What To Eat

Complete Xanders Menu & Xanders Price List (Jan 2023)
Are you looking to elevate your taste buds by eating everyday food with an exquisite twist? Xander's is the place for you! People are drawn to it because it has a beautiful ambience and finger-licking dishes. The Xanders menu offers a wide selection of food. You're...
Tahir Khan Restaurant Menu And T.K.R Price List (Jan 2023)
The subcontinent is home to a wide variety of delectable foods and cuisines. The recipes for these dinners have been passed down through generations of chefs. Do you want to eat the best Pakistani and Afghan dishes in a beautiful setting? Then Tahir Khan Restaurant...
Khalifa Bakers Menu and Khalifa Bakers Price List (Jan 2023)
Are you the ultimate sweet lover but can't figure out which bakery serves the sweetest bites? If so, then you have landed on the right guide! Khalifa Bakers is the sweetest option that you'll ever find in Lahore. It is well known for making magical biscuits that melt...
Daily Deli Menu & Daily Deli Price List (January 2023)

Daily Deli Menu & Daily Deli Price List (January 2023)

Are you looking for something different from the typical fast food experience? Do you want to have professionally prepared meals made with the best ingredients? Then look no further than Daily Deli. It is a fast-food restaurant that is much popular in Lahore and...

Best Ice Cream in Karachi

Best Ice Cream in Karachi

Karachi has a beautiful variety of foods, and ice creams are no exception. What makes Karachi's ice creams different from any other place you have visited? The answer to this question lies in famous local shawarma, biryani recipes and many more. The city of Karachi is...

Stone Ove Menu & Stone Ove Price List (January 2023)

Stone Ove Menu & Stone Ove Price List (January 2023)

Are you looking for a restaurant that serves high-quality, tasty pizza? Then you have to try Stone Ove. The Stone Ove menu includes a wide variety of pizzas, appetizers, and other things you will enjoy. You can find your preferred product at very reasonable prices....


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