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National Foods

September 7, 2022

National Foods Limited is one of the largest food companies in Pakistan. Founded in 1970, the company has become a major player in the Pakistani food industry. It produces 250 different products across 13 categories. National Foods products list includes Curries, Biryanis, BBQ items, Kababs, and Spices. It also makes Ketchup, Sauces, Mayonnaise, Pickles, Desserts, and Jams & Jellies.

This multi-category food company has been particularly successful in expanding its global footprint. It has made several strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Consequently, it has entered new markets and established a presence in new regions. As a result, its products are available in over 40 countries worldwide. It has subsidiaries in UAE, Canada, and the UK. National Foods is well-positioned to consolidate itself as a global food leader.

National Foods takes great pride in its products. It makes all food items with quality in mind. The company works hard to ensure that each product meets or exceeds expectations.

National Foods Products List with Prices

National Foods Products List

National Foods has a solid commitment to quality and innovation. Therefore, it regularly introduces new products, meeting the changing needs of its customers. It is your one-stop shop for all your food needs. You can find your recipe mixes, ingredients, ketchup & sauces, and desserts. National Foods has everything to meet your requirements at an affordable price.

National Recipe Mixes

National Foods Recipe Mixes

Sindhi Biryani Recipe Mix45 gRs. 80
Pulao Recipe Mix140 gRs. 150
Yakhni Pulao70 gRs. 80
Biryani Recipe Mix39 gRs. 80
Biryani Recipe Mix78 gRs. 150
Bombay Biryani Recipe Mix70 gRs. 80
Bombay Biryani Recipe Mix110 gRs. 150
Bombay Biryani Recipe Mix140 gRs. 150
Karahi Gosht Recipe Mix47 gRs. 80
Karahi Gosht Recipe Mix94 gRs. 150
Achar Gosht Recipe Mix43 gRs. 80
Achar Gosht Recipe Mix86 gRs. 150
Quorma Recipe Mix43 gRs. 80
Quorma Recipe Mix86 gRs. 150
Paya Recipe Mix39 gRs. 80
Murghi Recipe Mix86 gRs. 150
Murghi Recipe Mix43 gRs. 80
Kofta Recipe Mix43 gRs. 80
Delhi Nihari Recipe Mix56 gRs. 80
Delhi Nihari Recipe Mix112 gRs. 150
Tikka Boti Recipe Mix44 gRs. 80
Seekh Kabab Recipe Mix46 gRs. 80
Chicken Tandoori Recipe Mix40 gRs. 80
Chicken Tikka Recipe Mix40 gRs. 80
Chicken Tikka Recipe Mix80 gRs. 150
Fish Recipe Mix40 gRs. 80
Fish Recipe Mix80 gRs. 150
Shami Kabab45 gRs. 80
Broast Recipe Mix97 gRs. 80
Chapli Kabab Recipe Mix100 gRs. 80
Quick Cook Haleem338 gRs. 170
Haleem Recipe Mix43 gRs. 80
Daigi Danedar Haleem Recipe Mix293 gRs. 170
Chatkharaydaar Sabzi Recipe Mix46 gRs. 50
Mazedaar Daal Recipe Mix46 gRs. 50

Ingredients Range

Turmeric Powder50 gRs. 40
Turmeric Powder100 gRs. 75
Garam Masala25 gRs. 80
Garam Masala50 gRs. 150
Chilli Powder50 gRs. 60
Chilli Powder100 gRs. 115
Chilli Powder200 gRs. 215
Chilli Powder400 gRs. 420
Ginger Powder50 gRs. 80
Coriander Powder100 gRs. 95
Coriander Powder200 gRs. 180
Cumin Seeds50 gRs. 75
Cumin Seed Powder50 gRs. 75
Kasuri Methi25 gRs. 40
Black Pepper Powder25 gRs. 70
Black Pepper Powder50 gRs. 120
Garlic Powder50 gRs. 80
Meat Tenderizer40 gRs. 90
Corn Flour285 gRs. 91


National Foods Salt

Refined Salt800 gRs. 40
Iodized Refined Salt800 gRs. 40
Iodized Pink Himalayan Salt800 gRs. 60


National Foods Ketchup

Tomato Ketchup475 gRs. 168
Tomato Ketchup950 gRs. 291
Tomato Ketchup3.25 KgRs. 1188
Tomato Ketchup Squeezy400 gRs. 273
Tomato Ketchup Squeezy800 gRs. 451


National Mayonnaise

Classic Mayo Squeezy350 gRs. 261
Classic Mayo Squeezy700 gRs. 466
Garlic Mayo Squeezy350 gRs. 411
Real Mayo Squeezy350 gRs. 472
Garlic Mayo200 gRs. 209
Garlic Mayo500 gRs. 457
Classic Mayo500 gRs. 310
Classic Mayo1 KgRs. 553


National Foods Sauce

Chilli Garlic Sauce Squeezy400 gRs. 273
Chilli Garlic Sauce Squeezy800 gRs. 451
Chilli Garlic Sauce475 gRs. 175
Chilli Garlic Sauce950 gRs. 291
Chilli Garlic Sauce3.25 KgRs. 1188
Imli Sauce250 gRs. 82
Imli Sauce500 gRs. 180
Chilli Sauce300 mlRs. 143
Soy Sauce300 mlRs. 137
White Vinegar300 mlRs. 91
Synthetic Vinegar800 mlRs. 173


National Foods Product Pickle

Green Chilli Pickle310 gRs. 205
Mango Pickle320 gRs. 259
Mango Pickle400 gRs. 246
Mango Pickle750 gRs. 347
Mango Pickle1 KgRs. 481
Mixed Pickle320 gRs. 258
Mixed Pickle400 gRs. 246
Mixed Pickle500 gRs. 267
Mixed Pickle750 gRs. 347
Mixed Pickle1 KgRs. 461
Mixed Pickle Jar1 KgRs. 480
Hyderabadi Mix Pickle320 gRs. 280
Hyderabadi Mix Pickle1 KgRs. 577
Crushed Pickle390 gRs. 343
Crushed Pickle750 gRs. 572


National Foods Desserts

Vanilla Custard120 gRs. 94
Vanilla Custard300 gRs. 136
Mango Custard120 gRs. 94
Mango Custard300 gRs. 136
Banana Custard120 gRs. 94
Banana Custard300 gRs. 136
Strawberry Custard120 gRs. 94
Strawberry Custard300 gRs. 136
Banana Jelly80 gRs. 75
Mango Crystal Jelly80 gRs. 91
Strawberry Jelly80 gRs. 75
Mixed Fruit Jelly80 gRs. 103
Feerni Mix155 gRs. 80
Kheer Mix155 gRs. 123
Vermicelli140 gRs. 63

Jams and Jellies

National Jams & Jellies

Apple Chunky Jam385 gRs. 540
Mango Chunky Jam385 gRs. 540
Mixed Fruit Chunky Jam385 gRs. 540
Strawberry Chunky Jam385 gRs. 650
Mango Jam200 gRs. 145
Mango Jam440 gRs. 254
Apple Jam200 gRs. 145
Apple Jam440 gRs. 254
Strawberry Jam440 gRs. 304
Apple Jelly440 gRs. 165
Diet Apple Jam370 gRs. 175
Mixed Fruit Jam440 gRs. 254
Orange Marmalade440 gRs. 254


Chaat Masala50 gRs. 60
Chaat Masala100 gRs. 100
Channa Chaat Masala50 gRs. 60

Promotional Bundles

BundlesItems IncludedPrice
Achari FeastAchar Gosht 86 gRs. 493
Crushed Pickle 390 g
Chatkhara BundleCrushed Pickle 390 gRs. 805
Tomato Ketchup 950 g
Tikka Masala 80 g
Dawat-e-EidShami Kabab 45 gRs. 800
Bombay Biryani 70 g
Quorma Masala 43 g
Tomato Ketchup Squeezy 800 g
Vanilla Custard 300 g
Mango Crystal Jelly 80 g
Dawat-e-HaleemQuick Cook Haleem 338 gRs. 290
Chaat Masala 100 g
Everyday EssentialsChilli Powder 200 gRs. 705
Coriander Powder 200 g
Turmeric Powder 100 g
Ginger Powder 50 g
Garlic Powder 50 g
Kebab FavoritesKofta Masala 43 gRs. 270
Seekh Kabab 46 g
Shami Kabab 45 g
Ketchup ComboTomato Ketchup 950 gRs. 583
Chilli Garlic Sauce 950 g
King of BBQTikka Masala 40 gRs. 471
Seekh Kabab 46 g
Tomato Ketchup 950 g
Mango DelightMango Custard 300 gRs. 384
Mango Jam 200 g
Mango Crystal Jelly 80 g
Mighty Chicken BundleTikka Masala 40 gRs. 330
Broast Masala 97 g
Chicken Tandoori Masala 40 g
Chaat Masala 50 g
Pulao EssentialsShami Kabab 45 gRs. 180
Yakhni Pulao 70 g
Queen of BBQTikka Boti 44 gRs. 471
Chicken Tandoori Masala 40 g
Chilli Garlic Sauce 950 g
Rice Best SellersBombay Biryani 70 gRs. 270
Yakhni Pulao 70 g
Sindhi Biryani 45 g
Rozana BundleMazedaar Daal 46 gRs. 100
Chatkharaydaar Sabzi 46 g
Saucy EssentialsChilli Garlic Sauce 475 gRs. 631
Garlic Mayo 500 g
Shahi Gravy BundleDelhi Nihari 56 gRs. 270
Quorma Masala 43 g
Karahi Gosht 47 g
Strawberry DelightStrawberry Custard 300 gRs. 754
Strawberry Jelly 80 g
Strawberry Chunky Jam 385 g
Summer BBQ PartyShami Kabab 45 gRs. 1018
Seekh Kabab 46 g
Chicken Tandoori Masala 40 g
Garlic Mayo 500 g
Tomato Ketchup 950 g
The Chinese TrioWhite Vinegar 300 mlRs. 371
Chilli Sauce 300 ml
Chinese Soy Sauce 300 ml
BBQ CentralSeekh Kabab 46 gRs. 440
Tikka Masala 40 g
Tomato Ketchup 950 g
Daal aur AcharCrushed Pickle 390 gRs. 393
Mazedaar Daal 46 g
Everyday SpicesTurmeric Powder 100 gRs. 360
Cumin Seeds 50 g
Coriander Powder 100 g
Chilli Powder 100 g
Saucy ChatkharaydaarCrushed Pickle 750 gRs. 852
Tomato Ketchup 950 g
Sweet Magical TreatsVanilla Custard 300 gRs. 423
Strawberry Custard 300 g
Strawberry Jelly 80 g
Banana Jelly 80 g
The Kitchen CabinetCoriander Powder 100 gRs. 775
Cumin Seed Powder 50 g
Turmeric Powder 50 g
Kasuri Methi 25 g
Garam Masala 50 g
Black Pepper Powder 50 g
Chaat Masala 50 g
Mazedaar Daal 46 g
Chilli Powder 50 g
Achar Gosht BundleAchar Gosht 43 g (4 Packs)Rs. 360
Bombay Biryani BundleBombay Biryani 110 g (2 Packs)Rs. 340
Karahi Gosht BundleKarahi Gosht 47 g (4 Packs)Rs. 360
Yakhni Pulao BundleYakhni Pulao 70 g (2 Packs)Rs. 180
Quorma BundleQuorma Masala 86 g (2 Packs)Rs. 340
Squeezy Trio BundleTomato Ketchup Squeezy 400 gRs. 807
Chilli Garlic Sauce Squeezy 400 g
Classic Mayo Squeezy 350 g
Achari Biryani BundleCrushed Pickle 750 gRs. 742
Bombay Biryani 140 g
Dawat EssentialsQuorma Masala 43 gRs. 932
Bombay Biryani 70 g
Karahi Gosht 47 g
Achar Gosht 43 g
Crushed Pickle 750 g
Kheer & VermicelliKheer Mix 155 gRs. 185
Vermicelli 140 g
Tangy & Saucy ComboCrushed Pickle 750 gRs. 1023
Tomato Ketchup Squeezy 800 g
The Spice AffairCrushed Pickle 750 gRs. 1023
Chilli Garlic Sauce Squeezy 800 g
Achari BBQ BundleCrushed Pickle 750 gRs. 752
Tikka Masala 40 g
Seekh Kabab 46 g
The Family FavoritesQuorma Masala 43 gRs. 651
Karahi Gosht 47 g
Achar Gosht 43 g
Mixed Pickle 400 g
Kasuri Methi 25 g
Bombay Biryani 70 g
Trifle MixVanilla Custard 300 gRs. 211
Mixed Fruit Jelly 80 g

Local Locations of National Foods

National Foods products are available in most grocery stores in Pakistan. There are four main industrial locations:

FactoryAddressContact Number
Site Factory UnitF-160/C, F-133, S.I.T.E., Karachi021-3257-7707 – 10
Bin Qasim Industrial UnitA-13, North Western Industrial Zone, Bin Qasim, Karachi021-3475-0373 – 7
Gujranwala Plant53-KM G.T. Road, Chainwala Mord Amanabad, Gujranwala near Gujranwala Kamoki Tool Plaza055-3409560, 055-3409660
Nooriabad PlantA 393 Nooriabad Industrial Estate, Nooriabad, Karachi0300-0335287

International Locations of National Foods

You can find National Foods items in most international grocery stores specializing in Asian products. The company has the following offices in the UAE, Canada, and the UK:

SubsidiariesCountryAddressContact Number
National Foods DMCCUAEOffice No. 24-19, 24th Floor, Reef Tower, Cluster ‘O’, JLT, Dubai, UAE+971-44487111
National Epicure Inc.Canada193 Maxome Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2M 3L1
National Foods (UK) Ltd.UK2nd Floor, 27 Gloucester Place, London. W1U 8HU
A1 Cash & CarryCanada6400 Kennedy Road Mississauga ON, L5T 2Z5905-676-9950

National Foods Products Online Delivery

National Foods offers online delivery, so getting your favorite food items is easier. Pakistani consumers can visit Here, you can find products of your choice and order them online. Foodpanda, Naheed Supermarket, Daraz, and other online stores offer National Foods online delivery. Additionally, people outside Pakistan can visit National Foods Global E-Store, You can order products and get them delivered to your location through this website.

Contact Details


Email: [email protected]            

Email (Investor Feedback): [email protected]

Address (Corporate Office): 12/CL-6, Claremont Road, Civil Lines, Karachi, Pakistan

Contact Number (Corporate Office): +92 21 35662687, +92 21 35670540, +92 21 35670585     

Customer Feedback: 111 111 635

For Customers Outside Pakistan: +92 21 111 111 635   

Social Plugins

Facebook: @nationalfoodspakistan, @nationalfoodsglobal

Twitter: @NationalFoodLtd

Instagram: @nationalfoodspakistan , @nationalfoodsglobal

LinkedIn: National Foods Limited   

National Foods Jobs – Careers at National Foods

National Foods offers a variety of career opportunities for motivated individuals. They are always looking for talented and ambitious people to join their team. National Foods could be the right place for you if you are passionate about food. It is perfect for someone who wants to work in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Jobs are available in marketing, sales, product development, finance, human resource, and logistics. To find employment in National Foods, visit their Career Opportunities Portal. There you will find all the open vacancies. Look for a vacant position matching your qualifications and experience. If you find one, apply for it and wait for a call.


Is National Foods a multinational company?

Yes, National Foods Limited is a multinational company. It has a strong presence in 40 countries across five continents. National Foods has subsidiaries in UAE (National Foods DMCC), UK (National Foods (UK) Ltd.), and Canada (National Epicure Inc.).

Who is the founder of National Foods?

Waqar Hasan and Abdul Majeed founded National Foods Limited in 1970. Its headquarter is in Karachi, Pakistan. National Foods currently operates three factories. One is in Gujranwala, the second in Nooriabad, and the third in Karachi.


National Foods is one of the leading Pakistani multinational food companies. Millions of people consume its products every day. National Foods products list includes a variety of products. This includes recipe mixes, condiments, sauces, pickles, desserts, and jams. All its products are of excellent quality. Therefore, it is a trusted and preferred brand for many consumers. Also, the prices are very reasonable so everybody can afford their products. National Foods is a well-loved Pakistani brand that makes cooking easy and delicious.

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