Zakir Tikka Menu & Zakir Tikka Price List (June 2023)

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To search for tasty traditional and flavorful desi spices, you must visit Zakir Tikka. The Zakir Tikka menu will satisfy your taste buds. It offers a diverse selection of desi foods. You can get your favorite meals at a low cost.

Zakir Tikka has locations in Lahore. The chain is well-known for its high-quality food and helpful staff. Without a doubt, both the atmosphere and the food are exceptional. They also take great care of hygiene and flavor authenticity. It is the best place to go for energetic Lahoris.

So take a look at the menu first. We have compiled the entire Zakir Tikka menu with a price list for your convenience. So, take a look at the menu below and place your order.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Zakir Tikka Menu

The Zakir Tikka menu includes a wide range of traditional and desi dishes. It serves delectable dishes that are sure to brighten your mood. Some deals are also available on specific occasions. The most well-known and popular items are Karahi, Tawa, and Sajji. Zakir Tikka’s menu includes handi, bar b que, tandoor, and a cold bar. Let’s take a look at these and other menus and price lists.

Zakir Tikka Karahi

ItemsPrice (Half)Price (Full)
Chicken Karahi7501300
Chicken Makhani Karahi8001400
Chicken White Karahi8501450
Chicken Achari Karahi8501450
Chicken Shinwari Karahi8501450
Mutton Karahi14002700
Mutton Makhani Karahi15002800
Mutton White Karahi17503100


ItemPrice (Half)Price (Full)
Chicken Boneless Handi10001650
Chicken white Handi11001750
Chicken Achari Handi10001700
Chicken Achari Handi1000
Mutton Boneless Handi16502900
Mutton Makhani Handi17003000
Mutton White Handi17503100
Chicken Ginger1000

Zakir Tikka Tawa

Zakir tikk menu Tawa
Special Tawa Mix Plate995
Tawa White Mix Plate1050
Tawa Gurda Kapura Plate850
Special Chanp Masal1250
Tawa Mughali Mutton Chanp1325
Tawa Mutton Brain Masala925
Tawa Special Mutton Dil Plate850
Tawa Special Mutton Dil Gurda Plate850
Tawa Chicken Malai Boti Masala1050
Tawa Chicken Kabab Masla1000
Tawa Beef Kabab Masala950
Tawa Chicken Qeema Plate1150
Tawa Beef Qeema Plate1000
Tawa Karahi1750
Tawa Hari Mirch Masala1400
Tawa Chicken White Karahi1000 (half)
1750 (full)
Tawa Chicken Boneless1050 (half)
1850 (full)
Tawa Special Madrasi Handi1050 (half)
1850 (full)
Tawa Special Achari Karahi900 (half)
1600 (full)
Special Tawa Piece400

Balochi Sajji

ItemsPrice (Quarter)Price (Half)Price (Full)
Balochi Sajji3005201000

Zikar Tikka Menu: Fish (seasonal)

ItemsPrice (Half)Price (Full)
Grill Fish 6001200

Bar B Que

Zakir tikka menu BBQ
Chicken Malai Piece295
Chicken Piece280
Chicken Boti190
Chicken Malai Boti250
Chicken Kabab150
Chicken Cheese Kabab210
Chicken Gola Kabab260
Beef Kabab110

Zakir Tikka Menu: Others

Extra Makhan Tikki40
Pakwai per KG780


Roghani Naan60
Garlic Naan60
Kalwanji Naan65
Aloo Naan70
Chicken Naan190
Beef Qeema Naan150
Fry Naan70
Sada Naan25
Sada Roti15
Kashmiri Roti25
Tandoori Paratha55

Zakir Tikka Menu: Chai Khana

ZAkir tikka menu Chai Khana
Simple Chai Just For Park50
Special Chai100
Tandoori Chai120
Kashmiri Chai120
Cardium Tea60

Cold Bar

Zira Raita100
Mineral water80
Fresh Lime80
Lemon Soda70
Mint Margarita140
Fresh Salad100
Kachumar Salad120
Mint Raita100
Cold Drinks50 (Regular Cold Drink)
80 (500 ml)
130 (1.5 Liter Cold Drink)

Zakir Tikka Near You

Zakir Tikka is a restaurant chain with more than five branches in Lahore. These branches include Zakir Tikka Askari 11, Johar Town, Faisal Town, Model Town, D.H.A., and inside LUMS. They offer delivery in these locations and also offer takeaway and dine-in service. The complete detail of these branches is listed below.

Zikar Tikka Locations in Lahore

BranchAddressContact NumberTiming
Zakir Tikka Johar TownAbdul Haque Rd, Block M Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore(042) 3531380112 pm – 2 am
D.H.A. Branch261, Block C D Block DHA EME Sector, Lahore(042) 3751560012:30 pm – 12:30 am (except Sunday)
11:30 am – 1 am (Sunday)
Zakir Tikka CanttSarwar Rd, Cantt, Lahore(042) 366619877 am – 2 am
Zakir Tikka Family RestaurantRehman Centre 2, Ring Road Service Ln, Phase 5 D.H.A.0321 431987912 pm – 3 am
Zakir Tikka DHA166 Street 148, Sector H Dha Phase 10324 969870011 am – 4 am (except Sunday)
11 am – 5 am (Sunday)
Zakir Tikka Bahria Town95J9+M2W، Canal Bank Rd, Near Adventure Park, Superior Services Housing Society0320 051807311 am – 3 am
Zakir Dera TikkaBilal St, Civic Center Commercial Area Faisal Town, Lahore0300 40704697 pm – 3 am
Zakir Tikka DHAFCM4+78C, Sector M Dha Phase 1, Lahore(042) 3570782311 am – 1:00 am
Zakir Tikka in LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences)FCC6+G6G, Punjab Small Industries Housing Society, Lahore(042) 3516160010:00 am – 12:00 am (except Sunday)
10:00 am – 1 am (Sunday)

Services at Zakir Tikka

Zakir Tikka services

Zakir Tikka is well known for its services in Lahore. The menu is also quite tasty and has quality and authentic ingredients. They offer delivery and takeaway services to save the customer time. It also provides to dine in, and you can also arrange social functions or private meetings.

This restaurant has wheelchair-accessible seating, an entrance, and a parking lot. Moreover, it offers late-night food, quick bite, and vegetarian options. Overall, the ambiance of this place is lovely for families.

Does Zakir Tikka Offer Delivery Service?

Zakir Tikka offers delivery services to their customers. You can avail of the service in the area listed above. You can make an order by using their official website. Zakir Tikka also has an Instagram and Facebook page where you can get the menu. So, you can also make an order from there.

Moreover, you can order from the Zakir tikka menu from Foodpanda and

Zakir Tikka Contact Details


Instagram: Zakir Tikka

Facebook: Zakir Tikka

App Store: Zakir Tikka

Phone Number: 042 35313801


Does Zakir Tikka allow arranging a birthday party?

Zakir Tikka restaurants provide a variety of services. You can even celebrate a birthday with your loved ones. This venue’s lovely atmosphere will elevate your celebrations to the next level. Reserve a table; the décor is also a compliment from the restaurant.

What days is Zakir Tikka open?

Zakir Tikka Lahore is open seven days a week. So, you can go there any day during the hours mentioned above to enjoy a meal. You can also order food to be delivered to your home or office.

How to contact Zakir Tikka?

You can contact Zakir Tikka using their official website. Additionally, you can follow them on Instagram. Also, check their menu or their Facebook page. Moreover, they can place a reservation or order food using their phone lines.

Final Words

The Zakir Tikka menu has a comprehensive selection to satisfy your palate. They serve traditional, and desi cuisine and the service is excellent. You can host our parties and functions in a cool atmosphere, and you’ll love their support staff. There are takeaway, delivery, and dine-in options available. You will surely enjoy your stay there. Comment with any suggestions and feedback below. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

To read more about the best food in Pakistan, visit us at Roaming Pakistan.

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