before planning a dinner or lunch at the Fort View restaurant.

Fort View Hotel & Restaurant Contact Details


Address: Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: (042) 37671754 

Timings: 4 PM – 12 AM

So, here is the list of all the restaurants that are currently running in food street Lahore on Fort Road. We have added all the required details, menus, personal experiences and much much more. Hopefully, this article is elaborate enough for you to decide where to go. And we hope that if you choose one of these restaurants you get to enjoy food as well as the view. Lahore food street is very famous among the locals, the visitors from other cities and even the foreigners. You won’t see this place dull or dead. So, let us know how your experience was after you visit this beautiful place in Lahore.

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