Cakes and Bakes Bakery Price List (March 2023)

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Cakes and Bakes started out with one purpose in mind: to provide the best goods possible. High-end bakery products are provided to clients by Cakes & Bakes. Cakes & bakes is a renowned bakery that offers a variety of different products which meet regional and global quality and safety criteria. Cakes and bakes is famous owing to its wonderful taste, captivating goods, affordable bakery price list, and excellent customer service. Over the years, Cakes & Bakes bakery items, signature cakes, and mithai have won an irreplaceable place in people’s hearts. Their freshly debuted Fresh pizzas, sundaes, cupcakes, and slushes are too good to resist.

Get More About Best Bakery Products

Cakes and Bakes is mastering numerous innovative products and serving every home, and every family with a diverse choice of products for everyone. Which includes breakfast to mid-morning snacks. Frozen ready-to-eat meals, dairy products, cakes to desserts and munching items. It is one of the best places to go for delectable cakes, birthday cakes, and many other special occasions. You won’t be let down by anything, and you’ll want to place further orders because of the taste, decorations, packing, delivery, and other factors.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 07th March 2023.

Cakes And Bakes Bakery Price List

cakes and bakes price list Cakes and Bakes price list is moderate and complements the bakery offerings. In fact, you will not have more scrumptious cakes than these at such reasonable prices and with such a lip-smacking taste anywhere else.

Signature Cakes With Unique Taste

signature cakes

Menu Price (PKR)
Krispo Wings
6 pieces
Krispo Chicken Piece 1/8
Krispo Broast Full
8 pieces
Krispo Broast Half
4 pieces
French Fries


Cakes And Bakes: Sundae


Menu Price (PKR)
Chicken Roast
One Roasted Chicken Served With Ketchup & Fresh Lemons
Chicken Roast (Half)
Half Roasted Chicken Served With Ketchup & Fresh Lemon
Chicken Piece
Chicken Piece Steam Cooked 1/8 Part

Cup Cakes Filled With Cream

cup cakes

Menu Price (PKR)
Two Scoop
Three Scoop
Tutti Frutti200
Tutti Frutti
3 Scoops With Toppings
Today Special
With Fruit Cocktail, Jelly, Sauces, Nuts & Waffer Stick
Almond Qulfa
One Litre
Mixed Flavour
One Litre
Mixed Flavour
Half Litre

Cakes And Bakes: Pastries


Menu Price (PKR)
Mineral Water 1500 ml
Soft Drink 1500 ml
Soft Drink Cans
Soft Drink 500 ml
Mineral Water 500 ml
Milk Coffee With Cream
Milk Coffee Without Cream


Delicious Mithai 

cakes and bakes mithai

Menu Price (PKR)
Kheer Single85
Kheer Box225

Fresh Pizza Deals

 fresh pizza

Menu Items IncludePrice (PKR)
My Deal1 Savour Krispo, 1 Chicken Piece, 1 French Fries, 1 Drink695
Hot Deal2 Savour Krispo, 2 Chicken Piece, 2 French Fries, 2 Drink1345
Small Deal1 Savour Krispo, 1 French Fries, 1 Drink500
Krispy Deal1 Chicken Burger, 1 Wing Set, 1 Dinner Roll, 1 French Fries & 2 Drinks815
Wings Family Basket
36 pieces1265


Cakes And Bakes Bakery Location In Lahore

The Cakes and Bakes bakery has branches all across Lahore. In Lahore, Cakes and Bakes have about 50 locations. It is one of the top bakeries in Lahore, and many visit it on a regular basis. The following is a list of Cakes and Bakes locations in Lahore, along with their addresses and coordinates. 905 Canal Bank Road, Opp Bahria Town, Lahore Zarar Shaheed Road Block B, Near Hamza CNG Station.

Menu Price (PKR)
Shami Kabab35
French Fries140

Further Locations of Cakes And Bakes In Lahore

Menu Price (PKR)

Who Is The Owner Of Cakes And Bakes?

Cakes and bakes has an amazing revolutionary story, dating back to 1954. At that time, it was only located in Gulberg Lahore and was named as Ajmair Confectioners. Soon after Mr. Riaz Ul hassan, the current chief Executive took over the operations, he granted a new vision and transformed it from a conventional bakery to an expanding bakery chain, Cakes and bakes.

Cakes And Bakes Bakery Online Order

Through their website, Facebook page, or Instagram account, you may place direct orders for bakery goods. Aside from that, you may call them on the phone or take your purchases away. However, in order to place an order online using our website, you must first register an account using your Gmail account. After that, the whole menu appears for you to choose from, and you can then complete your order. It’s really as simple as it seems! Additionally, if you have any queries regarding your order, our team is there to guide you; you can simply DM on Facebook and Instagram!

Cakes And Bakes Lahore Delivery

You can order Cakes and Bakes Baked goods, pastries, brownies, or desserts, mithai, pizza ,sandwiches, wraps through their social media plugins, or website. They deliver your goods at your doorsteps. However, you can also order from food panda, or pick up your order by yourself.

What Is Cakes And Bakes?

PLACING ORDER AND DELIVERY How do I place an order? Click on order now, select categories, and chose your favorite products. Click on Shop now or scroll for more products. To add more products, click on continue shopping and once you have selected all the products click on checkout. Select delivery options & enter billing and shipping address. Select Payment method and click on “Place Your Order”.

What Are The Delivery Charges?

Delivery charges are applicable on orders below the minimum order value. You may proceed to checkout for delivery charges details. How long will my order take to arrive? Upon submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation call. Once your order details are verified your order sets delivered in approximately 50-60 minutes. Delivery times may vary due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.

How To Pay Online?

You can pay online using your credit or debit card by selecting “Pay Online”. You will be redirected to our third-party website (by the bank) for a secure payment process. Please note: Once the payment is processed successfully, kindly wait for the order success page.

Complaints And Refunds

What is return & exchange policy? Cakes & Bakes cares for your Health & Safety: We follow the industry’s best practices at our manufacturing units, kitchens, and outlets by following a continuous hygiene & food safety procedure. If the product does not fully satisfy your expectations, we can exchange it under the following terms and conditions: Mishandled products might not be exchanged. Exchange will be accepted for same-day purchase. Exchange will not be catered without proof of purchase, always bring your invoice. Always check your product before leaving the counter.


Cakes and Bakes Bakery is one of the best bakeries in Lahore. We recommend you to order their finest quality goods. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our esteemed customers by offering high-quality goods and services at competitive prices through a skilled and trained workforce, the use of standardized procedures, the deployment of cutting-edge facilities, and compliance with local and international standards. Layers Bakers are competitors of Cake and Bakes they also have delicious chocolates for you.








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