Butt Karahi Menu & Butt Karahi Price List (June 2023)

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Are you looking for quality desi cuisine? Then Butt Karahi is the right place for you. Everything on the Butt Karahi menu will satisfy your taste buds. This restaurant is perfect for those who enjoy desi spicy foods. Additionally, it is known for its excellent atmosphere. 

Butt Karahi has branches in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, four major Pakistani cities. Famous T.V. presenter Iqrar ul Hassan owns one of the Karachi branches. With diverse culinary options and facilities, Butt Karahi provides great patron service. The menu has a wide selection of side dishes, main courses, and appetizers. Additionally, Butt Karahi offers Karahi and Bar-B-Q to satisfy your palate.

Whether you want to order at home or dine in, Butt Karahi has the best dishes. The quality service and expert cooking ensure an experience your taste buds will remember!

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

Butt Karahi Menu

Butt karahi menu

Butt Karahi has a wide range of delicious dishes. This restaurant specializes in desi cuisine but also has Chinese dishes. Desi Chicken Karahi is the most popular and well-known item. Additionally, beef kabab, mutton karahi, and karahi tikka are all great options. You can explore these and many more in this list of menus and price lists.

Butt Karahi Menu Popular

Popular dishes
Chicken Karahi (Half Kg)900 
Special Desi Murgh Karahi (Half Kg)1800
Chicken Piece (Leg/Breast)400
Mutton Karahi (Half Kg)1800
Chicken Seekh Kabab (4 Pcs)950
Cheese Naan400

Butt Karahi Starters

Butt karahi menu: starter
Chicken Wings (6 Pcs – Spicy/Honey)400
French Fries (200 Grams)300
Chicken Drumstick (4 Pcs)800

Karahi Menu

butt Karachi menu
DishPrice (half kg)Price (1 kg)
Chicken Karahi9001600
Desi Murgh Karahi18003600
Mutton Karahi18003400
Special Chicken Karahi10001950
Special Desi Murgh Karahi19003750
Special Mutton Karahi (Half Desi Ghee/Butter)19003750

B.B.Q. Menu

Butt tikka
Beef Khoya Kabab (4 Pcs)890
Chicken Khoya Kabab (4 Pcs)900
Special Beef Tikka Undercut (12 Pcs)1200
Mutton Champs (6 Pcs)2000
Chicken Piece (Leg/ Breast)400
Chicken Green Kabab (4 Pcs)950
Mutton Kabab (4 Pcs)1500
Beef Kabab (4 Pcs)800
Chicken Kastoori Kabab (4 Pcs) (Cheese)1250
Chicken Seekh Kabab (4 Pcs)950
Chicken Boti (12 Pcs)1050
Chicken Malai Boti (10 Pcs)1200
Butt Special Mix Platter1700


DishPrice (Half)Price (Full)
Chicken Makhni9501800
Chicken Hyderabadi Handi9501750
Chicken Green Handi9501750
Chicken Achari Handi9501750
Chicken Madrasi Handi9501750
Chicken Boneless Handi9501750
Palak Paneer600
Butter Chicken1150

Pakistani Cuisine 

Pakistani Cuisine
Chicken Ginger (half kg)900
Mix Vegetable Makhni (half kg)500
Daal Mash Makhni (half kg)500
Chicken Jalfrezi (half kg)900
Chicken Green Ginger (half kg)900
Mutton Makhni (half kg)2000
Mutton Makhni (Full kg)3500

Butt Karahi Chinese Menu

Chinese cuisine
DishPrice (For 1 – 2 persons)
Chicken Manchurian750
Chicken Chow Mein830
Chicken Chilli Gravy850
Chicken Vegetable700
Chicken Shashlik with Rice1150


Chicken Biryani750
Plain Rice400
Vegetable Fried Rice550
Chicken Masala Biryani800
Chicken Fried Rice650
Egg Fried Rice

Takka Tak

Taka Tak
Mutton Qeema (Full)3620
Extra Butter250
Chicken Qeema1000
Chicken Boneless Tawa1000
Chicken Kabab Masala1150
Mutton Brain Masala1400
Mutton Gurda Kapoora (3 Gurda & 2 Kapoora)1450
Mutton Gurda (6 Pcs)1450
Mutton Champ Masala (4 Pcs)1650
Chicken Tawa Piece600

Butt Karahi Tandoor Menu

Tnadoor roti
Ginger Roti170
Khamiri Roti70
Badshahi Naan380
Qeema Naan550
Sada Roti (Per Head 4 Rotis)75
Cheese Naan400
Garlic Naan170
Kalwanji Naan170
Sada Naan70
Roghani Naan90
Achari Naan170
Special Tandoori Paratha With Desi Ghee230

Hareesa (Seasonal)

DishPrice (Half)Price (Full)
Hareesa Kashmir8501650


DishPrice (Single)Price (Full)
19 B Soup 3501000
Hot & Sour Soup270750
Chicken Corn Soup270700

Salad and Raita

Mint Raita190
Zeera Raita190
Plain Raita140
Kachumar Salad300
Fresh Salad220
Chicken Pineapple Salad550
Chicken Apple Salad550
Fruit Salad400
Russian Salad550
Butt Special Salad Platte750


DishPrice (half kg)Price (full kg)
Tawa Fish8001500
Grill Fish8001550


Grilled Chicken Sandwich580
Club Sandwich560
Chicken Cheese & Egg Sandwich650

Special Drinks

Special drink
Cold Coffee450
Strawberry Ice Cream Shake350
Choco Oreo Shake450
Lightening Shot275
Pina Colada450
Mint Margarita325
Kit Kat Chocolate450
Death By Chocolate450


Butt karahi menu: beverages
Mineral Water (Small)80
Butt Special Lassi (Glass)170
Mineral Water (Large)130
Butt Special Lassi (Jug)450


DishPrice (1 scoop)Price (2 scoops)
Tutti Fruiti150280

Butt Karahi Near Me

Butt Karahi has a range of restaurants in Pakistan’s largest cities. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of their branches. Furthermore, we have highlighted the most notable features of certain particular branches. Now you can enjoy Butt Karahi in comfort and with ease!

Butt Karahi Lahore

Butt karahi

Butt Karahi in Lahore offers genuine Pakistani cuisine that locals and visitors adore. The main branch is in Sector A of D.H.A. Phase 6 in Lahore opposite the U.E.T. Bus Stop on Bedian Road. Because the restaurant improved the seating places over time, the atmosphere is lovely. It is cozy and appropriate for family get-togethers.

Butt Karahi has a robust and diverse menu that can transform your mood. The best way to appreciate their meal is to eat it in one dish with rustic pans. Mutton karahi, chicken karahi, and items on the grill menu are a few of their specialties. An amazing scent fills the air due to the cooking of their fantastic variety of food.

In addition to a varied menu, the restaurant in Lahore provides outdoor eating. Astonishingly, you can savor their delectable food while gazing at the stars.

Butt Karahi Lahore Locations

BranchAddressContact Number
Butt Karahi Tikka17 Temple Rd, near Saffan wala chowk, Mozang Chungi, Lahore(042) 37234747
Butt Karahi Gaddafi StadiumGaddafi Stadium, Block E 2 Gulberg III, Lahore0309 3788883
Butt Karahi BedianUET Bus Stop, Bedian Rd, Lahore0309 3788885
Butt Karahi- Faisal Town24/A Faisal Town Opposite P.S.O Petrol Pump، Block A Faisal Town, Lahore(042) 35202020
Butt Karahi, DHA Plot C, Plot CCA, 232, Sector FF Dha Phase 4, Lahore0347 4001410
Butt Karahi, Fortress stadiumFortress Stadium Circular Rd, Saddar Town, Lahore0335 4005890
Butt Chicken KarahiH88F+V9R, Sodiwal Rd, Sodiwal Sodhiwal, Lahore(042) 37230353
Butt Karahi, Johar town407, J 3 Block, J 3 Block Block J 3 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore0300 8402612
Butt Karahi, Bahria townCanal Bank Rd, opposite Bahria Town, Superior Services Housing Society, Lahore,0333 0222090
Butt Karahi, Airline society605 airline society, near ucp, Johar Town0321 9447111
Butt Karahi, Bakri roadBarki Rd, Baoo Wala Block J Park View CHS, Lahore0334 4074074
Butt Karahi, Bahria Town26 B Bahria Town Main Blvd, Jasmine Block Commercial Area Sector C Bahria Town0347 4001405
Butt Karahi, Johar townR-12 GCP, Cooperative Housing Society, Near Shaukat Khanum Hospital Rd, Johar Town0347 4001218

Butt Karahi Lakshmi Chowk

This branch of Butt Karahi is in the Gita Bhavan Building 18/3, Lakshmi Chowk, McLeod Rd, Royal Park, Lahore. It offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services, and you can order from foodpanda.pk or crispy.pk. Please reserve your seat by calling them at +92 335 4005826.

Butt Karahi Islamabad Locations

BranchLocationContact Number
Butt Karahi Tikka, F-814A،, F 8 Markaz F-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory0335 5038880
Butt Karahi, G4JH+RR3, N-5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory0307 0666605
Butt Karahi Tikka, G-9G-9/4 G 9/4 G-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory0336 2820126
Butt Karahi, F-10Service Rd E, F-10 Markaz F 10/4 F-10, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory0306 0666605
Butt Karahi, Aabpara IslamabadAsfandYar Plaza, 1, opposite Punjab college of Commerce, Aabpara G 6/1 G-6, Islamabad0300 9829501
Butt Karahi, G-13Rooftop, Rabeeca Plaza Street no 108, Islamabad0309 1111286
Butt Karahi LehtrarJ5WM+656, Lehtrar Rd, Ali Pur, Islamabad0332 0555523
Butt Karahi, G-11Capital Plaza, G-11 Markaz G 11 Markaz G-11, Islamabad0333 8630362
Butt Karahi Tikka PWD Islamabad737 Street 5/1, Block B Police Foundation, Rawalpindi, Punjab 45750(051) 5170355
Butt Karahi Phase 4Bahria Town Phase IV Civic Center Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad0331 6682205
Butt Karahi Desi, Tarnol BranchMain Grand Trunk Rd, G 15/4 Tarnol, Islamabad051 2226631

Butt Karahi Rawalpindi

BranchLocationContact Number
Butt Karahi Sadder branchFood Street, Haider Rd, Rawalpindi0309 0666605
Butt Karahi (Ali butt)D211, Rawalpindi0336 5038880
Butt Karahi Tikka, Shamsabad24 Food St, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi0336 0001228
Butt Tikka Karahi & Sher ShinwariPlot no 2, New Gulzar-E-Quid, Service Rd W, Gulzar e Quaid, Rawalpindi0331 5333114
Butt Karahi (GT Road Rawat)Main G.T Road T.Chowk Rawat Opposite Shell Pump Riaz Hussain Shah Bukhari Plaza Rawat0313 5442794

Butt Karahi Contact Details


You can contact them by using the following contact details:

Website: https://buttkarahi.com.pk/

Instagram: buttkarahipakistan

Facebook: Butt Karahi

Youtube: Butt Karahi Official


Does Butt Karahi Tikka offer takeout?

Butt Karahi’s easily accessible takeout and delivery is a great bonus. Additionally, it provides delivery and dine-in options. Therefore, you can order your favorite meal at home or the office.

How is Butt Karahi Tikka rated?

Butt Karahi is an ideal dining spot for those who enjoy spicy and desi food. After visiting their branches, customers give them positive feedback. According to TripAdvisor travelers, Butt Karahi Tikka has rated thus: Food (4.5), Service (4), and Value (4). If you dine in, there is a beautiful dining atmosphere for gathering with family and friends.

How To Contact Butt Karahi?

You can get in touch with them by using their official website or following them on Instagram. Also, avail the opportunity to place a reservation or order food using their phone lines.


Evidently, Butt Karahi is one of the best chains offering desi food in Pakistan. The Butt Karahi menu includes a wide range of homely, spicy dishes, as well as B.B.Q. and Chinese options. The restaurants are comfortable and efficient, coming highly recommended. You can also utilize the takeout or delivery option to enjoy the food when and where you want it. The convenience of dining alongwith culinary excellence makes Butt Karahi a great choice!

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