Saltanat Restaurant Menu & Saltanat Restaurant Price List (June 2023) 

Do you want to eat a variety of cuisines in a magnificent and royal setting? Then you must visit Karachi’s Saltanat restaurant. The Saltanat Restaurant Menu is diverse and extensive. It will satisfy your appetite and taste buds. Every meal is delicious, sanitary, well-presented, and hot.

Saltanat Restaurant Karachi has quickly become famous. It can boast delectable food, exceptional service, and a first-rate ambiance. They provide a wide range of services to their customers. Karachi residents enjoy eating their favorite foods in this location. Furthermore, the staff is courteous and efficient.

Obviously, you’re curious about the Saltanat restaurant menu. So, here is the full menu and price list, so you know what they offer. Enjoy!

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Saltanat Restaurant Karachi Menu

Saltanat restaurant menu

This restaurant offers a diverse menu in a royal setting. They offer cuisines including desi, American, Italian, Chinese, Asian, Thai, and many more. The Saltanat restaurant menu includes chef’s specials, appetizers, BBQs, and burgers. They serve soup, salad, karahi, handi, tawa, and rice. You can enjoy ice cream, dessert, mocktails, and hot and cold drinks. Let’s have a look at the entries of the cuisines mentioned above with a complete price list.

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Chef’s Special

Beef Cheese Kabab999
Mutton Zirh Kabab999
Saltanat Special Wings (8 Pcs)849
Saltanat In House Prawns (5 Pcs)1299
Shahi Mutton Kabuli Pulao1199
Anarkali Boti (5 Sticks)899
Shahi Mutton Leg3,499
Chef Special Schezwan Soup399
Mutton Ribs3499
Mutton Mandi (2 Persons)4499
Chicken Mandi (2 Persons)2400
Classic Beef Chilli Dry1299
Red Snapper (Grilled/Deep Fried)3399
Cheese Naan599
Mughllai Chicken1599 (half)
2999 (full)
Mughlai Mutton2199 (half)
3999 (full)

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Starters

Garlic Mayo Fries399
Lahori Fish (5 Pcs)1095
Cheese Fries399
Prawn Tempura (7 Pcs)1199
Dynamite Prawns(7 Pcs)1199
Dynamite Chicken (6 Pcs)899
Chicken Strips (6 Pcs)899
Fish 'N Chips (5 Pcs)1095
Honey Mustard Wings (7 Pcs)799
Mexican Wings (7 Pcs)799
Plain Fries349
Masala Fries399


Saltanat restaurant menu bbq
Masala Chops (6 Pcs)1599
Namkeen Chops (6 Pcs)1599
Chicken Cheese Kabab999
Chicken Zirh Kabab899
Chicken Adana Kabab899
Mutton Sizzling Kabab1199
Chicken Sizzling Kabab999
Shahi Turkish Kabab999
Chicken Shashlik Boti (With Fried Rice)1099
Chicken Malai Boti999
Chicken Bihari Boti999
Beef Bihari Boti999
Beef Afghani Boti (5 sticks)999
Chicken Afghani Boti (5 sticks)899
Red Tikka499
Special Family Platter (Serving 6-7 Persons)1199
Chicken Tandoori Boti999

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Kids Special

Plain Fries349
Plain Wings (6 Pcs)799
Chicken Nuggets (6 Pcs)699
Kids Chowmen699
Kids Chicken Burgers599
Kid's Platter (Chicken Burger, Chicken Wings, Chicken Nuggets, Cheese sticks, and Fries)1199

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Chinese

Chicken Schezwan1199
Classic Chicken Chilli Dry1199
Chicken Manchurian1199
Sweet And Sour Chicken1199
Kung Pao Chicken1199
Chef's Special Chowmein1099
Evergreen Chicken Chowmein999
Chicken With Vegetable1199


Chicken Schezwan1199
Fish Burger899
Royal Texas Beef Burgers799
Volcano Beef Burger999
Grilled Chicken Burger799
Double Decker Burger899
Zinger Burger899


Saltanat restaurant menu soup
Chicken Schezwan1199
Chicken Corn Soup375
Hot N Sour (red)From Rs 375

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Riwayati Karahi

ItemsPrice (half)Price (full)
Mutton BBQ Karahi19993399
Chicken BBQ Karahi14992299
Balochi Tikka14992299


ItemsPrice (half)Price (full)
Peshawari Mutton Karahi19993399
Peshawari Chicken Karahi14992299
Shinwari Mutton Karahi19993399
Shinwari Chicken Karahi14992299

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Handi

Saltanat restaurant menu handi
Paneer Reshmi Handi1999
Makhni Handi1999
Daal Makhni899
Palak Paneer999
Shahi Sabzi899

Tawa Special

Mutton Katakat (With Mutton Chops)1299
Mutton Maghaz Masala1199
Special Tawa Qeema699


Chicken Fried Rice599
Veg Fried Rice499
Egg Fried Rice499

Steak’s By Saltanat

Beef Steak1699
Chicken Steak1499
Fish Steak1799


Spicy Alfredo Pasta (Chicken)999
Alfredo Original (Non-Spicy)999

Sea Food

Fish Tikka (6 Pcs)1199
Chef's Special Prawns (8 Pcs)1399
Chef's Special Snapper3699


Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich899
Club Sandwiches899


Fattoush Salad749
Russian Salad749
Fresh Garden Salad225
Zeera Raita225


Plain Naan40
Garlic Naan80
Roghni Naan80
Whole Wheat Naan50
Puri Paratha100

Ice Cream

Roasted Almond349
Saltanat Special Ice Cream399
Fresh Mango Ice Cream (Seasonal)349
Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream349


Saltanat restaurant menu dessert
Saltanat Brownie Twist With Ice Cream449
Floating Lava Cake449
Donut (Lotus / Nutella) 1 Pc250
Donut 3 Pcs (Lotus, Nutella, and Oreo)650
Slice Of Lotus Cheese Cake599
Cake Slices250
Slice Of Mild Warm Cake With Ice Cream599
Chocolate Cookies699 (6 Pcs)
1299 (12 Pcs)
Saltanat Special Cake (2 Pound)1799
Bento Cake (1 Pound)999
Khoya Kheer159
Slice Of Three Milk Cake (Caramel & Chocolate)450


Crunch Kulfi299
Plain Kulfi299

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Fresh From Garden

Orange Juice299
Pineapple Juice299
Apple Juice299
Grape Juice299
Pomegranate Juice299
Strawberry Juice299
Grape Fruit Juice299


Mint Lemonade Margarita399
Strawberry Margarita399
Coconut Chiller399
Sangria Cooler399
Mint Lemonade399
Fresh Juice (seasonal)399
Lemon Mint Margarita349
Strawberry Lemonade399
Lemon Mint Mojita399
Blue Colada399
Pina Colada399
Cucumber Detox399
Fresh Lime With 7up299

Saltanat Restaurant Menu: Hot Beverages

Elaichi Tea199
Kashmiri Tea299
Kadak Chai199
Saltanat Special Kahwa159

Cold Beverage

Soft Drink (7 Up, Pepsi, Mirinda)99
Water59 (small)
110 (large)

Saltanat Retuarant Karachi

Saltanat restaurant in Karachi has a royal atmosphere and is lavish. It only has one location in Karachi. They serve Pakistani, Asian, Thai, Chinese, American, and desi cuisine. The branch’s design and environment are pretty impressive. Aside from the extensive menu, they also provide a variety of services. They take excellent care of their clients. The location of the outlet is listed below.

BranchAddressContact Number
National Stadium RdPlot 118, Old Drive Inn Cinema, National Stadium Rd, Karachi,0335 1271277

Services at Saltanat Restaurant

Saltanat restaurant menu services

Saltanat Restaurant offers a diverse menu. It includes more than five cuisines in a very royal setting. They also provide delivery, curbside, and take-out service. They have a wheelchair-accessible entrance and good amenities for children. Furthermore, they have a cozy and royal atmosphere and can host gatherings. All the services are pleasant, but the prices are a little high.

The Ambience at Saltanat Restaurant

They have a large sitting area, and the front is decorated in a magnificent royal style. Around four to five thousand people can sit and enjoy the scenery. The staff is friendly and courteous. They also offer valet parking and a children’s play area. It is the ideal location for parties and meetings.

Saltanat Restaurant Home Delivery

Saltanat restaurant menu delivery

Saltanat Restaurant provides you with the service of home delivery within accessible areas. It can help you save time and have your food delivered right to your door. They guarantee prompt service. You can place your orders through their official website or Facebook page. You can also do this by calling them directly.

Saltanat Restaurant Timings

  • Mon – Sat: 6:30 PM – 12:30 AM
  • Sunday: 6:30 PM – 12:30 AM

Saltanat Restaurant Contact Details

Website: saltanatrestaurant. com

Facebook Page: Saltanat Restaurant

Instagram: Saltanat Restaurant PK

Contact Number: 0335 1271277


What days is Saltanat Restaurant open?

Saltanat Restaurant is open seven days a week. You can hold your social or personal gatherings in this restaurant on any day of the week. Plan your visit, and you can also place an order and have the product delivered to your door.

Does Saltanat Restaurant offer takeaway?

Saltanat Restaurant provides takeaway services to its customers. They also offer dine-in and delivery options. In their royal ambiance, you can enjoy your social or family gathering. As a result, they are very popular among customers.

What is the customer’s review of the restaurant?

Customers are pleased with the food quality and friendly staff. They also enjoy the royal atmosphere, authentic spices, services, and diverse menu. However, the prices are a little high. Overall, the rating is 4.7 out of 5.

Final Words

The Saltant Restaurant menu and contact information are all listed above. They have a unique and diverse selection of items. If you’re in Karachi, you should try their Chef’s Specials. In their royal setting, you will thoroughly enjoy the menu. The services are also outstanding. You’ll have a fantastic time there. Please leave your feedback in the comments section. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

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