Complete Tehzeeb Bakers Menu & Price List (June 2023)

Tehzeeb Menu

If you live in twin cities you must have visited Tehzeeb bakers outlet. It’s not just a bakery but a legacy of 75 years that gives its customers an exceptional experience. All of their outlets are fully maintained and functional with fresh products coming in every day. Tehzeeb’s menu offers a variety of products. Their huge bakery has multiple corners serving specialties that include cakes, pastries and desserts, snack and salad bar, Tehzeeb pizza station and so much more.

All of their products are of high quality and standard which is difficult to find anywhere else these days. There was a big controversy going on between Rahat and Tehzeeb bakers, leaving the customers in confusion. They couldn’t tell which one is the original bakery started decades ago. However, Tehzeeb got its clientele back with dedication, consistency, and quality products.

Roaming Pakistan has compiled all the products you would find in Tehzeeb stores with their updated prices. So check them out and visit now or order at Grade One Mart. The bakery is following SOPs strictly so make sure you do while entering. In this article, we provide the Tehzeeb bakers menu with updated prices. The Tehzeeb baker’s price list includes Tehzeeb cakes, various cookies, bread And buns, sandwiches, Tehzeeb baker’s pizza price list, and much more.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

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Tehzeeb Cakes

Tehzeeb Cakes
Tehzeeb Cakes menu
Almond Brownie Cake – 1 Pound1,085
Almond Dry Cake – 1 Pound970
Almond Macaroon Cake – 1 Pound1,010
Apple Dry Cake – 2 Pound2,020
Black Forest Cake – 1 Pound980
Black Forest Cake – 2 Pound1,960
Black Forest Cake – 3 Pound2,940
Black Gold Cake – 2 Pound3,060
Brownie Chocolate Cake – 1 Pound995
Caramel Crunch Mousse Cake – 3 Pound3,020
Cheese Cake- 1 Pound970
Chocolate Cheese Cake – 2 Pound1,940
Chocolate Chip Cake – 2 Pound1,990
Chocolate Fudge Cake – 1 Pound995
Chocolate Hard Icing Cake – 1 Pound1990
Chocolate Hard Icing Cake – 2 Pound1,990
Chocolate Mousse Cake – 2 Pound1,890
Chocolate Mud Cake – 3 Pound3,060
Coconut Macaroon Cake – 1 Pound1,010
Coffee Fudge Cake – 1 Pound995
Coffee Mousse Cake – 2 Pound1,200
Crystal Mix Fruit Cake – 1 Pound930
Dark Chocolate Cake – 1 Pound995
Death by Chocolate Cake- 2 Pound2,230
Diplomat Chocolate Cake – 1 Pound1,010
Double Chocolate Cake – 1 Pound1,250
Double Chocolate Cake – 2 Pound2,500
Dream Chocolate Mousse Cake – 3 Pound3,020
Fruit Cocktail Cake – 2 Pound2070
Honey Almond Cake – 2 Pound2,160
Java Mousse Cake – 2 Pound2,100
Kitkat Cake- 2 Pound2,195
Lemon Bake Cake – 2 Pound2,160
Lemon Tart Cake – 1 Pound995
Mocca Mousse Cake – 3 Pound2,725
New York Cheese Cake – 2 Pound3,060
Nutella Chocolate Cake – 2 Pound1,540
Orange Marmalade Cake – 1 Pound880
Oreo Fresh Cream Cake – 2 Pound2,090
Peach Cherry Cake- 1 Pound1,020
Pecan Caramel Cake – 1 Pound1,195
Pineapple Cake – 1 Pound980
Pineapple Cherry Cake – 2 Pound1,960
Pineapple Dry Cake – 1 Pound915
Red Velvet Cake – 2 Pound2,090
Roasted Almond Cake – 2 Pound2,160
Special Chocolate Cake – 1 Pound815
Strawberry Icing Cake – 1 Pound995
Strawberry Icing Cake – 2 Pound1,730
Strawberry Icing Cake – 3 Pound2,545
Vanilla Chocolate Fudge Cake – 1 Pound915
Vanilla Hard Icing Cake – 2 Pound1,990
Vanilla Wafer Cake – 1 Pound915
Vanilla Wafer Cake – 2 Pound1,780
Walnut Brownie Cake – 1 Pound2,280
Walnut Honey Cake – 1 Pound1,085
Tehzeeb Cakes

Tehzeeb Pastries

Tehzeeb bakers menu
Photo by Tehzeeb Bakers on Facebook
Almond Tart Pastry155
Banana Cake- 305 gm445
Black Currant Cupcake150
Black Forest pastry150
Blueberry Mousse- Each175
Brownies- 1 Piece170
Caramel Crunch Cupcake150
Carrot Cake- 325 gm545
Cheese Pastry150
Chocolate Cheese Pastry150
Chocolate Cherry Pastry150
Chocolate Chip Pastry150
Chocolate Chip Syrup150
Chocolate Cream Roll150
Chocolate Crispy Pastry435
Chocolate Cupcake150
Chocolate Éclair- 1 Piece155
Chocolate Fruit Tart150
Chocolate Icing Pastry150
Chocolate Mousse Pastry205
Chocolate Mousse- Each175
Cream Roll- Each155
Honey Almond Cupcake140
Honey Almond Pastry140
Lemon Roll Pastry140
Lemon Tart140
Mud Chocolate Pastry435
Oreo Pastry140
Pastries (All) One Bite- Pack of 12870
Pineapple Pastry140
Red Velvet Pastry435
Strawberry Icing Pastry140
Vanilla Chocolate Pastry140
Vanilla Icing Pastry140
Vanilla Mocca Bar Pastry140
Walnut Fudge Pastry140

Tehzeeb Pastries.

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Snacks Corner

Chicken Cheese Samosa- 1 Piece90
Chicken Chinese Pastry- 1 Piece180
Chicken Crust Roll- 1 Piece185
Chicken Kachori- 1 Piece130
Chicken Mushroom Roll- 1 Piece180
Chicken Naan- 1 Piece220
Chicken Patties – 1 Piece120
Chicken Pie- 1 Piece195
Chicken Pizza Garlic- 1 Piece475
Chicken Pizza Small- 1 Piece170
Chicken Roll- 1 Piece170
Chicken Samosa- 1 Piece80
Chicken Spicy Pizza- 1 Piece505
Drum Stick- 1 Piece185
Grill/Steam Roast- 1 Piece925
Kabab Stick- 1 Piece170
Plain Naan- 1 Piece75
Shami Kabab- 1 Piece125
Shashlik Stick- 1 Piece260
Thai Stick- 1 Piece170
Vegetable Roll- 1 Piece120
Vegetable Samosa- 1 Piece70

Snacks Corner

Variety Of Cookies

Almond Biscotti- 500 gm810
Almond Ladoo – 1 Kg1465
Almond Macaroon- 400 gm650
Black Currant Biscuit – 1 kg1465
Chocolate Check Cookies – 1 Kg1465
Chocolate Chip Cookies – 1 kg1465
Chocolate Walnut Biscuits – 1 Kg1620
Coconut Cookies – 1 Kg1725
Coconut Cookies- 200 gm385
Cranberry with Chocolate Cookie- 500 gm920
Fruit Punch Biscuits – 1 Kg1465
Ginger Biscuit – 1 Kg1465
Jam Biscuits – 1 Kg1465
Oatlay Biscuits- 500 gm810
Old English Biscuits- 1 Kg1465
Rich Plum (500g)875
Royal Biscuit Collection- 1 Kg1,395
Sugar-Free Biscuits – 1 Kg1,465
Walnut Chocolate Biscotti- 500 gm810

Variety Of Cookies

Burger Menu by Tehzeeb

Chicken Cheese Burger395
Chicken Grilled Burger415
Spicy Burger415

Burger Menu by Tehzeeb

Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Sandwich370
Club Sandwich395
Grilled Panini Sandwich470
Vegetable Cream Sandwich- Each430

Sandwiches Menu

Bread And Buns

Burger Bun- Pack of 4250
Butter Bun – Pack of 4300
Croissant – Pack of 4 (Big)650
Croissant- Pack of 6 (Small)330
Dinner Roll (Flat)- 1 Piece100
Dinner Roll (Round)- 1 Piece100
Fruit Bun – Pack of 4300
Mini Bun- Pack of 6300
Plain Bun-Pack of 4250

Breads And Buns

Tehzeeb Special Donuts

Chocolate Coconut Donut140
Chocolate Marble Donut140
Chocolate Sprinkle Donut140
Coconut Donut140
Coconut Jam Donut140
Nutella Donut140
Oreo Donut140
Plain Donut140
Strawberry Icing Donut140
Sugar Icing Donut140
Vanilla Icing Donut140
Vanilla Marble Donut140
Walnut Donut140
White Smiley Donut140
Yellow Smiley Donut140

Tehzeeb Special Donuts

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Tehzeeb Bakers Pizza Price List 2023

Tehzeeb Pizza Menu
Photo by Tehzeeb Bakers on Facebook
Beef Pepperoni Pizza1,195-2,640
Beef Salami Pizza1,195-2,640
Cheese and Tomato Pizza1130-2475
Chicken Bar B-Q Pizza1,195-2,640
Chicken Chapli Pizza1,195-2,640
Four Square Pizza1130-2475
Grilled Chicken Pizza1130-2475
Mortadella Pizza1,195-2,640
Sausage Pizza1130-2475
Smoked Chicken Pizza1,195-2,640
Sriracha Pizza1,195-2,640
Hawaiian Pizza1,195-2,640
Veggie Pizza1130-2475

Tehzeeb Pizza Menu

What does Tehzeeb Bakers offer?

Tezeeb bakers is a legacy of 75 years offering bakery items, cakes, pizzas, and many other things. The bakery has owned its reputation by consistency in quality products and decades of experience. The bakery was owned by two brothers previously and was known as Rahat Bakey. Later two brothers got separated but Tehzeeb gained the maximum market share, hence the most famous bakery in twin cities.

Are Tehzeeb Bakers and Rahat Bakers same?

No, they are two separated bakeries owned by the sons of Chaudhary Hakeemuddin who started the legacy of bakery items back in Shimla before the partition. Later after partition, they had Shimla Bakery in Rawalpindi. Passing it on generations, the two sons owned Rahat Bakery but then got separated on business terms. Tehzeeb Bakers and Rahat Bakers are owned by these two brothers.

Does Tehzeeb deliver?

Tehzeeb Bakers itself doesn’t have a delivery system or online order system. However, there are other websites where you can place an order for Tehzeeb and many other food chains. Then there are delivery apps like FoodPanda and Cheetay that provides delivery facility to nearby residents.

Where are Tehzeeb Bakers located?

Tehzeeb bakers have multiple branches in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Tehzeeb  menu offers a huge variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, and many bakery items. Each outlet has a snack corner, a Pizza station, a salad bar, and much more. They have a line of sauces as well by the name of Kanas. Other than that, you can get a range of buns and bread, frozen parathas and much more.

Tehzeeb Locations In Twin Cities

BranchAddressContact Number
Tehzeeb Bakers RawalpindiFood Street، Haider Rd, Rawalpindi, 46000(051) 5564373
Tehzeeb Bakers RawalpindiChib Plaza، Chaklala Scheme 3 Chaklala Housing Scheme 3, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46600(051) 5766272
Tehzeeb Bakers RawalpindiD-682-83 Altaf plaza Fifth Road، Commercial Market Rd, Block D Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab(051) 4417585
Tehzeeb Bakers IslamabadBlock A, Street No A1،، Main PWD Rd, Block A Police Foundation, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab(051) 5170714
Tehzeeb Bakers IslamabadG-11 Markaz] Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory(051) 8316872
Tehzeeb Bakers IslamabadAl-Malik Complex، 81 Jinnah Ave, G 7/3 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory(051) 2802192
Tehzeeb Bakers IslamabadSalman Market, Street 20, F-11/2 Islamabad Capital Territory(051) 2100901
Tehzeeb Bakers IslamabadNear Bahria Town, Grand Trunk Rd, Phase 7 gate, Rawalpindi(051) 4917038

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