Jinnah Park Rawalpindi-Best Things to do (2022)

Image of Jinnah Park Rawalpindi from Google

If you are seeking respite from the hurly-burly of everyday life and a scenic spot for activities and outdoor picnics, then Jinnah Park is the answer. Jinnah Park is one of the most picturesque amusement parks in Rawalpindi with widespread grass areas, plentiful seating, and extensive tree-lined paths made of marble and tiles. It is … Read more

Khanpur Dam: A Complete Guide for a Short Visit

Are you looking for a complete guide for a short visit to Khanpur Dam? Worry not, because we will provide you with answers to all of your queries here. From location to recreational activities, we will explain everything to you. Khanpur Dam tour is among the best one-day trips from Islamabad that you can opt for. It … Read more

Best Honeymoon Places in Pakistan: Top 7 picks

Pakistan, a South-Asian country, is known for its rich culture and picturesque tourist locations. The country is famous for lush green valleys, pleasant lakes, and mountain ranges, which sound perfect for a honeymoon destination, right? If you have already visited places in Abbottabad and are now looking for the best honeymoon places in Pakistan, this article is … Read more

10 Famous Places To Visit In Murree (2021)

View of Mall Road Murree

Murree is one of the most visiting places in Pakistan. The mere sight of Murree’s clouds hugging the mountains covered with layers of greenery fills the heart with happiness. Indeed, these picturesque sites enhance in the winter when regular snowfalls and cover Murree’s mountains. This beautiful valley is the ultimate winter wonderland, a mere 40-minute … Read more

Traveling From Islamabad To Lahore – A Complete Guide

Different modes of transportation in Pakistan are very extensive serving a population of 212.2 million people. With changing governments, highways and motorways get introduced regularly since they are a sure vote attracter. After every a few years, we see an extension in the highway system. [adinserter block=”1″] The roads are of top quality and built … Read more

The Best Tracks To Go Hiking In Islamabad

Margalla Hills surround Islamabad from two sides as a continuation of The Himalayan Range. There are many trails for hiking in Islamabad. Some are hidden in these mountains which were discovered long ago and some of them have been introduced to the public recently. The Capital Development Authority and Forestry Department have been working hard … Read more

The Best One Day Trips From Islamabad!

After exploring Islamabad and its fascinating tourist destinations, it’s time to discover more about what’s around this capital city. There many places that you can visit within a radius of 200 kilometers. This is why most of the places are ideal for short or one-day plans. [adinserter block=”1″] From hilly areas to historic sites, from … Read more

Attractions of Naran Kaghan – All you need to know!

Naran and Kaghan are the two beautiful towns located near the district of Mansehra in KPK. The Naran Kaghan valley is almost 240 kilometres away from Islamabad. The valley is enveloped with a belt of the Himalayan Mountain Range and the Kunhar river is flowing alongside. The crystal clear blue water goes further into lakes … Read more