Complete Coconut Grove Menu (June 2023)

This world is filled with diverse cuisine, but fortunately, you don’t have to travel around the world to experience the diversity of food. A culinary heaven within the premises of Karachi “Coconut Grove”  is all equipped to bring the exquisiteness of different cuisines to your taste buds. From traditional BBQs to Thai red curry and dragon’s nest, this elegant restaurant has a variety of scrumptious bites to delight your mood. 

An alfresco dining, with an imperial ambiance and welcoming staff as well as cozy indoor dining; this is certainly the best eatery to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. More so, it resides in an easily accessible location of Tipu Sultan. So whether you want to encounter the ecstasy of different cuisines or to unravel the tradition with pure desi foods, the complete Coconut Grove menu has some explicitly irresistible options for food lovers.

 Let’s discover the luscious dishes of the Coconut Grove menu with prices, including its timings and contact information.

Coconut Grove Menu with Prices

From appetizers enticing your taste buds to a diverse main course, filled with flavors; the Coconut Grove menu in Karachi has every palatable reason for food enthusiasts. So without further ado, let’s jump into the tasteful heaven of Coconut Grove menu with prices.

Dish NamePrice per Item
Asian Fried Pops899
Butter Prawn 1300
Chicken Strips840
Chicken Drumsticks899
Chicken Cheese Balls890
Crab Rangoon1290
Cheese Naan500
Crispy Thai Chicken890
Dhaka Fish1190
Dynamite Prawns1250
Fish with Mango Salsa1150
Prawn Tempura1550
Salt and Pepper Calamari1050

Around the World

Dish NamePrice per item
All Spice Chicken1450
Chicken Skewers1450
Chicken Cashewnut1450
Chicken Chili Onion1450
Chicken with Mango Salsa1450
Dragons Nest1550
Mongolian Veal Ribs1850
Thai Coconut Chicken1450
Tom Yum Chicken1450
Thai Red Curry1450
Wok Charred Beef1550

Sea Food

Dish NamePrice per item
Chilli Garlic Prawns1550
Grilled Prawns1790
Lemon Fish1550
Prawn Chilli Onion1550
Snap Trap3200


Dish NamePrice per item
Beef Herb & Butter1850
Beef Pepper Steak1850
Beef Mushroom Steak1850
Chicken Moroccan1550
Chicken Tex Mex1550
Hawaiian Chicken1450
Mexican Fire Chicken1550
Thai Beef Steak1850
Tarragon Chicken1550

Burgers & Sandwiches

Dish NamePrice per item
Chicken Jalapeno Burger995
Fire Alarm Beef Burger1075
Oh My Crunch895
Old School Club Sandwich1050
Roasted Beef Sandwich1170
Smoky Cheese Burger1075
Texas Burger1350


Dish NamePrice per item
Chicken Reshmi Handi1850
Chicken Malai Handi1850
Chicken Shahi Handi1850
Chicken Achari1850
Chicken BBQ Handi1850
Chicken Peshawari Karahi1590
Daal Makhni875
Mutton Peshawari Karahi1950
Mutton Nawabi handi2400
Mutton Katakat1500
Mutton Brain Masala1500
Prawn Masala1600


Dish NamePrice per item
Chicken Malai Boti970
Chicken Tandoori Boti970
Chicken Kofta Kebab920
Chicken Turkish Kebab920
Chicken Reshmi Boti920
Chicken Bihari Boti920
Special Chicken Leg970
Mutton Chop1750
Mutton Sizzling Kebab1290
Mutton Ribs3300
Mutton Dasti3550
Beef Hunzai Kabab1000
Beef Seekh Kabab1000
Beef Bihari Boti1025
Beef Fry Kabab1025
Beef Afghani Boti1150

Barbecue Platter

Beef Hunzai Kabab

              8000 (serving 4-5 persons)
Chicken Kofta Kebab
CG Tangri Tikka
Chicken Turkish Kebab
Jumbo Prawn
Kabli pulao with Afghani Boti


Naan TypePrice
Garlic Naan95
Kalongi Naan110
Kandhari Naan120
Puri Paratha100
Plain Naan55
Roghni Naan95
Whole Wheat70

Pasta & Noodles

Dish NamePrice
Beef Thai Noodles1050
Chicken Thai Noodles1075
Chicken Chow Mein950
Penne Arrabiata1075
Spicy Fettuccine1075
Spaghetti Bolognese1050


Club Soda260
Green Tea195
Ginger Ale440
Mineral Water (small)100
Mineral Water (large)135
Red Bull490
Soft Drink150
Tea 250


Boba Blast Blueberry595
Boba Blast Passion Fruit595
Boba Strawberry595
Blue Adam460
Chilli Lemonade460
Coconut Cooler460
Couple Time (serving 2)850
Floating Popsicle540
Hibiscus Daiquiri460
Mint Lemonade420
Passion Fruit Daiquiri460
Peach Ice Tea460
Strawberry Daiquiri460

Fresh Juices

Apple 460


Chicken Thai Soup410
Chicken Corn Soup410
Cream of Chicken410
Eight Treasure Soup395
Mandarin Hot & Sour410


Arabic Maze Platter1190
Caesar Salad949
Californian Salad949
Greek Salad949
Mango Salad949


Fresh Salad250

Coconut Grove Amenities

Besides an extravagant Coconut Grove menu card, they have high-end amenities that suit people from any age group. The place is hygienic as well as staff is quick, organized and welcoming. 

Every item on the Coconut Grove menu is prepared by the qualified chefs and are served with remarkable elegance and class.

The restaurant is aesthetically pleasing, providing you with a royal encounter of lavish menu and top-class services. Here is a glimpse of some of the great amenities of coconut Grove menu.

  • Offer Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Offer Kid-friendly meal
  • Accepts reservations
  • Offer great outdoor dining 
  • Provide valet parking, music, heaters, etc.
  • Best for groups and families
  • Offer event celebrations with paid decor  

Coconut Grove Service Options

Either sit in the cozy ambiance and enjoy the flavorful Coconut Grove menu or get the most fun out of imperial and friendly outdoor dining while enjoying some cool waves. If your don’t feel like dine-in, pick any dish of your choice and eat at your own comfort.

  • Indoor dining
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Takeaway

Coconut Grove Address

Plot #36, Block 7/8, Modern Cooperative Housing Society, Main Tipu Sultan Rd, Karachi

Coconut Grove Contact Information

You can  inquire about Coconut Grove menu or book your reservation using this number;

Phone number: 0305 7774444

Coconut Groove Social Media Accounts



Coconut Grove Timing

  • Monday to Saturday 12:30 PM & onwards.
  • Sunday – 6 pm onwards

Take Away

Coconut Grove is a favorite destination of food lovers in Karachi. The hotel specializes in Pakistani, BBQ, and continental fare. No matter your age, you can find plenty of palatable options on the Coconut Grove menu card. This relatively new eatery in Karachi has imperial aura, airy outdoor dining, tranquil ambiance, a diverse menu, affordable Coconut Grove menu prices, and friendly staff. 

If you want to spend quality time with your friends or family in a peaceful setting, Coconut Grove is an ideal spot. Both indoor and outdoor dining are delightful to experience but we recommend dining out in a pleasing ambiance and spending some blissful moments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many branches of Coconut Grove are there?

Coconut Grove currently has just one branch that is located on main Tipu Sultan road in Karachi. That said, we can expect the sprawl of this amazing eatery in other areas of Karachi.

Can we order food from Coconut Grove through food panda?

Unluckily, Coconut Grove does not currently offer any online delivery option. So you won’t find it on food pandas. However, you can pick up your favorite food from the Coconut Grove menu. 

Do we have to make a reservation before visiting the place?

It is not compulsory to book a reservation, but Coconut Grove does accept reservations. Call at 0305 7774444 to make a reservation so you can’t miss the imperial ambiance of this place.

Does Coconut Groove serve only Pakistani food?

No, the restaurant is known for offering food from a variety of cuisines; including Pakistani, Asian, Italian, Chinese and many more. 

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