The Trendiest Dessert Cafes in Lahore (June 2023)

desert cafe in lahore

If Karachi is known as the city of lights then Lahore should be called the city of foodies. People of Lahore are Punjabis and Punjab has an extremely rich food culture going back hundreds of years. Even today, that culture is alive like never before. The funfilled air, the sleepless nights, and lively restaurants, dessert cafes in Lahore are the crux of this whole city.

People are dying heart fans of delicious cuisines, spending a good amount of their income on routine outings. Whether it’s something desi or fancy, everyone is seen celebrating food. Eateries of Lahore have occupied a big portion of Lahore’s total area as you can find one on every nook and corner. 

Lahore’s food culture has a major chunk of traditional recipes and the majority of its restaurants serve them with authenticity. But that does not mean you can’t find other cuisines. Chinese, Oriental, Italian, Mexican have, if not equal, but enough significance and that is the reason behind versatile cafes and restaurants offering yummy stuff throughout Lahore.

Not just the taste but how the food looks are equally important for almost everyone. Desserts, probably are the weakness of every Lahori out there. So let’s check out some of the most trending little dessert cafes in Lahore that are serving phenomenal sweet and savory recipes with outstanding presentation. You’ll definitely want to get into this screen after reading this!

Photo by Amina Iftikhar on Instagram

Rina’s Kitchenette

Photo by Bilal Shafiq on Instagram

Rina’s Kitchenette is one of the top dessert cafes in Lahore. They started back in 2010 with a small setup at home. With the love of all the Lahoris and people around Pakistan, they have now 2 branches within Lahore. Rina’s Kitchenette is a cozy little space perfect for everyone to visit.

It’s a must-try at least once if you plan to visit Lahore because people living in Lahore are fond of attending meals and snacks at Rina. It’s the cutest place to sit with an amazing interior and even offers perfect outdoor seating on good weather days. They serve an outstanding variety of dishes from various cuisines, both sweet and savoury. The cafe is famous for its divine sweet treats with lots of variety and flavors. 

Some of their top items are Nutella Caramel Cake, deep-fried Cheese Cake, and Lotus Delight for the sweets. Rina’s Smash Burger and Hunter Beef and Egg Snado are the two must-try items from the snack bar. They have introduced their very own oriental bowls on the menu as well.

Each recipe they want you to have is unique, delicious, and just too pretty that you want to have a go at it. Rina’s Kitchenette mouthwatering breakfast items are also worth a try. You might find it pricy but what’s more important than good food?

Photo by Mahan & Hira on Instagram

Another really amazing news from Rina’s! If you plan to have a tea party at home or have an upcoming birthday event to hold, Rina’s Kitchenette has got you covered. They will add magic to your table by arranging snacks and sweets, so you just gotta enjoy!

Rina’s Kitchenette Contact Details


Location 1

Address: Street 15, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore  

Contact Number: 0323 2222505

Location 2

Address: 64 Fountain Avenue، Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore

Contact Number:  0323 2222508


Layers Bakeshop

Photo by Mustafa Javed on Instagram

Have you heard about a recent bakery opened in Lahore which has taken social media by a storm? Whether you live in Lahore or somewhere else, you must have heard about Layers Bakeshop. It has taken all the hype by bloggers, celebrities, and even the general public. You will see incredibly long queues outside the outlet waiting to try their mouthwatering desserts.

It has gained so much attention that it has expanded to 3 branches in a really short span.

Some of them are running while one is under construction. The opening of their first outlet was unbelievable. Almost the entire Lahore was dying to have a go probably because of their affordable prices. I mean who expects such fancy treats in a pocket friendly cost?

Once you enter after a good waiting time, your eyes will open wide and you’ll start drooling. They make such pretty looking cupcakes, sundaes, and cakes which they are known for. The packaging is so cute and attractive. Once you try it, you’ll always want to take them as gifts for your loved ones. That’s how appealing the vibe of Layers Bakeshop is.

Photo by Faisal Qureshi on Instagram

If you are interested in trying their cupcakes then the salted caramel cupcake is a must. The super moist base with perfect, airy and, light whipping cream on top will take you to heaven. All in just Rs 150. People have been going crazy over their sundaes which have yummy layers of awesomeness with the damage of just Rs 250. And you won’t believe it. They are offering 2.5 lb cakes for just Rs 1000! So, the hype is for real and justified. They offer only pick-ups and do not offer home deliveries yet.

Layers Bakeshop Contact Details

Email Address: 

Location 1

Address: Shop No 1, KD Plaza, 100 MM Alam Rd, Lahore  

Location 2

Address: Shop 12, Block-Y, Phase 3C, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore

Contact Number:  0302 4000587

Menu: Layers Bakeshop Menu

Sweet Tooth

Photo by Sumaiya Iqbal on Instagram

Everyone has a sweet tooth and Sweet Tooth is here to fulfill all your cravings with their delicious confectionery treats. Sweet Tooth not only serves desserts but has an all-around menu with savory snacks as well. Among all the top dessert cafes in Lahore, It has been known for quite a while now.People love their food and because of that, they have opened up in other cities too. They serve traditional Halwa Puri for breakfast as well.

Currently, they have opened up three branches in Lahore and each has its own vibe to it. The decor is exceptionally good no matter which branch you visit. The oldest is near Badshahi Mosque near the antique and colorful buildings. The nearby food street is very famous. Tourists and locals come here for amazing food with a stunning view of the Badshahi Mosque. Sweet Tooth adds a perfect ending to desi food available at the food street by satisfying everyone cravings.

Photo by Nimra Asif on Instagram

The MM Alam Sweet Tooth outlet has an extremely unique design. The whole place looks like a black and white drawing. It’s the most different theme so far and it certainly gives them an edge over their competition. Customers come here to take pictures that have an extraordinary background because of their unique setup.

As the name shows, most of you must be thinking that they are only good with desserts. Nope! They are serving equally good pizzas, burgers, and other savory items on their menu. They have another branch on Murree Expressway and can be easily accessible within an hour from Islamabad. So it can be a perfect one-day trip from Islamabad.

Sweet Tooth Contact Details

Email Address: 

Location 1

Address: 94-D, Mall, 1 Main Blvd Gulberg, Lahore

Contact Number: 0321 4466943

Location 2

Address: Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore

Contact Number: 0316 1422584

Location 3

Address: 09، MB Sector J DHA Phase 6, Lahore

Contact Number: 0303 0403706

English Tea House

Photo by Afifa Asif on Instagram

One of the dessert cafes in Lahore; English Tea House was established in 2010 by Yum Chinese and Thai restaurants. English Tea House has a cozy and vibrant atmosphere. Perfect place to sit with your friends and family while they serve a perfect cup of tea with your choice of meal.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and evening tea followed by dinner. The interior with dark teal wall color gives a is a perfect combination of classic and modern style. With the exceptional dining experience, you can enjoy fancy meals with English Tea House.

What started as a dessert and tea shop now has almost everything on its plate. Their phenomenal breakfast platter can be availed every day from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and till 2:00 PM on Sundays. While the rest of the menu can be enjoyed every day till midnight. However, due to Covid 19 restrictions, timings may vary these days.

Photo by Hadiqa Sajid on Instagram

With a consistent and premier dining experience, English Tea House offers a complete solution for your events-related dining requirements. From birthday parties to tea get-together and corporate affairs, they have got it all covered. You can simply reach out to them using their contact details mentioned below and plan your tea with English Tea House.

English Tea House Contact Details


Location 1

Address: 24 K Sir Syed Rd, Block K Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact Number: (042) 35715535

Location 2

Address: 68-Z Street 22, Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore

Contact Number: (042) 35748382


Sweet Affairs

Sweet Affairs started off in 2011 as a patisserie boutique at a prime location in Lahore. It is one of the best dessert cafes in Lahore. The idea was to give every customer a magical experience that they’ll never forget. The freshly brewed coffee with a croissant that has come straight out of the oven has no match.

Sweet Affairs functions with the same food philosophy and passion to serve everyone with a perfect blend of comfy surroundings and a yummy, eye-catching meals. They are known for fresh and quality ingredients. After all these years, Sweet Affairs has earned its spot in the list of most running cafes in Lahore.

Starting with sweet confectionery treats, they have been evolving their menu since the beginning. Now you can have burgers, steaks, and desserts all under one roof. On the menu, you’ll be able to find breakfast items, brick oven pizzas, confectionery, and a wide range of coffee.

Not just this, Sweet Affairs has also been on top in the customized cakery segment where they look forward to providing you with delicacies that are well balanced in taste and equally appealing to your eyes. They also serve gelatos, fine-quality chocolates, and macaroons made with precision.

Photo by Stoichiea on Instagram

If you plan to outsource a party’s arrangement to an expert that could arrange an event for you, Sweet Affairs could be one of the finest options. They promise to cater to your needs and desires for every type of party at your place. With their flawless management, attention to the tiniest details combining with exquisite food, you’ll have a memorable one. That’s their promise!

Sweet Affairs Contact Details


Address: Sir Syed Rd, Block P Gulberg 2, Lahore 

Contact Number: (042) 35712066


The Sweet Factory

The Sweet Factory offers a diverse range of desserts that you probably haven’t thought of before. With 28 flavors of pure dairy icecream, crispy waffles made to perfection, and fudgy brownies, what else can you dream of?  They have everything to satisfy your sweet cravings. They have combined mouthwatering desserts with an explosion of liquid nitrogen which is equally entertaining and delicious. 

Their bubble waffles are something you would want to try. Crispy waffle edges are topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup will give you the most mesmerizing melt-in-you-mouth feeling. Some of their top-selling items include the skillet brownie with icecream, dairy ice cream, and the Molten Lava Cake.

The Sweet Factory Contact Details


Address: 155-MB, Phase VI, DHA Lahore

Contact Number: 0346 4222222

We have listed above some of the top dessert cafes in Lahore which have created a storm on social media. One of the main reasons for their successful business is tremendous hype on Instagram and Facebook. Do check out these trending dessert places and let us know what you think and if the hype is worth trying them. Share your suggestions and if you know a restaurant, cafe, or any ice cream parlor that deserves to be featured in our article, let us know by commenting below!

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